Whittakers Chocolate

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Whittakers 72% Dark Ghana

Latest review: We have eaten this for years and nothing else on the market compares. We even use it in cooking and it is superb. We buy it from

Whittakers 62% Dark Cocoa NIB

Latest review: I would wrestle a tiger for a bar of Whittaker's 62% Chocolate with Cocoa Nib!! Seriously I've travelled the world & lived in Germany, England, Belgium & France (home to some of the world's finest

Whittakers White Chocolate

Latest review: Whittakers White chocolate block is the creamiest white chocolate around. It maintains its high quality flavour that Whittakers is known for. On opening the block you are greeted by a pleasant sweet

Whittakers Bittersweet Dark

Latest review: My husband and I just love Whittaker's Bittersweet Dark Chocolate and got hooked on it a few years ago when our local supermarket stocked it regularly. Now after many years I noticed four or five

Whittakers Peanut

Latest review: Whittakers Peanut block is loaded full of peanuts which give it a wonderful nutty flavour. Tastes exactly like the miniature chocolate peanut slabs from Whittakers. The peanuts are roasted and give a

Whittakers Milk Madagascar

Latest review: Lovely chocolate, smooth and can easily go through a block in a hour. Its good and should be aold more widely rather rhan in select few

Whittakers 62% Dark Almond

Latest review: My vegan chocolate hunt is officially over and hopefully yours will be too! This is hands down the best chocolate I've ever had - vegan or not! Such smooth chocolate with just the right amount of

Whittakers Coconut

Latest review: The best chocolate in the world! I shop at Woolworths purely because they stock it and Coles don't. Such good quality - so creamy, the right amount of sweetness and the texture is unbeatable. I will

Whittakers Hazelnut

Latest review: Whittakers is the best chocolate i ever tried especially the hazelnut, i have atleast 2 of the 200g a week so

Whittakers 33% Creamy Milk Fairtrade

Latest review: As a Brit living in Canada I keep trying to tell my Canadian friends that Cadbury s was the best chocolate. So when someone gave me a bar of Whittaker's I was duly skeptical, but after a few bites I

Whittakers Almond Gold 250g

Latest review: I live in Ireland , where unfortunately it's hard to find this chocolate . Just bought it today for the first time, in a very good shop with mostly organic food . And I'm glad I did. As I am big fan

Whittakers Kiwifruit

Latest review: I am big fan of Whittakers chocolates but unfortunately the kiwifruit flavour is by far their worst. It does not taste like kiwi fruit at all. The actual chocolate is great, you can't even taste the

Whittakers 72% Ghana Peppermint

Latest review: Not sure Mandy knows the difference between milk and dark if she is going back to Cadbury. Thought it was good for dark as not a huge fan. Would give it another

Whittakers 62% Dark Caramel

Latest review: Ignore the other review, this chocolate is delicious! Yes it is dark chocolate and is not super sweet like a lot of other rubbish, but the rich dark caramel and dark chocolate are an awesome

Whittakers 62% Dark Mocha

Latest review: I love this stuff - i can leave it in the fridge and the kids won't eat it. Imagine biting into a dark chocolate coated coffee bean and munching for a while - thats the texture and taste - exactly.