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Midea Mini Dishwasher

Latest review: The first one I got was faulty - the touch controls didn't always respond and the machine would sometimes turn off completely during a cycle. The retailer replaced it straight away and the

Midea EM928AHM

Latest review: I have had this for about 2 months and I have to say its perfect for small home. easy to use, not too many buttons, heats up food quite well. Quiet as well, so not as loud as other

Midea 280l Heat Pump

Latest review: We are unable to determine what savings we are making as we are an accommodation provider. They do tend to make quite a lot of noise at times and due to this we have them on a timer to come on at

Midea HS-195CN / HS-260CN / HS-390CN

Latest review: While it was operational, I had no complaints. To last only 18 months is very poor. The compressor had rust marks on it after this time. It was a cheap chest freezer and I guess I got what I paid for

Midea WQP12-J7209N

Latest review: It is right there with the best products in the market, it has 14 settings and separate tray for the cutlery, it washes the dishes really well and very quiet in

Midea FS40-12AR

Latest review: I bought this Midea Fan only 2 weeks ago and already love it because it's so well built, easy to use and super quiet on low speeds. It has 9 silent running speeds and 26 faster speeds. The box it


Midea HS-170FN

Midea 60G40ME084-GFN

Midea 65DAE40139

Midea EM720CL7/W

Midea MTW70

Midea MCH295W/198W/142W/415W

Midea AC034AB6

Midea EM925EYG

Midea MC-HF603