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4moms MamaRoo

4moms MamaRoo

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Totally average product for the price

I bought my Mamaroo from The Amazing Baby Company at a baby expo. Firstly, their customer service isn’t great. I was told that you can buy the product covers in ‘lots of different colours and patterns’ but you can’t get extra slips ANYWHERE in Australia at the moment. Stock has supposedly been coming in for months. As a result, I do feel I was lied to in order to make a sale.

For the product itself it is totally average which considering the price is disappointing. I thought I would love this product but I have found it the cons outweigh what I like.

The pros are mainly in the design - sleek and modern. The seat cocoons around the baby and the black and white mobile that can easily flip over into the colours is great.

The cons ....

It is very heavy and bulky - difficult to move around especially when you’re holiding a baby. For me, if didn’t work for a newborn. My daughter just looked squished and awkward because she was so little. It’s better suited to older babies who can support their neck.

The seat does not recline all the way back making it not great for newborns or sleeping.. if my daughter is asleep she will wake instantly when I put her in because she’s still slightly upright.

It is SO noisy. The movement is supposed to be soothing but again it would wake my baby because it was loud and the movement feature was jerky and fast so would always jolt her awake.

The plug for the MP3 is awkwardly short. For the price I would expect a Bluetooth feature to play music. Same for the mobile, even though the colours are great having to spin it constantly isn’t convenient. For the cost I’d expect something automatic.

The wire for the power isn’t very long and I have to use an extension cord which is messy and another cost to make this product work.

The seatbelt has no padding or cushion around the tummy area so digs into my daughters skin.

Overall it’s an okay product but I wouldn’t recommend it. For the cost I was expecting so much more. There are better and cheaper alternatives on the market.

Don’t get one!

This swing was great. Until it stopped working after 4 months. Then when I contacted them they told me it’s because my baby has outgrown the swing because he can roll in general, not him doing it in the swing or anything. Without even having seen him and his weight being still under the “limit”. Even though that has absolutely nothing to do with my complaint. Compete waste of money. And their customer service is atrocious!


I ordered the MamaRoo off catch of the day. It was much cheaper than the store prices. It was easy to set up and also the dissemble too which is great For storage. My granddaughter didn’t like at first. But once she hit 2 months old she’s enjoying it more and more.

Couldn't have lived without it

I had my eye on the mamaroo for my first baby but couldn't justify the price. When my second was due to be born just 18 months later this was the first thing i purchased, i knew id need it with a newborn and 18 month old. It lived up to all my high expectations and more. My baby was able to stay somewhere safe and happy while i chased around my toddler, she happily snoozed in full view, loved the heartbeat sounds and when she got older loved the music id attach, shed happily dance away in there while watching us.
Highly recommend, especially for siblings close together!

It's as good as me holding the baby

It has so many movement types, the baby appears to like it more than me. It was expensive compare to other rocker, but this is more than a rocker. Also, a calm baby is just priceless. Love seeing my baby enjoying a toy for more than a few days. We use it to put baby to sleep when she had a exciting day.

I love it.

It’s definitely expensive but I love it. You might take in consideration to buy it second hand if in good conditions as you can only use it for the first semester. The first few days my baby was crying when I was putting her in there but I didn’t give up and after a few tries she started to love it as well. We can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with her very relaxed in the Mamaroo. Also, we are really happy with the app that allow you to control remotely mood and speed.

Crap, straight out of the box

I was so excited to finally get my mumaroo after a months wait but that excitement turned to utter disappointment when straight up whilst putting it together I noticed the zip was missing a zipper tooth and was jamming, what happens when the big plastic zips loose teeth, they split open, which would allow bub to fall straight through. Not only that the stitching on the plush seat was terrible, messy and the edge material had an edge sticking out that was sewn over before being tucked in? Do they not have quality control? I then thought I'd test the base and man the static is awful, you can nearly hear it's preset noises over it then even when no sound is playing you still hear static, and a ticking sound. I tried it in another lower point thinking it might he that but nope, same issue. For a $500 unit this is just not acceptable, I feel robbed. Now I have to pay postage to send it back to the company I bought it from to get a refund, far from happy.

Best rocker out there.

Absolutely loved this rocker from the day we brought bub home. So comfortable and safe for baby & adjustable so baby can lie down or sit up more. With a washable cover makes it easy to keep clean.
I will definitely keep this one for my next baby it is perfect.

Awesome chair to help mums get a few minutes

- you can put them in from birth which is helpful if you need a minute to shower or go to the bathroom
- Bub was really fond of the mobile especially with its different patterns
- very durable because of the hard shell seat
- the rocking did put him to sleep a few times
- reasonably transportable within the house (the Base is a bit heavy) for when you need to put it in the bathroom while mum takes a shower
- it helped having a seat Bub could sit in while we ate dinner next to him and he could see us

- it's expensive for the function..
- we use the auto rocking 1% of the time
- the speakers are really bad
- the different rocking styles didn't seem that different

All in all, it's a lifesaver as a seat! When he got older and could sit upright we used the high chair for the same purpose. But for the price, I'm not sure if it's worth it as we didn't use the rocking function much. But you do what you have to! We got it as a gift from friends and we are super grateful.

