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Broo Premium Lager
Latest review: Broo premium lager is a great tasting larger, very similar to other traditional Australian larger's but Australian owned which caught my

Burleigh Brewing BigHead No Carb
Latest review: a tasty no carbs beer that goes down well. I have noticed that batches seem to vary in taste which is not unusual for mimi brwey beers. However, none of the beers I have tried are unpleasant, most

Coopers Pale Ale
Latest review: It's rugged, it's wild, it's punchy. Leaves that great beer taste in your mouth. I never thought I would review a beer in my life but I just did, so go get

Victoria Bitter
Latest review: Yes ... Unfortunately 3/4 of all people who write reviews...... wake up not all people are over the top beer connoisseurs but just people looking for a good beer after work or at a BBQ and like lots

Pure Blonde Apple Cider
Latest review: I bought this at the tail end of a staff do and shared it around, everyone was happy with the product for the most part. I bought a second box a week later for private consumption and I'm hooked.

Crown Lager
Latest review: Crown Lager used to have a full flavour when I last drank one 10 years ago. Now it joins the ranks of crap

Carlton Dry
Latest review: I can live with the ring pull. But reducing the size is so petty. What did you guys save on this weeks production run? $3.50?? Hahn Super Dry looks alright. Thumbs

Pure Blonde
Latest review: They use to make a great drop 100% of the time, now it’s a one out of four purchases that tastes good, then when you say something to staff , your labelled as a trouble , it tastes like beer that’s be

Hahn Super Dry
Latest review: Old brown bottle 5 stars, was my beer till this green bottle. The beer now taste horrible.... what they have done to it!!!! I hope they go back to the old

James Boag Premium Light
Latest review: As a diabetic but still enjoying a beer, the Boags premium light I find the best tasting, no after taste etc. Of course everyone's taste buds are different but it is worthy of an honest

Carlton Mid
Latest review: Have drunk this as my go to midstrength for years but no more! It just tastes like non carbonated water y rubbish Great northern will be the choice from now

Foster's Light Ice
Latest review: Which outlets sell it. Can’t seem to buy Foster’s Lite ice in any outlets not even Dan Murphys on North Coa

Coopers Sparking Ale
Latest review: I have found among my peers polarised opinions regarding this beer. Anything from too sweet to too carbonated, too bitter etc. This is probably why most punters will go for the weaker Pale Ale which

Melbourne Bitter
Latest review: Theres many types of tastes in beer, and people bleat on like wine buffs but what I've found after drinking everything that's been put in my face for 30 years you either like bitter beers like

Steinlager Pure
Latest review: I m a beer lover. Just try this beer and you will know why I gave 5 stars. The only thing is I couldn't find the case of 24

Little Creatures Pipsqueak
Latest review: Little creatures is my local brewery and I just love all of their beers. Can't bet a locally brewed beer with a steak and chips on the side. If you're local or just in town for a visit I highly

Dad & Dave's #1 Pale Ale
Latest review: Was handed the first beer of the night. Never heard of it. "Dad & Dave's #1 Pale Ale". It was love at first sight. Light, refreshing, and had an amazing taste. Looking forward to being able to

Coopers 62 Pilsner
Latest review: I along with most blokes drink a lot of beer. I also brew a lot. Coopers to me is synonomous with not making synthetic beers. If you are into your boutique beers but want a real one Coopers 1862 is

Hahn Premium
Latest review: When i can get it Hahn Premium is a real treat. It has a unique taste and the hops shine through on this one. Expect nothing more from a brewer that produces class drops and this Premium brew will

D Cider Apple Cider
Latest review: I first came up with this blend at the Southern Highlands food and wine show. It was great not too sweet or too dry a great balance with a nice fresh apple smell and taste. The only negative is, its

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