Date Purchased: Mar 1997

One of the best things my wife and I have ever bought.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 10, 2017

We bought the original sc35 litre Bushman 20 + years ago and it has been faultless ! It has now been converted to the 52 litre with the extra baskets, which make it even better.
Now many people could say say they have had a 12 volt fridge for 20 plus years, but few could say that it has been used nearly full time in that 20 years , as it lives permanently in what ever 4x4 we have owned and runs at least 60% of the time. I have had it up in the Territory at work for me, has been left in the rain for days, have seen it tumble across a boat deck
in bad seas for an hour until it could be retreived, and drowned. In salt water.
Washed it off 2 weeks later and away it went.
As you can tell I'm a bit of a fan and have had experience with other brands which were ok! But use more power and never as reliable in the tropics.
Just bought a second one to run as a freezer, so that speaks for itself.
Would love to leave my phone Number but this site doesn't allow it.
Just buy one!!

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Date Purchased: Nov 2004

A great fridge

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 29, 2017

we have owned our Bushman for about 13 to 14 years. it has lived in the back of our Rodeo nearly all that time, we had an issue with the mother board when in WA and saw the guy at the Perth 4x4 show about it, he took it home with him that night and we picked it up the next day. He replaced the mother board, which was about $65 he also replaced the cover and new lead as the old one was not a right angle one also replaced the handle as they weren't the current looking ones and this was at no charge to us. Great service from a great company. Since then it has not missed a beat I would replace it in a heart beat with a new one. It is also the quickest cooling fridge on the market and 4x4 Action rate it as the best fridge for its price

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Date Purchased: Sep 2010

Go the Bushman

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 03, 2017

We've owned a Bushman for about 6 years and its the best 4wd camping investment we've made. Runs perfectly, uses very little power, very robust construction and the 3 basket design is great for separating frozen food from the rest. Would recommend this fridge to anyone. You get personal service from the company too. Very good.

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Date Purchased: Feb 2013

service above and beyond..

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 01, 2017

Resently had a problem with my bushman. After 3 years of almost constant use it lost it's get up and go. After a call to a few refrig repairers i was disillusioned, they all stated that it would be 5 to 6 weeks before they could even look at the fridge, one even required an $80.00 booking fee. I sent an email off to bushman that evening, within minutes i had a reply advising me to give Paul a call the next morning. A diagnosis is difficult over the phone ,but it was thought to be a voltage problem and a new mother board was despatched expres s post free of charge that day. Alas this didn't fix my problem. Another phone call to Paul, no problem , freight details were given and fridge was on it's way back to Bushman.The trip from Newcastle to Melbourne takes a couple of days but my fridge was repaired and back to me in just over a week. This kind of service is very rare in this day and age. Cannot praise the treatment i received enough.....from go to woo my issues were handled with true professionalism. Thank you Bushman.

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Date Purchased: Feb 2006


5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 20, 2017

Got mine second hand. Called Bushman for parts , and a gentleman named Paul helped. He was AWESOME and I'm a old school bloke who hates bad service. After dealing with them, I will never buy from another small fridge manufacturer again. Top marks for product and service fellas!!!! I am in NO way affiliated with this company. TIM.. edit..... Received my parts today and yet again I am impressed. Not only with the quality of the products delivered...( seals, new computer, new feet, new flat lid and all three new baskets) My faith in people has been uplifted ALOT. So a big thank you to PAUL from Bushman and a Big thanks to Bushman in general for making such a fair dinkum, bloody awesome Australian product!!!!!!

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Date Purchased: Sep 2016

the best 4x4 fridge freezer

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 24, 2017

I have no need to write a lot about the bushman fridge freezer as it is the best and being able to change size is very good design idea, love it.The amount of food and drink you put in it is great. I put a drop slide in my camper to make it all the easier it is perfect for my needs.

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Date Purchased: Feb 2001

Best Fridge ever made

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 30, 2017

Mine is 16 years old and still going strong!!! What an amazing fridge freezer. I would replace it tomorrow. I have had no issues with the fridge. I have used it as both a fridge and frezzer and it had performed perfect. Even in the 48 degrees heat in the Simpson.

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Date Purchased: Jan 2007

Rugged, good looking and practical

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 23, 2017

Remember when things were built with pride, and made to last? (makes me sound old) Well, now you can still achieve that satisfaction by buying from a local Aussie company.. I've owned one of these fridges for near on 8 years, without fault or damage.... It goes with me for work, rest and play which is more than I can say about the missus! Genuine friendly service from an Australian business.. Sure, you can find cheaper, but will they lasts like a bushman? Born and bred to work in the outback.... You can find many of the" other" brands in the product recall pages of the ACC website, but not this lil'beauty. The choice is yours to make, but I believethe decision is obvious; buy a Bushman and save a lot of money and heartache in the long run.!

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Date Purchased: Jan 2009

The Fridge is awesome and the service is even better

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 10, 2017

This fridge uses level power than your other popular brands = longer battery life. The fridge itself i have travelled 50000km+ without issue. With the extension we can fit enough to keep our family of 4 in food and drink (replace cold ones with warm ones as you drink them) for a week easy.

One of the plastic switches failed on mine, Tom knew what do and sorted me out quickly and cheaply. Not bad when your fridge is about 8 years old.

