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Yale Property Solution

Yale Property Solution

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    John  B.

    John B.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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    Yale, the fly-by-night organisation.


    I have had a long history of Yale just not delivering the goods. I followed up with one representative only to find that he had left and commenced with another employer. All subsequent attempts to catch up to Yale have proved fruitless. One appointment was cancelled by them at very short notice and re-booked. The representative didn't bother to turn up to the second appointment and I wasn't accorded the courtesy of a phone call or explanation.


    BryanGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

    Property Scam.


    All up, we can't afford to sell the property, as it's worth a lot less than the debt we have on it, and we can't refinance for the same reasons. Believing Yale has been one of the worst decisions, and lead to incredible stress, frustration and problems. It's put us ten years back.



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    Before they were YALE - they were FULL CIRCLE


    Have one investment property & 2 really bad dealings with them over 10 years ... as FULL CIRCLE & YALE. They stuffed us around with securing approval for loans & lied to us about it. At one point they were going to sue us. They are trying a 3rd time under a new team to get us onboard. AGAIN they are bad mouthing the last team & promoting themselves as the best. NO WAY - stay clear

    Considering legal action


    Almost 3yrs in and suddenly they have our property almost complete!? Supposed to have a tenants property within 12 maths. Had pre approved loan for first 18mths but that term couldn't be stretched any further. Paid $40k deposit (& paying interest on this loan for 18mths) now we can't get finance due to changes to investors loan criteria etc. We're screwed!!

    Extremely happy!


    I am very happy with my experience with motion capital. My investment property settled this month and I am excited to see what 2018 will bring! All the professionals that work with the motion capital team are helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. My friends are all using their services also!



    Motion capital service


    I Have been with motion capital for almost a year now, the service i have received has been very very good. i have purchased 1 property through motion, and i am in the process of buying another through my super. as this was a whole new world to me i was really blown away with the knowledge and service i received with regular updates along the way, i have recommended motion capital to friends and family.


    JJSSans Souci

    Motion Capital


    Have bought 1 investment property through Motion Capital and I couldn’t be happier. To stumble across some of these reviews has been quite a shock for me. These guys have been absolutely fantastic and helpful throughout the whole process and I will be definitely using them again.



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    Motion Capital or Yale


    I have purchased two investment properties, one under Yale the other Motion. They have taken away all the hard work for us. Even dealing with progress payments during building. It isn't always easy to deal with investment properties on your own. These people have helped with the hassle part. Cant fault them.

    Not good at all


    I bought an investment property though this company. Did not know i was deceived badly until they wanted me to buy a second investment property. It fell through. And they never told me for eight months. I had to pay conveyencing fees up to that date because the contract was apparently void. I am now out of pocket 80000 dollars. We live and learn.



    the whole thing it is all part of a scheme. lies after lies, they will say anything to make you sign contracts. 1 builder selling his properties. they will send our a salesman who comes to your door and does a presentation and gives a mortgage saver CD that does not work. salesman will try at all cost to make you sign on the night and pay $990. they will promise everything and say anything that will make you sign the contract. after you pay 990, they will then show 2-3 different properties and claim these are the best ones for you in your current position (all from the same 1 builder). untrustworthy company.

    Dick Smith

    Dick SmithMelbourne

    They now trade under "Stirling Perpetual"


    RUN!! This company used to trade under Yale property solutions. They now come under Stirling perpetual. No company changes it's name unless they're trying to hide something. It's the same property sales speel. There is zero value in the "Membership package" This will cost you more money than it's worth. They're based in Hughesdale.



    Yale property solutions / Motion Capital ?


    I have just been approached by Motion Capital . They said they aquired my name from a company I was a member off previuosly , aussiefinancials. So I have a rep come over Im interested , so book second meeting, and nothing . Noone shows up , cant get a response to calls or sms nothing. So I go to their website cant find one. Try to get phone number cant get one. Here is where it gets interesting, Yale property solutions leased or bought the premises that Motion list as their address in Bella Vista and the whole time I'm searching I ķept getting Yale come up in the search results . Which brought me to here . AND BY THE WAY YALES WEB SITE IS DOWN!!!


    N.SmithPerth, WA

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    Avoid like the plague


    The most devious and untrustworthy company to deal with. Not a word from them can be believed. They will take your money, arrange investments properties for you but once signed up, the promised 'packaged' care goes out the windows. Lots of interlinked companies that they purport to be independent but are just Yale in disguise. Seen some very unethical activity from this company. Have lost sleep and money dealing with this mob. They wont last as companies like Yale get caught out eventually especially with more people reporting them to ASIC etc..

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    I have been scammed


    I was told they would help me with refinance mortgage once i paided their $990 fee on then told they cannot help me. So thos will result in court for false and misleading statements.



    Report to Crime Stopper


    Has any one reported to crime stoppers. They look like fraud.They can mis-use personal info provided to them. Register with Veda for one year credit rating and keep eye on any activity on your financial.

    Absolute rubbish


    As some of the other reviews state an hour long conversation of their best intentions to help you further your wealth. Inaccurate predictions on growth numbers, current economic state and just generally alot of rubbish talk steer clear. After an hour pressured into a one time deal asking for $990. Couldn't even provide me with a business card or phone number..CON

    Don't believe a word they say!


    Having spent the last 10 years in the development sector in Australia a few mins talking to one of there reps and I could just tell all they wanted was to force me to buy some crap property, there facts and growth predictions were so Inaccurate it was beyond a joke, I had to throw the idiot out of my house cos he refused to leave! Don't fall for there whole "membership" angle cos it's just a way to rope you into something that has zero benefit to you.





    Lol dont get involed with this company they will not help you they will try and sell you a membership u dont need



    • 2 reviews

    Out about $100,000


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