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Zzz Atelier Mattress Range

Firm bed that will straighten our back

The mattress is firm as described and when my partner moves/rotates, it minimises disturbance. The firmness will take time to get used too but it felt like it's readjusting/straightening my back posture again. I'll have to wait bit longer to see the effect.

On the low side, the mattress is:
- very heavy, need 2 people to receive the delivery
- height is only 20cm even after 12 hours decompression, lost 3cm due to compression??
- side and base wall's material are very thin compare to our previous mattress that I felt I might tear it when trying to lift/move the mattress
- edge support while it's good but I can feel the inner pocket spring
- Dimension is tad smaller than advertised. It lave gaps on the frame for reason the black edge stitching protrude out and that's how it was measured and not the walls to walls true measurement

Hope this will help other buyers but for the price we are happy, just have to see how long it last.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

This perfect, recommended

It is very comfortable, We do love it. I had three of them for this year and one last two years

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Sensational mattress with a sensational price tag

After checking out mattresses in my local department store, I came home to review them on line. Wow! I could not believe the negative reviews for some of the more well known brands that were claiming to be 50% off and still around the $1500 mark. What I did see was excellent reviews for this mattress. I did my research, checked out their store price and then their eBay store. I was a bit sceptical that a mattress this well priced could be as good as the reviews claimed. Anyway, I bit the bullet and also got an extra 20% off. The mattress arrived within a couple of days delivered to my doorstep as promised. It was vaccum sealed similar to those bought from ikea but was more than twice as deep. There was absolutely no odour or smell once the plastic was removed and we left it to settle on the floor for a day or two as recommended.
My husband bought some timber - 20mm deep and made new slats for our base - much stronger than any slats you generally get on a base. Had our first nights sleep last night and not disappointed.
Hope that it will continue to be as good into the future.
Nothing but praise so far.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Brilliant Mattress!

Like many other reviewers, my decision to purchase a mattress from Zzz Atelier was heavily influenced by page after page of 5 star reviews this company receives on this website. I still find it hard to believe a mattress can be so good for this price point. We bought two king singles for our 14 year old twin boys and they absolutely love their beds. So much so, we’ve decided to get a queen size for our guest room. We have a Nature’s Rest king size in our room that cost $5,000. If only I’d known about this company before I bought that bed! We too had dramas with the delivery company, but the Zzz Atelier customer service team came to the rescue and sorted the problem out. I can’t recommend this mattress and Zzz Atelier highly enough.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Over the moon! So happy!

I am absolutely thrilled to bits with my new purchase from this company. From my experiences as a little kid, I know that I need a super-firm mattress. When my original bed frame and mattress gave up the ghost, I went through a succession of mattresses from Ikea, Harvey Norman, places like that. I spent a lot of money on products that just didn’t last. The Harvey Norman one was the worst, as it rapidly developed a sag in the middle, to the detriment of my health. I had to occasionally sleep on the sofa. The reviews on this site and their informative website convinced me to try Zzz Atelier. The delivery process was not smooth, unfortunately, due to a dodgy delivery company, but the mattress company went above and beyond to make sure that I received my mattress in good time. Their ethos is to genuinely assist and please the customer, which is rare these days. Now that I have slept on the new mattress several times, I can attest that it is utterly remarkable. Incredibly firm and sturdy, a quality product. I enjoy going to sleep now. Please forgive my daggy joke, but this mattress is literally ‘a dream’ to sleep on. If you require a very firm mattress, this model is the one for you!

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Absolutely FANTASTIC Mattress & Customer Service!!

Gday- Damien Stevens here- being in the Holiday Rental space for now over 25 years we have tried many different mattress suppliers for our business- non have come close to the quality, the comfort and the overall value of the ZZZ Black Label. With my wife and I now also operating an Interior Decorating Business for high net worth clients, we have even had several of our well known celebrity clients call us back telling us how much they love their new mattress and bed and could not be more pleased. And I also need to mention, Brian and the Team at ZZZ are some of the best people to deal with (and we have had our fair share of duds!!) And they have always worked hard to meet the demand of our business in a professional and timely manner. An A++ from us!!

Damien & Sally Stevens (Stevens Interiors)

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Good at First but Very Disappointed after a few months - Mattress

As you all probably have done, i have done my research and believed the hundreds of good reviewers. Since there are only a couple of bad reviewers i thought it should be good and gave it a go - however I am totally disappointed with the mattress quality (it could just be me being unlucky).

