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Weber Summit

Transformative For Grilling and Outdoor Entertaining

I am delighted with everything I have tried on my new built-in 4 burner natural gas Weber Summit - seared steak, rotisserie chicken, leg of lamb roast, grilled chicken, sausages and corn on the cob have all been brilliant. I had never barbecued before, and my friends and family are very impressed with what I have been grilling. The 4-burner Summit seems to be good for feeding gatherings of up to 15 people efficiently.
The guide and cookbook included with the Weber has been very accurate and helpful as was the "Weber Tutorial," and it has been much easier to learn how to do everything than I expected. I also bought the Weber Bible and highly recommend this combination guide / cookbook. I also love the fact that all the smells and mess of grilling stay outside and my house stays clean. Even the cleaning of the Summit is more straightforward than I expected once I've gotten the hang of how to do it efficiently.
I highly recommend the NG Summit to anyone who is new to barbecuing but familiar with working with a gas range or a convection oven - in fact, I've "unemployed" my husband and I am now the BBQ Meister of the house!

Purchased in February 2019 for $4,200.00.

Build Quality
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Great grilling experience

Our E-470 is a little less than one year old and it does everything we ever imagined in a grill. At 81 years old and retired I love cooking on the grill. I have had many grills in my life, but nothing anywhere near as fine as this one. Two days ago I smoked a 5 lb pork shoulder on the rotisserie for 6 hours and it was wonderful. I used the pull pork for making great BBQ sandwiches for 8 people and had plenty left over. Vegetables and sweet potato slices with spices are great on the special metal sheet that sits on the grill grates. Our grill still looks like it came out of the showroom in the closed position. Never had this expensive of a grill before l, but as the saying goes....You get what you pay for, and we sure did. Biggest regret....I didn't buy a Weber years ago.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Love it - coming up to 9 years old and going strong

Platinum Summit 6 burner - Today I watched the Webber serviceman replace some parts today (under warranty) and had to get on line to compliment Webber for their after sales service and the quality of the product. After almost 9 years it is as good as new. Yes it is an expensive unit and you could save money by buying el cheapo brands and throwing them out when rusted through. But why? they wont work nearly as well and I am done with the throw out mentality. We use this BBQ at least 2-3 times a week and absolutely love it. I cannot understand most of the criticisms posted on this BBQ and put these down to "operator error".

Yes, there are a few tricks to cleaning - principally - do the recommended "pre heat" or "burn off" for 10-15 mins prior to use. I also do this 2-3 times a year and allow to cool before brushing out the entire BBQ firebox. Most grease and charred residues will just brush off. If people have problems, call the distributor in South Australia and see what they can do before having a rant online. l am very impressed with the service and followup of the callout staff. They contacted me as promised, tuned up on time, did the repairs, cleaned up after themselves - what more can you ask for?

Date PurchasedJul 2009

Expensive, but great all round BBQ

If you want a top performing bbq with the versatility of an oven and rotisserie, this is hard to beat. After much consideration I felt the Weber summit was probably the best constructed bbq I had seen in Perth but its potential and versatility swayed my purchase. Performance wise it works beautifully with serious heat output from the sear station. Ive cooked many 600+g ribeyes to perfection, so for steaks its the best bbq Ive used. The other really good feature is the rotisserie which cooks chicken to perfection-much better than the oven-all guests have raved about the succulence and moisture of the rotisserie chicken. Set up is easy.
Overall I bbq looks good, is relatively easy to clean but the stainless steel grill plates require a bit of effort to show up the nice clean steel appearance. Small items such a sliced sausage or baby calamari can fall thru the grill into the waste tray also be careful with such items.
The Weber Summit e 670 isn't cheap by Australian standards but it is a brilliant bbq overall. If you want great reliability and performance then this is a good buy and will last many years. Works pretty well for large gatherings especially if the hotplate isn't required.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Reliable and enjoyable to use

This BBQ works great for a small family and small get togethers. Great for a couple of kilo of sausages and a few steaks/veges on the grill. If you have larger requirements than that then you should look at a larger BBQ. The cooktop doesn't show any signs of rust which is great.

