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Breville Soft Top

Latest review: Just stop working after 1 year of use,total waste of money the cheaper one which I bought for 20$ long ago is still working.very disappointed.Total waste of money, will not recommend

Breville Tea Maker BTM800

Latest review: We have had ours for about 5 and half years now, use it every day, sometimes up to 6 times a day on my days off. Set it every night so I wake up to a fresh pot of tea. Use it for black teas as well

Breville Crystal Clear

Latest review: Purchased over two yrs. Has done really well. water tastes great but we use filtered water anyway, Has survived being over flooded by filling and walking away. has stayed nice and shiny and colour

Breville Compact Kettle Clear (Pure) BKE395CLR

Latest review: Best purchase I have made in a long time. Love the soft opening lid and the switch on the top of the handle is very user friendly for my 87 year old mum. The design of clear glass and stainless

Breville Smart Kettle Pure BKE830

Latest review: A nice looking unit, good features, but it must have a design or manufacturing problem. Originally bought two kettles, for me and family member, and after three years they both failed. Bits of the

Breville Smart Kettle BKE825

Latest review: This kettle has lasted less than 2 years. It either switches off before boiling or boils continuously and doesn't switch off. Disappointing and not worth the money. Would not

Breville Smart Tea Infuser BTM600CLR

Latest review: I agree with Knuckle, this kettle is great. The design is simple and works well: the magnetic tea infuser basket is easy to use and remove. If using the brewing timer, you need to set it first.

Breville the Soft Open BKE445BSS

Latest review: Bought this recently when a cheaper version started leaking. This is much heavier and still getting used to when it has 1-2 cups of water in it. Otherwise seems good

Breville The Temp Select

Latest review: Having had one temperature select kettle I would never be without one. The Breville is the one. Well priced and from a reputable company this kettle looks great is easy to clean and fill and is so

Breville Compact Kettle BKE320

Latest review: The product images show it has a aluminium body but it has a plastic water level part on the side, The water level is difficult to look at there, I am not sure why it was designed. The aluminium

Breville Breakfast Pack LKT640BSS

Latest review: The Breville breakfast pack is value for money. However, we didn't expect the button to open the lid was broken after few months usage and we didn't expect that. We called the company and filled firm

Breville 6 Litre Urn URN6BSS

Latest review: Brought the unit, ran it for 6 weeks ... .. people then stopped drinking tea ... .. one client asked if it was earl grey tea (lmfao) Replacement unit appears to be fine two weeks in.... fingers