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Everyone loves the look of youthful, radiant skin that glows with health. The delicate skin around our eyes can sometimes challenge this desire, as it naturally shows signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. Sometimes the culprit is circumstances like lack of sleep or water. Whatever the cause, if improving the appearance of skin around eyes is a priority to you, there are plenty of products available that can help. Continue Reading...

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Olay Eye Cream

Olay Eye Cream

4.5  (31) Summary
Maureen howell
Maureen howell2 posts
  Brightening Eye Cream
ProblemIv been using this on my eye for eye bags.after using for 2 weeks .now it has bleached it white .took picture of it Show details
Olay   DM   
ASAP Range

ASAP Range

3.3  (46) Summary
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miako kuhn
miako kuhn2 posts
powerful sun protection ideal for combination skinIt was delivered in a reasonable time frame. The order was correct plus the extra gift from the online game purchase. The sunscreen and the sprayer were securely wrapped. The ordering process althrough out has been a fantastic and fun one. Agents are friendly special thanks to Anna. Show details
The Body Shop Vitamin C

The Body Shop Vitamin C

4.2  (10) Summary
Very unhappyAfter using the Vitamin C Serum tester I woke up the next morning with an itchy and extremely red face. 2 days later it hasn't changed. I had to see a skin specialist. Not happy. Show details
Clinique All About Eyes

Clinique All About Eyes

4.1  (10) Summary
TrinaaCharters towers2 posts
HollyMelbourne12 posts
Excellent product and serviceI have used Jurlique antiaging product for about seven years now. They are very good product and the service team are fantastic as well. Will keep using jurlique in future.

Origani Erda Eye Gel Concentrate

Origani Erda Eye Gel Concentrate

4.5  (8) Summary
Tony cleanser
Tony cleanser
This is probably terrible!These products are way over priced and are actually very bad for your skin, I am a dermatologist working for many big branded companies and I have never ran into a product that is more fake than Origani, Show details
Origani   DM   
Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift

Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift

2.5  (59) Summary
JackieVictoria2 posts
Not worth the moneyThe eyelift serum leaves a white residue once applied to skin. It gets crusty after it dries and you can’t put makeup over the top of it. The pump bottle is ineffective in that it blocks after the first use. Trying to get the pump to work caused the serum to spurt into my eye. Definitely not worth the money! Show details
SadaVIC747 posts
Nice and gentleThe eye cream is easy to use and is a good consistency and doesn’t sting my eyes. It is fragrance free and can be used during daytime as well. It’s a good dependable eye cream which helps keep the tender skin moisturised.
Sukin Antioxidant Eye Serum

Sukin Antioxidant Eye Serum

3.5  (11) Summary
thatsbabyx32 posts
Caused more wrinklesI actually thought reaching out to a vegan friendly product would not have the chance to damage my skin like other abrasive eye creams, this eye cream is terrible.
Thin Lizzy Puffy Eye Remover

Thin Lizzy Puffy Eye Remover

2.2  (31) Summary
Waste of moneyLeaves an awful residue on your skin and looks ridiculous. I am applying it exactly as recommended. It dries like glue and and becomes flaky. Don’t waste your money on it Show details
Christina H
Christina HENDEAVOUR HILLS6 posts
FreezeFrame Lip Injection

FreezeFrame Lip Injection

2.9  (10) Summary
Eden M.
Eden M.QLD
Christian Dior Capture Totale

Christian Dior Capture Totale

4.0  (5) Summary
Smolly8VIC27 posts
Great stuffI’m a bloke and I use this eye cream, that’s right I use eye cream and it’s bloody awesome, I had some slight wrinkles around my eyes, starting using this cream, then BAM, wrinkles gone. My wife is the supplier of this stuff, she convienced my to give it a try and to be honest I recommend it to all my mates

KimNSW12 posts
Best sensitive skin moisuriserVery good for sensitive skin, no reactions at all. Beautiful texture and leaves skin soft and smooth. No fragrance. Perfect for sensitive skin combined with matching cleanser. I have used day and night for over 12 months and am still very happy.

MooGoo Super Vitamin C Eye Serum

MooGoo Super Vitamin C Eye Serum

5.0  (3) Summary
Melissa B.
Melissa B.WA2 posts
Murine Eye Mist

Murine Eye Mist

4.0  (4) Summary
Rose B
Rose BVIC2 posts
The Body Shop Tea Tree

The Body Shop Tea Tree

4.0  (4) Summary
CandiceVIC3 posts
Be carefulI purchased this for my daughter and her whole face is red and burnt.
Make sure you do small spot test before using.
I can’t say if it help with bad skin as she won’t be using it again. Show details
The Body Shop
The Body Shop   DM   
FreezeFrame Revital Eyes

FreezeFrame Revital Eyes

1.8  (26) Summary
elle49perth69 posts
Didn't do what it claimedThis was one of the products I've purchased in a bundle it's the only one that wasn't sticky but it still hasn't done anything claimed. All the products I've used seem to leave a residue that you can feel and see. Show details
Skin Doctors Eye Care

Skin Doctors Eye Care

2.0  (17) Summary
VanessaSA2 posts
Not worth the moneyDoesn't deliver, have been using for almost 3 weeks and nothing. Received bottle when returned faulty bottle of eye lift to Skin Doctors so feel ripped off. Show details
SadaVIC747 posts
Good light creamThis is a light nourishing cream. It is very light and goes on smoothly onto my under eye area and also around my eyes. It doesn’t sting and lasts a long time because you only need a little amount. Best way to apply is to pat it gently onto your eye area.
Replaced by Clinique Repairwear Anti-Gravity Eye Cream No reviews yet
Mell_Bell0920 posts
Paris H.
Paris H.6 posts
Bye Bye Dark CirclesI apply this eye cream every night before I go to bed under my eyes and in the morning my eyes look so refreshed and bright! I have quite pale skin so it’s easy too see dark circles on my skin because it contrasts more, but with this little pot it really helps with the darkness

Fantastic productLove it, gentle, with results.

You won't be disappointed with this purchase and a little goes a long way.

Good value.

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Taye TAS35 posts
So glad I found itDue to dry eyes from many daily things I have suffered until I found thera tears, night & day drops. Has saved me a lot of pain and nasty steroid drops, also sterilid antimicrobial eyelid cleanser, a game changer for me. Easy to use and I couldn't live without these products
FreezeFrame Eyelid Lift

FreezeFrame Eyelid Lift

2.0  (8) Summary
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elle49perth69 posts
Wasted my moneyDoesn't do a thing just like all the other products I was silly enough to buy for them.
Product is really sticky left a horrible residue needed to wash it off.
Love!I was skeptical as there are a lot of bad reviews out there, and granted my lashes weren’t in terrible shape before I started using Lash Rehab serum, but the results are so obvious after just 4 weeks!
I’d love for them to be a little thicker, but overall I am beyond happy with my results so far and have experienced no irritation or burning.
Aussie Mum
Aussie MumWA19 posts
Does NothingI found that this product does absolutely nothing. I used it for about 4 to 5 weeks and saw no improvement. Im 40 years old with mild puffyness around the eyes and even though my situation is mild, I still had no results. I would have been better off splashing plain water on my eyes than waste my money.

lilybuffyauNSW196 posts

A middle-aged woman applying eye cream to her under-eye area

Arguments in favour of eye creamsArguments against the use of eye creams
Skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than other facial skin. It’s also subject to constant movements, when you blink and express emotions. As a result, it can start showing signs of aging faster than the rest of your face.Eye creams can be very expensive - sometimes simply because of the brand name, or added thickeners or fragrances that make them seem more lush.
The high potency formula of a good eye cream targets skin concerns common to the under-eye area more effectively than a normal face moisturiser.Using a hydration-rich moisturiser around your eyes, or your regular face cream, can be just as effective as using a separate eye cream.
Sensitive skin is also more common in the eye orbit (area around the eyes). Regular face creams may irritate the skin, causing redness or stinging. An eye cream especially formulated to be used on this area could feel more gentle.Common under-eye skin concerns like wrinkles and dark circles are often caused by lifestyle choices or external factors, such as sleep deprivation, dehydration, and sun exposure. An eye cream is often a temporary fix or just ineffective if underlying causes of skin concerns aren't addressed.
Aging and its effects on the skin are part of a natural process, and no eye cream or gel or serum can truly reverse or prevent the visible effects of aging. Anti-aging products may also not be necessary for young people in their 20s.

Eye cream

Eye creams feel rich and cushioning, as they are thick and heavy. They’re made with a higher amount of oil than other eye-care products. This oil is suspended in water that contains active ingredients to intensively hydrate skin.

Which eye concerns do eye creams target?

Eye creams work well on fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. These are caused by a loss of collagen (a natural part of aging) and sun exposure, causing skin to become thinner and lose elasticity over time. An eye cream can provide the hydration to combat this, as well as plump up skin and fill it out.

A cream is less suitable to alleviate dark circles and under-eye puffiness.

Which skin type are eye creams best for?

Since they’re first and foremost made to hydrate skin, eye creams are suitable for people with normal to dry skin in their under-eye area.

When should I apply eye cream?

Since they’re so thick, it’s best to apply an eye cream at night before you go to bed. This allows plenty of time for the thick product to absorb into your skin in the night.

If you prefer a double dose of eye cream, you might consider wearing some in the AM as well. If you’re wearing make-up too, just keep in mind that an eye cream doesn’t always play nice with make-up. It can cause your concealer and other products layered on top to shift.

Eye gel

Unlike eye creams, eye gels are water-based. This makes them lighter in texture - less creamy and more silky. This is often thanks to the addition of ingredients that give the product some ‘slip,’ like silicones.

Which eye concerns do eye gels target?

Eye gels target similar concerns to eye creams, such as reducing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as dark circles.