Tom and the team are so easy to deal with - proper old fashioned excellent customer service. No massive call centre or telephone support queues. Just a great product and great support.

I've put a few mate on to them and we have 4 or 5 in our group - everyone loves them.

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Umina Beach

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Date Purchased: Mar 1998

The Best

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 03, 2016

I have two Bushman . I bought my first Bushman in early 1998 and is still going strong it been nearly all over Australia Now a freezer I brought a second one 18 mth ago for 52lts frig. I would recommend it to anyone
When not traveling it's a beer frig

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Date Purchased: Sep 1997

Never missed a beat.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 17, 2016

I've had my Bushman for almost 20 years now and it's worked perfectly the whole time. It's been all over Australia and lives in the car for extended periods and also in garage as a beer fridge. I've purchased both expanded lids which makes it more versatile. The service from DP Refrigeration is also great. Would certainly buy another.

April 17th, 2017 Update: So good that I bought another.

Sadly after about twenty years of near constant use my much loved Bushman is no longer. I returned it to DP Refrigeration for a diagnosis and possible
repair and was told that a new compressor was the only way it could be repaired. This would cost almost as much as a replacement. I wasn't too annoyed as twenty years is a pretty good run I thought. I know of some "popular" brands that have failed after a few short years.
So I did my homework, researched all the brands, read all the reviews and almost bought a Waeco CF50 for several hundred dollars cheaper than a Bushman. There are also several other brands around that are even cheaper, which were also very tempting.
In the end I realised that I was so happy with my previous Bushman experience, that I couldn't go past them. But what really convinced me to buy another was the three year warranty and the five year warranty on the compressor, and the superb after sales service that DP Refrigeration provide and the way they looked after me with my new replacement. From previous experience, DP have always responded promptly with advice and or service when required. They also stock all spares such as replacement baskets etc. This type of "old fashion " service is hard to find these days and should certainly be considered before deciding on a cheap price product.
Thanks Paul and Gary, keep up the good work and I look forward to many years with my new Bushman.
Cheers- Tony.

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Date Purchased: Mar 2015

Great fridge

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 14, 2016

Bought for $50 from some German backpackers.. Only had low lid and no collar. The internal of the fridge at the bottom had been cracked as there was no baskets and it had got water or fluid into the insulating foam, so it smelled bad and couldn't get rid of the smell. Spoke to Paul in Victoria, bought a new housing, extension collar and two baskets... Changed it all over myself and it hasn't been off for over a year now, lives in the ute or the shed always got coooooold beer. An awesome design will be buying another for the camper so we can run a fridge and freezer...
Aussie Aussie Aussie.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, Have 2 Bushman SC 32/45 fridge freezers. First one lasted nearly 19yrs. However now needs new compressor, drier and maybe condensor, at a cost of over $1000 not worth repairing. Bought second hand one off the net, approx 6yrs old. It has a cracked internal base in it. Can I use the older one for parts? Also newer fridge starts and cools down to temp but then compressor wont restart and keep temp. Any ideas? Ben.

Ben asked on Jul 09, 2017

Answer this

Hi Ben. Almost 100% of components from a 19 year old Bushman are compatible with a new one. Easiest thing to do is give us a quick call at head office 03 9437 0737 and we are happy to talk you through the best course of action. Best Regards. BUSHMAN.

the reply from bushman would be the best coarse of action

Hi, we have had our bushman for 7 years without a problem (apart from fan bracket breaking after a trip to cape York) . But have noticed it has been draining batteries quicker than it should . I checked power draw and it is pulling between 4 & 5 amps. I have connected to different batteries and with different leads with the same result. I have an engel which I connected to the same supply and it is pulling 2.5amps. What could be causing this?

Mark asked on May 29, 2017

Answer this

Hi Mark. For a couple of years we produced fridges with a more powerful compressor. This will draw around 4.5A when running, although you should find it is extremely quick to cool down and will also spend more time cycled off than other compressors. In the long run your cooling system is very efficient. Due to the extra power, this compressor can be more susceptible to voltage drop in the wiring system (battery, wiring, plugs, leads etc). Hope this answers some of your queries. Feel free to call us at head office to chat anytime. All the Best.

give bushman a call they will help you resolve the issues

Hi there mate, check the cooling fan and check if its free running i mean spinning, it might be dusty and a bit jamedand heavy to spin. Thanks

Hey, I have 12 years old bushman fridge, changed Termostat 2 months ago. Now I'm in a long trip with her and just got to very top end. It is quite hot here so it is draining battery fast, it is set to -5 but when battery voltage drops to 11.8v it doesn't keep set temperature anymore. It's turning on but cooling only to - 2 then back to 2 and again to - 2. So my question is, is there any low voltage cutout at 11.7? Can I change it? Or is itbecause something else?

Kornel Kulawik asked on May 21, 2017

Answer this

yes, there is a low voltage cut off. Its designed to do that to stop damaging your battery and to leave enough charge in it to start your car. The computer seems to be setting the low voltage temp to 0 degrees and that's the reason it fluctuating between -2 and +2, it is givinng you an averge of 0. is you battery good enough?

Yeah, It is running from new auxiliary battery which is deep cycle 100ah. 11.7 seems really high low voltage cut off.

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Capacity 52L
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Width 385mm
Price (RRP) $1295
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