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Wonder Wheat Cat Litter

Wonder Wheat Cat Litter

4.7 from 27 reviews

The holy grail of stink free litter

Bought a 12kg bag of this Wonderwheat litter.
My cat stinks the house out. Tried crystals, clay, paper, Lucerne. They all stink. BAD!
Got this, filled the box.
All I can say is WOW!
Absolutely no stink at all. None. My anticat friends came over and no trace of stink was detected. I empty box daily. No smell at all and my cat has no issues with using it.
Best product on the market and worth every penny.
It performs exactly as stated on the bag. Couldnt be more happy
Try it, you won't regret it.

Purchased in May 2019 for $45.00.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Odour Absoprtion

The best litter ever

Sadly, Wonder Wheat has gone out of production. It is by far the best litter I have ever bought. Nothing comes close. :-(

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Good news. It’s available again, under new owners.

The best cat litter I have ever used!

I have tried almost every litter I can get my hands on. Wonderwheat Extreme is the best. It’s absolutely safe for my cats, so good that at first they ate it! (it’s 100%wheat) It does exactly what it says on the website. It clumps super fast, absorbs even the worst odours and lasts quite a while! I’m not a huge fan of chemical smells but this litter has a clean, cereal smell. I live in a townhouse with 3 cats. Since using this litter, my place doesn’t smell and I love this Extreme formula so much!!! My only gripe is the tracking but my cats are kickers so not going to able to stop that. I do wish the company sells the bags individually to make it more affordable. Also- bad news!! They’ve discontinued the Extreme Formula and I’m devastated!!!

Great product

I've been using Wonder Wheat for about 8 months after switching from a generic clumping clay type litter quickly after bringing home my two rescue cats. My main requirement was that whatever litter we use be environmentally friendly, both in production and disposal of the soiled litter. I was thrilled to find Wonder Wheat as it not only met those requirements but was also safe for our cats who were both suffering respiratory illnesses.

While paying for 16kg upfront was an investment I've been really pleased with how long it lasts. Before switching we were refilling a 10L bucket of clumping clay at the pet store for $14 every 1-2 weeks. After initially replacing the contents of the litter trays with Wonder Wheat (we did 1 x 4L bag per tray which was about 8cm's deep in a 35L tub) we go through one 4L bag every 2-3 weeks to keep them topped up, so cost wise we're actually spending much the same as we were on the cheaper clumping clay.

Our cats never had any issue switching over to Wonder Wheat, it clumps as well as clumping clay litter in my experience, and as long as we're scooping and flushing daily we've had no issues flushing the clumps down the toilet. The odour is minimal, the only issues we've ever had have been when we haven't scooped as regularly as we should have! In that case a few tablespoons of baking soda mixed through and a super thorough scoop solved the problem. I love that we're creating less waste, and have happy, healthy, non-stinky kitties.

easily the best

I have been using wonder wheat for a number of years, I have 3 indoor cats & would never use anything else. Its easy to clean up & eliminates smells. For the last year I have purchased wonder wheat directly from the supplier Helen Tugwell. This delivery service is probably the best I have ever used. Never any fuss, no issues with delivery times to Perth, always turns up with 1 week. What more can you ask for, a great product & great service. Thank you Helen.

Best Odour Neutralising Cat Litter, Hands Down

I have been using this product for a little over a week now, and it is far and away the best litter I have tried yet. I have five cats, all indoors 80% of the time, and I no longer suffer from the wafting of litter tray smells throughout my house. I have been able to cut down to one litter tray for all five of them, primarily because I keep it in the toilet, making it very convenient for us to scoop and flush multiple times a day. It has superior clumping ability so there is very little waste. I have gone through about half a 4kg bag in one week. Yes, it flicks around a bit, I don't have the room to use the double tray method, but it is in a deep plastic tub, and I just accept sweeping the toilet floor once or twice a day as a trade-off for having absolutely no odour and only one tray to clean.
I had no problems getting my cats to switch to the new litter, apart from our youngest kitten being thoroughly entertained by spinning around in it and making all the grains fly everywhere.
Ordering from the company was pain-free; I did so online from their website via Paypal, and the product was here within a few days. I will definitely be ordering again.
FYI, other litters I have tried: a variety of brands of crystals, clay, paper pellets, and Tidy Cats. I would use Tidy Cats again if I couldn't get WonderWheat, but I do find the perfume in Tidy Cats to be quite overpowering, especially when it mingles with the waste.

