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Wotnot 30+ SPF

Wotnot 30+ SPF

2.9 from 35 reviews

Great sunscreen for people with sensitive skin!

We purchased this sunscreen to use on my toddler at daycare as the chemical one they were using there was not doing his eczema any favours! Since using the Wotnot sunscreen, his eczema has almost cleared up entirely and really calmed the redness on his face. I noticed results after about 2 weeks of everyday use. I have started using it on my older children too as sometimes their skin can feel irritated by chemical sunscreens. I would definitely recommend!

Purchased in November 2018 for $28.99.

Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No

perfect protection!

It is thick, but it is very protective. It is organic and I can tell it nourishes my skin even when wiping it off. Usually I have allergic reactions to sunscreen but this one was great!

Purchased in January 2019.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No

Saved me!

This sunscreen saved me from the sun. Im a ginger so I need sunscreen otherwise I burn in less than 20 mins. I typically used SPF 50 but the 30 still worked well and was much cheaper! Check it out: https://wotnot.com.au/collections/suncare/products/30-spf-sunscreen

Worked well

I used this over the weekend and didn’t get burnt. Was better than another brand I used last weekend. Highly recommended

Gone from great to unusable.

First bought this brand at the beginning of spring this year, was amazing couldn't fault it, it was economic and lasted for months on my small family of 4 and would last 4 to 5 hours through midday exposure with 1 application. After purchasing a batch before holidays in December, just got back from holidays and with less sun exposure, burnt to a crisp. After really trusting this brand, we are bitterly disappointed. Seems they have changed the formula.

very dissapointed with the product

I used this product for the first time and applied sunscreen 20 mins before sun exposure between 11 and 1pm and I got badly burnt . Im sorry I wouldnt recommend this product as i thought a chemicall free sunscreen would be better for my health but it didnt do the job at all.

This product should not be sold as a sunscreen

I'm frankly quite upset that this product is allowed to be sold as a sunscreen and I feel very deceived. I purchased this sunscreen because it seemed like a more environmentally conscious choice, that being said, I made allowances for the uncomfortable gummy/oily texture because it is an all natural product. But the product just didn't work at all, I applied it 3 times over a 4 hour period and ended up with a terrible sunburn. I feel it's really irresponsible of the company to sell this product and people that use this vs a sunscreen that actually works are exposing themselves to a major health risk. If you're lucky enough to read this review before purchasing this DON"T BUY IT.

very disappointed

I thought paying nearly 4 times the amount of money for a product would mean you get something good if not great.
well the suncream i bought was probably soo old it had gone gluggy and thick, the bottem on the tube split.

Very greasy and a lot of ghosting

Was quite happy to find a sunscreen that had natural ingredients with no junk added that was cheaper than the highly overpriced Invisible Zinc - however, on using it was quite disappointed as it is incredibly greasy, leaves white 'ghosting' marks on the skin, and worst of all, separates in the tube (don't know if they used any kind of emulsifier..?). Really disappointing, because the ingredient list is top notch but it just feels terrible on the skin.

This is the best NATURAL sunscreen I have tried for my babies

First I want to clear something up. For everyone that said that their babies/children got sunburnt using this then this is your fault. This is a product to prevent sunburn not STOP it completely. All sunscreens that hit the shelf go through stringent testing and have to meet Australian standards to be classified as sunscreen. If you got burnt using this product then you are obviously using it incorrectly. As it is a sunburn preventative, there are also other factors that you need to implement including hat, shade etc which can reduce your chance of being burnt. This product is not sold to you to STOP sunburn. Please do your research on this.

I also want to emphasise that you are using a 100% NATURAL product which is so so different to a chemical laden sunscreen. In fact you shouldn't even be comparing the two because they are technically two different things. Plus Wotnot is SPF 30 whilst most chemical sunscreens are SPF 50.

This is the entire list of ingredients for Wotnot...actually the entire list not just the active CHEMICALS or the preservative CHEMICALS.

Wotnot (12 natural ingredients) (https://wotnot.com.au/collections/family/products/30-spf-sunscreen):
Beeswax-white, candelilla wax, aloe barbadensis extract, d-alpha tocopheryl acetate (gmo-free vitamin e), grapeseed oil, safflower oil, sesame oil, shea butter, silica, water-purified, naticide. Active ingredient: zinc oxide (250mg/g)

Note the above list is missing words you and I cannot pronounce which are in most chemical sunscreens including: 4-Methylbenzylidene Camphor 4%, Ethylhexyl Triazone 3%, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane 4%, Octocrylene 4%, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Hydroxybenzoates.

Now for my review. This is the only sunscreen I have found that isn't white and chalky. Yes the waxiness of it is not ideal but the clear waxy residue is a lot easier to clean than the white chalky zinc stuff. And its a lot easier to rub in, meaning both my kids and myself don't look like ghosts the entire day. Ive still got some of the white chalky sunscreen on my navy redsbaby pram from the 2017/2017 summer that i cant get off.

I actually find the smell pleasant. Its not the worst thing I've put on my face and Im not complaining because its helping protect me from sunburn in a NATURAL way. To me it smells exactly like beeswax should with a tiny hint of vanilla.

