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Date Purchased: Aug 2014

Great product with great supplier service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 02, 2016

I purchased one of these previously and have used 24/7 on my 30 foot yacht based at Royal Brighton Yacht Club. It has kept my boat interior dry and fresh. Being portable I remove it if heading off for a trip longer than 1 day otherwise it is stowed safely when not in use for day sails. Unfortunately it stopped working recently so I contacted Ausclimate to enquire about repair. Without hesitation they replaced the complete product under warranty. I am very pleased to say It just arrived as promised and I can't wait to set it up inside my boat again. Last year we slipped the boat for a few months during the winter and could not run the dehumidifier so removed it temporarily. I could not believe the moisture build up in the boat during that time. Linen went mouldy and the boat had a damp musty smell. After she went back into the water the dehumidifier was put back and within a day or two things improved.

Because I leave it on continuous I have connected a hose to drain the water into the sink and this works very well.

I initially purchased this product after noticing a number of yachts at our marina were using dehumidifiers. The boats that race regularly remove them and leave them on the dock while racing then put them back onboard when they return.

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Date Purchased: Jul 2016

Can't believe how good they actually work!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 22, 2016

Having previously owned this model, we have purchased 2 more for our catamaran as we live in the Whitsundays where the humidity is a problem.

One of our friends was also very impressed and has bought 1 for his boat.

The service from the selling agent was absolutely brillant. Would highly recommend Russell from ausclimate.

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Great little unit - small enough to tuck out of the way

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 21, 2016

I've used the compact dehumidifier for drying rooms throughout the house, and for wet clothes too. It hasn't skipped a beat and the water tank has been large enough if I remove it twice a day. It doesn't get in the way and has left the rooms feeling brand new. Can't wait to tackle a Brisbane summer with it...

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Awesome in a yacht

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 21, 2016

We put one in our yacht which was becoming very damp, mildewy and smelly. The Compact 12L Marine Dehumidifier dried the boat out and is working extremely well. The yacht is now crispy dry inside. We bypass the tank and drain the water through the supplied hose into the galley sink.

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Verified Purchase

Used it for our bedroom and works great.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 13, 2016

I bought this to dry out or bathroom and bedrooms. Works pretty well and is a good compact size.

We had a garage flood as well. We ran it on continuous drain for a few days (wish I had a bigger capacity). Did eventually dry out.

I'd recommend this one for small areas, but larger areas I'd go for the medium or large. Overall this product works really well for its size.

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Seems to do the trick

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 22, 2014

I have been using this unit for some 2 months now without problems. It is a surprise to see how much water has to be tipped out. The unit is easy to operate and relatively quiet.

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The tray has a cheap plastic feel to it.


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It does the job it was designed to do.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 07, 2014

After much research I selected this unit as the best fit for our needs. This is the first time our boat has been in the tropics and as we were closing up the boat for several months the need for a dehumidifier was brought to our attention by a friend. The sales and service have been excellent. I had a friend install it with no fuss. He was impressed that such a compact and light unit was able to reduce the humidity down to 37 percent from 60 plus. The dehumidifier is working perfectly and exhausting water out through the sink.

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Tannum Sands

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Wife stole my first one

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 04, 2014

I purchased a Ausclimate dehumidifier after a friend recommended one of the compact marine models to rid my F28r Trimaran /Magic Shadow of moisture and musty smells. I can not believe that this little unit could be so effective. I love it!! I can now just put wet sails and ropes etc inside, lock it up, turn it on and direct the supplied drain hose into the galley sink and within a day the boat smells fantastic. No musty/damp smells and no mould!!.I live on the Coast where the humidity is around 70%. Things around the house has been constantly moulding, overall the whole house felt damp. Well my wife decided to borrow my Ausclimate dehumidifier and won't give it back. She loves how all the rooms now smell/feel crisp and clean. I decided to let her keep it and have now bought another from Ausclimate which, like the first arrived the very next day. Ausclimate have also called me to check up on how it is all going which I think is a great service. So if you have a house or boat or any sort of problem with mould. Don't hesitate to contact Ausclimate. these little units are great and good value.

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Questions & Answers

Do these dehumidifiers have a heating system in them? Where in the Sydney metro area can I view them? Meg

Meg Green asked on Jul 02, 2015

Answer this

Meg these units are effectively air conditioners but instead of cooling they remove the moisture from the room which in effect heats the room a bit, temp in the room a couple of degree's above rest of house but air is very dry. They keep temp about 27 deg

I can only agree with the comment above. We have our unit on a yacht which is at Airlie Beach. It is an excellent dehumidifier reducing the humidity on our boat from 80% plus down to 40%. It does warm up the boat slightly. The company were also great to deal with

[name removed]

Dear Meg,
Tony is correct. The units main purpose is to draw out the moisture in the environment. We use it often to dry out areas in the boat and leave it on permanently when we are away from the boat. It is amazing how much moisture is drawn out. It keeps areas mould free and smelling fresh.

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I have this model and it has been amazing! But just out of the blue it has stopped working, no lights come on or anything. There is power to the machine as I have tested with a multi meter? Is this an easy fix or is it at the end of its life? I admit that I have used it quite a bit.

mal campbell asked on Mar 05, 2015

Answer this

Hi Mal,
Russell here from Ausclimate Dehumidifiers.
If you have purchased this dehumidifier through Ausclimate please contact me direct so that I can help you.
If it is faulty we may replace it under our 2-year full replacement warranty.
These are so reliable and great for boats and caravans or any other area where space is a premium.
Russell 0422008777

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Price (RRP) $349
Tank Capacity 12L