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Ausclimate Winix Ultimate 5 Stage AUS-9500

Ausclimate Winix Ultimate 5 Stage AUS-9500

4.9 from 41 reviews

Recommend for a heavy duty job!

I have suffered from a variety of allergies for many years and used a variety of purifiers. Recently my issues have progressed to more serious lung problems including hypersensitivity. Because of this I did some considerable research and then purchased this machine. I find it to be super quiet and very efficient. I have had a good sleep every night since starting out the machine and am thrilled with its ability to take care of the air quality (especially as I have several animals).

Purchased in September 2019 for $300.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Air Quality Improvement
Noise Level
Odour Improvement
Room Type Small Bedroom
Pet OwnerYes
Smokers No

Massive difference in sleep quality

I've always had allergies but never realised how big an impact it had on my sleep quality. I purchased one of these last year after going to a doctor to better manage my TMJ (apparently, my nighttime grinding was caused by me struggling to breathe at night, causing an unnatural position whilst sleeping).

The first time I used it, I went to work the next day and was told by several (yes, several) people that I looked refreshed. THE VERY NEXT DAY. Since using it regularly I've noticed that I've been waking up more refreshed. I used to get excessive daytime sleepiness (to the point where my manager at work asked if I had any medical issues) now that's gone because of getting better quality sleep. I have more energy during the day.

I've recommended this to my coworker and she got one too. She noticed that she sneezes less now.

The only thing I would nitpick about this is that the lights are quite bright, even on sleep mode. But that's easily fixed by placing something to cover the display.

Service is great. In fact I've ordered one of their dehumidifiers too.

Air Quality Improvement
Odour Improvement

Great product. Great service

I bought the 9500 air purifier for my daughter in Melbourne. It worked so well I am now buying one for myself for use in Brisbane. I had some significant problems with the delivery firm. I had no luck contacting the delivery firm. I contacted ausclimate who intervened on my behalf and resolved the problem with the delivery company. Ausclimate were consistently courteous, available and professional.

Purchased in December 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Very happy

I have just started to use this in my bedroom. I have two cats that like to sleep on my bed and I normally wake with itchy eyes and stuffy nose. Now I'm sleeping better and waking up breathing well and without sore eyes - huge difference. The Winix is so quiet I can't hear any noise unless I'm standing right next to it. Great service and price from Ausclimate. Will be setting up two more in my lounge room and the adjoining room shortly.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

product and service

this product is recommended by the asthma foundation and if you are like me, having lung problems, you will choose this product as it doesn't generate ozone which can make your asthma worse.I have chronic bronchitis and recently moved to near a major intersection which reduced the air quality so much that I had major breathing problems. Since I've been using this product, my lungs function well again.Besides the product being top notch I must say that the company is also looking after me in a way that you very rarely experience now-a-day . I feel lucky that my research led me to buy the AUS-9500. :)

Date PurchasedAug 2018

love this product

only had it a week, but already feel the difference ...its easy to use and light to move around from each room... my husband and son are sensitive to mould and with this purifier I have noticed both there breathing and coughing have calmed right down. I would highly recommend it for anyone!!

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Don't waste your money

Bought 2 purifiers hoping they would make a difference to my sons and husbands sinus issues. Both wake up with blocked noses but the purifiers made no difference. I personally liked the fresh coming out of them when i slept but unfortunately it blows up and not out so unless it was right next to me was of no more use than a fan. Maybe should have tried a humidifier but after spending $1000 on items that are now sitting in their boxes, they'll just have to put up with their problems.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Hi Lori We are sorry and disappointed to hear the air purifiers haven't work as you'd hoped. I would love the opportunity to have a chat with you over the phone and share a few tips to help you get the best from your air purifiers. As an aside, these Winix air purifiers have an amazing reputation for helping vast numbers of sufferers with respiratory problems such as asthma, hay fever and sinus. And in many cases this brand is recommended by health professionals to assist their patients. So, if there's airborne allergens causing your family's sinus problems there's a very good chance your air purifiers could bring you relief - that's why I'd like to assist personally if I can. One of our handy tips is to run the air purifiers continuously in the bedroom all night, every night on say medium fan speed (we also run ours for about an hour on turbo fan speed before going to bed to ensure the air is fresh and clean, then keep running it overnight, on say medium,to maintain that clean air). This tip has proven to be a very effective for many of our allergy sufferers. With regard to the air 'blowing up', the air purifier is specifically designed this way to improve the air circulation, ensuring the entire room's air is being filtered, unlike a fan which is designed to blow air for a cooling affect. Lori, please give me call and lets see if we can get these air purifiers back out of their boxes. Kind regards Russell 1800 122 100 or 0422 008 777

My 10 y/o Gives it 5 Stars!

