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Happy with Carlton North office

Woodards Carlton North are managing 2 properties for us. We have found them to be responsive and diligent in forwarding on maintenance requests and following up with necessary action. Nicole has been very helpful from the start.


Finally....someone who knows what they're doing.

After months of mis information(or none at all!) we have a very quick and satisfactory result in our quest to get back a rental bond following the death of our son.Paula Baini.....you are a champ!!So very pleasant and helpful.
John and Pam.

excellent service and results

im from Adelaide and rented out my apartment in carlton fantastic service from Nicole and a result that was was achieved in the first week of listing and exceeded my expectations would highly recommend

Outstanding! Exceeded expectations!

Ali from Woodards Carnegie has been an absolute delight to work with. Professional, responsive, highly efficient and personable. We were in a unique position where we were looking for a rental and renting out our apartment. To what could have been a stressful situation, we were pleasantly surprised with how easy and stress free this transition was. A refreshing rental experience, both as a landlord and a tenant. I would highly recommend Ali for your property management needs.

Thank you!

Elyse from Woodards Carlton has been a dream to deal with. Replying quickly efficiently and ensuring the whole moving process ran smoothly! Ive dealt with a lot of property managers and she stands out as one of the best. Thank you!

Ascot Vale unscrupulous tactics

I rented a 2-bedroom unit in Tullamarine for approximately 2.5 years, my rent was paid on time, however, my experience of Woodard’s Ascot Vale - extremely incompetent, by failing to follow up maintenance requests I would constantly be seeking updates with numerous excuses as why this hasn't been attended to eg landlord is overseas, but still receiving rent, it took 12 months to replace a defect air conditioner When the property was listed for sale the agency now had a conflict of interest as Woodards was the selling agent and the property management agency. I was strongly advised to be absent during open inspections by the selling agent, I was dictated to as to when open inspections would occur with very minimal consultation when I informed that the inspections times would not suit due to work commitments this was met with hostility. With no consideration for myself, I informed the agency that open inspections would only be consented to one per week due being a shift worker - whereby I was informed by the selling agent they will enter with or without my consent - which is a breach under the act. Agent attempted on two occasions to enter the property when no open inspection was consented to, as I was sleeping post night shift when I informed the property manager this was not acknowledged or acted on she dismissed this in a verbal conversation. I was successful in obtaining an interim restraining order from VCAT due to the various breaches of the act and issued notices to enter without my consent. At this point, Woodard’s wanted to negotiate which was what I was seeking initially? Now that my fixed tenancy agreement was expiring, I decided to vacate the property based on Woodard’s incompetence and the property managers lack interpersonal skills, professionalism, and knowledge of the act. When Informed of maintenance issues during the notice period the property manager sought to have these attended to once I vacate the property, which I dismissed however urgent repairs were never attended to. I had requested on multiple occasions that the Owners corporation attended to the garden situated on the common property. I was advised this was the tenant’s responsibility which was not the case I even provided a copy of the subdivision plan yet no action from the property manager, her solution was this can be decided by the landlord when I vacate the property. On the day I was vacating the property Woodard’s had arranged their gardeners to attend to the property which I was not advised prior. The keys had not yet been returned meaning Woodard’s did not have possession of the property - this was a breach of entry. When I informed the property manager of this apparently the keys where due to be returned at 10 am, Incorrect I have until the closure of business hours to return the keys despite the agencies policy.
Once I vacated the property the landlord was seeking compensation for fair wear and tear, deteriorated due to lack of maintenance by the landlord which I disputed in the end bond was returned minus an extra days rent. I would strongly advise anyone seeking a tennancy to avoid this agency as their sole focus is ensuring rent is paid without adhering to maintenance requests.

Woodards is diligent and helpful to find a good tenant

Woodards recently help us to find a tenant for our property. The manager Miss.Julie Bisking have been very helpful and update us regularly when looking for a tenant. She also understand our problems when we lost our rental income when we tried to sell the apartment due to the bad down turn in sales for 6 months.
I would recommend Woodards to manage a property.