Date PurchasedSep 2014

I now BBQ 3-4 times a week

The flavours are so much better, I have grilled, fried, smoked and roasted in mine and it is like an oven and a BBQ in one. Cleaning is simple, cooking time is halved. I was sceptical about bbqing with the lid closed but the results are juicier and tastier. Best BBQ ever

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Awesome best BBQ on market

Arrived well packaged assembly was easy and it swiftly moved into place
Gbs system brilliant as is the built in smoker
Looks great next to my traeger 850 and my Heston hub and complements the Alfa 4 pizza oven my decking is now complete and we cook outdoors as much as possible

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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Hi, thanks for your review and support. Happy barbecuing!

Apple of the BBQ world

Love my weber. Who knew when taking out that second mortgage to buy a 4 burner BBQ that it would become a beloved cooking appliance... The weight of the hood sold us on the quality of the product and how efficient it would cook. Supreme heavy weight grills and swappable flat plate. Back burner for rotisserie cooking useful and I have done a whole suckling pig to perfection. Separate smoker box makes low and slow smoking a breeze, although hard to keep temp low enough, sometimes I just have the smoker box burner going. Ignore the gimmicky lights on handles and knobs etc, the cooking functionality is superior. Oh and the searing station for finishing off reversed seared steak is just loads of fun!

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Hi, thanks for your review and support. Happy barbecuing!


BBQ cooks fine - takes some experimenting, has some good features, has some overrated features and overall is pretty good. When you take a close look at how its designed or built, its not really that special. Definitely not the "Rolls Royce of BBQ" that Weber AU claimed. My issue is the price, its simply not 3x better than other BBQ on the market and at $5300 it should be! Accessories are also way too expensive.
I recommend that if you want one, import it directly from the US. After converting it (to AU Gas) you should save about $2000. If you don't want to stuff around (replacing components, plumber to certify etc) then buy something else. If you compare the price to the US its 3x more - if you don't believe me check for yourself. You'd get better value by buying an outdoor kitchen with a sink and a fridge included.

Date PurchasedApr 2016
I wanted to follow up with this post now I've been cooking on it for 4-5 months. I am happy with the quality of food and ease of cooking, but there are some quality issues. Food doesn't cook evenly when you get to the edges unlike the claims, the infra-red burner (rear) doesn't light, need to use a match - think it needs some adjustment. Used the smoker a couple of times and half the smoke escapes through the hood and doesn't get to other side of the BBQ. Not all the fat finishes up in the drip tray, some of it sticks to the metal tray under the cooking surface that acts as a funnel to the drip tray. So you often need to pull it all out to clean it. Its simply not the top of the range BBQ as claimed. If you combine these few issues (none are major issues) with the extra poor service you'll get from Weber Australia (unprofessional boarding unethical), I would avoid buying and find something better value for money.Hi, thanks for your review and support. We definitely don't recommend you import barbecues from other countries, as they are specifically made to that countries gas requirements and not Australia's. We are happy to provide you with some context. Some of the cost that goes into this difference includes shipping/distribution, taxes and exchanges rates, development of recipes and handbooks for the Australian market and warranty and after sales service here in Australia/New Zealand. As a premium product, we are proud to provide exceptional customer service in Australian and New Zealand to Weber owners, there are many great examples of this that can be found on our social pages.    If you’d like to discuss this further please don’t hesitate in giving us a call on the following number, 1300 301 290 (toll free) and we can talk about this with you further in detail Thanks for your comments.Thanks for the update, but it doesn't change the fact that it seriously over-priced. FYI, I was comparing the landed cost (which includes shipping/distribution, taxes and exchanges rates). I assume you're suggesting, that you need $2000+ per BBQ for the development of recipes, handbooks (which is just a printed handout) and local after-sales service (warranty would be extended from Weber US, as you are only the distributor therefore is already included in the price). Your delivery and setup service is great value and that would cost you no more than $500 per BBQ. So the difference is, replace the electric rotisserie motor ~$20?, the local Gas compliance (you confirmed to me you don't actually change anything on the BBQ) so that's $20K one-off charge, the fee you give the reseller/partner to sell the BBQ and your margin. Assuming you purchase the BBQ at full US retail price - which you wouldn't - you are walking away with a very healthy margin! And this makes my point, the BBQ is over-priced.

Best money ever spent

After seeing some bad reviews on here or this BBQ I had to reply!!!! (I came across them when looking for a second one for our holiday house on gumtree but no luck so far). I purchased this BBQ about two years ago. It is the best $4000 I have ever spent. So sure you can get an imitation at The big green hardware store (you know who i mean) for probably $300 but they just do not come close. Cooking on a grill is quite different from what I was used to at first rather than a bbq plate but once I mastered that our steaks now taste like they are from a restaurant. The last two xmas we have had at our place and now I'm known for the best roasts. Every sunday I do a chicken or roast on the rotisserie. Unbelievably good...

