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Cancelled Membership - still taking money

Despite my membership being cancelled, they are continuing to debit my account. Reading their refund information, to get my money back, I have to wait up to 21 days - IF they approve it. This is despite my membership being CANCELLED some time back.
Not good enough.

Value for Money
Customer Service

Classic Menu range. Very nice frozen meals for a tiny price.

Weight Watchers frozen meals (in the blue box) are the nicest frozen meals I've had in a long time. In fact, I don't buy any other brand of frozen meals anymore. Just these ones. The box is nice & small, & easily fits into the freezer. The meals are very filling, & I don't need anything else to eat afterwards.

I've tried all the meals in the range, & my favourites are Creamy Tuna Bake, Chicken & Mushroom Fettuccine, Chicken & Vegetable Risotto.

However, I have to say, I don't like the Beef Hot Pot, the Beef Cottage Pie, or the Pumpkin & Ricotta Canelloni. These most definitely weren't my favourites & won't be going on my shopping list again. The Beef Hot Pot was particularly ghastly - a big blob of potato & something liquidy surrounding it that resembled gravy! hahaha. The potato got stuck in my throat each time I tried to swallow. Had to get it down with copious amounts of water! Ugh! The Beef Cottage Pie didn't sit well on my stomach afterwards, & for the whole nite I felt bilious. I went to bed with a bucket by the side of the bed! The Pumpkin & Ricotta Canelloni tasted ok, but very bland. I didn't find it enjoyable to eat at all.

I buy mine from Woolworths, where they sell for $4 each. I think they are over $5 in Coles, so buy them from Woolies if you can. They are on special often - I've just bought 10 boxes for $2.90 each. I try to only have 2 of these each week. The other 5 nites of the week I prepare home-made meals.

All in all, the 3 Weight Watchers frozen meals that I like are really nice & they contain wholesome & nutritious ingredients. They are very low in salt, sugar & fat, & we can all do with less of these "nasties" in our foods these days. Especially the salt!

You just have to try them to see which ones you like the best.

Value for Money
Return Claim MadeNo

Frozen meal

Both the beef hotpot and cottage pie were too salty in taste. My recommendation would be to let people add their own seasoning manually as we all have differing taste buds.

Store LocationWoolworths
Start DateApril 2019

Program worked until app stopped.

Beyond dissapointed. App that I paid for did not work. Manager didn't help at all, kept saying it was my phones problem. Ive a brand new phone that I took to a phone store to have app looked at. 100% nothing wrong with phone but faulty app. Ww refunded me...wait for it...$9

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Timely DeliveryNo
Return Claim MadeYes
Start DateJanuary 2019
Additional Physical Activities Cardio

Weight Watchers beef hot pot

This was verging on inedible. It consisted of thick gravy with some mashed potato mixed in. I did find 3 leathery slivers of beef and something that might once have been a pea, but that’s it. Maybe the glopping machine had run out of meat and veggies by the time it was ready to slop into the package.

Frozen meals

While I wasn't expecting the meal to look exactly the same as on the box. I was disappointed that most of my meal consisted of gravy. I had approx 6 peas and and 10 very small pieces off carrot. It looked nothing like the packing

Value for Money

Loving the lifestyle change

First time on WW and so far have lost 12kg and don't feel as though I am on a diet at all. App is great and easy to use, heaps of recipes, connect is great for motivation and sharing goals - love how supportive the connect family is!
Program is super easy to follow and really, all it is doing is "forcing" you to eat healthy and avoid processed, packaged junk.
My only regret is I didn't join earlier!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateJune 2018
Additional Physical Activities Cardio

Beware of unauthorised deductions post agreed subscription period

I was satisfied with the 6 month membership at $45.30. Post-membership, WW deducted $75.50 without notification after the 6 months was over. When I queried that my membership was over, why am I being charged an unauthorised amount of $75.50, Customer service told me that I should refer to the agreement that I made and that the membership automatically switches over to the original fee. I am disappointed because when an agreement is made for 6 months, deductions should cease. Not almost double without any communication from WW. I find this very deceptive. I will not refer or use WW again, sadly.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateSeptember 2018
Additional Physical Activities Cardio
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Customer Service refunded my unauthorised charge. I am satisfied with the resolution.


Sorry but I purchased Beef Massaman Curry tonight, was not impressed. Dry and very stony, had to add water and than still not right, meat a bit tough 5 little pieces, should have gone with what I usually get green chicken curry.




Not what promised tremble.

App way to hard to use . I was refused a refund ever though I did use the product . Not happy

MembershipOnline Coaching

Very Disappointing

Many years ago I went to the local Weight Watchers meetings and lost weight and reached my goal weight.
As the years have passed I have slowly gained the weight back and joined WW online for 6 months.
I found the app difficult to use and the 24/7 online coaching was non existent. My online inquiries where meet with a standard greeting then I was repeatedly left with no further response to wait until the chat dropped offline each time. I was left feeling vulnerable, ripped-off and cheated.
I am so disappointed to have wasted all that money and time with a once reputable company which is now just a money grabbing care-less business.
WW offers zero support in relation to online coaching and also zero support regarding technical issues.
Save your money - don't sign up with WW because their advertising is nothing like what they actually offer.