When even my 10 y/o can notice a difference! My daughter suffers from bad allergies, especially in Spring. Walking into her room after the Winix has been running all night honestly resembles fresh morning air. Within 5 minutes I can tell the Winix is doing its job as there will be no more sniffling or rubbing of eyes. We also have a Golden Retriever and the Winix definitely gets rid of that dog smell. Looking at getting another two units as we keep shuffling the one we have from room to room. So happy with this product and so happy with the service it comes with. Ausclimate are fantastic people to do business with - which is a bonus!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Awesome Product, Awesome Service

Awesome air purifier, owned it for just over 12mths and now it's time to replace the filters, ordered new filters on line and received a phone call checking I was happy with it and was given some extra tips on getting the best out of our purifier. Greta service. Totally recommend it to anyone.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Great service, excellent products!

We bought an air purifier (Winnex) and dehumidifier (35L) over a year ago and feel we got excellent advice, value and product quality from the team at Ausclimate. There may be cheaper products out there but ours have been blasting away for several hours on most days and haven't missed a beat. The only maintenance with the air purifier is to vacuum the filter monthly and replace it annually and Ausclimate sends an SMS when its due to replace. We only wish we upgraded to the larger 50L dehumidifier to do the main open plan liviing part of the house a little quicker but the 35L does this job just takes a little longer than an enclosed bedroom. Both devices have a timer so you can set and forget in the morning when we go to work and also use the solar power we generate during the day (although they are pretty modest in energy use considering their function). Best money we have ever spent living in the sub tropics that is rarely below 70% humidity and without pollen count and mold spores in their trillions! Highly recommended!!!!

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Stops itchy eyes and runny nose.

I have had this unit for over twelve months now and bought one on the basis of the good reviews. I am impressed.
Having hayfever I use it in the bedroom and it does a great job sucking out the pollen and cat hair so I don't go to bed sniffly, and I always wake up with an unblocked nose. During bad days of pollen I run it 24/7 on low, and if required I will use the turbo setting after getting home from work. I had never used a purifier before but this one does the trick. Noise wise it will be louder the higher you have the fan (but is barely audible on sleep), but it is doesn't rattle or vibrate. I actually find the fan noise helps me get to sleep, and is no worse than a split system. It is well built and works great.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Fantastic Machine

This Air purifier is so amazing, I bought a 2nd one for a friend with chronic asthma. It's so easy to use. Plug in, switch on & let it do it's magic. You can feel the difference immediately. My house feels so amazing.
Fresher, better, cleaner.

Ausclimate are amazing to deal with too!! Their customer service is 2nd to none - so helpful & informative. A great company to deal with, which is why I'm a returned customer & highly recommend using them. Expertise and product guidance is wonderful. Always willing to assist and give advise. Thank you Ausclimate!!!!!

Date PurchasedNov 2017

clean air and allergies under control

We purchased the winix 9500 through Pete last year. Our kids suffer from allergies and we have an open fire place. We instantly noticed a reduction in their symptoms and love being able to use the fireplace without worrying about poor air quality. Added bonus is that it is perfect as white noise in the baby’s room when I switch it on to turbo!

Date PurchasedJul 2017

It Works.

Initially I favoured the small footprint and look of the Dyson Pure but, based on reviews, I opted for the more purposeful looking Winix with its promise of durability and high performance. Prized attributes when the health of a loved one is at stake. I've only recently bought it so can't say if it's going to last the distance, but I can attest to its performance. My missus hasn't had one of her asthma induced coughing fits since we bought it - at least not in her bedroom, where it now lives.
It actually filters so thoroughly that there is a disconcerting lack of any smell at all which, believe it or not, Takes a bit of getting used to.
According to the supplied instructions the unit needs to be at least 60cm away from a wall, which restricts its placement somewhat. This could be a negative for some.

