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Windsor Genesis

Windsor Genesis

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Not Too Happy At The Moment

Regarding windsor lemon post. I have exactly the same problem with my 2011 built genesis with drivers side becoming detached. Was told by insurance assessor yesterday that this is not covered as is manufacturing problem. Very worrying.

Great van

We have travelled for six months a year for ten years have had no problems our third van good to tow very comfortable no leaks we haven't replaced anything very happy.

Water leak behind shower taps.

My water pump started periodically, was told a valve in the pump was leaking. 2 yrs later found water dripping from the fittings through the floor, floor was rotting so I took the wall out behind the fridge to find the timber totally rotted, I tightened the loose fitting. Contacted Windsor/coramal and was told to take it to their agent After our 6 week holiday. When it was inspected I was told "its ok now its dry" What about the rot, was told "its dry now so its ok" ie rotting frame and floor. Two days later they owned the van And I purchased a new Coramal. The Windsor Genisis was an original Windsor van, timber frame. I wonder if it was passed on to a new owner as it was. Coramal was very good as the van had 2 weeks warranty left, what has a lot to be desired was the agent attitude. On the 6 week trip water leaked into the van from every window and the boot, the securing screws were found to be very loose. What damage had this done in the previous 2 yrs. We love our new Coramal lifestyle virtu with only a fridge and window problem so far.

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If you purchased a s/h Genisis in Bunderberg apx 9-10 mths ago remove the top fridge vent and check the inner wall between shower and fridge to see if its cut away.

Windsor Lemon

I have previously reported on my genesis lemon--build date Dec 2012, previous problems--the drivers side of the van became detached (repaired under insurance $6,500)--leaks under the vanity basin. Since then the van has been in to repair following some hail damage, when the sheeting was removed it revealed wood rot on all four corners and mainly in the total front face of the van due to water leaking through the so called sealed areas--the repairer informed me that the problem is caused by using a foam instead of quality silicone (insurance $16,500 no problem, I HAD to pay another $2,200 to repair the wood rot.
I could go on and on about this van but it is wearing me out----A heap of crap be weary because they are a result of poor build quality due to cost cutting.


My wife and I just purchased and we absolutely love this caravan. It is comfortable and we find it spacious enough for us both. Its easy to tow, we take it everywhere.

Good looking forward to using it

It's well set out and has plenty of cupboards and draws love the shower but the toilet is a little bit squashed in the corner with the washing machine but it's managable

Windsor Entice 2012 Electroloysis & Leaking

Hi Gary and Jim.,
we all have same issue with our Windsor caravans leaking and electroloysis rust holes in aluminium cladding.
How do you think this is occurring if it's a timber frame how can electroloysis occur?
Our van is 2 years old and has been stored with a cover and washed regularly.
The roof is leaking where the air conditioner is and there's gaps in the rubber seals around the edge of cladding plus rust spots all over the van occurring.
We are concerned if we have these spots repaired future corrosion will appear those spots or elsewhere and won't be covered under warranty.
We would appreciate anyone to contact us that has same happened or happening as to a solution.
Greg 0418 862029.

I love my Genesis 638s

Having clocked up about 40 000km in my 2010 Genesis Ltd 638s, I have to say it has performed fantastically. The only issues from new were a leaking fitting in at the shower mixer (fixed no with no issue), a bargeman light that showed electrolysis type corrosion and a manufacturing fault in the front water tank (again fixed with no issue).

The air vent for the water filler neck blocked once, so I enlarged the hole to avoid a repeat and the brake wiring shook itself to pieces on the Nullagine Rd in outback WA (I have seen other makes break axles on this road!!). This was an easy fix by soldering the connections rather than use the screw type connectors that bounce up and down, fretting the wires.

Issues that others have spoken of, I have had none of. Things like the front boot not having a drain, have been fixed on my model (two drains to be exact). Obviously Windsor respond to customer feedback, not something I can say about other manufacturers whose vans I have owned.

I have had five caravans, and this is the second Windsor. I would highly recommend them as good value for money and durable. I am in no hurry to trade this one. It has been a pleasure to own.

Could have done without the water leaks and the Electrolysis on the outside of the van.

The electrolysis has been seen to and repaired under warranty. I believe there could be more in the early stages.
Inside has to be attended to at this stage for which I believe I will be out of pocket, as this could be a costly repair job. As the Caravan warranty would have expired. By the time the repaired would be completed.
The van looks attractive and easy to use.
Could be expensive it the warranty does not cover it,

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Since I posted this review the work has been carried out,very happy with the out come and the best part is it was cover by the warranty so a big thanks to Fleetwood.

In the workashop

Purchased a windsor genesis pinnacle 5.67s .Took 5 months to build ,picked it up dec 12 just in time to go on holidays . Firstly the van was not finished and was told bed parts were on their way . On holidays the van had very bad leaks in the bed area so took it to be looked at and found wood rot in the frame .Plus numerous faults. The caravan has been in for repairs for 10 months and still not fixed .Also found out the windsor company was sold to a perth company and was not informed the factory closed in melbourne . Lousy repairs lousy service .Time for regulations on caravans to be updated and not rip off older people.

very bad service and prolonged repairs.

