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Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link

Latest review: The product can be used via wifi, which is one of my favourite features. it means that I can remotely control it if it is in the nursery and I haven't wanted to wake the baby. I suffer from asthma

Dyson Tower Fan AM07

Latest review: Powerful fan, but in Australia, collects a lot of dust. Unable to clean it properly around the motor. The vents get really clogged, not even a compressor can blow it out. If it could be designed to

Dyson Hot+Cool AM09

Latest review: We purchased this fan for our children’s bedroom (both under 5) as we perceived the product to be a safer option, given it has no blades. Unfortunately, it also has very little cooling power, even on

Dyson Desk Fan AM06

Latest review: Do not buy these products Especially from their own webpage 1) bought the table fan it broke within 2 hours of normal use 2) after waiting 30 mins on the phone to get through to someone they

Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk

Latest review: I bought this Dyson because of my partner who saw it and said it looked good and had good reviews. Unfortunately it does not cool enough especially on hot days so we were having the fan on as well

Dyson Pedestal Fan AM08

Latest review: Like others I bought this based on the excellent performance of other Dyson products I own including a vacuum cleaner, stick vacuum and desktop fan. Like others I have found it to be very noisy above

Dyson Pure Cool Desk

Latest review: On sale at half RRP I went ahead and purchased. I’m mostly interested in the air purifier and this works very well, noting you do take its performance on faith. It purifies the air in a bedroom very q

Dyson Pure Cool Tower

Latest review: While pretty expensive, these Air Purifiers are a pretty amazing piece of kit. Great to look at, take up minimal space, do a pretty decent job of moving the air around a room, are fairly quiet

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP04