Doncaster mercedesbenz silver star exceptional service and care

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 11, 2018

I purchased my new gla180 and I would like to say how exceptional the customer service and care was towards me. The adapted to me needs withouy charging extra and they always communicated and made the process easier and stress less. Thankyou to the team at Doncaster, Mo, Alex, Sara and jazy and to the manager who made this purchase possible (forget his name). I recommend Doncaster for quality and service and mostly price. I look forward in continuing our professional relationship.

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Peter Warren Mercedes benz

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 28, 2018

I bought my bran new C43 in April this year from Peter Warren Mercedes. i had a concern regarding my front tyres as the car has less than 7000KM and they are worn i booked in a service there responses was that they were not coved under warranty. In the meantime they returned my car with a flat tier and said to go to Jacks Tyres.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 28, 2018

Just had my car serviced at Waverley MB looked after by Jack great work car washed and vacuumed can’t complain about price so if you need your mb services give these guys a call

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Unforgettable Great Experience with a Very Special Lady - Dealer Nancy Tran

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 26, 2018

3 weeks ago my husband and I began to think about buying a new car for my husband's birthday. Because we like Mercedes, we made an appointment for a test drive in Alexandria. We just wanted to try it, but had not made our mind up. We were so lucky because one of their staff members Nancy Tran looked after us. She is so friendly, always smiling and she made us feel very comfortable and confident. She treated us very well, so after test drive we were absolutely clear that GLA 180 is the right car for us.
On Wednesday 21st of November we came to pick up our car and Nancy prepared for us a great surprise. As I mentioned, it was a birthday present for my husband, so the car was covered by a black sheet with a red ribbon on the front aligned between other covered cars and he had to find it. It was just wonderful and we really appreciate her effort to make this experience unforgettable.

We just wanted to say that we were very happy with the professionalism of Nancy and her amazing attitude to customers and we would highly recommend this company to anyone that needed a good professional service.

Additionally, Nancy and MB team organised for us swapping plates from our current car to new one, so we didn't need to visit RTA. So convenient !!!
And one more example of Nancy's helpfulness. We wanted polo shirts with Merceds logo but we didn't like the colour which the shop in the show room provides, so Nancy ordered for us them in maroon colour in Germany.
Very happy!

Martin and Helena

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Make sure you read this before buying a Mercedes with Warranty

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 23, 2018

My 12mth old Mercedes had a seal missing on a headlight and it stopped working. They insisted that I had the car crashed and repaired incorrectly, so they would not honour the warranty. I have never crashed the car but its their word against mine. They said it would cost $5000 to repair the light and I would have no other choice. An independent mechanic looked at the car and said that the original seals were still on the screws of the headlight so no one had touched it. Mercedes North Shore still refused to fix it under warranty and Mercedes Australia has not replied to my messages and I have resorted to social media to contact them. It is dangerous to drive without a headlight and indicator light. Mercedes do not treat you like you bought a luxury car when you go to them for problems. The whole story is here in a facebook group about Mercedes problems:

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Happy customer

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 23, 2018

Got a C250 d black coupe from the Mercedes Benz Toorak a few months ago, love everything about my car, Jake Dorko was extremely professional and every time I ring him up, he gets back to me rapidly. The customer service is excellent! Wouldn’t hesitate to buy an other from this dealership.

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Treats customers like crap after purchase

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 15, 2018

Mercedes Benz treats their customers with full respect and great service when they’re trying to sell the car to you, but this ultimately changes after you have paid for the vehicle.

I was offered a complementary repair because I purchased a demonstrator vehicle. They failed to fix it properly and caused major damage after the repair. It took over 1 month for this issue to be resolved and fixed.

I also do not recommend getting your vehicle serviced at Mercedes Benz.

1) they unplugged my dashcam (obviously they have something to hide)
2) They did not clean the leaves out of the engine compartment in which ALL servicing places do and was extremely unusual for Mercedes to be so lazy

Overall Mercedes Benz Paramatta is an absolute disgrace and I’d advise anyone who wants to shop there to take your business elsewhere.