Property Management

Siobhan my property manager at Woodards has been diligent, efficient, and professional. Siobhan has regularly completed routine inspections and commenced dialogue for renal renewal unprompted. I am very impressed and thank Siobhan and the Woodards team for their efforts.

Don't be fooled, Woodards are no good at selling

In an unstable market they talked us into going to Auction. They said it was "to create a sense of urgency in the buyers". I'm now convinced it was a tactic to pressure us to lower our price. In 8 weeks they didn't bring a single offer. The next agent sold it in 4 weeks. They do not know how to sell real estate in a challenging market. They just make you pay for advertising and hope people will come to the auction. Rather than being good a engaging buyers, they focus on pushing down the seller until anyone would buy it because it is so cheap.

Leasing with Carlton Woodards.

Almost a year after leaving the house I had rented through woodards and I'm still receiving private emails from the property manager that should be directed to the tenants that remained at the property. He even attached a letter with their address and full names of all 4 tenants at the property currently. Great privacy processes in place!!!
But hey, thank you for once again proving how horrible your agency is and that you have not improved.
We spent months trying to get things fixed in the house from woodards, never had I experienced such poor service from an agency over my many years of renting. I recall being without hot water for days and days at one point and just being told to "go shower at a friends house". There was a giant gaping crack in the bathtub that they decided to fix with some bathroom seal once, it just kept reopening and water pouring under the bath recess. Multiple times we expressed how dangerous it was, it could have broken and we could have fallen through it, but no, not important enough to fix. We didn't once see a receipt for our rental payments and when we asked for a statement once (they fought us on providing this as well) we eventually received a collective statement for the property with about 6 or 7 years of rental history payments that weren't even ours and pre dated our tenancy!
We would go days or weeks without responses to our emails and phonecalls asking for help.
There were (and obviously continue to be) errors on documentation sent to us as well. Property managers never answered their phones, not when you were transferred to them and not when you called them directly.
Once I gave a scrap of positive feedback to someone in the office (for replying to an email and not taking 6 days) and the big boss emailed me directly asking if I would post a review online for him... No way, the rest of the service had been so terrible.
Every issue with them was like pulling teeth out to get a resolution. Eventually we sort of collectively gave up on them. You couldn't even keep track of who our property manager was because the turnover of staff is so high, and yes, the receptionist lady and her tone of voice will be forever burned into my mind. I lived for days when she didn't answer the phone. I'm so glad I moved out when I did and now a happy homeowner I won't ever have to put up with this kind of treatment ever again.
Tenants deserve better. I was one of the good ones but this experience pushed me out of the rental market entirely. Never again. Never Woodards.

service and courtesy

As a tenant I have found my Woodards property manager to be courteous and helpful. They were never intrusive & gave adequate notice of inspections. Responsive to the need for repairs concluded expeditiously and without fuss; they were approachable and as a tenant you were not made to feel like an afterthought.
well done.

Excellent Property Managers

I find Woodards an excellent company to deal with as a landlord. they keep me appraised of any issues with my property.

Great Service

We recently purchased a unit in Port Melbourne and we were extremely satisfied with Luke's level of enthusiasm and professionalism. Once we were successful with our bid, we had the pleasure of dealing with Laura in property management. Laura's experience provided us with a great avenue for placing the property on the rental market. We settled on 31/10/18 and our tenant had the keys on 1/11/18. You can't get much better service than that !

Great service!

Nicole and Lucy have been a real pleasure to deal with. Communication has been fantastic, they are always quick to assist, available for any questions we've had and super friendly. I would recommend Woodards Carlton in a heart beat!

Property Management Service well and truly exceeding expectations

Marijana from Woodards has been the most exceptional, proactive, passionate, professional agent I have ever had dealings with. Her extensive knowledge, compassion and communication skills greatly ensures owners and tenants both understand each other ensuring all parties work harmoniously together to achieve the best possible outcome for all.

