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Whittles Body Corporate

Whittles Body Corporate

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Excellent Customer Service

I have been dealing with Matthew Porch from Whittles for over 12 months.
The service is outstanding. Matthew always responds to emails and questions in a very timely manner.
Due to Matthew's knowledge of Strata Laws, he knows the answers to complex matters.
I am situated on the Gold Coast and the location of Whittles is in Brisbane .
The distance has not had any effect of the efficiency of the service Matthew has provided.

Horrible service!!!

I called this company in regards to funiture removel due to an awkward landlord. I didnt find them helpful at all, in fact I found the lady that I spoke with extremely rude and didnt want to help resolve the problem. Her name was louis Simpson. She said "We are going to caring on sending you breaches, we cannot help you resolve your problem between you and your landlord. Be prepare to go to the Tribunal."
Why those people have to be so rude? If we call it was for a reason.
Very bad!

Hi Jessica, You have already been advised that you can't just dump your unwanted furniture in the common areas and not expect to be given a breach notice. Lois advised you politely but you refuse to accept responsibility for your inappropriate actions. Blaming Whittles as the manager will not solve your problem - that is up to you. Whittles management.I totally disagree with those managment skills of yours but anyways. First of all, the furniture did not belong to me. It was the responsability of the others.Hi Jessica, you were custodian of the furniture and you can not simply dump the unwanted items in the common property. Clearly you dislike being called out for an obvious breach of rules and are unable to accept responsibility for your poor decisions and actions. Living in a shared environment requires common courtesy and respect for others in the shared community, not disrespect. Whittles Management.


Matthews service has been prompt and knowledgeable in achieving what needs to be done.
He guides us through the all the requirements

Customer Service Experience

When will Whittles.com.au respond to 3 emails & 2 phone calls & letter to Branch Manager. Service is inept, I’m happy to stat dec my issue. The issue has been going on since 3rd of January 19 as it was brought to the Strata Committee by several members.

I find it concerning in quote, “taking into consideration that owners wished to contribute 1/4 of total levy contributions to the admin fund....owners have already paid up 1/4 to the admin fund”, from Whittles explanation.

Our explicit instructions was never to pay 1st quarter levies, 01/02/19 - 30/04/19, entirely to Adminstration Fund.

Fix it up, we’re paying you a service.

Jaime P

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Issue resolved. Thanks Rino

Transfer of Digital Files to our new Strata Management Company

Recently we left Whittles/Guardian Sydney for another Strata Management Company. The Strata Committee has been advised that all the digital files were just “dumped” without any filing, sorting system, causing problems for set up and on-going challenge for the new Strata Manager, if they need to look at something historical. Also some of the invoices from the Contractors were not paid. And the handover took 21 days which caused delays in payments.
In my opinion, we are very disappointed with Whittles for the handover of the digital files and the delay in the payment of Contractors. Beware when you next consider Whittles Sydney as your next Strata Company.

Tony, I am disappointed that you have again seriously misrepresented the truth. From information you previously supplied to me, your owners corporation is one of the worst examples of a dysfunctional committee I have ever encountered. The changeover timing was a decision of your OC and included the Christmas break, so 21 days for handover is in fact very reasonable. Your committee, of which you were a member, insisted on rigid protocols requiring a full committee decision every time for payment of invoices (which we have no issue with) but this arrangement always impacted the timely payment of invoices even though we pay invoices weekly. So when there is a change of management, there will always be new invoices awaiting payment. This is not a manager fault but a symptom of your processes and the short term disconnection of services that are inevitable when you choose to change managers. Your OC has been provided with all electronic documents but it is not surprising that our filing protocols are not the same as your new managers. Your complaint shows your lack of understanding. You know how to contact me for assistance but to elected not to. Your complaint is nothing more than vindictive and not genuine. Neville Sanders, National Manager - Strata Services.Hello Neville, I wish you well for the future. Like the Big Banks, I think it is time we have a Royal Commission on Builders and Strata Management. The stuff that goes on behind closed doors is shocking. Our current Committee is strong and hard working.

A Pleasant Experience!

We are a small complex of 6 units but none the less are made to feel just as important as any much larger complex. This I feel is due mainly by the person who manages our complex. He is always prompt to reply to our phone calls and emails and is there to guide us should we need his assistance.

Very helpful when we need advice, guidance and organising works

Every time I need help or advice on body corporate matters I get prompt and useful responses. They manage the process appropriately and guide our body corporate matters to be compliant. They manage our common area maintenance providers well.

Really unpleasant to deal with

The company itself may be good, but they forget that their window to the world is the people on the phones. The first point of contact personnel are almost uniformly unhelpful, arrogant and dismissive. I have yet to have a contact where I feel that my enquiry has been dealt with, that the information I have requested is given.

Hi Jonno, I invite you to contact me directly to see how I may assist you. Email to: neville.sanders@whittles.com.au Neville Sanders, National Manager - Strata ServicesI would like to thank Neville Sanders for responding to my personal email extremely promptly. It appears as if there were errors on the part of my solicitor which reflected badly on Whittles. I wish to retract all negative comments I have made and offer an unreserved apology to the Company. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to have the post removed and do realise that this rating affects their overall rating.