Date PurchasedSep 2014
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Hi, thanks for your review and support. Happy barbecuing!


I purchased this weber BBQ thinking I would top all my mates BBQ's and friends and family alike would admire this awesome BBQ for not just the ludicrous amount of money I paid for it, but it's brilliant stainless steel cooking surface. Well the veges fall right through the stainless steel grill plates, and there's stuff all grill plate space to cook for more than two or three adults. My mates laugh at me for wasting so much money and for the fact I still have to use my old BBQ when they come over. The only thing more inadequate to cook for my mates now is this BBQ. Don't buy this BBQ unless you want to be as disappointed as I am.

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Hi Tom, thank you for taking the time to provide some feedback regarding the Summit E470 and I am sorry to hear that you're disappointed with the purchase and cooking experience. If there is anything that you wanted to discuss in more detail regarding the BBQ or what we can do to help please don't hesitate to contact us.

Worst family investment you will ever make.

I bought this BBQ after saving for 2 years for it, and while I would love to say it perfect, after owning it for several months now I have to say I am extremely disappointed. The salesperson claimed that because the cooking surface was "so even", you would have no trouble cooking for 15 people (as stated in Webers Advertising material). That in reality is complete crap. This BBQ would only suit a retired couple cooking no more than a couple of steaks on the searstation. That's it.

We just cooked bacon and eggs for New Years breakfast and maxed out the BBQ area for 6 people. We cooked a 2kg lamb roast and quickly ran out of room once we chucked a few veggies on the grill plates. Save your hard earned money and get a Napoleon LEX605 as you will regret being stuck with this for the next 20 years as I sure as hell do. (Sometimes you wish they would rust out as quick as the cheap ones).

In order for me to cook a decent sized meal, I still have to use my old BBQ just so we can have enough space. What an utter disappointment, especially for the price (which, mind you is set far beyond the exchange rate of American prices, proof that Weber is capitalising on minimal competition in the Australian marketplace).

Other reviewers might be giving it high scores, but I bet they don't have families of 6 or entertain with many friends if they have any. When we have friends over, we still only eat dominos pizza. What a disaster.

Hi Steve, Appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback regarding the Summit E470. It is a shame to hear about your experiences when purchasing the BBQ and the cooking experience. We are more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have, so please feel free to contact us.How would I contact someone who has the authority to take the BBQ back to exchange it with one of a more suitable size for the number of people I cook for since the size of the cooking surface is no where near adequate to cover anywhere near the needs of the 15 people stated in the Weber advertising material? This is the only way I can think of that I would not continue to be very disappointed in the purchase.Hi Steve, I have sent you a private message with some options. I look forward to hearing from you.

The best BBQ-bar none.

Having a large family requires a heavy-duty BBQ. My hooded Beefeater (gift from departing neighbours) was getting old, so I went to Barbeques Galore to look at a Ziegler and Brown and was immediately underwhelmed. Not impressed by the quality at all. Went searching.
Gumtree gave me a gem in a lightly used and well priced Weber Summit E470 with Rotisserie, Wok burner, Smoker (built in), flame-thrower ignition, in a beautifully built, high quality BBQ. The great customer service (free cookbook) from the distributer is also excellent.
Not one bad experience to date. Expensive to buy, but quality is remembered after the price is forgotten. I've frequently tried to save money only to learn that "a poor man usually pays twice".

Love it.

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Hi, thanks for your review and support. Happy barbecuing!

The ultimate bbq

Hi I bought this bbq as a replacement for my q220.
My wife was a bit hesitant at the time because of the price but in the end knew I had been researching this for over 12 months, all this was history after the fist meal from this beast.
Having only used it twice there is nothing this bad boy won't do.
I've done a low and slow smoked shoulder of pork as my virgin run for 6hrs on the rotisserie as per the manufacturers guide and all i can say is my fussy eater kids scoffed the lot down and were screaming for more.
I thought maybe it was beginners luck and done a roast smoked chicken the next evening with the same result PERFECT.
I have absolutely no regrets and I am sure by the build quality this BBQ will serve me well for the next thirty years, I can't wait to use it again and again and again.
Well done weber, you guys really know how to build the perfect BBQ.