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My First Hybrid Mercedes E350e An Excellent Choice after my Mercedes AMG Bi Turbo E550

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 08, 2018

We came just to look, with no intention of making a purchase that day.
Roshan Manatunga received us and after some conversation he brought from the third floor car park the current model E359e (Hybrid) Mercedes sedan. I have previously experienced my friend's new all electric Teslar in Cairns, and I could see the future of electric drive coming. Roshan read my mind well and took my wife and I for an informal test drive as he pointed out the new features of this car. My son had recently also bought a Mercedes E300e Soft top which had all the current features that I now experienced, and it was exillerating. Roshan Manatunga was very helpful without being pushy or hard sell, and when we decided on the purchase, he invited me back for on or more test drives or for assistance with the new features of Distronic Radar active cruise control, assisted parking etc.
He has since made a number of contacts as follow up and check all is well.
Much appreciated
Lu and Chris

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I saw the new ad.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 01, 2018

I watched the latest Mercedes advertising with a picture of a guy who looks like he just stole the car and honestly I can say it completely turned me away from buying one. It was prestigious because it was German and it’s now got nothing going for it.

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Adelaide Mercedes, price gauging on replacement tyres.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 30, 2018

Contacted Adelaide Mercedes to replace the tyres on my three year old C200. Their quote for four new Continental tyres ( as per the originals) with wheel alignment came to $2180. As this seemed expensive I decided to call the official Continental dealership near Nailsworth for their pricing. For the exact same tyres and alignment, I was charged $1423 and received a $100 gift card. That’s an incredible $850 over-charge by Adelaide Mercedes.

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GLC 43 Coupe / Delivery Mercedes Benz Melbourne

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 27, 2018

Took delivery yesterday of a New GLC 43 Coupe from Mercedes Benz Melbourne. Was totally delighted with the complete experience from Aaron Noyes - AMG Brand Manager.
Professional,Courteous, Patient and Polite. Will happily refer this dealership to all my friends and business contacts.
Love the Car , and had a Great Experience with the Sales Process and Delivery. Well done Aaron and the Team.
H. S

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Mercedes benz brighton hopeless

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 10, 2018

Went to Mercedes Benz Brighton to get information on accessories.
Was advised how busy they were. Next minute the epitome of the car salesman shows up. Firstly he had trouble accessing his computer, then took a phone call advising it was a customer. What was I? Was palmed off to a first week cadet, who was helpful but lacked knowledge. Salesman then came running over saying he could now take over. No thanks,
Took my business else where.

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Terrible service and attitude from [name removed]. Get valuation not match I expected. No worries. H

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 27, 2018

Terrible attitude from one of the sales called [name removed]. It's ok to not make the deal with your customer. However saying wasting his time. Poor and terrible attitude. And arrogant.

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Verified Customer

DEFINITELY NOT - "The best or nothing"

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 10, 2018

I have an issue with the Command display in my 2016 GLA 180 (song title does not change). It has been three times for a repair at G Brothers Mona Vale Mercedes service (last time 9 days) but the issue is stil not resolved. Not only that they do not know how to fix this (they said new part is installed) but also no regular follow up calls (I had to call a couple of times myself to find out what is happening with my car). When looking for a new car I have decided to go for a Mercedes but now I am questioning this decision. I have expected much more from Mercedes Benz: customer service, quality and experienced and knowledgeable service team. This is my first but probably also the last Mercedes that I have purchased. Also not sure that I will recommend it to any of my friends as I don't want them to go through the same frustration as I have. Not happy at all.

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Mount Hallen

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Verified Customer

Mercedes Toowong: A mixed bag – customer service 0/5, service department 2.5/5, parts 5/5

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 09, 2018

In short: I was not happy with the performance of the service department; what I asked them to do, and what they did; e.g. it took over four weeks to get answers to questions I had on day 1. Customer service department was non-existent as in non-responsive, while the parts department is outstanding in every aspect.

The story: I bought a used S350 in 2017 and took it to MB Toowong for a B/C service plus extras in June 7th, 2018. When I made the booking, the first possible appointment was two weeks later. Since the car was never serviced in this dealership (car ex Melbourne), it was indicated that they may need 1 to 2 days to go over the car. Since I live 100 km west of Brisbane, I only agreed to leave the car for a day.
I wanted most fluids replaced (while log book serviced, I could not see explicit evidence of certain items being done), however, all was knocked back with the reason “we will do a full B service first, and identify what else needs doing, and for me to come back a second time”. What?!

