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Medescan Rainbow Mist

Latest review: I bought this humidifier about 3 weeks ago from chemist. It was working fine for couple of days but suddenly starts to show red light. I checked everything working fine for few minutes and then keep

Beurer LB44

Latest review: I have an annoying post nasal cough and it was suggested for me to buy a humidifier as recommendations were this would really help me sleep at night. I spent a lot of time looking at which brand to

Vicks Starry Night V3700

Latest review: My 5mth old had a runny nose during the day and blocked nose at night while trying to sleep. As he's too young for vapour rub, i wanted to invest in a vapourizer. My MIL grabbed this box because it

DeLonghi EV290

Latest review: Purchased this bad boy from the Good Guys after moving into our new house with no air con. Expected it to cool our master bedroom enough for us to sleep through some hot nights however it didn't cool

ResMed H5i

Latest review: The Resmed S9 is the next in line after the excellent S8, and has been superceded by the Airsense 10. However, after trying the Airsense 10 I immediately bought another S9 unit - effectively skipping

GDAS2359 120ml Remote Control Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Humidifier

Latest review: Great product with great value! It diffuses the scents that I choose. Quietly does it with no water sounds and has cool lighting that I can change to suit my mood. Remote function is a nice addition

Beurer LB12 Mini

Latest review: This ingenious Beurer LB12 Mini-humidifier is extremely well made and very easy to use. All it needs is a 500mL water bottle to screw on as a water tank. I have used this for four years and it hasn't

ResMed H4i

Latest review: I like this product and it's really helped me. If it's cold, then I find I can't really have it on more than 2. Looks good, works well (almost too well, so beware of rainout on high settings). Easy

Vicks Mini Filter Free Cool

Latest review: We have had this for over a year now for our son. It has been a very good product for us. We don’t use anything with it apart from filtered water and it is perfect in maintaining moisture in the air e

Ionmax Hybrid with UV ION90

Latest review: I have been suffering from allergies including very dry eyes and throat and good thing i have this ion90 and it has been a great help..Living on a mountain, the air is very dry but noticed the change

Cli-Mate CLI-AH300

Latest review: The side casing of the water tank is sealed with a material that degrades over time. I have had my humidifier for 6 months and 30 days (I know because I submitted a warranty claim) and water leaks

Beurer LB37

Latest review: This machine makes a large area around it really quite wet. I don't think this is very good as we have wooden floors. Otherwise it runs quiet and looks good, but I will be sending mine

Beurer LR330

Ionmax ION50

Latest review: Overall I’m pretty happy with this product. It’s easy to use and value for money. Bought it when the whole family suffered from dry cough and stuffy nose. Pros. Easy to use Large tank, suf

HoMedics CM100

Latest review: This really helped with putting moisture back in the air. The winter time makes it very dry in the house and this really helps us sleep more soundly. We wake up far more refreshed. We like the timer

Dyson Humidifier AM10

Latest review: I really needed kind of these so I bought it. 4 times, because first 3 were broken out of the box. It worked almost 3 month, than needed to replace piezo . Replaced. After 2 weeks water stopped going

Philips HU4803/70

Latest review: Bought one of these because in winter, the humidity drops to as low as ~30% in our master bedroom, and I get very dry skin with eczema. The specifications on Philip's site says the max room size is

HoMedics Ultrasonic Cool Mist CM50

Latest review: Cap broke and I tried to order from them and it's never in stock. Every time I try to contact customer service they reply with a very RUDE response asking me to keep checking and it MIGHT be back in

Pharmacy Care Ultrasonic Humidifier

Latest review: This was a pretty good humidifier and easy to fill and use but it didn't last and it only had a 12 month warranty. After I'd owned it nearly a year, it started getting louder. I didn't realise how

Dimplex DHCER20 Series

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