Had some issues but all resolved

We too had a leaking shower from the get go, on the 4th attempt it was finally fixed, [name removed] from Windsor was willing to have repairs done and was great to deal with, but we ended up asking for it to be fixed by our chosen repairer as the previous repairers tried the patch ups first.Turned out to be leaking in the shower combination - all resolved and we are very happy now, all vans have teething problems you just need to know they will stand by the warranty and they have.
layout, good to tow.
Leaking shower combination

Great service and know warranty will be ok too

Picked up our van. Sales put us up for two nights in wonderful van park near them so they could address any of our queries. Helped us in so many ways. Visited van park to answer one query we had and checked up on everything else for us. Service is wonderful and they were great with all the changes and queries we had during the order. I know there may be little things wrong with new van but as yet (6 weeks or so) haven't found anything wrong.

Our faith is if there is anything wrong the team we bought it from will help us out in every way. Would buy new van from them any day. I guess it is the team that sell you the van that is very important. [name removed] and team are the best and the van is great so far.

Nearly 5 years on and many trips still happy with our purchase!!!Watch this space. First major issue with van and the company has not helped yet. Hope they will but will let you all know as company is now Windsor/Coromal.Warranty on manufacture error five years on honored by company. All good now.

warranty on tri-fold table

laminate on table cracked and scuffed after a 3000km trip approached the dealer warranty declined after speaking to a cabinet maker was told the problem occurred due to faulty manufacture of the table causing movement in table. trying to contact windsor by phone and email with no reply. the dealer has said that matter is now between ourselves and windsor he will not talk further about it after him admitting that the table is faulty himself. i think this is very poor treatment after paying $62000 for caravan.

windsor not upholding their warranty. poor after sales service from dealer also dealers attitude.

Windsor has come good

I wrote my review whilst i was angry about the screws coming through the floor of my Genesis and to Windsor's credit and Helen from customer service repairs are being carried out to fix this problem. The van is four years old and no warranty so im thanking them for getting back to me and making the repairs.

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I have just collected my van after 3 months waiting to have it repaired. The work was carried out by Arrow Caravans in Brisbane and I am very pleased with the finished work carried out by [name removed] and his team. [name removed] advised me that the screw head became rusted and was forcing the bog to push up through the flooring. Windsor provided the matching floor coverings and paid for all the work about $2500 worth. It has taken a long time to get to this point but it is good outcome.


We have only given our Genesis one good workout since purchasing in 2008. But we were very happy with the way it towed & love the layout.

A little home away from home (but with less housework)!!!

Problems with filling the water tank which is very slow as air is unable to excape - is there an easy cure for this problem that we are unaware of???

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I had the same water tank filling problem with my Genesis so I put a hose connection at the drain point and fill it from there opening the normal fill point to let it breath


Still overall not a bad van but I wouldn't buy another one unless it was second hand and all the problems had been ironed out
Tows well, Great layout with plenty of cupboards. Lots of space under single beds and a big boot
Plumbing used was chinese made and not of very good quality. Pin hole kept occuring and flooded the van twice. Replaced with John Guest plumbing at my own expense as the plumbing is not covered by warranty. Chassie not galvanised or if it is it is poor quality. Have had to rub down and repaint.

Value for money

The GC 705se What a great van! I have reviewed a Jayco product elsewhere which we traded in due to some serious issues. Talk about chalk and cheese. We finished the 4 month balance of our 6 month trip in the Windor without a single issue.
The Genesis is priced competitively but does not compromise on quality. Excellent finish and a great build. Good layout and roomy van for 2 adults and two kids.
We honestly had no problems in a four month period which was amazing compared to our two months of disasters in the Jayco Expanda

Great layout tows good

Picked up caravan a 638s in December 2007 issues with the van have been a/c unit noisy two visits from trades people supplied by windsor failed to fix problem had reinstalled at my expense still noisy, I changed the compressor mountings a couple of times and fixed the problem I know it was an air command a/c but it came with the van and I shouldn't have had to dismantle the thing 6 times to fix it.
the water inlet was not glued together and I flooded the van whilst trying to fill the water tanks which is a task with blow back if its above a trickle.
Cooling fan in battery charger failed whilst still under warranty but replaced it myself not worth the drama.
Now screws coming through the vinal floor some you could almost stub your toe on just contacted Helen at windsor hopefully it can be resolved
would I buy another windsor YES, when you talk to some people who paid twice as much or more than the windsor cost me, the minor problems I have have had is nothing compaired to the places we have been, driven in rain so hard you could hardly see and not a drop of water inside.
oh also it looks good.
Inexpensive, reliable,looks good
A/C, just gas hot water a pain

Questions & Answers

Can anyone tell me if a Windsor Genesis LTD 2009. Model, 21’caravan has a timber frame or an alloy frame
No answers

Can anyone tell me if a Windsor Genesis LTD 2009. Model, 21’caravan has a timber frame or an alloy frame
1 answer
All Windsor vans had a timber frame up until Fleetwood purchased the company in 2012. After that Windsor was made in WA at the Fleetwood factory with a ally frame the same a Coramal.

Where is the 12v fuse box in the Genesis GC638s please
No answers


Windsor Genesis
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