My experience with Woodards real estate, Camberwell office

The purpose of this review is to share with the web community my experience with Woodards real estate, specifically the Camberwell office.
In October 2017 and for the first time, I visited its office in Camberwell (VIC) and I met the Woodards’ Director,[name removed]. along with one of its Sales Consultant, [name removed]. The purpose of the visit was to understand the current market, to see if it was a good idea to put my property for sale, and to understand the realistic goal that could be achieved.
My question was very simple: “If I put my apartment in Hawthorn (VIC) for sale, how much I can sell it for?” The answer was straight forward from [name removed] and he said that a realist goal was to sell the property from $610K up to $620K. They suggested me to put the apartment on sale for $610K+ and of course, they would take care of the marketing strategy to launch the property on the market, and to create the right buyers’ attention. My first impression was positive because they looked confident in possessing strong skills, and they also seemed potentially capable of reach the right buyers. I must say that before this meeting I did researches, which confirmed that they were very focused on apartments’ sales in this area. We negotiated the marketing costs and their sale’s commission, thus they asked me to pre-pay $3,614 for the marketing expenses. After this payment, the property was put on the market from the 1st of November 2017. They organised 2 inspections per week for 4 weeks, all were managed by [name removed] and one of colleague, A.S.
Since the first week, I was receiving phone calls from the sales’ team to inform me about what was going on with my property. After a week, there was a small interest from the market about the property, so [name removed]. called me to reduce the price down by $20K. I said to him that, from my point of view, change the price after a week was symptom of something wrong with their marketing strategy, and I rejected this proposal. After another unsuccessful week, [name removed] came back to me to suggest then to change the sale in an auction, putting dramatically the price down and thus trying to get more attention to create buyers’ competition. In two weeks, the starting price went down from $610+ to $570K. I rejected again their proposal and I said to stay with a strategy and don’t change it every week.
Before I go ahead, please note that I have more than 15 years of experience in Marketing, however, in another sector: hence, I had to set up many campaigns and strategies in my career. Even if I am not in the real estate sector when you set up a marketing plan, it should be for min 6 months up to 2 years otherwise, there is something wrong with the strategy created.
To summarize, during the first 3 months, the property had few visitors (an average of 2 per opening thus, a total of 16-18 groups) but no offers at all. I didn’t care to much because I’ve never been in hurry to sell the property. The apartment was leased and it was running fine for me.
In the middle of January 2018, I received another phone call from [name removed] and I clearly explained to him that I was not happy with their service and I thought that Woodards’ team showed me a lack of confidence in the current real estate sales market in our area. Since then, nobody called or was in touch with me until July 2018, when a new sales person ([name removed]) introduced herself as the new sales consultant that was replacing [name removed] She sounded very proactive and full of enthusiasm, so I decided to give her a chance. I met her and A.S. at my house, and they told me to get the sale done, and to reach the goal I should put the price down to $575K. I did agree and I gave them exclusivity for 3 months, but I also asked them to not propose me any lower offer than the agreed price. A couple of weeks after, inspections were booked and published online. I must say that [name removed] was much more motivated compared to her colleagues at Woodards and she generated a bit more of action that what they did before. A couple of months after, she presented the first offer ever since we started this agreement but it was for $520K, that I immediately refused.
[name removed] managed to push this offer to $540K and she suggested me to accept it. I said to her that was impossible that the value of my property was $70K less in just 9 months. The property is a 3 years old premium apartment in Hawthorn: in addition, I said that if you want me to accept this offer, Woodards has to reduce a lot its sale commission because I was losing money in this possible deal. Nobody replied but then the 3 months of exclusivity expired and I asked for the apartment’s keys back along with the marketing expenses pre-paid back as well. [name removed] brought the keys back and she suggested to contact the Woodards Director, [name removed], to find a deal for the marketing expenses. Also, she mentioned that the company was not asking pre-payment of the marketing expenses anymore, but only when the sales deal was settle. Hence, I wrote an email to [name removed] asking a refund for the marketing activates. To be honest with you, I was not happy of their marketing strategy because they didn’t show me any consistency and any real knowledge of what was the real estate sales market when the property was live. In the end of the day, I accept that the property was not sold, but I don’t accept to pre-pay for a service, Woodards’ marketing, that was not adequate.
[name removed] replied to my email after a week and he wrote “Payment of advertising costs are not negotiable dependent on whether the property sells or not.” Then, he attached to the email a copy of the Woodards Complaint and Dispute Resolution Policy. Please note that I have not received any phone calls from [name removed] or any Woodards’ members. Therefore, I decided to send a very similar written complaint to the Woodards C.E.O, [name removed], that he was in cc in all my previous email sent with his staff.
[name removed] replied to my complaint on the 15th of November 2018, with a formal letter and he suggested as a goodwill gesture to offer me a credit which can be offset against either of the following:
1) a reduced rate for our property management services (including the “cash flow guarantee”)
2) a discounted selling fee.
He pretty much offered me to keep working with Woodards, putting the property for sale again or alternative on lease with Woodards property management services. Please note that my property was already on lease using the owner property management service, meaning I was managing it by myself, and everything was working fine for me. I rejected this offer because I believe a property that has been unsuccessful on the market for a year needs to clean its record before to be relaunch again on the market.
My reply to [name removed] was please give me the “marketing expenses” money back, otherwise, I will publish online my review of your business with all the true story. No answers again but I have followed up a couple of times with emails and no emails, phone calls back, etc. Until the 13th of December 2018 where I received an email and an official letter form Marshalls + Dent + Wilmoth lawyers acting on behalf of Woodards Camberwell. The associate lawyer, [name removed], wrote the following: “We note you threatened to discredit our client on social media. We are instructed to warn you that should you pursue this, our client reserves its rights in relation to any loss and damage that may be suffered as a result of you carrying out your threatened defamatory conduct and to issue proceedings against you without further notice.”
To be honest, since when I sent my first complaint, I was surprised to have not received any phone calls from Woodards Senior Management Staff: thus, in the end, I felt like they tried to blackmail me.
I am not here to discredit Woodards and I have better things to do in my life, I am here just to share with the internet community my experience with its services and the way they do business. Everyone is free to interpret the story as he/she wishes, but these are the facts, and for me, Woodards has not done a good job in terms of the marketing strategy and also in terms of customer services.
Do you think this is defamatory conduct? Let’s see what will be the next step by Woodards Camberwell office.