Ps Direct bank deposit was used for this transaction. A business as honest and helpful as Ausclimate, doesn't deserve to be burdened with Paypal's dodgy fees.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Works magic

My son has bad asthma. This product has been the best thing, I can tell when its off in his room as he is coughing, Turn it back on in 5 mins he stops. Since owning this product his asthma is now under control. I couldnt live with out it. I would say to anyone that has asthma or breathing problems please go out and buy a winix ultimate 5. they can change the way you live

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Clean, fresh air for my Dental Laboratory

My work environment is a crown and bridge dental laboratory. Lots of harmful dust is generated every day. Silica, gypsum, porcelain,carborundum,aluminium oxide and chemicals like Methyl Methacrylate, Cyanoacrylate,Ammonia and strong acids.
With the Winix Ultimate 5 Stage AUS-9500 on "auto" all day, the air in the laboratory is noticeably fresher,cleaner and harmful odours are virtually eliminated. I can "Boost" its operation if I feel there is a need for a more powerful operation.
I think every Dental Laboratory should have at least one to keep their working environment air as safe and clean as possible.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

This is now an important part of our life

Getting a good nights sleep,being protected from dust pollen and bacteria are just a few of the health benefits derived from our Winix 5 Stage Air Purifier.We noticed a difference in our breathing only a few days after using it.
We highly recommend it to everyone and it also works on mould although we do not have that challenge in our house.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Helps with night sinus issues

Bought this because of smoke issues from burn offs so am hoping this helps with next spate because they now give me chest infections. Seems to be helping with the nighttime sinus congestion in the meantime. Sadly though it doesn’t seem to be too effective on the fluffy bedroom dust that I think my sheets are shedding, linen may have drawbacks along with positives. It may be that I have to have it running longer on higher setting. It is marvellously quiet in sleep mode.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
Hello Mel, thank you for your review. You have raised a couple of good points, particularly about the dust issue. Please give us a call when you are free and we will happily give some advice about the best ways to combat this fluffy bedroom dust with your Winix air purifier. Regards Russell 1800 122 100Thankyou Russell will give you a callThanks Mel

Breathe deeply, beautiful fresh clean air!

My daughter has a lung condition so we bought a Winex 5 stage air purifier for her bedroom. I found myself breathing deeply when I would pass her room, the air was so fresh just like being outside. Within a couple of months I bought another one for our lounge/dining/kitchen and then a third for the office. A friend came over and then bought 2 for her house. My eldest daughter will often “borrow” one for her bedroom. I would love to get one permanently for each bedroom as I find it clears my post nasal drip and the kids sleep better. I cant recommend these air purifiers enough or Russell for his help and advice.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Delivered Fast!

Read the reviews here and decided to get one for our new home, still smell of paint. I purchased it online at Ausclimate.com, and emailed them to asked for a quicker delivery. They did it! I receive mine within 1.5days. (Regional Victoria) Very grateful as the paint fumes is making me extremely uncomfortable and having to live with it over the weekend would have been torturous. Will be keeping this on for awhile! Thank you!!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I live next to a petrol station and often have gas from the gas truck on top of petrol fumes coming in our house. Would the filter eliminate these?
No answers

Is this the strongest you have.? Where can I buy it..?
1 answer
Hello Chez. Russell here from Ausclimate. We have numerous retailers across Australia - we also sell online and are available to help guide you over the phone too. The link to our retailers is https://www.ausclimate.com.au/retailers The Winix Ultimate 5 Stage is a great air purifier and meets the needs of most people with its 5 stages of air purification, including Winix unique PlasmaWave feature - great for viruses & bacteria, as well as neutralizing VOCs. Our most powerful air purifier in terms of room size is the new technology Winix Zero Plus Pro, which features advancements in quietness, energy efficiency & larger room sizes. It might be worth a phone discussion to consider your individual needs & circumstances. You are welcome to call me today (Saturday) or during the week on 1800 122 100. Regards Russell

Hi, I’m looking for an air purifier for my nails salon. I wonder that your Winix will eliminate the odours such as nail polish and liquid mono?
2 answers
Hi K Le The Winix Ultimate 5 Stages' Activated carbon filter has proven to be very successful at removing VOCs. However if you want to use it in a commercial situation you may need to replace the filters on a more regular basis instead of once a year. For further information please don’t hesitate to call me on 1800 122100 to discuss in more detail. Regards Allan AusclimateThanks for your reply information


Ausclimate Winix Ultimate 5 Stage AUS-9500
CategoryAir Purifiers
Price (RRP) $699.00
HEPA FilterYes
FeaturesAdjustable Speed Settings, Automatic Air Quality Monitor, Filter Life Indicator, Ionic Filter, Ozone Filter and Timer
Maximum Noise Level61.8 db
Max Room Size 26
Weight8.5 kg
Dimensions 550 x 420 x 250 mm
Power70 W
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)

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