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Nothing to review - Finally cancalled order after 3 weeks

Ordered Garmin which they claim to have in stock. After 2 weeks of no activity, contacted them and was told that they had a problem with their software and I should cancel and reorder (!) I complied and waited another wek but still with no action on their part. Asked them to post the item within 24 hours and was told they couldn't comply with this so, to their credit they refunded my money again. Back to google to find another supplier.

Appalling company to deal with

Wiggle purport to have an "Australian arm" to the business. But it looks like it is just an Australian domain name. All of the products come from the UK. It is possible to get free or cheap shipping TO Australia.

But beware if you want to send something back. The RETURNS process is expensive and it takes ages for the money to be deposited into your account.

Look elsewhere for an Australian based company.

Also interesting to note that Wiggle doesn't comment on this forum. They want your money - but don't provide a good level of service.

This is perfect service

Before I buy from them, I also read so many reviews, most is bad, so I tried my luck. I paid on saturday and I received it on wednesday. Fast delivery, even just normal delivery. I am really happy with the shoe and wiggle service.

Positive experiences

Over the last 5 years, ordered 3 pairs of Solomon X Ultra hiking shoes. Each time waited anxiously due to a lot of negative reviews. But so far, they have not disappointed me. My latest order was on 29/12/18 and the shoe arrived today 4/12/18. So I guess if you know your shoe size and you don't plan to do a product return & having to deal with their customer service, it's worthwhile coz I only paid $124 compare to the local retailing price of more than $250.

Look elsewhere.

Not only did my shoes take forever to arrive, i was sent the wrong size. After receiving VERY poor customer service, i know how to go through lengthy returns process, pay for the return and it will take a MONTH or MORE to get a refund.
Safe to say ill NEVER order from them again

Wish I'd read the reviews before I ordered!

Ordered triathlon gear on sale around Black Friday. When my goods didn't arrive I checked the status. The order hadn't even been processed. When I enquired I got an email WITH TYPOS (super professional, guys) stating it was 'stuck' and couldn't be processed manually. This has to be rubbish - how hard is it to print off the original order and sort it out. The sender simply said he had to cancel the order and if I wanted a new one to reorder. NOT ON YOUR LIFE. Of course, the products I wanted are no longer available, or at the sale price. Just a half-hearted 'we apologise for any disappointment.....' not even 'we sincerely apologise...' or ' we are really sorry...' or just some honesty. I honestly don't think they give a toss. The website is currently being 'upgraded' and can't even be accessed. Pity they can't upgrade their customer service at the same time. The management can't be watching - there are a LOT of 1 star reviews.

Don't put yourself through the inconvenience.

Avoid unless you are absolutely certain you have the right size and make. I thought I had found a great deal on some runners until I made the simple error of purchasing the wrong size (because they list sizes in UK not AU/US... is this not confusing considering it's a .au site?). All I wanted was a smaller size but there is no exchange option. The returns process is costly (AUD$13 for a pair of shoes) and your money will be held hostage for several weeks before you get it returned (I have waited 2 weeks so far and the shoes haven't even left Australia). In the meantime they have raised the price of the shoes and refuse to honor the original price I paid. Waste of time and money.

Refunds very slow

They have great stuff online and reasonable prices but take 3 weeks to process a refund which is poor customer service to say the least.

Incompetent refund policy

I purchased the Michelin Power Endurance Folding Road Tyre (700 x 25c) Red 700 x 25c 700c online thinking they where located in Australia and quickly found out are located in the UK when I received the product wasn't what I expected, I enquired on how to return the product. Sent it to their shipping address in Australia and waited for a month and half. As I initially sent with tracking and had confirmation that it had arrived at their Australian address apparently then is packed and sent to the UK for processing. When I asked for a status update I got nothing they had no idea where the product was or when the refund would take place, I decided to launch a PayPal investigation for the refund which I received. I would recommend avoiding this company totally incompetent.

worst customer service i have come across

I bought hiking poles and only received one, thinking that this was a mistake ,i contacted wiggle to then find out that they were sold as a singular hike pole! The product info was extremely misleading and did not state anywhere that it was ONE pole. The customer service rep as well as the manager i was passed onto were both just as unhelpful as each-other. I will never be purchasing from this website again nor would i ever recommend anyone else waste their time with them.

You'll pay to return items that don't fit.

Ordered 3 items, had to pay $12.65 to return a jersey that didn't fit. I did try the size guide. Terms are super unclear, you'll have to read between the lines and follow a very specific path to find this information. On the order page it just says "Wiggle will pay the return postage costs for any faulty items.". Link to detailed terms links to incorrect (UK) info. Link to "Australian returns" from that page is a blank page. If you do manage to find the info, it's buried under a wall of text under a fifth bullet point. Tried to give feedback, but the contact page is broken when you submit. 'Feedback to the CEO' page is blank. AVOID!