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So glad to hear you love it Thomas - it WILL give you many years of Happy Webering! Enjoy! Dave@WeberAustralia

This is not a BBQ its a mans dream cooking machine.

I purchased my weber E470 around a year ago now and let me say what a great investment it was. I know $4000 is not cheap but if you can afford it buy one. I no longer use my oven at home everything is done on the weber roasts pizzas cakes yes cakes you name it and what a great job it does. the best thing is everything has its place the rotisserie folds into the side bench the rotisserie rod goes into a slot in the side and the forks all hang in the cupboard along with the grill and of course the hickory. this thing is great on fuel a 9KG gas bottle lasts for around 30-40 standard BBQ's or around 12-15 roasts. its cheaper to run then my electric oven that is now an eye sore in the middle of my kitchen bench. plus your house doesn't smell like food all the time as you are cooking out side (cold nights have another beer) This is by fare the best Investment you will ever make what a product.
Cost may influence you to look at other options

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Hi, thanks for your review and support. Happy barbecuing!


After having gas weber kettle, ranni gas and Beefeater gas BBQs I wanted a quality BBQ that good act as a real oven and BBQ. The Summit has proven to be able to be easy to clean; quick to heat and able to maintain even temps on cooking surfaces.
Our unit was bought throgh auction house ex the east coast of the US. Shipping,port charges, GST,local freight saved approx 40% on local price. Packaging ex factory was brilliant. We DIY;ed assembly in approx 1 hour and every thing fitted perfectly.

The BBQ is now 12 months old. It is easy to clean and maintain and has proven to be very easy to use.
Potentially one of the best BBQs that money can buy. Quality wormanship
Receipies refer to ;kosher salt; which is rarely sold as 'kosher salt' in Oz. Basically it is flaked salt

Hi niftyone ... do you have a web address or name for the supplier you used? cheersHi Niftyone & Foolio, Great to hear you love your Summit, they really are amazing barbeceus. I work for R McDonald Co, and we represent the Weber BBQ Company here in Australia, and I have been using this Product Review website for only a little while, and hadn't seen your orginal post. Now I've seen it, it would be irresponsible of me not to draw your attention (and others reading this) to the following information relating to importing Gas Barbecues - please use the link below to the information on our website. http://www.weberbbq.com.au/ProductAssets/PDFs/ImportingBBQs.pdf The main issue is that any gas unit imported from overseas does not carry an Australian Certificate of Complaince and therefore it does not meet Australian gas safety requirements and regualtions. It is also important to note that Weber is not an approved CAB (Conformity Assessment Body) and therefore is re- grettably unable to service, warranty or modify imported barbecues that are non compliant. If you need any other information please don't hesitate contacting me at davidb@weberbbq.com.au, or our website www.weberbbq.com.au. Cheers, Dave@WeberAustraliaThanks for your concern Dave. Interesting how an importer which has been bleeding us of $$$ for years has a massive concern over a machine that is identical, less the actual gas fittings, being non complaint. You need to protect your patch, sure. But maybe stop ripping people off and you will be supported- and probably increase sales substantially by bringing prices into at least a reasonable range. More than double US RRP on most products is beyond absurd and a total outrage. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Personally, I would be happy to see R McDonald Co go out of business for such outrages practices, why haven't been pulled up for trying to maintain a monopoly is beyond me. And if the AGA stamp costs so much- how do bunnings and the like sell AGA approved bbq's for $80? The AGA certification must be less than that!

Couldn't find a better bbq!

After having a weber kettle, when we moved into a house with a (very) old oven, we wanted to purchase a bbq that could do the work of the oven. Even though this was expensive it was quite possibly the best buy we've ever made. It does take a little getting used to, as you need to cook with the lid down and for most this goes against the way they have cooked on their bbq. The best thing of all is the husband now has most of the cooking duties as nothing does it as good as the weber. We have had the bbq for 4 years now - the ignition switch went about 6 months ago. I e-mailed weber and within 2 days had a free, unasked for ignition switch arrive in the mail.
Reliable, efficient, produces great meals

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Hi, thanks for your review and support. Happy barbecuing!