Okay but not great

This has quiet and lovely flowing movements unlike some of its jerky and noisy competitors. It looks really impressive. For our family it was far more appealing to the adults than our baby. You either have a baby who loves this kind of thing or you don't and mine was the latter kind so it was a costly exercise!

Cant put a price on my sleep!

My little one is 3 weeks old and loves her mamaroo ! She suffers from reflux and gets quite worked up..but i just put her in mamaroo when everything else fails and she will be asleep in 5 mins! Definitely Recommend it to everyone with a real fussy baby


Bub never liked it when little and cried no matter what setting or noise. By the time he got ok with it at 4 months, the seatbelt dug into his back and sides. Waste of time, money and space in the lounge room. The hand me down $40 bouncer has had a million times more use and is portable.

All the gear, no idea's review of the 4moms Mamaroo

All the Gear, No Idea's video review of the 4moms Mamaroo


Purchased from mybabystore.com.au in November 2016. See the Mamaroo in action ^

- Looks nice in the living room
- Relatively compact
- Allows me to put baby down for a few minutes

- Baby is bored

Don't waste your money!

I Bought this in November 2014 for my newborn son due in January 2015, I absolutely loved it and i was beyond happy with the purchase, recommending it to numerous friends. Fast forward a few months and it began getting an obstruction error, it only happened a few times so I thought nothing of it and packed it away. Upon finding out we were expecting a baby in August 2016 I unpacked it a few months prior only to find it had COMPLETELY stopped working, an obstruction error would pop up and the machine would run for 1second then stop.
I contacted toys r us only to find this expensive machine only had a 1 year warranty!!!
Contacted 4moms in America only to be told due to them being overseas they couldn't help me and to contact the local provider. Contacted the Australian provider and was told my only option was to buy a new $280 base. What a joke.
The customer service with this product is an absolute joke, my mamaroo is now basically a $500 stationery seat for my newborn to be sat in.
Never have I experience such terrible customer service!! Never again will I buy or recommend a 4moms product.

Very disappointed

I bought this rocker for my first child in 2014, who unfortunately hated it so it was put into storage for around 18 months after only a handful of uses. Determined to give it another go, I tried my second child in it in 2016, with much more success. Unfortunately after only 7 weeks the motor has gone, very disappointing given the hefty price tag for this rocker. Of course, its been too long for the unit to be under warrantee, even though it has probably been used 20 times in total. Buyer beware!

Stopped working due to obstruction error

Was given this as a present for my first baby and used it for a maximum of 8 months, it then wasn't used for about 2 years till I had my second child, it now doesn't work and display's an obstruction error on the screen, with a little bit searching I have discovered this is a very common problem and that the company's resolution to it is for you to go and buy a whole new base!!
If this is such a common problem the company should be replacing the base as obviously it is a fault in the way it was designed.
Very disappointed and wouldn't recommend for this reason.

Perfect night soother

The Mamaroo was my splurge item and its been worth every cent!!! In the first two weeks at home I would put baby in it and he loved it and would fall asleep so quickly but when it made it worthy was the nights I couldnt get the little guy to settle in my arms, literally 2 minutes on the car ride setting and he would flake it!! Now at 2 months old he still loves it! It allows me to get things done and know he's safely strapped in and is a great height particularly as I had a csection so was able
To get him in and out of it easily where as the bouncer at my mums was too low for me

seems uncomfortable

to expensive first off. for the price, perhaps the mobile it comes with could at least be motorized. Says 0+ months, but it doesn't recline far enough flat for a newborn infants neck. our babys neck was curled into her chest at the angle it is. We didn't use it but a handful of times the first 3 months. At 3 months her neck still seems uncomfortable in there, touching her chest. the sounds are so-so. not great quality speakers.

no trouble with it mechanically, just that our baby prefers our $99 swing over this one.

my baby enjoys it

Got the 2012 model and it works great. Easy to use. Colourful. Very sturdy and easy to set up. It doesnt come with newborn insert which is inconvenient but i just use my newborn pram insert at the moment. Good music. Big buttons. Would recommend to other parents. Good resale too.

baby love it!

Bought this product, for my third child, as I could not hold him "all the time"
This worked well for us, he sleeps well in it, and all the different sounds and swing settings are pretty cool.
I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with more than one child!

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Questions & Answers

My mamaroo has started vibrating when it moves. Previously it used to move very smoothly. Has anyone else experienced this problem and who did you contact about it? The 4moms support email only seems to be US and Canada based? What about Aus? Any advice would be helpful, thanks in advance x
1 answer
Mone seems to vibrate when on a slow setting. I just put it up to fastest setting and it doesn't vibrate

The egg shaped seat on my mamaroo appears loose and moves back and forth very freely when I place my baby in it. I found a small nut that had fallen off of something, appearantly in the large white base that moves. is the base hard to disassemble so I can see where this nut came from. also it made a poping sound previous to this when I picked it up to move it to my bedroom. Any ideas ?
1 answer
I'm unsure. Did you use the lever to lock it into place? Otherwise I would take it back to the store you got it from

CWChere are the obstruction sensors on this swing?
1 answer
It doesn't actually swing from the top like a traditional baby swing. It moves from a platform below. It does however have inbuilt sensors as it will stop moving and provide an error message if the movement is obstructed.


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