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Best L'Oreal Paris Hair Dyes

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L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss

L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss · includes 35 listings

2.7 from 153 reviews

Looking for colour without the commitment? L'Oreal’s semi-permanent hair dye collection can give you a glossy and natural finish without the use of ammonia.

  • Ammonia-free

  • Semi-permanent and lasts up to 28 washes

  • Leaves hair looking shiny

  • Contains peroxide

  • Value for Money
    3.0 (32)
  • Ease of Application
    4.1 (30)
L'Oreal Excellence Crème

L'Oreal Excellence Crème · includes 31 listings

2.4 from 144 reviews

Latest review: Followed all instructions to a T on my natural grey hair and come out with tinges of bright horrible reddish colour. Very dissatisfied! I now remember why I never bought L’Oreal when I was y

  • Value for Money
    2.5 (47)
  • Ease of Application
    3.6 (49)
L'Oreal Paris Excellence Age Perfect

L'Oreal Paris Excellence Age Perfect

2.6 from 12 reviews

Latest review: Originally light brown/ dark blond. For years I had been using Excellence 'ash blond', moving to 'light ash blond' as I got older - the aim being to end up with an even silvery colour. Was always

  • Value for Money
    1.0 (3)
  • Ease of Application
    3.0 (2)
L'Oreal Paris Colorista Washout

L'Oreal Paris Colorista Washout · includes 12 listings

1.4 from 33 reviews

Latest review: This is not a semi permanent color. After +20 washes, color has gone from blue to green and still showing in brunette hair that has never been coloured before. Off to the hair dresser to fix. Do not

  • Value for Money
    1.3 (15)
  • Ease of Application
    2.3 (11)
L'Oreal Perfect Blonde

L'Oreal Perfect Blonde · includes 3 listings

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I have bleached my hair on many occasions and this is the best product I've used! I went from a dark red to a light yellowy blonde in just 40mins. My hair is half the damage that normally happens

L'Oreal Paris Préférence Infinia

L'Oreal Paris Préférence Infinia · includes 11 listings

2.3 from 3 reviews

Latest review: I received 2 colour gell bottles and no gloves in the box. The colour on my grey regrowth is purple, not rose gold. I bought 2 boxes the same. Do I discard

  • Value for Money
    3.0 (3)
  • Ease of Application
    3.7 (3)
L'Oreal Paris Préférence Wild Ombrés

L'Oreal Paris Préférence Wild Ombrés · includes 4 listings

2.2 from 5 reviews

Latest review: I bought this product after seeing the advert. I applied it to my hair and found the smell and fumes really hard to cope with. I had to stand under the ceiling fan to try to disperse the fumes and

L'Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-permanent

L'Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-permanent · includes 12 listings

2.2 from 5 reviews

Latest review: This color first off was supposed to be blue and my head is green. It said 4-8 shampoos to wash out and I’ve shampooed 10 times with little to no fade. I’m very angered by my green hair because I not