Smoke detector/wiring issue

Smoke detector found faulty in unit.
The building's wiring overview was requested and the wrong information was then provided by the customers body corporate. Immediate remedial action undertaken by Whittles representative once the correct information was obtained. Professional technician engaged thru the raising of an urgent authorised Work Order.
Contact made directly with body corporate representative and undertaking direct contact with customer in question. An unfortunate situation however rectified by some proactive and reactive service from Whittles management.
refer Tom Casey, Strata Management

Great service from Limin Sun and Whittles

The unit complex of which I am an owner/chairperson has been managed by Whittles Body Corporate for close to 10 years. We have had the good fortune of maintaining a long standing and professional interaction with Whittles through our Body Corporate Manager Limin Sun. We value Limin's personable approach, extensive corporate knowledge of our complex and prompt service. Overall, the team is approachable and helpful with all requests.

Whittles ADELAIDE. Mark Sorgini

I am delighted to give feedback and comment on Mark Sorgini my ‘Body Corporate Manager’ for my investment property at West Beach. His prompt, professional and compassionate service particularly during a time when timeframes were so important have prompted me to acknowledge his outstanding service. Mark and the team of tradespeople he used were amazing and reached the deadlines we needed to achieve. Mark took the pressure and stress away from me. I would recommend him and Whittles for their service ‘above and beyond.

Great Service from the Whittles team

Limin and all the staff at Whittles Body Corporate are a professional team. They are very helpful and always reply to emails immediately. Highly recommend them!

Excellent Service from Limin Sun Darwin Whittles

Limin Sun and Whittles have been the Body Corporate Manager where I am an owner/occupier/chairperson for many years. I have always found Limin to be extremely professional, very pleasant and efficient and always responsive to any clarification needed or an urgent request. He personifies an excellent Body Corporate Manager with his knowledge, efficiency and pleasant demeanor.

Lois is fabulous

Lois Simpson is a fantastic manager for our place. She's efficient, effective, good humoured and gets things done. And she runs a ship-shape AGM. I would certainly recommend Lois. Thank you!

Unnecessarily rude

A simple request to a strata manager was not passed onto the corporation owners for direction, but simply flat out refused because he didn't think it was worth it. Our houses and property investments are worth the ridiculous amounts of money we spend, so passing requests onto the corporation should have been done.

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Michael, I invite you to reach out to enable me to assist with your concerns. email to neville.sanders@whittles.com.au Neville Sanders, National Manager - Strata Services

Kerrie Dwyer - Superstar

Kerrie from the Cleveland office was great. Everything is done in a timely manner, and is no trouble. Even if something is not understood she takes the time to explain it, again! Professional yet friendly. You can trust Kerrie to get the job done. Thanks for everything!

Rotten service.

Have been requesting confirmation regarding cleaning windows on a multi storey apartment building, with minimal to no reply.
This task was last completed about 3.5 years ago, and since a lot of bird droppings have accumulated.
Contacted our group Whittles "manager", which went unanswered until I followed up. The last response I have received is now 4 months ago, ironically stating someone would be in contact shortly.

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Hi Chris, you will be aware that it is your corporation's committee that decides when window cleaning is to be undertaken and how it is to be funded. Whittles can not make that decision and can only do what the committee instructs. I invite you to reach out directly to me with details of your building and I will follow up for you. Neville Sanders, National Manager - Strata Services. Email: neville.sanders@whittles.com.au


In the short time we have been in a bodycorp situation, we would like to thank and commend Kerrie Dwyer for her patience and professionalism in assisting us to understand the necessary bodycorp requirements.Very much appreciated.

Great service from Sue Davis Adelaide Whittles

Sue Davis Body Corporate Manage at Adelaide Whittles has been excellent to work with, initially when I was an owner occupier for several years and then when I rented for a couple of years. Sue was very helpful when I sought to make improvements to the outside of my unit (e.g. new fences) and renovations to the unit, she responded to my phone calls and emails within a day, or two, as I often sought clarification on what was owner responsibility and what was strata responsibility. Sue was great to have as Manager at our AGM Strata meetings, and kept us up to date with issues through the year. Even when I sought clarification on similar issues some months later (which could have driven her batty!), she was responsive and professional. If I ever own a unit in Adelaide again, I would want to have Sue Davis and Whittles as strata manager.

Great Body Corporate

Whittles was our body corporate for approximately 18 years and at all times were helpful and pleasant when needed ,unobtrusive when not needed ,but always on hand when necessary. They made our absentee ownership very easy.

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Questions & Answers

Does anyone have a contact for an ombudsman or lawyer who is willing to take a case against Whittles in the Northern Territory?
3 answers
Dear 'Frustrated', If you have concerns with Whittles services that you would like to resolve, we invite you to contact our General Manager, Peter Affleck on 08 8177 8319 at your convenience. Kind regards, P.ATry consumer affairs first.Thank you both for you replies. From what I have read they lack professionalism from beginning to end and has cost money, time and an enormous amount of undue stress for not doing what they were hired to do. Thank you again for you assistance. Frustrated

Does anyone have Whittles email address for their Adelaide Office? I think it is crazy that they don't have it on their web page.
2 answers
Hey. For general enquiries, the email is info.adelaide@whittles.com.au If you have a property manager, the email is First name.Surname@whittles.com.au. CheersHi Linda, The Whittles Adelaide email address is info.adelaide@whittles.com.au Email addresses for each branch feature on the website under the 'Contact Us' tab when you select the office location you are looking for. Or, you can select 'Email Us' on the very top menu bar homepage next to the 'Search' function. Hope this helps!

Is the a body corporate ombudsman ? How can I get whittles to pay me my returns ? What is my way out ?
1 answer
Nswombo@ombo.nsw.gov.au For anyone needing an ombudsman to take on whittles

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