Eats even the WORST can poop odour!

Having had multiple cats within the family, we all agree that my cat has by far the worst smelling poop. Moving her to my apartment she would scratch at the balcony door to get out, right on cue I could smell it from the other end of the apartment.

After a quick review of cat forums everyone was suggesting WonderWheat as the best to eat odours. The downside is it makes a bit of a mess (they provide instructions to set containers up to avoid this), but for the clumping, being able to flush it down the toilet and it's astounding odour eating properties I will never use anything else.

The best so far

This litter is much better than Catlux in terms of clumping. It makes my life easier than before. Just that I cannot follow their instruction as the urine clump can be anywhere, not just at one end of the litter box. I ordered from their website and the delivery was very quick. Now I just need to wait and see how long 16kg litter will last to calculate the monthly cost.

A great product.

I am caring for a friends cat and have come to appreciate Wonder Wheat and what a great product it is. The litter they are using is so hard to get the clumps out of, it smells and I have to waste so much to keep the kitty litter clean. With Wonder Wheat it is very easy to remove clumps I can use all of the contents no need to throw away as it stays clean no smell. A great product and any interest I had in maybe trying any other product is gone after this experience.

Love it!!!

I changed to WonderWheat Extreme from a pellet type litter at the start of the year and won't change back. It lasts well so is very cost effective. I have two cats and after 3 months am only just needing to buy more now. It controls smell extremely well and is easy to clean each day. I do use more than the recommended 5cm depth and find that it then doesn't stick to the bottom and makes cleaning much easier. The only downfall of it is that it does track a little bit but it's a small con compared to all the pros of this product.


I absolutely love this litter. I'm a foster carer so have lots of cats and after switching to wonder wheat I wouldn't use anything else. The odour control is amazing, the tracking has been a lot less than other litters. I love how I'm not wasting litter all the time and for the price I would pay for a cheap brand I would probably end up buying double the litter for my tribe. I think the cleaning is a little more difficult but I have change to sieve type trays and this makes cleaning easier than a conventional tray.
I think the most important part to me is that it is a clumping litter that is suitable for kittens. Most clumping litters are unsafe if a kitten were to ingest it but this is completely safe.
Best part for me is no more rubbish bins filled with litter! It all gets flushed and there's no messing around with rubbish bags and the smell of it sitting around in the bin! All the mess is gone!

Simply a brilliant product.

I have been using the new Wonder Wheat Extreme cat litter now for a few months and it is my first box. I can not speak highly enough about the product, it is simply brilliant. I cannot get over that it doesn't have any urine odour at all, and is so easy to use, my small cat Nikita absolutely loves it. The initial outlay was a lot, but considering it lasts so long it is the cheapest cat litter I have ever used. So it's a thumbs up from me.

Is NOT what is advertised

I have been using wonder wheat for a few weeks now. It is not what is advertised on the website at all. It does not clump into a tight ball to pick up, it does stick to the litter pan! It smells absolutely horrible! It has very tiny grains so it tracks way more than normal litter. I would not recommend buying it! You have to buy in bulk too, so now I am stuck with like 4 bags of this stuff !

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After writing this message, i was approached by wonder wheat and told "If WonderWheat Extreme is not doing what we say it does, then you must be doing something wrong. " I was blamed for the incompetences of the product even though i am doing everything that is outlined to do, i have more that 5cm of litter in the box, i clean it not once as required but twice a day! After my response stating all this, and also asking what is the explanation for the horrible smell, there was no response. I think that says it all !

