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Hoover Allergy VCT4007
Latest review: Loved the vacuum, especially the power head which made vacuuming easy. Very disappointed that vacuum is 18 months old and extension rod would no longer connect. Not covered by 2 year warranty as they

Hoover Heritage 5210
Latest review: This has been really good for me. Good for quick clean around the house and does it job well. Could be a little bit less noisy but still ok. It has a very convenient charger, Just clean and pop it on

Hoover Action Pets
Latest review: First the good: Extremely good with the power head on carpets, does what it is meant to do. Now for the bad: its bulky, tips over easy, the cord is WAY to short, its hard to get into any small

Hoover Eco Pets Turbo ZW1427
Latest review: We purchased this as a "stop gap" cleaner whilst we saved for a new Dyson as we already have the Dyson stick and love it so we were going to buy a new Dyson but our other full cleaner died. This

Hoover Pets Bagless JVC8008
Latest review: Got this vac for a bargain ($99) from Godfreys and it hasn’t missed a beat. Suction is still strong 4 months on after daily use and is easy to clean. Love that you have the option to lower the s

Hoover Tornado VCM43B1
Latest review: At first this Hoover worked well, really powerful and quiet. After 6 months it has lost all suction and overheats. We’ve had a problem with it overheating when we first bought it and had to return it

Hoover Ultra Light
Latest review: We purchased our Hoover Ultra Light just under 2 years ago, it has been a brilliant little vacuum in that time on both floating floor and carpet, just as good as a dyson in my opinion, unfortunately

Hoover 5013PH Dog and Cat T40008
Latest review: We use it on timber flooring to get thru the timber holes and it does an amazing job. I do not have pets but I have 3 girls Means more

Hoover Regal
Latest review: This is the best vacuum I have ever purchased. It is easy to use and a breeze to empty, as well it has a long retrackable cord. The suction is very powerful and I no longer have the dogs and cat fur

Hoover Ultra Light Stick 18V
Latest review: Living with chronic pain i required a light weight vacuum that allows me to vacuum small segments at a time. For this reason I chose the light 18v stick vacuum and had it delivered., it arrived

Hoover Action Powerhead
Latest review: I was amazed when I first bought this vacuum at how much dirt a d dog hair it pulled out if my carpet on the first go, especially given that I'd just vacuumed the day before with my old vacuum. A

Hoover Ultra Power 21.6V 2-in-1 StickVac
Latest review: I purchased this vacume 6 months ago and I love it ... I have all tiled floors and was after something to pick up dog fur and bits from the grandkids.. .. the battery lasts around 25 min. It picks

Hoover HandiVac 14.4V Wet and Dry
Latest review: From the day i went to the shops and purchased this handy vac i thought it was to good to be true and i was right its a total waste of my money. The product has the most unpowerful suction. I would

Hoover Smart R1 T4012
Latest review: To date, this is the Worst vacuum cleaner I ever bought I am replacing bags when they are barely 20% full I have 3 dogs 1 large mixed breed 1 Chihuahua 1 Yorkshire terrier and suction is Bad, full

Hoover Ultra Performer ZL1306
Latest review: Absoult mint vacuum(wait for it), easy and fun to use, quick and easy to charge. Robust, solid and powerful enough unit that tackles most jobs(good luck vacuuming up small pebble like stones and

Hoover Prestige 7010
Latest review: Its the worst vac I have ever used or paid for. its head is bad, both of them are bad. the handle where it joins the tube to the head is so little it does not fit properly and falls out all the time

Hoover Air Stick Pro
Latest review: 6 months old and I'm sick and tired of dismantling the cleaner to clear blockages. Already some of the parts are very worn and I can't see it lasting until the end of the year. A total waste of

Hoover Performer 3010 VC-T3515
Latest review: I bought this product 1 and half year ago, Thing i like about it is very less stress on the back due to power head. It clears away all pet's hair and dust. My mrs had a sever allergy , since we are

Hoover 18V Pets Plus Handivac CH965
Latest review: While the suction is good, the battery is the worst thing ever, even worse than my first cell phone in the 90s with a thin NiCad battery. I am not talking about how long it run, but how the battery

Hoover Floormate Deluxe FH40160
Latest review: We absolutely love the way the machine works but we have gone through two machines in two years with minimal usage. It appears to be a design flaw that allows moisture to get into the motor assembly.

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