I brought the car in at 08:00 (as agreed), listing most error codes, observations, and things I wanted done. I was promised a call as to when I could pick up the car. The car made into the workshop at 12:00 and came out 3 hours later. After leaving a few message with regard to the pick-up, I eventually picked-up the car at 17:15. I was asking for the old parts to be put into a box in the trunk - this did not happen. I had to ask multiple times to have the cabin filter replaced, which I wanted replaced no matter what, while the service person said: we replace it if required.
Checking the engine oil level the next day showed a 0.75 l overfill. I e-mailed the service department with 13 questions/issues, which were eventually partly answered after 4 weeks back and forth.

When I received an email from MB Toowong for feedback, I reported the issues encountered. No response. Ten days later I sent a follow-up email. No response from customer service. However, the service person had called in the interim, promising to address my concerns, which also did not happen.

Mercedes Australia send an email with a link to a customer survey; I stated my experience (as I did with MB Toowong).

I eventually reduced my 13 queries to 5, which were eventually answered on July 17th, after a few reminder email and one personal visit while I was in Brisbane.

Given my positive experience with the brand in Germany, I worked there, and owned some 8 different MB cars, my last new one was a 320TE, I cannot believe the experience I have encountered in Australia to be even possible.

However, and in stark contrast to the above, the parts department, (in particular Lyndon) was exemplary in responsiveness, professionalism and expertise. I had a few parts enquiries, all of which were answered very quickly, and carefully in the sense that the latest (most up-to-date) part was quoted as replacement for the original part, even going the extra mile to indicate when a special tool is required to address special parts. Well done!

In summary: (and I said this elsewhere) “service” comes down to people. Deal with unprofessional people and you get an unprofessional outcome. I am down to earth, reasonable and factual. While I get it, that most who drive an S Class don't care about the detail, legitimate queries and concerns I had, were neither addressed timely nor sufficiently.
What strikes me most is the amount of negative reviews of Mercedes Dealerships on this site. However, based on hearsay alone, I gave Mercedes Brisbane a miss, and opted for Toowong.

At this very point in time I am not sure, whether I will continue the relationship with either, the brand or Toowong. Time will tell. In fact, a Tesla Model S is quite appealing.

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Update Dec 10, 2018: Praise where praise is due. I visited the service centre again today, and all I can say is that I had a 5/5 service experience. I asked for a few special things to be done, all was sorted.


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Verified Customer

Pathetic Customer Service after sale of a Brand New GLE43 AMG!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 03, 2018

Pathetic Customer Service !! No response from Geelong Mercedes or Mercedes Benz Australia.

Customer service started dropping soon after the Initial Deposit was paid. Initially the car sold to us was year 2017 and when we received our contract, the year mentioned was 2016. This was handled very quickly after I had sent screenshots of my text conversation with the sales person.

Phone calls and text messages weren't returned until days. The responses I got from the sales person were quite arrogant and rude. I do have all the emails exchanged to certify how we were treated. Dates for delivery were changed and I was advised I had the dates wrong.

It has been 12 months since our brand new car (GLE43 AMG) had a major break down. The same issue has occur numerous times. The worst part is we have sent numerous video recordings to Geelong Dealership's service department who later advised us the car is perfectly fine and offered us a shamefully offer of $1,000 voucher to use towards their dealership in return of not fixing our car worth $150,000 !!!

When we approached the service department at Geelong Mercedes Dealership again, they completely ignored us and advised to call Mercedes Customer Service.

Spoke to the Principal of the Dealership nearly 3 months ago, he was suppose to get back to us which never happened. That shows us how much they care about their customers who have spent nearly $150,000 in their Dealership.

Spoke to Mercedes Benz Australia 2 weeks ago, they were suppose to get back to us the same day which never happened.

Within 4 months of the ownership of the car, we broke down in Sydney. We had our challenges with Mercedes Benz road side assistance. Once we received our car back we had same warning signs then week later the same happened. We advised the Sales Manager - [name removed], who did not further advise Mercedes. We have tried to contact Geelong - Mercedes Benz multiple times and left messages. Every time we call the Geelong deanship we are advised [name removed] was on Holidays, is busy, can’t talk or he will call us back.

We were not at all happy with this situation as our brand new car had a major breakdown and requested the Geelong Dealership to change our vehicle and give us a brand new vehicle. The Sales Manager at the Geelong Dealership ([name removed]) advised us if we see those signs again then he will assist us to take this matter further.