Access to website is terrible

What can I say I’ve tried numerous times to set up an account, and have had no email to reply to confirm account so can’t by anything makes me wonder how they can continue with business if they treat there customers with contempt. It’s more expensive to by from a shop but at least you get real customer service.

Bought Salomons for half of the shop price

Almost didn't order my Salomon hiking boots after reading the reviews here but my experience was perfect. Paid $210 for Salomon hiking boots. They were $450 in the shop !! Arrived safely and pretty quickly.

Website is a joke!

Ordered a month ago..haven’t seen my goods and whenever I try to log onto their website it just times out.

A very happy customer !

I was a bit skeptical to order after reading so many negative reviews about wiggle. However, they were selling a Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX W for 125 AUD lesser than all other retail stores so I decided to give it a go (I paid incl GST and delivery AUD 194) . And, voila... am the happiest customer ever. I recieved my shoes in exactly 7 working days (would have recieved even earlier if i had not redirected the delivery)

Tedious and slow refund process

Purchased a bike light through the Australian Wiggle site. The light came with no mount and no charger. I contacted Wiggle, who agreed to send me a mount and a charger, however they conceded it wouldn’t be a new mount or charger, and they would just get one from stock.
They then proceeded to only send me a charger. For a UK power point. Still no mount. I contacted them again and they weren’t even apologetic. I asked for a new light to be sent out, to which they refused as it was now out of stock.
I then asked for a refund due to it being a faulty product. They said that I would need to return it at my own cost and only then would they refund any money.
I then returned the useless light to the address supplied. After the light had been sitting at their depot for two days I emailed them to ensure that they had received it and to enquire how long it would take to process. I was then told it would take four weeks to receive my refund. This whole process has taken nearly four months. I will not purchase anything ever again from Wiggle.

Happy with the shoes

I think I was a lucky customer!
I ordered a pair of Salomon shoes from Wiggle with 40% discount plus a $20 promotion code that I found from a website, so I literally bought a product for $124 instead of buying that from a retail store for $240.
Right after paying the money, I just got stressed out and googled Wiggle and came here and it just made me so nervous and upset after reading the reviews!
Anyway, I got the shoes by Australia Post exactly 5 working days after buying that and surprisingly, it was perfect. I was suspicious that it might be a high copy, brought that to a store in DFO and asked a guy his opinion, and he said the shoe is genuine.
So I would say my first/last experience with Wiggle was completely satisfying.

Worst online buying experience ever

Returned shoes after paying shipping fee, waiting from last 6 weeks. Still nothing, after talking to customer rep....was told that i should have paid for Uk shipping return for better service.

Terrible customer service

Purchased a pair of Giro Republic cycling shoes which had a small fault in the seam on arrival. Decided it was small enough to ignore if it didn't get worse. 9 months later and one of the shoes was coming apart at the seam in three different places and the elastic on the toung was totally shot so I returned them to Wiggle (at my own cost), who emailed me to let me know their supplier had inspected the shoes and conceded that they had a manufacturing fault. They said they were unable to replace them as there were none left in stock so they would only offer a 50% refund or store credit as the shoes were more than 6 month old. This didn't change even when I pointed out the product was still within it's 1 year manufactures warranty.

I had to argue with them for around 4 weeks before they finally gave up and sent me a full refund. Their customer service is shockingly bad a I suspect their policies illegal.

I would never shop here again.

Do Not Deal With Wiggle

Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever come across,Wiggle will jerk you around in large lumps if you have any sort of return or refund issue, shop elsewhere !

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Questions & Answers

Anyone bought shoes from wiggle? Specifically Adidas ultra boost. Just wondering if the product is legitimate or fake as the prices are kind of too good to be true.
4 answers
I bought a pair of Salomon shoes with 40% discount and double checked it with a store in DFO, it was legit based on what the guy said. Not sure about the other items on the website, but I don't think they are fake generally speaking.I bought a Salomon Ultra Mid GTX from them. Great pricing and delivered in 7 days. Not sure about other products but I got an excellent deal.Did you end up purchasing and receiving the ultra boost? I’m looking at a pair for my son and $150 with a further $20 discount does seem too good to be true...

are they products legitimate or fake?
1 answer
They appear to be real. They appear to have a supply chain set up. Look them up on the web, for feed back in different forums, the UK business registration site and then come back and tell us yourself.

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