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Nexen N'Fera SU1
Latest review: I’m currently running the Nexen SU1, but compared to the N8000 they are nowhere near as good the only thing the SU1 would win against the N8000 is wear rate apart from that the N8000 wins hands down.

Nexen Roadian AT II
Latest review: Had these on my car for 2 days and regretting it. In the dry, they screech around corners and easing on the gas, it spins. In the wet, it's almost impossible to handle. In the wet my navara just

Nexen N8000
Latest review: I bought these tyres as a very cheap alternative. I paid $130 for 255/35R18. Don’t expect high performance at this price but it is good enough driving normally on the streets of Sydney. I’ve had them

Nexen N'Priz RH7
Latest review: Overall very happy with these tyres that were included as standard on our Renault Koleos. The grip in both wet and dry is good, I have confidence in corners on the freeway and on the few occasions

Nexen N'fera RU5
Latest review: I had the Nexen N'fera RU5's fitted on my Discovery4 in February 2017. Due to an almost fatal accident caused by a factory fitted Pirelli that failed in dramatic fashion while travelling at 110kph on

Nexen N'Blue Eco
Latest review: Supplied with my new Kia Cerato . Tyres are ok, but far from excellent Was recommended these tyres as i do a lot of driving for my work, and was told they would wear well, very good in wet and dry

Nexen CP661
Latest review: I have clocked up 35000 k with about 70% tread left but they are super noisy I thoughtI had a suspension problem until I put the Nexens on the back and bought 2 khumos for the front noticed a huge