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Rubbish paint peels and loses colour

Wasted a lot of money and time paint peels and loses whiteness started going yellow now have to strip it again and find alternative super dissatisfied and loss of time I’ll never get back

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Store LocationBunnings

Great customer service from White Knight.

I had an issue with Ultra Pave Quick Dry Formula over just 1 section of previously painted concrete driveway. I had used the same acrylic paint (20L), both undercover and outside area, without any issue (2 coats). However just one section of added driveway, which has been poured years ago but after the main driveway was done, for some reason, rejected the water base paint and flaked & pealed off overnight on just this one area. I went back to Bunnings, spoke to the paint seller and also was lucky enough met the White Knight representative Heath. All three of us agreed for me to re-paint in enamel Heavy Duty Formula which I intend to do but, to my surprise, I was re-funded for my unused 10L acrylic tin in exchange for a 10L enamel tin and an extra 10L gratis from White Knight. WELL DONE - GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. We will see if enamel does a better job. Also got great advice from John from their Customer Care Centre.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationBunnings

Grout pen = RUBBISH!

I purchased a white knight grout pen and it only lasted for around seven 30cm tiles before it broke! I was then basically told that is acceptable for the pen.. waste of money! Don’t buy this product! Poor customer service!

Rust guard primer

Found it nice to apply and a great finish when dry. Cant find anything to fault to be honest. My product had the red pigment. I’d rate it 5 stars, but only time will tell how good the rust protection is. No complaints

Whit Knight Super chrome - not even close.

I purchased a new grille for my car and new badge, cost $120, can of super chrome $24.41, value of finished product $00.00, what garbage super chrome is and it came recommended from a Bunnings team member(must get kick backs).
The colour is so far removed from chrome it might as well be pink.
All l got was a silver colour and a wrecked grille, absolutely disgraceful that they can sell this product and l am $144.41 cents down the drain.
Never will l buy a white knight product again. I am only rating it 1 star as l have to or the review does not go through and the option of a negative star was not there. Oh and forgot to mention the $24 on primer as well so $168. Down the toilet.


I request advice regarding the use of White Knight product Ultra Pave Heavy Duty paint on a timber floor on my veranda. I am anxious to get this advice promptly, as I wish to complete this task on 23 December 2018. I raised a query earlier today (16/12/2018) but still await a response.


I have two bathrooms (This helps so you can allow paint to harden) Completed the ensuite back in January 2018. All wall tiles in white, border tile in blue/black and floor in black with light texture. They do not recommend painting floor tiles but mine are still holding strong, no flacking, no discolouration, even in the shower. PROCESS - removed all the silicone, wiped down every surface with the tile and laminate cleaner, used a damp cloth (lint free) and dried with a clean tea towel. Allowed to dry properly for about half an hour. Any areas were grout was damaged fixed up, any really deep gaps in corner wall joins filled with paint over silicone to bring level with the tiles (need to leave a few hours before sanding over). Lightly sanded all tiles in a circular motion with 240 grit wet & dry sand paper - (dry sand), vacummed all tiles and wiped down again with a damp cloth to remove any left over dust, dried and left again for about half hour while taping up all areas of wall, shower screen and tap ware. Painted on first coat of primer cutting in all edges and grout with a brush then using a 100mm Micro Fibre Roller with 4mm Nap approximately 3 tiles at a time, putting enough on to lightly cover the colour (don’t over load the roller with paint) as you finish each section without applying more paint run the roller same direction top to bottom of tile, this helps prevent streaking. I did 2 coats of primer to assist in covering colour of tiles and 2 coats of finish colour. Sanded both lots of primer with 240 grit wet and dry between primer coats and 600 grit wet and dry between first and final coat of tile paint (Gloss Finish). Each coat was applied 24hrs apart and after final coat applied allowed 14 days before siliconing all required areas. Just recently removed the silicone on the vanity tiles to have granite overlays put on and electrician drag a ladder across the floor to install a heat lamp, amazed paint did not come off, no chipping or scratches. ADVICE -My only advice is good preparation, allow paint to harden before siliconing and reframe from thinning out the paint (primer - water based, tile or laminate - oil based) just stir it well otherwise it recks the integrity of the finished application. If you want to make your boarder tiles blingy I added glitter to the final application and used the gloss acrylic sealer in the spray can (only on the border tile). Completed the main bathroom same process about 2 months ago. Love them both.

Spray cans are horrible. They leak very bad under the nozzle.

I bought 2 cans from Bunnings. The first one (orange) leaked from under the nozzle down onto my hand, the outside of the can, on my job and on the floor. I will have to sand my job and start again as it had big blobs all over it. I thought I had got a bad can and decided to try the other can (green) on other parts of my job. Unfortunately it was exactly the same thing and I now have to sand that part of the job and start again. Its the worst spray paint I have ever used.

Amazing! So impressed!!

