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Bowden's Own Naked Glass

Latest review: What's there to crow about with Bowdens Naked Glass? Well in fact there's plenty. Not only does it smell great but it does a great job of removing the build up of grime that is picked up on my daily

Bowden's Own Auto Body Wax

Latest review: The only positive thing I have to say about this product is that it smells amazing. The application is not bad however the protection is almost non existent. Water beading is flat and inconsistent,

Bowden's Own Wheely clean

Latest review: The wheels on my Renault Megane were filthy, especially the front ones. I bought this stuff after checking You Tube and looking at reviews. It worked just like it shows on the videos. Spray on, wait

Bowden's Own After Glow

Latest review: Bowdens Own after glow is a really amazing product. You simply wash your car and give it a good rinse then dry the water off with a damp microfibre cloth that has been sprayed with the product.

Bowden's Own Agent Orange

Latest review: Used it to clean up all the grease stains inside the cars doors between hinges and it came up like new.After a few minutes quick wipe and all gone.Did a quick spray inside the bonnet and not a

Bowden's Own Snow Job

Latest review: Bowdens Own Snow Job is very good. If using the Bowdens Canon, use the entire mix on your car as it will go around twice. This ensures you cover everywhere, even underside. It is not the cheapest,

Bowden's Own Metal Polish

Latest review: Had lots of swirl marks on my chrome windows nothing would remove them,asked Bowdens Own if this would work, they asked for a picture of my problem,then replied yes it will and my God it came up

Bowden's Own Auto Body Gel

Latest review: Apart from your products being the best I have used, the humour in the wording on labels (even on Washing Instructions tags) is priceless. It makes mundane tasks a lot more enjoyable. Just letting

Bowden's Own Tyre Sheen

Latest review: One of my biggest gripes with tyre shine products is that they start of black, but in a couple of weeks they are a brown / grey colour. I have tried So-Easy / Meguires / generic, and they all suffer

Bowden's Own Auto Body Cleanser

Latest review: I absolutely love this product. Easily removed swirls in my paint that wasn't too bad to begin with. Restored shine by hand buff. No machine required. Cleaned up my yellowing/hazy headlights with

Bowden's Own Auto Body Detail

Latest review: Come on guys rename this product to expensive time consuming and expensive wax. Not happy with the way it went on or the way the paint felt afterwards. Contacted Bowdens but too many variables and

Bowden's Own Leather Love

Latest review: Had very shiny slippery leather in my Aurion. Pain in the ...se. Used this and the leather definately became softer and more grippy. Will be getting the 'Leather Guard' next. Simply applied it with

Bowden's Own Fine Clay Bar

Latest review: To say I am disappointed with the Fine Clay Bar is an understatement. Doesn't pick up the dirt at all. I have used the "Other" brand clay kit before and Bowden's Own is far inferior. Only good as

Bowden's Own Ta Ta Tar

Latest review: This Bug & Tar Remover does remove these contaminants as it says. The fresher the better it performs. With older baked on stuff you might need to apply it a couple of times. So far I have not had any