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White Glo Deep Stain Remover

White Glo Deep Stain Remover

2.5 from 8 reviews

Very very effective

I purchased this product day before yesterday. Have used it as prescribed and I can instantly see the effect..My discoloration was mostly tea and coffee related, so it surely is doing the job for me.

Purchased in April 2019 at Coles for $9.55.

Sensitivity Improvement Yes
Whitening Improvement Yes

like it

Have used twice a day for 2wks so far. Don’t have to use much, it foams up and makes whole mouth feel extra clean. Teeth don’t appear to be whiter yet but the taste is fine and cleans well. I have had no sensitivity issues or any mouth issues that others have said they have experienced. Like everything in life, not everything is suitable for everyone.

Purchased in April 2019 at Priceline.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No

Like drinking bleach.

One use, teeth feel really stripped, but gums are aching and teeth are so sensitive, it's like getting your braces tightened. Hours later it's still painful. No whitening product approved for public sale should cause this effect, is this stuff regulated?! I've used the dentist's bleaching kits in the past and that didn't give any side effects like this. Never again!

Sore tongue and throat after using this!

Straight after using it for first time, I felt my tongue tingling and after it went all over my throat. Next day and not much difference, ate and drink normally but my throat and esophagus feels like I have reflux and burns. Never again for me. Husband used it with no issues though. Not happy with the taste also. Taste like peroxide to me.

Waste on Money

I brought this product tried it for the week, made my teeth look green, did nothing at all at brightening teeth.
now when i contacted company by the 100 percent satisfaction i was told i had to post it back at my expense at 12$ so no point doing that.

I seem to get better results from brushing my teeth with just water & a tooth brush

So when I use something like a ne w "whitening toothpaste" or a "teeth whitener" I take before & after photos and usually do a general brush just with water before actually using the toothpaste. I've done that with this and putting the photos together my teeth look whiter in the photo after brushing them with water more then they do with this toothpaste. I will keep using it as I like the taste and do want to see if it actually makes a change at all but I am disappointed that the marketing of it and the big thing about the charcoal toothpaste making teeth whiter is pretty much a big hype. The Colgate tooth whitener or whatever it is actually whitens the teeth so much better then this. Save your money for that peeps.

Damaged teeth

After using this toothpaste for a month I started getting chronic tooth aches and once I stopped using it began to improve.. tried it again just incase it was coincidence and same thing. I now only use it once a week basically just to use it but I don't notice any significant results.

Amazing results quickly

After a single use, this product completely removed staining from a couple of my teeth, and substantially removed it from others, while visibly whitening my teeth. When this product was recommended to me by a young shop assistant in Priceline, my expectations were low because I'd heard that whitening toothpastes were largely ineffective and, as she pointed out, the staining on my front teeth appeared to be severe and deep..... The youngster at Priceline advised me to start with this product, and then try other more expensive approaches if my teeth remained hideously discoloured (she was slightly more diplomatic, but this was the general gist of it). I paid $5.99 for a tube, which came with a toothbrush. After brushing my teeth with this product twice yesterday and once today, the discolouration of my teeth has been so significantly reduced that I'm struggling to understand why it is being sold for only $5.99. I have to note that I assume my teeth were discoloured largely due to drinking tea and coffee and (maybe) ageing (I'm in my 50's) - I have no idea whether the product would be as effective at addressing staining from other causes, such as smoking.

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