Stress Free Rental Management

Woodards Carlton, has managed our property for several years and has done so without a glitch. Our property was well managed, the rent always arrived on time and the regular inspections were always professional. Communication between the Woodards Rental Property Manager and us was always informative and friendly. Woodards earns a five star rating from us.

Woodards Ascot Vale took such great care of us

We moved into a property in Moonee Ponds in late 2017 and stayed for a year. During that time, our property manager, Siobhan Flinn, was always available if we needed anything, prompt in her organization and rectification of repairs and maintenance requests, and kind and professional in all her inspections. We can't recommend her and the Woodards Ascot Vale team enough and are sad to be moving on from this property.

Outstanding Service - Sarah Grimmett - Woodards ,Camberwell

Our compliments to Sarah Grimmett who handled our time at ,and move from a rental property in Kew East with outstanding professionalism . Not only did Sarah look after us in a swift and efficient way during our tenancy but also showed negotiating skills beyond her years in managing our move to a new address. Add to these compliments ,Sarah's charm and good humour - an outstanding property manager indeed. John & Rosemary ,Nov 2018.

Amazing service

I can't speak more highly Marijana Tandurella. Her amazing attention to detail and her caring, personal nature made securing not only 1 but 2 properties a stress free experience. By far the most down to earth agent I have ever dealt with.

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