MembershipOnline Coaching


Please be cautious when signing up to Weight Watchers (I signed up at Highpoint).

I had told the WW Consultant that I only wanted to sign up for 3 months (made myself very clear) and paidup-front of $289.50. Then after 2 visits I returned for my weigh-in and a different Consultant asked me to pay again. I had told her that I had already paid $289.50 a few weeks ago and her response was "there is no record of it". I have now completed my 3 months and only attended a maximum of 3 visits. Today I had gone into my bank account and could not believe that Weight Watchers had taken it upon themselves to tap into my bank account (yes complete fraud) and deducted a further $96.50. I did not know they even had my bank account details - why would they as I had paid them upfront a one-off payment. Very odd indeed! Immediately I had called their Head Office who said "you have signed the Terms and Conditions" which you have to when you sign up to Weight Watchers otherwise you can't sign-up, and she said that I am now on a monthly plan. I told her to refund my money that Weight Watchers had unethical, fraudulent taken out of my bank account. It is sad to see that Weight Watchers is damaging their reputation with such fraudulent and unethical practices. Their customers are vunerable people looking for assistance to lose weight, and therefore, their customers put their trust in this unethical bunch of unprofessionals. Please note: The response I received from Weight Watchers - Manager Customer Care, Head Office was disgraceful as again she repeated to me "you signed up to the Terms and Conditions". Absolutely disgraceful.

Please be careful if you are considering signing up to Weight Watcher or even if you are already a customers. Please watch your money, watch your bank account as they are simply delivering unethical, unprofessional and fraudulent activity and are in breach of Australian Consumer Laws. The Manager of Customer Care said to me 'we had our lawyers look at it so all is fine' - really, you unethical individual and company.

Is this how you treat your loyal customers??!?!?!?!?!?!

Membership1 on 1 Coaching

The best yet!

I’ve done WW in the past and while I’ve lost weight on it , the new WW is the best ! Easy to use app , great food selection, love the zero point food concept, I go to meetings and it makes you accountable, this in my opinion is a must , no point in doing online only as it’s easy to give up , love love love WW ! By the way I’ve lost 10 kilos in 10 weeks , I have 15 kg to go and know I’ll achieve this , however your mindset needs to be right

MembershipGroup Coaching

weight watchers online program

rip off! $37 a month for unlimited supply of omelette recipes,,,, your wasting your time and money, especially when you can use something like myfitness pal app which does so much more

MembershipOnline Coaching

Cancellation night on impossible

Do not sign up! it is a rip off, they keep taking money off your card without asking and then won't accept email as a form of cancellation... apparently due to privacy... beats me...? besides that it isn't what it is made out to be.
My recommendation is that you don't sign up as it is a. not worth it & too hard to cancel. Opt for one that works better and has a money back guarantee, in this day of modern technology it is not too hard to find a better company to work with. :)

MembershipOnline Coaching

Expensive and left in your own

My membership is about to come to an end. I was doing well for the last few months, then they closed my group meeting, making it difficult for me to attend. I changed to online only, but then in October they changed branding to WW and the app changed. As I have an older phone I couldn't use the new app, only the old one which doesn't get updates. I contacted them but no real help was offered. They are happy to take your money, but not really assist you after that. Also they have gone all new age into mindfulness etc rather than concentrating on actual weight loss and the program is becoming complicated.

MembershipOnline Coaching


Program worked and I lost 17 kg in first year. Then I plateaued for 12 months. Then they changed the programme and I still plateaued. I have just discovered NOOM and am finally losing again. I am very active burning 2700 calories most days and 23 points was just to low for me I understand that now. Pleased to have found another way.

MembershipGroup Coaching

Cannot cancel 12 month membership!

Do not sign up! It’s not possible to cancel a 12 month contract. This used not to be the case and is a complete rip off.

MembershipGroup Coaching

All they want is your money

Wanted to cancel my membership after doing the program for my contracted 6 months, but because one payment came out late they said I need to pay for an extra month so had to pay for 7 months

MembershipGroup Coaching


These “team leaders” are not trained dieticians. Cannot understand how they’re allowed to give dietary advice,
My experience with ww disappointing. Only lost weight when I went to a professional.


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Hello Harris Scarfe have two types of WW scales one simply for weight and another which does bmi and all sorts of other things. Does anyone know which are the best?
No answers

I have a 2005 weight watchers Dining Out Companion booklet ; is it any good to follow?
2 answers
These get up dated qiet a bit so its points would most likely be a bit out of wake woth the new system but if your simply using as a point of reference before choosing it couldnt hurt.Have no knowledge of this book.

Not sure if this is the right place to ask. I like to buy my sweet treats on line find they are much fresher. I am a life time member and at meetings receive a discount. Am I able to apply this discount when ordering on line and if so how would I do this?
1 answer
I' m a client and have no idea. I would your member number may help


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