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Coles Suncare

Coles Suncare

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Little Miss Fussy

Little Miss FussySouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 10 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Avoid at all costs


After using this sunscreen for the first time both my partner and myself developed an angry red rash that broke out on our necks whenever we sweat. This rash persisted for weeks after first use. It took me a while to figure out the link. It finally dawned on me several weeks after I stopped using the sunscreen. My husband continued to use the sunscreen and continued to suffer with this heat rash on his neck while mine had cleared up.

Also, we both still got sun burnt while wearing this sunscreen.



This product is dangerous!


Put this on my kids and by the time we had driven to the park their faces were covered in welts. Have never had an issue with any other sunscreen before. This needs to be pulled off shelves.

Does not work


Waste of money! Doesn't work!!!!! My kids and I got burnt on multiple occasions. Never had this problem using other suncream.


JDQSunshine Coast

  • 2 reviews

Everyone burnt


Whole family got very burnt today including myself and I don’t usually burn. Reapplied hourly and it’s like we had no (or very watered down) sunscreen on. Something wrong with the new batch of Coles sunscreen as we’ve bought it before without a problem. Will report to Coles.

Chase Trapman

Chase TrapmanMelbourne

Dangerous. Do not use


I bought this sunscreen as I was going outside for a bbq today. I've never felt burned before from sunscreen but this stuff sure did it. People mentioned how red my face was. Even where I had my hat on! Red blotches and it felt hot as well. Give this stuff as a gift to your enemy.

Don’t use


My kids were burnt severely after using this sun cream. It was as if I didnt apply sunscreen at all. I didnt use it on myself and burnt less than they did.

Something is wrong with the new 50+sunscreen


Coles has changed its homebrand sunscreen 50+and now its something I cant use I used to use it every day I would love to know whats changed ?

Terrible! Do not use!


All my kids applied suncream and were al severely burnt. They looked as they they had not put cream on at all. We even re-applied during the day. We have spent the summer at beach and pools and kids never burnt. This suncream does not work.

Absolutely Awful. Will NEVER use again


Coles sunscreen was applied to myself, my children and my friend. We all came out burnt worse than even putting sunscreen on at all. I have complained to Coles and the cancer council. They should not be allowed to sell it. Sunscreen should contain zinc and titanium, coles sunscreen has neither so it has NO PROTECTION! DO NOT BUY!

Avoid avoid avoid!!!


Extremely disappointed! Applied to my 10 year old daughter three times and allowed each to soak in. Very liberal application. After two hours, I reapplied very liberally again. Spent 1 more hour in the sun and she’s burned to a crisp. This is dangerous and should be pulled off the shelves. Do not use this, it’s not worth any cost saving.



  • 5 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Worst sunscreen I've ever used (usual brands : invisible zinc, banana boat, neutrogena)


Terrible sunscreen, I've been going to the beach every summer for many years now and never got burnt (in the last ten years) when I apply twenty minutes before sun exposure and evenly. The only time I really got burnt was still a trip to a water park, and I think I didn't wait twenty minutes as wag pretty young and stupid about sun care at the time. I spent two hours in the sun at the beach with this sunscreen and got badly burnt. Also, used this an earlier time and got rashes on my face from it. Hopefully coles will refund as its clear there's something wrong with this product.

Irritates skin, nasty rashes


My daughters preschool just started using the newly rebranded coles 50+ approx 70% of the children all had reactions and skin irritations, most parents have brought in their own cancer council one which works great, once the rashes on my daughters face disappeared they’ve not come back.. will not recommend coles branded sunscreen


AshleeSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 9 reviews

I like it


Worked great for me and my baby. I applied a small amount to my babys skin to test was on over night no rash she was fine. Went to SeaWorld on a hot day today applied sunscreen once before we left and worked great.



Terrible - Coles 50 plus Sunscreen


I have applied twice in 3hours. Not only did not work but damaged my skin. I could not move the next day due to the pain all over my body.



I applied 2-3 layers of the 50+ sunscreen at a time, waiting for it to set in before going into the water, I reapplied every 2 hours. I am so severely burnt all over, I have patches where I had no sunscreen that didn’t get burnt, I got more burnt where I had sunscreen. Do not recommend at all!

Eyes stinging all day long & nose blocked!


Horrible product, unbelievable how this product is still on the shelf! We need to boycott this product. No point in buying this product, only buy it if Yun want your eyes burned.

Stung my eyes so bad could not open them


This really caused my eyes severe pain. I could not open them for more than five seconds at a time. Even after rinsing in cold water they still stung. I will never put this product on my face again. Stay clear



  • 2 reviews

Still got burnt


Applied sunscreen and went for a 1 hour walk - still got burnt. Product does not work. If I could give if 0 stars I would. Family using the same sunscreen also got badly burnt.

Protection A+


We were burnt free in the middle of the worst part of the day at Wet n wild QLD we were burnt, we did not apply. Coles everyday sunscreen did its job 110%


PicklesSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 40 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Great product


I dont understand all the bad reviews for this product. I have extremely sensitive skin and this sunscreen makes my skin better.
Its also great protection from the sun, maybe ppl arent waiting 20 mins before going into the sun? Or applying it onto already burnt skin?
Anyway, i find it works for me and 1L of broad spectrum sunscreen for $9 is absolutely awesome.

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Questions & Answers

Maureen O Donnell

Maureen O Donnellasked

Is there an expiry date on colesSPF 50 everyday sunscreen ?

No answers

nicola eyre

nicola eyreasked

Hi we visited australia couple if years ago, the sun screen from coles had been the best we have had even for our children. We would like to order some more now that we are back in England but how do we go about it? Thank you

2 answers

Hi Nicola, I wish I could help you with this one. I've done a quick search online but I can't find any forwarding services from Australia to the UK. Do you have any friends or family in Australia that could purchase the product for you and send it via post? The Coles Suncare range is only available in Coles supermarkets in Australia and while they do have a delivery service, it's only to certain areas within Australia.


Hi Nicola, I bought Coles 50+ large pump bottle of sunscreen when we were in Aus last year (2016) and I used it all through the summer here in UK and am just finishing off the bottle now. I thought it was great as it really stopped me burning and went on smoothly - no white gunk! I also thought I would try to buy more online, with no success, but having read all the terrible reviews from people whose skin has been damaged by the stuff I think I'll give it a miss for the moment! I was, however, glad to see that somebody else thought it was as good as I did!! (I would still give it another try when we go back to Aus though!)

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