Best cat litter ever.

Have been using wonder wheat for few years now..
Clumps well and makes cleaning tray easy. No smell.
Only the clumped stuff gets removed making it last longer than other cats litter.
Easy to clean up if flicked on the floor.
Its just the best.
Even though it is not stocked in pet stores/vet shops its easy order online.
Highly recommend this product.

Wonder Wheat Extreme is fabulous

I have two cats and have used the original Wonder Wheat for several years. I recently became aware of the new extreme formula and switched to this about a month ago. Although I doubted this product could get any better the new Wonder Wheat Extreme is excellent in every way. The way it clumps makes removal a simple and odour free process, it also reduces wastage of the litter and means a bag of litter will last a lot longer than the original version. I cannot recommend this product highly enough and wish more pet suppliers carried stock of what must be the best cat litter on the market. Thanks to everyone involved in producing this product, keep up the good work - you have made this cat owners life a lot easier!

Best Kitty Litter I have Ever Used

This is the best kitty litter I have ever used. No nasty chemicals, best odour control and great clumping action. I love it!!! I tried oz litter, paper and crystals. But this is by far the best. I use the regular shipping to Sydney and it works well.

Was Skeptical but I am converted ! Wonder wheat extreme is awesome!

We have 2 cats and have always used clay litter. One of our cats has started to get breathing issues so I decided to give this litter a try.

I was worried they wouldn't use it and they did seem to go on strike for 12 hours.After that though they started using it no problems and without any accidents.

I got rid of my hooded litter box and went with wonder wheat's recommendation of using storage bins this worked great for tracking. (Make sure you get storage bins with flat smooth base and corners otherwise it will be painful to scoop)

So this litter exceeded my expectations! it clumps well and odor control is fantastic. Being able to flush straight down the toilet is very convenient and saves on plastic bags in the bin.

Make sure you have at least 8cm of litter this way the urine can never reach the bottom and this keeps the litter really clean.

Using 200grams per day for 2 cats which is great value

Definatelly recommend this product.

Wonder Wheat is back on top after release of Wonder Wheat EXTREME!

I wrote a positive review for the original Wonder Wheat on Jul 09, 2015, but decided to revisit the product after they released the new Wonder Wheat Extreme. While I thought the original Wonder Wheat was a very good product, it had a few problems, which I am extremely pleased to say is now SOLVED by Wonder Wheat Extreme!!

The original version was lacking on a few areas:

1) Clumping (too slow, pools at bottom of tray). The litter did not stick to cat poo very well either.
Now solved with WONDER WHEAT EXTREME! Clumps very quickly and forms strong, flexible clumps that are easy to remove. Clumps are smaller and more compact than the original version. Even when my cat wees up the side and the clump is stuck to the side of the tray, it can be pried off without falling to pieces.

2) Odour (very good odour control but it did smell ferment-y after a week or two (depending on the humidity) and its slow clumping tended to build up the urine and cat poo smell in about 10 days.
Now solved with WONDER WHEAT EXTREME! The faster clumping appears to lock in the odours and prevent odours from spreading to clean, un-clumped litter. I have a box so far shared by two cats for three weeks, and have not to replace the litter at all. Mere top-ups have kept the odours at bay and the litter has stayed fresh with no noticeable odour. superior to clay! Just amazing.

3) Economy - did not last as long as advertised.
Now solved with WONDER WHEAT EXTREME! A combination of 1) and 2), clumping faster and forming smaller clumps, plus not requiring total litter change for over 3 weeks, means that this product is now considered very economical for its cost.

In short, definitely spend the extra dollars for the Extreme version if you can.

This is the best flushable litter on the market, and superior to clay, which I think is almost unbelievable. Compared to clay it is:
-Similar in cost
-Better for your back (clay is very dense and heavy)
-Healthier for your cat and you (no inorganic fine dust, unlike clay - inhalation hazard)
-Better for the environment (no mining of bentonite clay! Less landfill waste)
-Better odour control (yes, even than clay, just amazing)
-Quick clumping, as good as clay.
-Flushable, whereas clay isn't.
-Compostable, whereas clay isn't something you'd want to add to your compost heap as it worsens the drainage of the compost.

