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Wertheim ET2000

Wertheim ET2000

2.6 from 22 reviews

Still going strong after 15ish years

Had this model for about 15 years, maybe a little longer.
Used frequently, still going strong. Most powerful suction in any vacuum I have ever used. I have a Dyson bagless which has nowhere near the power of the ET2000.
On new carpet the suction can actually make it hard to use, as the head grips the carpet very firmly.
Only downside I would mention is a little difficult to get under furniture due to the bulky head and extending arm, and the cord could be longer.
Overall a brilliant machine, parts are easy to come by, flawless suction, and the original head attachments are still working perfectly (comes with one narrow long head, and two brush heads). I use it once a fortnight on average and have done so for the duration I've owned it.

Date PurchasedJan 2003

Does it job for 4 yrs now and still going...

We bought this as the salesman was pretty good... But the first 5months was frustrating as the head attachment keeps coming off from the pipe... IT WAS VERY FRUSTRATING AND ANNOYING! ... But as time goes by, it doesn't do it anymore, maybe because of the dust that holding it together...quality is there.
Good suction, does it job...
Heavy, it doesn't have a marker on the cable cord to let you know you're almost at the end.

wertheim 2000

Owned two of these. First time they claim the motor blew coz i got it wet. The second one and godfreys dont even sell the spare parts. Never again would i buy godfreys owned wertheim vacs. Expensive but cheap quality. Noisy. Cheap cardboard filter, $30 to replace but cannot get the stock
cord, cheap parts/shell, noisy, cannot get spare parts, expensive

Best suction in a vac I've ever had!

My et2000 has fantastic suction power and I've had no trouble with breakages at all. Is this the same model that everyone else is talking about? It vacs up all my pet hair on every surface. Really pleased with it! Yes the cord is short but I've used an extension on every vac I've owned!
Efficient and strong suction.
Short cord but solvable!

Worst Vacuum I have ever had

A little late now to add a review, but I am about to ditch this heap of rubbish. In the first month the cord retractor gave up. Had it looked at and fixed, but it went again after three more months. I gave up on that. The power head that Godfreys supplied me with didn't fit the pipe so they gave me a metal adaptor fitting. The head continually falls off so I never use it any more. And the final straw, that made me write this review, is the main cover fall apart the day I got it gome from a service at Godfreys. Wertheim are total junk. Can't wait to go and buy my new vaccum this week. Oh... It won't be a Wertheim. You are probably wondering why I have put up with it for so long. That's because it cost so much to buy. And I have just realised there are much better vacuums available for the same price or less.
It is a nice dark green colour
Poorly contracted body, hopeless cord retractor system, power head never fitted at all. This power head was a special Godfrey's were offering at the time.

Worst vacuum ever owned

I have owned this vacuum for about three years and it is the worst vacuum I have ever owned, worse than the cheap K Mart vacuum I bought when first leaving home.  The plastic casing has cracked, cheep thin plastic, I have never cracked any vacuum casing until now. The cord is very short and the retractor will not retract when you want it to but will retract while you are vacuuming and shorten the cord even more, extremely annoying and had fully broken within first three months not retracting at all. Noise level is horrendous and you almost need ear muffs. The head that comes with it is bulky and awkward, Godfreys gave me a more suitable vacuum head and this is the only thing I got with this purchase that is OK. The attachment brush frizzed and curled up within three months and was useless. I took the vacuum back to Godfreys after the three months and they replaced it with a brand new vacuum. Unfortunately it has all the same problems, only the retractor has not fully broken, yet, I don't hold out much hope. Tracking is terrible and you have to constantly assist it over the cord as wheels are to small to cope with this. I stick with it only because it cost so much and I don't feel I can afford to replace it yet. I still miss my Electrolux vacuum, that I had for years without any problems. I do wonder if Godfreys has a deal with the company as they pushed this as one of their best vacuums and equal to the Electrolux I was replacing. I don't feel I can trust their advice again and would never buy another, poor quality and way over priced.

Expensive, poor case, terrible cord retraction, only ok suction, terrible vacuum head

Excellent suction, poor body strength

Have owned this model for 3 years, the body is made from super el cheapo thin plastic .it's base cracked to blazes after a year, .the manufacturers will hate me for this, but i repaired it ,lining its interior with plumber's fero pre epoxy cement and it's been excellent ever since.The cord is too short and fails to retract also it doesn't track very well (not as maneuverable as our previous Nilfisk model,its vacuum head was clumsy and heavy,after salvaging an electrolux hard floor vacuum head from my neighbours hard rubbish this was rectified, otherwise i'm very happy .
short cord ,clumsy maneuvrabilty, awkward vacuum head

Noisy but works

Purchased about 2 years ago, to date no problems which others have had re the body cracking or cord pulling out. Yes the wheels are too small and it is pretty noisy when power is turned up but it does do a good job. On board tools are ok but the brushes tend to pull inwards on one attachment which effictively blocks the inlet. Hose rarely kinks and variable suction is good when cleaning soft furnishings, large bag means less changes and seems to pump out clean air unlike some others I have owned. Don't use the built in suction meter to gauge if the bag needs emptying either as mine suggests all is well even when bag is full, check it manually for best results. Overall it does it's intended job well but having paid almost $700 and having a closer look at it's construction I am skeptical it cost them even a 10th of that to produce, looks like they could market it for $200 and still make a massive profit so for that fact alone I doubt I would buy another one as don't appreciate being ripped off.
Variable suction, large bag capacity, 360 degrees hose connector
Small wheels, noisy, expensive considering quality of materials used


Had the previous model, it was great, lasted over 10 years, motor still worked well, but casing had started to crack. Bought this one expecting a great build. Day one, the cheap plastic bit of the handle came off. The wheels are problematic, too small to run over it's own cord and the cord itself is far too short. Its like they designed the thing for a studio apartment in Japan. Very unhappy with this and definitely not worth the money.
Big bag, powerful suction
Short cord, cheap plastic body

works well, very short cord

We bought the ET2000 after the Feb2011 earthquake to help deal to the dust everywhere. Godfreys of ChCh were good to deal with. The price wasn't the cheapest, but we liked the big bag and variable suction.
BIGGEST downful is the really short cord. This resulted in the cord wires being pulled out of the unit - thankfully Godfreys fixed free of charge.
The electronic soft start is novel, but works well - if not noisey.
We have a golden lab, hair pickup is acutally really good, but don;t use on full.
Sucks really well, huge bag capacity.
very short power cord - this needs to be addressed.