One positive too is that its super hydrating after you have showered and are out of the sun. Kind of like wearing a face mask for a couple of hours. The trick to applying this stuff is that it needs to be slightly warmed. Like any wax you use, it gets easier to work with once its warmed. I just rub in my fingers first before putting on bubs face.

Out of the all the kids/baby sunscreen I have tried this is by far my favourite. The other brands I have tried include Little innocents (this one is chalky white zinc stuff but you can eventually rub it in), Moo Goos Sunscreen (my 2nd favourite - rubs in), and Natural Instinct (this is the last of my favourites - its so so white and chalky. This is the stuff that I cant get out of the fabric of my pram).

The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I do agree it does have a slight smell and it is waxy. But knowing that I am putting natural stuff on my kids faces rather than chemical laden stuff, I don't mind the slight smell and slight waxiness. I know I will look back of photos of my kids in their swimmers with their waxy faces and remember I chose the best thing for them and the earth. I also want to add that my 2.5 year old son has never been sunburnt. When he is in the sun swimming, he wears a zip up swimsuit from his knees to his wrists and a broad-brimmed hat...every single time. Other times, a shirt broad-brimmed hat and this sunscreen.

Fabulous Product

It feels so comfortable on my skin and it doesn't look whitish at all. It is quite greasy but it looks good on my skin. I will be buying more of this fabulous product!

Very oily and smelly

This wotnot baby sunscreen is not recommended in so many levels. Firstly, it is too greasy/sticky to put on the baby. Also, it is very smelly, not very pleasant at all. I thought that I can use it instead of my baby but the smell is not so bearable. Customers cannot try it as the tube is sealed which is ok for the cleanliness but that there should be a tester provided. It was pity that the shop I went to did not have a tester otherwise I would not buy it!

It is a pity for a nice product to be so oily

I have been trying to find a zinc oxide sunscreen for the face for a long time without much success. They either make the face look whitish or greasy or difficult to apply. This one does not leave a white film on the face and is not too hard to spread but it is incredibly oily. I have very dry skin but even I found it too greasy to put on the face. I had to cover the shine with a thick layer of primer and loose powder but the end result did not look that flattering. Now I only use it when I am at home doing outdoor activities. If you have dry skin and only use it on those days when you are not venturing out to any public place, Wotnot would be a good, moisturing choice then.

Uncomfortable and smelly

Extremely greasy on skin and after a while makes skin feel itchy. Smells bad and if you have any flyaway strands of hair near your face they will quickly become plastered to your face too! .....further adding to the itch factor! Asides from feeling terrible I discovered it also makes me look like a mess ....and as soon as I get home the first thing I want to do is have a shower and wash the stinking goop off my face.

My poor baby got sunburnt

We were in the sun for a few hours, I applied this twice to my 8 month old baby girl & she got terribly sunburnt on her forearms & bottom of her legs. Thank got she had a hat on & a Swimsuit covering the rest of her otherwise she would have been worse. Absolutely devastated, will never use this again.

Extreme reaction

I recently used this sunscreen for my holiday in Thailand. Within 24 hours my face was swollen & my arms & legs were covered in itchy rashes. I realised that the sunscreen had not given any protection on that first day as I then suffered from extreme sunburn which in turn caused prickly heat. The remainder of the holiday was spent taking antihistamine & smothering my body in steroid cream. I have been back now for 4 weeks & I am still scratching my arms. I did contact the company, but was told that they had never heard of this before. Maybe they need to read their reviews.

too heavy and greasy, God know show it works for a baby.

My husband and I found wotnot sunscreen too heavy and greasy, God know show it works for a baby. it says it australian but i dont think its made here.

Way too oily for face

I purchased this product specifically to use on my face. Once applied, my face looked very oily, not greasy, but oily (worse than greasy). There was no way I could go in public looking like that. It's even too uncomfortable to wear it at home because of the oiliness. It would be good if it was waxy. Just not oily.
It's not suitable for facial use but would be great for the body.

So oily and shiny

I have tried many natural sunscreens as I suffer from eczema, and whilst I can deal with a little heaviness this was beyond useable. I put it on my arms and thank god I didn't put it near my face I would have felt so heavy! It also had a really funny smell that stuck around all day despite trying to apply perfume to cover it! Do not recommend!

THIS CREAM gave us many happy sunny days and a great peace of mind for good few years

Today I started to worry/panic when my husband visited 6 pharmacies and could not find it. Our son had allergic reactions to a few different sun screens few years ago with his face and lips being swollen and difficulties to swallow saliva. On one occasion, he needed ED attention to help settle the swelling in his throat. So desperate to find the right sunscreen for him, we consulted the pharmacist who thought his reactions were to preservatives found in many sunscreens and she recommended us this one that did not have those preservatives in it, AND SHE WAS RIGHT. He's been using it ever since and has never had another reaction. I don't particularly like the consistency of it, but there is not much choice for us, not really in a position to experiment very much. We've had many happy sunny days with no sun burns and a great peace of mind using it for good few years now. I read Priceline somewhere here - if I don't find it in Priceline tomorrow, will be ordering online for sure.

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30+ SPF
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