Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners

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Mitsubishi MSZ-GL Series

Latest review: These air conditioning systens work very well and will cool or heat an entire 4 bedroom home with ease a must have if you live in Australia. There is nothing better than walking into a nice cool home

Mitsubishi MSZ-GE Series

Latest review: i was happy at first now that it already goes for 3 months a can say that does not meet my expectations , but was cheap compared to other the same power cooling , i think all that advancements of

Mitsubishi MFZ-KJ-VE

Latest review: had 2 of these installed , one in lounge room and one in kitchen area , went with the floor mounted as there was no where to mount a wall system, very happy with them , lots of programmable options

Mitsubishi PUHZ-RP.HA5

Latest review: First time owner of a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner I have to say it works too well. We have a three bedroom double brick insulated house and have the air-conditioner set at 20% in the living

Mitsubishi MSZ-FH Series

Latest review: This review is not really intended for folk that reside in warmer climates. I live in New Zealand where it often drops to well below 0 c in winter. The experts tell us that Heat Pumps or reverse

Mitsubishi MSZ-EF Signature Series

Latest review: The louvres on the signature series do not move from side to side when using the remote control, you have to stand on a ladder and manually move the louvres. We did not find this out until after the

Mitsubishi Ducted PEA-RP Series

Latest review: Great when working, but needed a major refit after six years, replacing the fan system and now just short of 10 years since purchase the whole system needs to be replaced. Total cost, on top of

Mitsubishi SEZ-KD Series