Breville Slow Cookers

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Breville Fast Slow Pro BPR700

Latest review: Bought this back in Sept 2016 and have been using it a couple times a week sometimes daily. I've never had problems with sealing/lid pressure cooking. Sometimes might need to fiddle with the lid but

Breville Flavour Maker BSC500

Latest review: Have used this for nearly 2 years now and find it amazing. It's very light and easy to use. Nothing too technical, just a simple rotary switch. The pan slips in and out of position with ease and

Breville Flavour Maker BSC560

Latest review: Good unit, can make a really big batch of our favourite slow cooked meal. The insert works well on the stove to brown meat first, it's also really easy to clean! Moisture is locked in by the well

Breville the Fast Slow Cooker BPR650

Latest review: It does the job, but isn't perfect. The inner ring required replacing under recall, and it was easy enough to manage. However, even with the new ring installed, the pressure cooker functionality is

Breville Smart Temp BSC420

Latest review: I bought this about a year ago. It has worked well. It takes a while to perfect slow cooker recipes, you tend to use less liquid than oven baked. I haven’t had any problems. Only thing is I really w

Breville Multi Chef BRC600

Latest review: I bought this rice cooker after a lot of research and reading reviews from various sites. To be fair, no rice cooker had the perfect review. Price wasn't so much of an issue for me, not that I

Breville LSC650BSS

Latest review: Our Kambrook slow cooker ceramic pot cracked, so I though I’d spend 180 on this Breville appliance expecting quality and excellent slow cooked meats. So dissatisfied with the meat. Lamb, pork and b