Initially liked this mattress, but after 10 months:
-First Mattress sagged 34mm, took quite an effort to measure and email and finally someone came to do the inspection. Spare time for another mattress delivery. The slat was blame for not being good enough and so for the 2nd replacement i was told to replace the slat (which then I did replace thinking 2nd mattress will be fine). For this one i also offered to pay extra for a higher level or better mattress.. which they dont have as that was their best.

-Second Mattress After 5 months
I have another sag - which is being told as permanent indent because the it only drops about 28mm.

For your information, I have rotated this mattress constantly to help with the permanent indent (doesnt return to its original. My back become very sore and it feels like totally unsupported. We weigh about 60 and 80kgs. The other annoying part is you can feel that you are sleeping on unbalance surface.

For this second one, perhaps i have to wait another 5 months for it to go beyond 35mm - im sure it will come sooner or later..

Saying that, their Customer Service is rather very good and responsive (even to the point of assisting). It's just a pity that their mattress quality is not up to my standard. And it was a waste of a time to deal, prove and sort the problems, manage delivery during office hours.

For me personally, i'm going for Sealy or King Coil after this 2nd try.

Date PurchasedJul 2017
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Hi Jia Qian, Thanks for taking the time to write us a review. We accept your opinion about our mattress and we are sorry to hear that you are not sleeping well. Sleep is a very personal thing and one mattress isn't going to be right for everyone. We have reviewed your case history and understood that you were looking for a firmer mattress than what this is designed for. Our 60 nights comfort assurance program is designed specifically to help in situation like this. When mismatch of sleep preferences occure, we encourage our customers to take advantage of the program. Unfortunately in this case your purchase was made quite sometimes ago and no longer qualifies under the program. We feel we have tried our best to help when you lodged your first complain about mattress indentation, where we sent you replacement mattress as we feel the indentation was border line though not strictly speaking meeting the definition of a sagging mattress. Unfortunately for your second case, the mattress seems to show normal body impression rather than sagging. We understand that you may be disappointed, but please feel free to contact our customer service again if you mattress developed sagging in future, and we will certainly try our best to help. We also understood from our re-seller that they had offered to buy back the mattress as a second hand unit at 70% of your purchase price. We encouraged you to consider taking up this option as the mattress doesn't seems to be suitable for you from the beginning. If the trouble of shipping is your concern, we also encourage you to communicate with our re-seller. We believe they should have shipping arrangements which you can make use of at resonable cost. As mentioned above, sleeping preference is unfortunately a very subjective and individual thing. Small number of users may find the product or design unsuitable but we hope our prospective buyers will also consider the vast number of other verified reviews from very happy customers.

Truly excellent mattresses!

Just a quick review to let people know how good these mattresses are.

I initially purchased two of the Queen size Black Label mattresses from the eBay outlet store (my wife and I each have a Queen bed in our bedroom) and was so impressed that I also purchased a single mattress for our spare room a few months later. The Queens replaced older, but fairly expensive "chiropractic" mattresses and I was a bit worried I wouldn't like it (my first time buying a mattress without testing it first) but was totally sold within a few minutes of laying on it.
The mattresses arrived very quickly after ordering (ingenious packaging!) and are pretty easy to unpack.

They are SUPER comfortable, I would class them as medium-firm (good for my back), but with the euro topper they are still extremely comfortable for side sleepers like me. I am also a shift worker and often sleep through the day (in QLD) with no A/C in the bedroom and didn't find the mattress hot at all (something I was a little worried about due to the topper)
Honestly I can't recommend them highly enough!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Most wonderful mattress for an incredible price

At first I was hesitant buying a mattress online that I hadn't tested, and a mattress in a box, however being on a budget I was left with little choice, I am so thankful for this mattress! I couldn't have asked for any better! After having spinal surgery 2 years ago, I have been left with chronic pain issues, with my old mattress I was waking up so stiff and at times unable to move my legs, which had become detrimental on my life as I am a single mum of a special needs 6 year old. I brought this mattress a few months ago from eBay for $350 And I am so so so thankful! It has reduced my amount of pain and not once have I woken in the morning unable to move, and my daughter is finally constantly on time for school. I'm incredibly grateful, and shocked at the difference a quality mattress can make. If you are considering this mattress and unsure like I was, definitely buy it! It is almost identical to the top of the range TAC endorces bed I had tried out at Regal which was $3500. This matters is literally 1/10 of the price and I cannot rate it any higher, months later I am still getting out of bed able to use my legs!