Living 20km away from Melbourne CBD we decided to go with Geelong dealership, only because we were referred by a family member. Until today we have not received one courtesy Call from [name removed] and were completely ignored. This has been the worst customer service we have experienced after investing a large sum of money. We believe it was our biggest mistake to buy our car from Geelong Dealership. We also advised [name removed] we were looking to purchase 2 more cars within the Family. We are in business and we believe looking after your customers is very crucial for referral business. My brother has recently bought a C43 AMG from Berwick Mercedes Benz and had a great experience and now we are talking with the same dealership (Berwick) for our second purchase.

We also called [name removed] in the first week of November 2017 to further seek advise on our REIV membership which he applied for us. I advised this was urgent and if he can give us a call back. We left 4 messages with the reception lady at the dealership and until today we had no response from [name removed]. It’s a shame for [name removed] to treat his Customers in a very unprofessional and unethical way. He has lost referral business from us. We had to pay $660 for our first service out of our pocket whereas first 3 services should be covered by our Reiv Membership.

In summary, Our concern is the GLE 43 AMG still come’s up with this warning signs, causing me anxiety to drive the car by myself. I am concerned incase it breaks down again. The journey we had in Sydney when the car broke down was very stressful. We have advised [name removed] there are issues with the vehicle, and continue to get the warning signs. As a Mercedes Benz Customer and the amount of money on this car and this should the least of our worries.

As per Mercedes Benz Motto, we want the Best or Nothing. Furthermore if we seek no Solution to our concerns we will seek Ombudsmen and Legal Advise on how to further proceed.

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Unprofessional service

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 30, 2018

No help or explanation on problem. Got the needed answer from SuperCheap. So unprofessional on Mercedes' part! Mercedes did a complimentary birthday car wash and, after the wash, I had spots on my black plastic trim. Was told it was "outside influences". Have never had my car through a car wash, but with that all aside, it was the unprofessional way it was addressed. Shame on you Mercedes Robina!!!!!

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Mercedes Benz Toorak

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 27, 2018

Laura Broque - Sales person - Very professional, knew a lot about the car. Was willing to spend as much time as needed answering questions and showing me how things worked. A delivery Laura spent a lot of time pre-setting up all my preferences in the car just to make it easier. Laura also worked very hard to get us the best pricing and inclusions on the car.
Sanjjivv - Finance - Worked with us to come up with the best finance option.

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Mercedes parramatta- do not buy or service from there

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 11, 2018

Under trained staff no customer service what so ever. The first time I serviced my car with this mob I called in advance booked the service along with a courtesy car, I rock up on the day and my service was booked with no car, took them 1 hour to sort that out. 2 weeks later my engine light is on and windscreen wipers need changing, they charged me $600 for that service.

My car now has been recalled, I book the car in to get the part changed mind you it’s their parts that need changing I asked the bimbo on the phone to book me a car and she said there’s no option for that you just need to wait, I go to the dealer and the guy that takes your car in said “it’s going to take 3 hours go inside and book a car” I went inside spoke to the actual manager (worse than the bimbo I spoke to on the phone) and he gave me no option at all, he had attitude and very unhelpful and this guy is the manager wow!

Overall they don’t service your car properly, they don’t listen to customers and they are very unprofessional.

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The sales executive , Nickolas Maras was very thorough in presenting and explaining the features and

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 27, 2018

See above.
The car is the 3rd Mercedes we have bought. Besides Nick all the people (Insurance, add ons etc) were easy to deal with.

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Questions & Answers

Should l take out Mercedes Benz road care assist or RACV emergency roadside assist? Mercedes is more expensive but are they as quick & reliable? Car 3 years old ... hence the question

Julie asked on Aug 30, 2018

Answer this

Hi. Julie. Which car do you have?

If it is a sporty car. Yes.

Most of merc engine are fine. Just electrical faults here and there.

Hope that help


Thanks Bo

Hi Julie. I have complementary road assistance through my company but I have not used Mercedes-Benz yet. For almost 20 years I had road assistance through NRMA and never had any issues. Unfortunately can’t say anything about RACV.

See all 4 answers
I have a 2002 C Class Mercedes and occasionally when starting in the morning for about five seconds it makes this warring noise. Nothing wrong with the battery as it winds the motor over ok. Can you help?

Ron Singleton asked on Mar 06, 2018

Do Mercedes Benz dealerships charge for service loan cars and if so, how much?

Paratamas asked on Feb 20, 2018