April 24th 2018 Update: Literally DEVASTATED without this product in my life

I've posted a review on Wonderwheat Extreme before, praising its odour-neutralising, fast-clumping action. Literally it clumps so quickly that cat be forms perfect rounded balls. No sticking to the bottom of the tray.

I am ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED that Wonderwheat Extreme was discontinued after only a few years because its production was costly, and that the Wonderwheat business is closing down as a whole.

I would gladly have paid double for Wonderwheat to keep it going. That's how good it was.

The search for the perfect litter will continue after I've used up my remaining Extreme supplies :(

Best, natural litter I could find in Australia

When my cats and I originally moved here from NYC, we went through a few different types of litter while we desperately looked for something comparable to Swheat Scoop and we finally got lucky when we found Wonder Wheat. We started with the Original formula and have now become fans of their "Extreme" line which we love. Not only does it seem to last much longer, but it does a good job solidifying. I usually give it a few minutes to cake up anyway just to make sure it comes out more solidly but anyway, both cats seem very happy with the new line. The female makes an UTTER mess (I call her the little grave digger) and because the stuff is finer it does go everywhere but we keep it in the shower and just wash it down the drain before our showers. The male is now most likely to bury his nuggets (bonus). I have asthma and other respiratory sensitivities so I needed something that wasn't too dusty or too chemical smelling and I truly love this stuff. When I want an aid in minimizing odor I just pour in either some baking soda or other commercial litter deodorizing powders. Finally, you could not ask for better customer service. It's always a true pleasure to have interactions with the folks at Wonder Wheat. They are super friendly and incredibly accommodating.

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Questions & Answers

I have a cat who likes to spend about 4 minutes "covering" her visit to the litter and even though I have a deep tray, the litter goes everywhere. does this wonder Wheat help stop this excessive mess???
2 answers
Hi there, well WonderWheat is a light granular litter and can be easily flicked, that's its only shortcoming, it truly makes up for it in every other area, itcompletely gets rid of the urine smell, flushes down the toilet with ease, is the cheapest per week litter I have ever used, but most important of all its "SAFE" the only safe clumping litter, if your cat likes to dig to China Unfortunately most litters can easily be flicked. The only way I could rectify this problem with one of my cats who also "likes to dig to China" was to change over to a hooded cat pan with a small litter tracking mat in front. My cat adapted straight away and while she still digs and smacks the side of the pan for a good 5 minutes very little ends up outside the pan. Only the few granules that she carries out on her paws. I use in conjunction with Wonderwheat and it does an excellent job of managing odour - even in a hooded cat pan. I also find it easy to maintain i.e. clean and flush and it has been more economical for me over the long run.

Wonder Wheat cat litter. The only source for Qld/Brisbane says eBay - and then you have to add $30+ postage making a pack over $70 Any suggestions or knowledge of alternative suppliers please?
2 answers
Hi there, yes I know what you mean I also buy it on eBay there's really no other alternative, I live in NSW and the postage is high too, But all things considered its the best and cheapest cat litter in Australia Even cheaper than the [censored word removed] litters you find from the supermarket I have two Russian Blue cats and they are full time indoors the eBay 16kg box lasts them over 2 months so if you work that out that's less than $10 (including the postage) a week for 2 adult cats for a product that works like no other and I've tried them all Before Wonder Wheat I was using the Breeders Choice I was buying 2x 30L bags a week, at the cheapest price was costing me $36 a week So Wonder Wheat's saying " Out Performs and Out Lasts all other litters for Less " is completely true One very happy customer here and the service is equally great !!! Hope this helps.From their site: http://www.wonderwheat.com.au/#!wonderwheat-direct/c1yor


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