I am a painter and decorator and our family recently moved into a very dated rental property. Fortunately for us our landlords hired me to paint the entire house. The whole house was brought from the Nineties beige and yellow into whites and greys of 2018. They even replaces all of the drilling floral curtains to nice neautral colours.
But we had one problem, the kitchen.
The cabinets were yellow and the bench top was maroon. I couldn’t bare the thought of living with it, especially while the rest of the house looked so modern. I went to all of our paint shops to see if they had any products they would recommend, being a painter I understood that most products wouldn’t be able to hold up in such a high use area. I couldn’t find anything in the paint shops so started looking online. I found a couple of cabinet paints and liked the look of the white knight range because you can tint it to so many colours. I ordered it from Bunnings warehouse.
I was really worried that I was wasting my time and that it wouldn’t be durable and that I’d have to strip the whole kitchen back, or that it would look tacky.
I followed the preparation instructions and wait times etc. I used micro fibre roller sleeves, one medium sized 230mm to lay off the large areas and one small nook and cranny sized roller with an angled brush to cut in the edges. I do think that you need to know what you’re doing or atleast follow the instructions perfectly as the paints go off quickly. Preparation is so important for long lasting results. Before buying the product I read lots of reviews, and it seemed that the bad reviews were down to bad application of product.
Make sure you take off handles, mask up correctly, cover floors and surfaces and get completely set up before you start. Clean/degrease everything and sand everything. Don’t skip steps or you won’t get the best finish. After the sealer coat has set with the recommended dry time make sure you sand back any ridges or lumps bumps and dust/clean all dust. Sand in between top coats too with a fine sandpaper. Don’t rush dry times, and when applying the paint plan out your route because you need to work efficiently.

So long story short, our landlords love us. We don’t have a yellow kitchen anymore and I am telling everyone about this amazing product!!

Shocking did not expect the can to leak

Nozzle or sprayer leaked and top of can poured out paint, terrible product from other reviews seems this is common. Colours good same with the rest just bad can. Spots ruined work.

Sprayed all over the place - cans leaked

I bought 3 cans of this rubbish from Bunnings because they were the cheapest - mistake. I previously (2 years ago) bought another brand for an 'important' job and they worked great. White Knight was absolute rubbish compared to that more expensive brand I used before. The paint seemed fine, but it was the can and sprayer - they were awful - and I must have shook the 2nd can for 5 minutes to make sure that was not the problem. Maybe they had been on shelf for too long - but I dont care - Bunnings shouldnt sell this rubbish.

No "Water based paint" on label

Rust guard quick dry advanced enamel for metal surfaces - nothing about being water based on the label at all!!! Only thing is under "Clean up" says with water immediately, or go to website, says waterbased! Bloody hell, filled spray gun, added enamel thinners, whole lot went to jelly in pot! Not happy at all.

Awful Products

Absolute waste of money. "White" bathroom paint is actually yellow. Refuse to assist with their crap products. Peels, flakes. Literally the worst brand you could buy. Would recommend bunnings home brand over this.

Don't buy this paint. Worse than before.

Purchased from Erina Bunnings and followed instructions to the T as its a bath and the paint was quite expensive for a small tin but better than buying a new bath. Has stains from shampoo and soap holders. Paint now starting to lift near plughole. Don't use!!!

1st pray can ok 2nd faulty

The first can of clear coat was great, the second exploded out the nozzle and ruined all the work before whole day down the drain have to sand down re paint whole job... So annoyed and covered now in clear coat!

Ultra Pave - Concrete paint - Useless

Used the "Quick Dry Formula" to paint the garage floor, followed the instructions to a tee and even didn't drive a car onto it for one week afterwards. Paint began peeling at the tyre locations the next day!!!
The primer is perfectly adhered to the concrete but the paint is lifting from that.
Only good use for this paint is for graffiti artists... because it won't stay on long.
Buyer beware.

Great product, the only proper chrome gold spray I have found so far

Just sprayed a black steel stool after priming with a cheaper primer.. and it’s perfect. White knight super gold! $20 from Bunnings and it’s come up with a beautiful finish I was hoping for

Yeah not bad for throwies and tags

yeah fits my ny fat cap, good crap. hella cheap too, like $7 a can and it's a female valve, although some caps are pretty sketchy and spit paint everywhere...

Different tins...... different colours

Bought white paving paint to recoat my white floors...... ran out of paint so got another tin........Oh my god it’s cream not white!!!!! Same paint as before..... never buy different batches, very frustrating!!!!!!!

Very disappointing results from Squirts spray

I bought 5 cans of White Knight (by Taubmanns) Squirts Satin Black to re-paint a piece of furniture that had been thoroughly prepped before painting.

The paint coverage was so patchy despite shaking the cans first and spraying in an even, methodical way ... and yes, I know to do several light coats rather than one heavy. I waited more than the suggested 1 hour time between coats. The satin paint reflected the light and therefore highlighted the uneven finish and the piece of furniture looked terrible. Back to Bunnings to buy the same brand but in Flat Black, hoping this would cover the patchy finish. Wrong.

After waiting for the satin coats to thoroughly dry, I sprayed the piece again, lights coats each time, with Flat Black. There was minimal difference between the satin and flat finishes, I expected flat to cover the uneven satin finish and have almost nil light reflection but it didn't and now the piece still looks patchy and will need hours more work to sand back and re-paint (using another brand) not to mention the cost of the cans.

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