Not worth its price tag

The cord wouldn't retract after the third use, took to Godfreys 3 times to get this one problem fixed. Cheap base which now has a crack and machine no longer sucks as well as when we first purchased. Not worth the expensive price tag if the body is made from cheap plastic.

Cheap plastic body with a hefty price tag.

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I love my vacuum i have the blue one , i clean houses for a living and i use it 3 out of 5 days,also had some trouble, but my hubby silicone the cracks and is good as new. Hope that helps


My base is smashed up and has cracks all through it, hence I now have no suction. I have not been that rough with it. I would not recommend or buy one again. Cord is too short.

Plastic crap

Wouldn't recommend

Very disappointing considering the BIG price tag! Wish I'd looked around a bit more. Not happy with this heavy, noisy vacuum.Cord too short, flimsy plastic and floor sweeper pushes dirt around rather than sucking up.The best thing about this vacuum is the carpet head, great suction (if the plastic lugs hold together).
Carpet suction attachment second to none when it comes to sucking as long as it doesn't snap off first.
Where to start? Heavy, very noisy, cord way too short and attachments very difficult to put on and off. The carpet suction head is great but flimsy plastic lugs break easily. My partner has repaired twice!


Bought my Wertheim ET2000 just 2.5 weeks ago.
Only used it 4 times, and right near the end of my cleaning the machine just stopped working.
Looking to return to Godfeys for replacement. For NZ$700+, not happy with reliability so far.
great suction, head easy to move, picks up our golden retriever hair easily. Great suction, huge bag!
Costs a lot, and hasn't lasted a month. Hope this isn't a lemon. Cord way to short. For a vaccumm that has such a big bag, ie for large house, you would think the cord would be much longer (double). The plastic does seem flimsy.

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absolute rubish! heavy, unrealiable, has been in for repairs 3 times in 3 years@over $150 each time, now the power hose is broken($370) and we are not rough with our appliances. For the initial outlay price this unit was highway robbery, do you self a favour and look elsewhere.


i don't know if i regret purchasing it, but i'm not completely happy with it. it does do a relatively good job, but i don't think i'd get it if i had to again.
does the job. we have timber floors so the floor head that it comes with standard is sufficient. seems to have pretty good suction.
heavy. wheels don't seem to be able to get over the cord very easily. cord isn't very long. very noisy, my birds are scared of it :-P not sure what it will be like with a baby around, which is going to be a concern for me very soon.


I have found this cleaner difficult to manouvre and it is not well built. It has been returned twice with broken parts. I would not recommend.
Good suction.
Too heavy, shaft flimsy and has broken twice, very hard to remove floor tool, tips over and cord easily pulls out too far.


$$$$$$$ Biggest piece of [censored word removed] I have ever purchased. Very flimsy. Obviously the guys in Godfreys get better commission from Wertheim than other companies, don't let them talk you into this. Should have purchased the Dyson that I wanted in the first place. Went to Godfrey's to complain and they tried to sell me the next model up??????? I will not purchase from Godfreys again
Absolutely none
Wheels don't run over hose, so machine gets stuck, this flips machine over all the time. Hose has been replaced after 12 months at a cost of $200. Hard floor head replaced, upholstery brush replaced, wiring came away where power head is joined, lucky my husband could fix this. The join where hose connects to motor replaced, I think this was about $80. Lid for attachment compartment not joined to machine so you risk losing it. The steel joiner that goes between the rod and the handle is very hard to remove from the rod and you need this to come apart to attach other heads


i went to Godfreys to get a new filter for my old Hovver vacc. but somehow they managed to sell me the Wertheim 2000, at $720, now i do regret of purchasing it, as it is very expensive, but the sales person assured me it will at least last me for good 10yrs, But im advising anyone who is planing to buy a vacc. to research it very well before buyinh one.
big bag
very noisy and too big


Feels like a cheap and nasty cleaner - at $600 plus I expected much better. Went into Godfreys to buy a Miele and got talked into this rubbish. Salesman must have had a better commission on Wertheims that day!
Good suction
Cord too short, retracts repeatedly during use with the slightest tug. Wheels get caught on cord very easily often flipping machine over. Brushes clogged and useless after 6 months. Does not work well on carpets, leaves threads/grass behind. Plastic shell comes apart easily, looks like it could break soon. Floor tool very hard to remove.


I too purchased this model (from Grodfreys) because of Choice Mag reviews, but only wish I still had my 20year old barrel Electrolux back again. Had vac checked and told it was fine. Godfreys service in Darwin extremely poor. Waiting for it to die, so I can get Dyson.
good suction power but that's it.
Cord too short, dusting attachment gets dirt trapped in bristles, doesnt' manouvre over cord easily, when doing hardfloors - it doesn't suck properly unless face-on to dirt, noisy, storage lid isn't attached to cleaner, suction select slider on handle of wand broke within 6mths.

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