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George Foreman Compact GR18850AU

Latest review: As the title states, compact and easy to use. A light indicates that the unit has heated up and is ready to use - just stick your food inside to start grilling. Non-stick coating means that you

George Foreman GR18870AU

Latest review: Started with a Ronson grill and had it for years. When it died we had to buy George Foreman because the Ronsons were nowhere to be found. Have now gone through 2 Foremans because the cooking surface

George Foreman Mix & Go XL Blast GFBL4000AU

Latest review: After Previously owning 2 x Nutribullet blenders in the past 12 months and both broke under normal use, I purchased the Mix and go XL blast and its a well designed product that does a great job of

George Foreman Easy To Clean GGR300

Latest review: This is an electric BBQ so i was a bit wary of it, but it cooks perfectly and NO MORE GAS bottles. I love that you can take the cooking part off the base and have it as a table top cook. We don't use

George Foreman GFVS1000

Latest review: I had brought one of those hand spirazliers, that turns your food into spirals, and got over cutting my fibers, and with the devices not being that efficient, and I thought that i would to see if

George Foreman Electric Griddle GREG10

Latest review: While removing item from storage draw bumped one leg on work bench. Leg broke off. What do I do now??? The plate works ok but rather large to store and place on bench

George Foreman Citrus Juicer GFCJ631AU

Latest review: Great value, $9 at Bing Lee. Used plenty of times and still doing well. Juice quickly, takes few minutes to make up 1 litre. Only bad thing would be the motor is

George Foreman GFSX400

Latest review: I prepare vegetable soup each winter and put over 17 different types of vegetables into it. The vegetables include hard (eg. sweet potato) and soft (eg. tomatoes) types.The salad maker slices the

George Foreman Mix & Go

Latest review: Highly recommend this product. The blending ability is good. I love using this blending machine to make milk shake and juice! Also, the idea of chill stick is pretty

George Foreman GGR201RAU

Latest review: I bought this BBQ for convenience whilst I would be travelling from house to house and working away from home. It has been a dismal failure. It doesn't heat up hot enough to cook a sausage and barely

George Foreman Mix & Go Pro 21820AU

Latest review: the picture with 2 container, glass, one is plastic, & this picture is the one I have and using every morning for my smoothie & love one but it seems to renew new one as bottom of the machine is bit

George Foreman Slice & Go GFC150

Latest review: Only suitable for soft foods. Cannot tolerate a high work load and over heats easily. Very disappointing. At first it was fantastic and grated/sliced most items but only lasted 3 uses. On the 4th

George Foreman GFJE2200AU

Latest review: A great example of what not to design. The chute is too small, it produces too much pulp and often doesn't even juice all of the pieces. If yo want to make juice for two people, just two normal

George Foreman Grp10

Latest review: Not long after I bought it, the thing went POP and blew the house fuse. I didn't get around to returning it. Took a while to heat up, but it died very

George Foreman GFPC1

Latest review: Purchased this little machine last week online because it was cheap $20,and we haven't had a popcorn maker for years. We have all wanted one for ages but the prices were a bit far fetched. Its nice

George Foreman Jumbo GR18891

Latest review: This is my third GF grill - wore the other two out. This time we bought the smaller model - it didn't cook meat very well. Took it back and got the next (heavier) model - same issue. This one will be

George Foreman Easy Clean Grill GRP1080AU

Latest review: We have been using ours for about 18 months. We leave the temperature gauge in the middle. We have no issues with the cooking food with grill closed, or open with the flat plate for cooking

George Foreman The Champ GRP5

Latest review: Absolutely rubbish of a product.. not even 13 months the lower and upper heating plates ceased to heat. Called up a third party organisation spectrum brands who said can't be repaired. Attached is