In addition to this, a good eye gel can also help reduce puffiness under the eyes. This is often caused by fluid retention in the skin tissues, eye gels are a preferable pick to eye creams as they won’t add more unwanted fluid to potentially make the puffiness worse.

On the other hand, a cream isn’t always the best option for removing under-eye puffiness. Since this is often caused by liquid retention, adding more moisture to the equation can worsen under-eye puffiness.

Which skin type are eye gels best for?

Since they don’t add more oil to your skin, eye gels are a great pick for people with an oily skin type.

When should I apply eye gel?

Due to their light consistency and quick absorbency, eye gels can be applied in the morning. They can be worn under make-up and a sunscreen with SPF, without showing through your make-up or causing an unwanted shine.

Eye serum

Out of eye creams, gels and serums, serums are the most lightweight. They contain an exceptionally high concentration of active ingredients in a potent formula that’s designed to penetrate deeply into the skin. In some instances, this high potency may result in quicker results.

Which eye concerns do eye serums target?

Eye serums can reduce signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, and dark circles under the eyes. They can stimulate collagen production to improve the firmness and elasticity of skin around the eyes. They are also especially good for puffiness, as they don’t contain much water or oil.

Which skin type are eye serums best for?

As they typically tend to be water-based, eye serums are a suitable pick for oily skin or combination skin.

When should I apply eye serum?

You can apply an eye serum at different times of the day, depending on what the purpose of the serum is for.

For example, anti-aging eye serums work best at night, as this is when your body switches into skin repair mode, releasing melatonin and HGH (human growth hormone) to repair skin cells. Complementing this natural process with an eye serum can speed it along.

Hydrating serums can be worn either at night or during the day, unlike face creams, which are more practically to be worn overnight.

Under-eye patches

Under-eye patches refer to two little gel sheet masks in the shape of sideways crescent moons, which you stick to the skin under your eyes.

They’re packed with ingredients that infuse into your skin, and ideally improve the appearance of the skin under your eyes. There are different types of under-eye masks that target specific skin concerns, such as dark circles and puffy eyes. Others perform functions like skin smoothing or hydrating.

Do under-eye patches work?

Provided they contain the right active ingredients - in the right quantity - to effectively target your skin concern, then under-eye patches can work. However, most under-eye patches are only single-use and placed onto skin for about 20 minutes. This means that if active ingredients aren’t in a high-enough concentration, gel masks can do nothing to visibly improve skin appearance.


Retinol is the gold star ingredient when it comes to anti-aging eye care products. Retinol is a (synthetic) type of retinoid compounds from Vitamin A.In concentrations of more than 0.3%, it promotes collagen growth and increased cell turnover. These have a number of benefits for anti-aging, including reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and brown spots.

Plant-based retinol

Retinol is chemically made in a lab, but there are natural, plant-based versions if you prefer, like bakuchiol and rosehip. These are trans-retinoic acids. They may not have the same potency as chemical retinol, or work as quickly, but still have positive anti-aging benefits when used regularly.


Peptides are amino acids that form the building blocks of skin proteins, including collagen. As aging happens, collagen production - and the skin’s natural production or peptides - is decreased.

Peptides also help to fortify the skin barrier, making it less susceptible to UV rays and pollution.

Most collagen-based products are sourced from animals, including peptides in skincare products for eyes. As a result, most aren’t vegan friendly.

Hyaluronic acid

This is a naturally-occurring sugar found in the body, which helps retain water to keep skin hydrated and firm. Since young-looking skin often looks that way because of its high water content, eye care products with hyaluronic acid can help your skin achieve a youthful glow.


This is a form of topical Vitamin B3. This water-soluble vitamin helps soften fine lines and wrinkles. It also boosts the skin’s barrier function, protecting it from environmental conditions that can age skin or make it appear duller.

Niacinamide slows down pigment-producing cells, which can help with blemishes and dark circles, evening out skin tone and making skin brighter. It also regulates sebum, so is suitable for oily skin.

Vitamin C

This is an antioxidant that’s also great for combating dark circles, as it reduces the amount of melanin your body produces. It also helps protect skin from free radicals in the environment, improving barrier function. Often used as an either/ or with niacinamide.


These fat molecules, also called lipids, help the skin hold water and stay hydrated. Ceramides are helpful for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. They may be less effective for puffiness. Shea butter and squalane are plant-based ingredients that can help replenish lipids.


It seems strange to put caffeine around your eyes instead of in your mouth. But including caffeine in your eye skincare routine can diminish under-eye puffiness. Caffeine removes water from the body, which can remove the fluid in skin tissues that cause puffiness.

Wrapping up

While an eye care product is not a neccessity in your beauty routine, it can help offer some confidence if skin concerns like dark circles, wrinkles, under-eye bags or puffiness are not your friends. Choosing the right type of product for your skin type and specific skin type, as well as carefully selected ingredients based on these concerns, will help point your eyes in the right direction.

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