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Poor communication

I bought sebamed products worth of 119$ which they neither dispatched on time nor communicated with me when they going to do. I purchased the products on 22nd of August and following day received an email saying one of the sebamed product is out of stock and need five business days to dispatch. Today is the 11th business day after I made the order, after the initial contact regarding there would be a delay for dispatch. They are not even responded to my enquire emails. I strongly won’t recommend this shop. There is no customer care at all. I am so disappointed. I have already asked for refund. I am so angry I paid and waited good 11 working days for nothing.

False Advertising

Looked on their website and found a price guarantee. I contacted to claim.

The exact wording on their website:

"Price must be advertised by an Australian online retailer excluding ebay sellers or other individual sellers.
Your Chemist shop reserves the right to refuse to match prices in instances where requested price is below our costs."

Their response.

We are only able to price match with accredited online pharmacies.
Thank you."

False advertising reported to consumer affairs.

Awful stay away!!!

Placed order online. Received an email 10 days after order stating they needed to do a security check as I was a first time customer. Completely understandable, but the fact they took 10 days to write to me to inform me of this check is simply unacceptable, considering there is so much competition for great, cheap online chemists.

Not only did they take so long to write, but they also charged me twice! Once for the whole amount including shipping and once for the whole amount less shipping.
I have advised them that I want a full refund and have been told it would be done, but when letting them know about my disappointment and being charged once, not even an apology was offered.

Stay far away from this company.

Buyers Beware!!

Like other reviewers, I was made to believe that firstly, their accounts department was working on the order. Upon emailing the second time to follow-up few days later, they said accounts need to verify my credit card to ensure legit. After sending them the sending them the credit card transactions that I considered beyond Data Privacy, they claimed the item is out of stock with no specific timelines. What a bunch of baloney! I immediately ordered a refund and hopefully these suckers refund it quickly. Guess I should've read this website before I made the purchase. I would pick zero star if possible.

5 Stars to Represent The Worst

I purchased baby formula which was promised to be delivered within 2 days. I paid Express postage but I got none after 2 days. When I emailed them.. they said it's out of stock. They didn't EVEN give notification to me and let me waiting. They promised to give refund within max 4 days but they didn't. They apologise and wanted to reissued again. I will publish to all social media IF next week (Monday 28 Nov 2016) there is no refund comes to my account.

absolutely terrible

Like another reviewer I am only giving this one star because zero or minus are not available. I ordered a common stock item online and when it hadn't arrived after several weeks I sent a query. I was told it was out of stock - I didn't believe this - and that it would be available in the following week. Several more weeks later after it still hadn't arrived I wrote to them again. I was told that I should have responded to some sort of security check which they claimed to have requested but which I never received. I have never heard of this from any other online retailer. They also told me that someone else in the company had replied to my previous message. I cancelled the order and was promised a refund which still hasn't arrived several weeks later. Meanwhile I obtained my order from a different online retailer about six weeks ago within three days of ordering. Clearly they are a grossly inefficient organisation with very poor customer service practices.

Do Not Use- Terrible Service

Worst online service I have ever ever experienced.

I purchased online 2 bottles of fish oil and when they arrived they were incorrect. I spoke to them about it and they were adamant they were right but the packaging had changed. Not true. We have to pay for their return and then they will think of refund. How do companies get away with this.
Whilst they may be cheaper, in the end they are not. Shop around and don't buy from here!

Too bad there's no zero rate. Scam alert!

You guys know about those website that pay people to write fake review about their services/products to polish their image? Apparently Yourchemistshop is one of them.

I ordered 10 Emu body cream on the 27th of December 2015 without anything on the page that tell me it is "out of stock" or "high demand-delivered might be 2-3 day slower". Cost me $12.95 extra for Express delivery, which seems like it just go straight to their pocket. When I inform them about the lateness (on the 6th January 2016), they told me that they are experiencing high demand, and it would take 3-7 business days for the warehouse to have the products. (meaning I would still not have it deliver to me on the 14th January).

Another thing that concern me is that their website have created a fault scheme of payment. Although they have PayPal as one of their payment options, when you choose it the site will have a problem and the checkout wouldn't be processed, so you left with credit card. However, when you use the credit card to pay, if you want a refund later on due to dissatisfaction with Yourchemistshop, there's no guarantee that they will give your money back, unlike PayPal.

I'm waiting to see if they would give my money back, but it doesn't seem like a positive case. (Even when I have the receipt and everything to prove the transaction) If your product doesn't come after the day it should be, you know that you have a scam scheme on you.