A terrific BBQ for the money and is all that it says it is. Great customer service - you can call and ask how to cook something and they are happy to tell you everything you need to know for a perfect result every time. Website has handy tips and also great recipes so that you can keep trying new things. My husband was a steak and sausages man when it came to cooking on the BBQ but now he is a gourmet chef due to being inspired by having such a great BBQ to cook on.
great looking BBQ. Ridiculously long warranty - cant believe its so good. Well built and works perfectly.
Does tend to get surface rust very quickly - we bought the full stainless model and were surprised to see surface rust within 3 months.

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Hi, thanks for your review and support. Happy barbecuing!

Questions & Answers

Is the Summit really worth it over the Genesis? Does it get that much hotter?
4 answers
The addition of the extra burner in the centre and the built-in smoker box is incredible. Even thawed from frozen steak turns out very well.the summit has the sear burner in the middle great if your a steak lover. Also the summit has a smoker box, built in rotisserie and a rotisserie burner. The only down side is the price difference $1600 for the genesis or $4300 for the summit that's $2700 but if you have the cash get the summit other wise you will kick yourself later.Based on your replies, I purchased the Summit. I had concerns that the BBQ (in comparison to other brands with higher BTU ratings) wouldn't get hot enough. Well the BBQ heats up to 400 degrees within 5-7 minutes and the "flame tamers" get literally red hot in the process. I was also a little concerned (moving from a 6 burner) that I wouldn't have enough room, but the even temperature cooking surface nullifies that issue. My only "complaint" is that they should have the grill plate standard as a cross hatch formation. Then you wouldn't have to turn the steak 90 degrees half way through cooking to get that classic cross hatch look. (First world problems :) - I believe you can get this as an extra but I prefer the stainless steel grill plate to the enameled cast iron. Thanks for the advice...

Hi, when will the new Weber sprirt gas BBQ's be released please with the controls on the front?
1 answer
Hi Anthony, if you're talking about the Spirit bbq range - the new model has now been released. Check them out at your local Weber Specialist Dealer. Cheers, Dave@WeberAustralia

Will a weber bbq imported from the USA work on bottled gas here
3 answers
I think you would need to ask Weber about that.Yes - the hose does need to be changed over because the US use different type of gas bottle connection. Hoses are readily avail. I got ours through Sharper Auction via eBay and paid by PayPal . Overall good experience and very happy with bbqHi Sam, thanks for your question. We are unable to recommend using your imported barbecue here, as this barbecue is not compliant with the Australian Gas Association. We are unable to modify (or recommend modification) any part of the barbecue that forms part of the certification (ie hose and regulators, manifolds etc.). To do so would be to effectively supply a non-certified gas appliance in Australia. You may be able to find a gas fitter who is willing to modify your bbq but again this would not make the appliance certified and would potentially expose the gas fitter and yourself to liability and safety issues should anything go wrong.
 We are sorry that we cannot offer further assistance. If you would like any further information, please contact our Customer Service team on 1300 301 290 (toll-free) or your local gas provider. Thanks again Sam


Weber Summit E-460 (Built-in)Weber Summit E-470Weber Summit E-660 (Built-in)Weber Summit E-670
CategoryGas BBQsGas BBQsGas BBQsGas BBQs
Price (RRP) $4,399$4,299$5,399$5,299
Cooking Plate / Grill MaterialCast IronStainless SteelCast IronCast Iron
FeaturesGrill, Hooded, Infrared Cooking, Rotisserie Compatible, Smoker, Temperature Gauge and Warming RackGrill, Hooded, Infrared Cooking, On Wheels, Rotisserie Compatible, Smoker, Storage Cabinet, Temperature Gauge, Warming Rack and Wok / Side BurnerGrill, Hooded, Infrared Cooking, Rotisserie Compatible, Smoker, Storage Cabinet and Warming RackGrill, Hooded, Infrared Cooking, On Wheels, Rotisserie Compatible, Smoker, Storage Cabinet, Temperature Gauge, Warming Rack and Wok / Side Burner
Colour / Finish BlackBlackBlackBlack
Dimensions 1257 x 1016 x 787 mm1450 x 1680 x 760 mm1257 x 1016 x 787 mm1450 x 1880 x 760 mm
Gas TypeLPG and Natural GasLPG and Natural GasLPG and Natural GasLPG and Natural Gas
Number of Burners/Zones 4466
Gas Rate 11.2 mJ/hr11.2 mJ/hr11.2 mJ/hr11.2 mJ/hr
Manufacturer Warranty10 year(s)10 year(s)10 year(s)10 year(s)

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