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Excellent product, delivary and service

I bought the extra firm mattress on ebay after reasearching for several months.
I have severe spinal issues so require the extra firm mattress.

I contacted the outlet seller on several occassions and the response was reasonably quick and answered my questons.

Delivary was amazing arriving a day earlier than I thought. They very kindly delivered to my front door which is up some stairs. Very grateful for that.

Just be warned the mattress is heavier than I expected. Upon opening the plastic the mattress positively jumped open. I left it for several days to expand and air before using it. It does have an odour, but this dissipated within 2 days.

So far I am delighted with the firmness of the mattress, and haven't been woken by pain in my back, neck or legs. That is an excellent sign.

The company that I ordered the base from could learn many lessons regarding excellent service, and quality of product that ZZZ Antelier supply.

No hesitation thus far in recommending the ZZZ Antelier Outlet via Ebay. Amazingly good.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Sensational mattress

Bought this with apprehension due to the low price. Mattress arrived on time within 3 days I took it out of the box a couple of days later after my bed frame arrived and I assembled it. So easy to assemble and for a big bloke (160 kg) I am absolutely ecstatic with how comfortable the bed is. My wife is barely even aware of the fact that I’m rolling over in bed. My back is feeling so much better in the month that I’ve been using this bed I’m more comfortable in this bed that I $5000 for. If you need a great comfy bed don’t be afraid to invest your money in one of these beds.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

34 cm Euro top Pocket Spring Latex Chiropractic Mattress

The mattress is very high quality and comparable to mattresses costing 5 to 6 times as much. The model purchased was a Euro top Pocket Spring Latex Chiropractic Mattress. It is very supportive and its final height when unpacked makes you wonder how they were able to package it in the box it was delivered in. Since purchasing the mattress my partners back pain has diminished significantly. I sleep like a baby. The support provided by the mattress ensures no roll together as in your partners movements do not impact or affect you when your on your side of the mattress. I highly recommend this product, Innovative, self inflating & Delivery exceeded the indicative delivery date by 3 days.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Blown away

Wow - I purchased this mattress from eBay for my spare room - I was fascinated about how it arrived (so quickly as well and cheap) but how it went together and inflated was technology way beyond what I thought
I slept on it a few days later - allowing for time to settle. - totally blown away with the comfort and resilience of the mattress.
If you are looking for a fast comparison then look no further - I thought it was going to be an inferior mattress with the price - I was wrong -
This would be adequate for me daily but I have a very special room for guests now and like the compliments I receive for a great night's sleep

Thank you team for supplying the market with quality alternatives -
Appreciate the effort and service


Lance Harding

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Great Mattress

High quality mattress. We've been sleeping on this bed for a little over a month and have already noticed the difference in quality of sleep. I have facet joint arthritis in my lower back which has also improved with this mattress. I was sceptical about, firstly, purchasing a mattress online, secondly, it arriving in a box and thirdly the price being so cheap! However, I was pleasantly surprised and would recommend it to anyone.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Great mattress - Totally surprised how good it is!

The mattress took a couple of nights to get used to but given how bad our 8 year mattress was (Well known brand) I shouldn't be surprised that my body needed time to get used to it. I am no longer suffering a sore back like I used when I wake in the morning like I used to with my old mattress . Only minor issue is that the edges aren't well supported but I understand that is a trait of a mattress in a box. Apart from that, I am extremely happy with my Zzz Atelier mattress, so much so we got one for my In-Laws and they are equally happy. I would highly recommend this mattress especially given it's value.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Amazing - Quality at good price !

Purchased the Black Label yesterday. Delivered in time. Awesome !

Sale - Listing on eBay was very descriptive and there was Black friday sale with the mattress price being offered at 239$. Probably the cheapest so far. Have been tracking this for some time now and looking for other mattress in parallel

Finally zeroed in on this due to the value for money it offers after comparing with other brands like Fantastic furniture's Serenity (Liked the most among others) and Capri and Amart's mattresses

Shipping - Shipped a day earlier to the promised delivery date. Was shipped through hunter express.Had read many reviews of Hunter guys offering kerbside only like many couriers but this time my experience was different. The delivery guys called at 8 a.m. and arrived in next 2 hrs. He initially offered to place it in the service lift only but after requesting delivered it to my unit . A big thumbs up, considering the mattress is quite heavy at 40 kgs !

Unpacking - Easy to unpack.Just unroll and then cut the vacuum sealed wrap as mentioned in instructions. Inflates easily and a treat to watch it inflating !

All in all, a nice experience shopping with ZZZ Atelier. They always had good reviews but was tad apprehensive buying a mattress online. So far the reviews were as experienced

Left it to inflate for 24hrs and will use it then. Will see how it goes. Cheers !

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Amazingggg. So happy.

Great quality for price. Ordered the assured firm model from eBay. Definitely firm, very happy. Slept on it for the first time last night and I'm stoked with this purchase.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Quality at this price point is second to none!

We first bought the zzz chiropedic mattress on ebay for our daughter. Reviews seemed good, but I was a little sceptical. For the price, expectations were not high but the consistent positive feedback made me hope the mattress would be decent. As soon as we opened the mattress I was totally impressed with the quality. The mattress felt amazing, and got even better over the next 24 hours. Its been 6 months and my daughter gets the best nights sleep she's ever had (mattress still in perfect in structure). I just bought two more for bunk beds (tho as previously warned by another reviewer, if its for young children, the mattresses are probably too high for the top bunk). My husband and I will also replace our mattress with one of these. I don't like mattress where you can feel the springs but also found a latex mattress didn't work for me either. This mattress feels like a perfect mix of padding and support. Even though I haven't slept a full night on the mattress the positive feedback from my daughter has me convinced as she was never happy with any mattress she slept on until this one. If you are sensitive to smell, we found leaving the window open and airing the mattress for a couple of days (last two mattress were not as strong as the first we bought), and perhaps a vacuum with a with a light dusting of bi-carb first does the trick to remove all manufacturing odours.
Shipping was fast (though its nowhere near as important to me as the quality, but its good to know if you are in urgent need of a mattress it comes in a couple of days to Melbourne).
I noticed on ebay there are other sellers with similar looking mattress under different brand names. I was nearly about to purchase the second time thinking they were probably from same manufacturer but the reviews weren't as good and even though prices were a little less it could well mean a compromise in quality. I also then read other reviews here (from people who have left 2 or more reviews) that indicate these cheaper versions are copies of Atelier mattresses so that might be something to watch out for.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Our priceless mattress!

Me and my husband have purchased this mattress almost an year ago and both of us are very very happy with this product till now. Back then I wasn't really happy with the price because for me it was kinda expensive to give over $700 for one mattress (by the way we took the double sized one). But actually I realized that I am getting the best sleep ever. After giving a birth believe me everything I wanted was just to have a good and quality sleep even if it is just for an hour.
So yes, in general the mattress is pretty good and I absolutely recommend it. Me personally feel it as a medium soft and just perfect for a comfortable sleep.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

After 2 years and it is still great!

After using this mattress for 2 years I believe it is right for me to share my experience with it now. When we first received the item we felt it was a bit on the firmer side. However, after using it for a month we totally got used to it and me and my partner had so much better sleep than our previous 2 mattresses. We have since then told our friends about it and many of them who eventually purchased one also raved about this mattress. We have now been using the mattress on a daily basis for 2 years and it is still going strong and we are very happy on its durability!

Date PurchasedOct 2016

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Questions & Answers

Hello! I am reading the review of the product and It seems like there's a few issue with permanent indent on the area where we sleep on. Is this issue known? I am looking for a medium firm mattress and somehow stumble upon this brand...
4 answers
We’ve only had our boys beds for a few weeks but there’s absolutely no evidence of any permanent indent. We have purchased the queen size and expect the same brilliantly comfortable mattress.Sorry, I don’t have that model - I have the Assured Firm one and love it. I think there is only one review talking about an issue, unless I am incorrect.Hi - we've had the bed for a week now and haven't had any issues at all. The accompanying instructions indicate to rotate the mattress several times during its initial usage so we will be doing that to ensure maximum success. It is very thick and heavy so will probably be a 2 person job. Hope that helps. I still can't believe how well priced it was compared to those I saw in the department store.

Hi there, wondering if your Zzz Assured Firm mattress is about as firm as a futon? Thank you.
1 answer
Hi, yes it is similar to a futon without the lumps. I have found it excellent for my back as I need to sleep on a door, so to speak. I do recommend it.

Am so impressed reading all the reviews here and I was about to purchase a $700 one from Ikea till i came here. Now my question is on Ebay the queen chiropractic black label is sold for $250 with seller name as zzz atelier , is it the same store or a fake one?
1 answer
Definitely not a fake store Heidi. I purchased my mattress with them about 2 months ago. They are very good to deal with and delivery is very quick. Hope that helps.


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