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Scam! Flowers didn't arrive. Still waiting for refund.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 22, 2017

The flowers I ordered in 2012 have still not arrived. Neither has the promised refund. No one answers their phone numbers. This used to be ReadyFlowers until it went into liquidation. They continue to spam me with 'offers' despite repeated requests to remove me from their email list.


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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 16, 2017

DO NOT USE . DO NOT USE. DO NOT USE. This appears to be a new name for an old scam. Be careful. Do your research as I was failed miserably. This used to be READY FLOWERS. they do nothing they invoice you for, and it is time consuming cancelling your credit card and getting it reissued. However, that is the only way to stop payment to this FRAUDULENT COMPANY. All they do is take your money and humiliate you when you check with your elderly relative if they loved the special gift you organized. Local NZ florists refuse to work with them.

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Once were good..not so good now...

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 10, 2017

I have ordered from zflowers before, the order arrived no problem, but a recent order was not delivered the same day as their website promised, and still hasn't been delivered. Also a strange thing happened..i received an email from them telling me that my last order was never completed? I clicked on the link and it took me back to my first order trying to make me pay again? VERY deceptive site, their CHAT function does not work, and you can't contact them. Won't be ordering again, they blew it.

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Never ever use zFlowers!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 05, 2017

I ordered a bouquet from zFlowers few days ago. First of all, I was lured on their website into 35% discount which was never received. Second - I was given additional charge for delivery ONLY at the stage of payment and it was more than 50% of flowers cost. When even after all of that I proceeded with a purchase, I was still given a lot of crap, like the recipient was supposed to meet and greet a delivery boy at the ferry (they were supposed to be delivered onto the island next to mainland) or something similar.
After insisting over the phone
on delivery exactly at the address which was already paid for, the recipient has gotten some funny fake which barely reminded a bunch of flowers, much less in quantity + flowers were of different type.
Claim for refund was simply declined by their customer service (why do they even have it???), stating that they substituted the flowers in original bouquet with those that were available at the local supplier.
The outcome is: after paying $120 I have gotten some bunch of plants worth maybe $20 at most. Never in my life, nowhere in the world did I have such a horrible experience with flower service

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Gold Coast

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Beware - ReadyFlowers after 700+ bad reviews changed their name to zFlowers

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 22, 2017

Last year I paid for flowers from zFlowers (then called Ready Flowers) for Mother's Day from this offshore business which was not delivered (+ no refund given)

ReadyFlowers had 700+ terrible reviews on this site alone. It has now named itself zFlowers (presumably to overcome the bad reputation it had) It is a foreign business and is beyond reach of Australian consumer laws, so BEWARE.

I know it is the same business because I received an unsolicited email from zFlowers "reminding me" to repeat my order from last year - and using the prepopulated same message as I used last year with ReadyFlowers... so zFlowers is ReadyFlowers.

My recommendation, use an Australian based service with an office you can physically attend.

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