P.S: their usual claims are:
1."We can't see your order on our list, please provide your order number"
2. "High demand, warehouse problem"
3."Would you like a discount"
4. they ignore you

Worst customer service that I've known

I had mistake in filling the shipping information and then couldn't receive my packages. Then got the email from customerservice@yourchemistshop.com.au informing that I need to pay 9$ for them to re-ship my orders. However, I asked them for the refund and did not get reply anymore. I kept sending emails to them 4 times within a month and still got no answer from them. I then asked my friend in Australia call them and get answer that the packages haven't been sent back to them so they couldn't process the refund. I mean: The problem of "packages haven't sent back yet" is between the shipper and them, not my responsibility; and what kind of customer service is that when didn't answer my emails, are they not going to give me the refund? by the way, I paid 170 USD and I haven't got their email for 3 months.

Super Fast Postage

I rang them to place my order (I don't like paying online with my credit card), the lady who helped me with my order was exceptional and told me that my order will be dispatched that same day and to look out for it in a day or two. True to her word, my order was at my front door the next day. So easy and painless! Definitely shopping there again.

Terrible Delivery Service

I paid extra to get my products delivered "Express" (1-2 days max), but after 7 days nothing was delivered. So I called. The girl was friendly enough, but said that the entire order had not left the warehouse as ONE item was not available. She offered to refund the express post delivery, and also refund that particular unavailable item.

But I beg the question - where is the common sense in holding back an entire order when only ONE item out of a huge order is not available. Good customer service would mean that staff show a bit of initiation and send out the majority of the items, so that they meet their end of the bargain - and actually delivery majority of the items "Express" as promised and paid for.

This is the first time I have used them. I am very disappointed. Now I have to keep my eye out to see if I actually get refunded. Judging by the comments above, it might be a fat chance.

out of date !

I ordered online, paid $8.95 for postage to receive an out of date product. When I called I was told I would receive a call back but didn't hear from them ever again. So they lied to me, took my money and didn't care much afterwards.

Best prices and service, I dont shop anywhere else!!!

I have been a customer of Your Chemist Shop for years and will be for many more!! I love the rewards points system and have never had any issues with delivery. I am a busy mum and find it so easy to buy online and I know with Your Chemist Shop I can trust them :-)

Exceptional customer service, fast delivery and great prices!

I placed an order on Monday and had by Tuesday! I was so happy and I didnt event have to Pay shipping because my order was over $99.
Highly recommended and very helpful.

Service poor

Registered and placed order,paid pay pal as indicated on screen?Logged in next day check what was happening, freight problem! increased order to over $125 paid again pay pal as shown on screen!Came back with mailing address issues Rang and spoke 2 times how to facilitate order,they suggested pay pal fault so i offered credit card! They then told me they could not find my details on line?They sent me the welcome e mail confirming all details,asked them to call me when they found me!Now went to log on and my information has been deleted,not sure if this is good business
Pricing looks ok
Service not so good

Don't even consider to use this shop!

I ordered a couple of items for my mum on August, 2014. They used UPS for their delivery services. My mum and I were waiting for the items to deliver to us for more than two weeks. And then I started wondering what was going on. The shop didn't try to find out what happened an why it took so long to deliver the items and didn't even try to contact UPS until I asked them to do so. I had to contact UPS and other UPS international sites. The emails that I had to send/reply to both Your chemist shop and USP are more than 50 emails so far. Long story short!. I haven't received the items and I haven't got my money back yet. This shop takes your money as soon as you pay and then doesn't care anything after that. Very poor service! very unprofessional and extremely unhelpful!

Great delivery times.

Placed an order on Friday, received it on Monday. Not sure if I would have received the next day if it wasn't for the weekend, but it was still very fast service. The website can be a bit slow, but easy to find what you want to buy. Having shopped online for 15 years, I think shipping can be cheaper.
Fast delivery time
Website can be a bit slow, Shipping can be cheaper

Apparent Back Office problems

Products took just over a week to arrive - would have thought it would be a bit quicker, but not overly concerned about that. An online query indicated that the order was complete. The major part of the order was not included, so I used the website to lodge an email follow up which they indicated should be received within 2 hours. Two days later, still no response, so I rang and was asked if I had checked to see if there had been a refund credited to my account. There was no indication that my website follow up had been received and that some others had similar problems. I was then told that the product was out of stock and that I should have received a refund, No refund, so again the helpful operator checked and came back to tell me that they would process the refund today, but could take a day or so to come through. There are clearly some back office problems. Not a good experience for a first time customer
Good prices
Out of stock not indicated and no subsequent advice sent as to why stock was not included in the delivery. No refund processed until I queried reason why product had not been included in the shipment

Amazing Service!

I ordered a heap of vitamins online with your chemist shop. They only had a limited amount of the product i was after. Because i paid for express post, they offered to send what they had as well as a follow up order posted to me free of charge. They ensured that i received my order by the date i needed it and contacted me to chase up the second order to make sure it arrived to me safe and sound. I would highly recommend this company.
Customer service, Best Pricing, Quick and Helpful!

No response

Web site states best price guaranteed, and that they will price match! To get them to do so I chatted on line with a lady. I told her the web site of the cheaper stores which she could look at straight away. She asked for my phone number to discuss the price match and never called! I placed a large order elsewhere.

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