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Plush Snuggle Swivel

Latest review: Need to give a big shout out to Dhillon and co who delivered our snuggle chair and carried it upstairs with ease and care .. not a mark on the walls and took the packaging away ... so very

Ikea Poang Armchair

Latest review: I have found this to be a great chair /footstool combo - really comfy and supportive. I use it all the time to watch tv, use my laptop, read etc. I actually bought it when i hurt my back and couldnt

Ikea Strandmon

Latest review: So comfortable. Stylish design and great colour. I get compliments when people see it for the first time. Would consider buying another one or looking at Ikeas range of similar

Tessa T21

Latest review: If you're looking to have a comfortable lounge chair that wows you and otners than this is it! I've selected this particular T21 model because it's been an iconic design and endured 34 years of

Bay Leather Republic Tub Occasional Chair

Latest review: Upholstery: By standard order is covered in Category 18 leather, which is a lightly corrected top grain leather, which is pigmented and further protected. This leather finish is suitable for

Ikea Poang Rocking Chair

Latest review: I love the comfort of this rocking char but the front square sharp bottom edges hurt and cut if you accidentally knock your ankles on them. I’m wondering about sawing them off or sanding them down t

Voodoo Swivel Chair

Latest review: Love this chair. It is nice to snuggle up in to watch TV or with a good book. Really like the swivel motion. Would like to find a cover for it though. Comfy Hard to find

Oz Design Giselle

Latest review: This is the most comfortable chair - we love it! We splurged and chose Martini Gin fabric, and the quality of the covering is excellent. There were major delays with the delivery (and bad follow up

Fantastic Furniture Wing Chair

Latest review: Looks fine didn't notice how square or upright it was until we got it home. It needs to lean back slightly as you find yourself falling forward. Great price,great fabric looks fine front on. From

Proud Furniture Stone Harbour

Latest review: Very disappointed with the construction quality of this chair. Became wobbly after only a few weeks. We came in from out of town to buy this and now it will take us a long time to trek all the way

FIDEL Recliner leather armchair

Latest review: This chair is very comfortable. There are 3 isues that I would change. Firstly, as there is no reclining mechanism (you need to push back), I would make it easier to operate. At present, one has

IMG Comfort Nordic 21

Latest review: Reviewing IMG motorized recliner. Purchased a year ago. The chairs are wonderful!!. Very well designed for relaxing, watching TV. Move to upright position for conversation. We have a set of two

IKEA VÄRMDÖ Rocking Chair

Latest review: I purchased this VÄRMDÖ Rocking chair a couple years ago under the impression that IKEA furniture was rigorously tested, of reasonable quality and most importantly to me, environmentally friendly. My

Ikea Borje

Latest review: I bought 4 Borje chairs last week. I assembled one chair, it looks perfect. I proceeded to unpack the other three boxes containing the remaining chairs when I noticed a rough sanded patch on the

Proud Furniture Macquarie

Latest review: Been dealing with [names removed] from Vineyard store. Ordered lounge - told lies from day one (ie after they took my $$) Told order would be delivered in x weeks and then when called up a few

Brosa Furniture Helene

Dare Devito