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A'van Hardtop Series

A'van Hardtop Series

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Loving it

We bought a 2nd hand year old AVan Jensen 2017 model and love it. Great layout.
All caravans need maintenance along the way but our is minimal compared to the European Adria we had previously.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Mileage 20,000 km
Car ModelHolden colorado
Exterior Build Quality
Off-roading Performance

Bad design of flyscreens

Our van took in loads of dust over a couple of days.
My husband did manage to seal the spots where the dust was coming in and it has been fine.
The flyscreens for the windows and door are absolutely useless, at the first hint of even a gentle breeze they blow out and are of no use.
This is my main gripe, they are so badly designed.
Another issue is the pilot light of the fridge goes out with wind.poorly designed in my opinion
It is easy to tow and otherwise comfortable.
It was bought as a second hand van, the van itself was made in 2011

Purchased in July 2017.

Was just about to buy one until I read the reviews

I’ve been looking for the right light smallish semi off-road affordable caravan with an en-suite.

Thought I’d found it in the Avan Jensen, a great looking van with a great layout and a great price, until I read the Avan reviews....

Unfortunatley been down the track before with other caravan manufacturers and their so called warranties, I’ve had the water leaks, rediculously bad wiring, aircond not bolted down and nearly falling off etc, not to mention incorrect Tare weights (your over Weight before you put anything in it) etc. The industry needs a big shake up, thought it would have come with all the competition out there but it seems the are all racing to the bottom rather than the top, it’s hard to work out who’s actually building a decent van at a reasonable price.

You would think in this day and age of the internet and reviews manufacturers would get their act together.

Thanks to the reviews you’ve cost this manufacturer a sale!

things not done properly

have had some issues drain wasn't connected to basin in bathroom hole in bench to small for connection to go to basin had to remove basin to larger hole in bench and we haven't left home so we had leaks screws out of hinges ,doors not lining up .fuses missing .out of lighting system. towed well from port Macquarie to gold coast

Great experience

Had my avan owen for 3 years now and have towed it around most of Australia tows great has plenty of storage and great fridge and i have full stove apart from the normal maintainence no problems at all

Disappointed in building quality and after service

555 seemed rusted workmanship screws missing from hindgers holes drilled in floor incorrectly water piping incorrectly fitted water leaks from tanks filled with silicone instead of replacing cracked fittings.Delivery date was late by 6months .Sorry Avan PERTH very unhappy with service after you had my money .Conversation travels fast

a'van francis HT

We purchased a new Francis HT Adventure pack from A'van Morisset in October 2017. Since then we have done a couple of "shake down" local trips, leading up to our recent big trip. We have just come back from an 6000 km trip from Lake Macquarie to Longreach, Winton, Hughenden, Charters Towers, Townsville and down the coast to Yeppoon where we stayed for a few days before coming home via Goondawindi, Warialda, Inverell and One Mile Beach, Nelson Bay, where we stopped for a few nights before coming home.
The van has had a a couple of niggling issues, namely, the table top bubbled & was replaced without a drama by the dealer at Morisset. A connection in the en suite tap leaked, (thread tape had been used on an O ring connection, tape removed, tightened, fixed) and the main fill pipe into the water tanks had leaked. It was covered with silastic. After examination the radiator type clamp had not been seated correctly?? Repositioned, tightened, perfect.
On our recent big trip, the van performed perfectly. Everything worked as it should and it towed beautifully behind our BT 50 ute. We experienced dust, torrential rain and below average roads. The van handled these conditions easily. I read a lot reviews about vans before we purchased this van. (We previously owned 2 Jayco's) In my opinion the layout and dollar value of the Francis takes some beating. Overall a great van, a couple of minor quality control issues which shouldn't happen in these times, but we are very happy.

Love our Nathan adventure pak

Picked our van up in November just did a trip to the Eyre Peninsula for a month the van went great just a couple of things to get checked but at the moment very happy we towed with a ford territory ghia awd not to bad on the petrol we thought it would be terrible did a lot of free camping very comfortable, and very easy to tow.

Floor PlanNathan 609 adventure pak 2017

not happy with van

We purchased an Avan from the Port Macquarie Caravan and Camping Show, we have had various problems, windows not closing, air conditioner noisy, doors not fitting, and screen around microwave has broken in half, door to bathroom was not fitted at all, ensuite cupboards were not aligned, the upholstery had to be resewn by us as it was coming apart at the seam, also leaking water tank. Some of these things were fixed by the Avan site, but it is an hour drive there and back as well as fuel, none of which has been reimbursed to us. So all in all poor quality , looks good , and bed is comfortable , stove ok, but we are waiting for the next thing to break down, and also have sent an email to their H/O but of course no reply. Will not buy another van from this company...... We found the Avan dealer good and they were prepared to fix all these things, but as with purchasing a new car there should not be any of these issues.

July 23rd 2018 Update: a mistake in buying this Van

once again we have had to take the Van back as the Brake away brake battery was not being charged by the Van charger, also the Van battery has to be replaced. This is the 4th time we have had to take this Van back to the dealer at around 100 ks each way makes for an expensive exercise. The dealer has been co operative but bad choice of caravan , wish we had never brought this brand, never again.

November 6th 2018 Update: Faulty front entry door

The door simply fell off the hinges during our last trip, it opens half way like a stable door, however the top half fell off. Would be a good idea if the screws were checked before every trip, as one screw had fallen out and is lost and you can only tighten them up with an Allen Key. Stupid design !!!!!

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does anyone have a Jensen 2017 A Van ? If so are they having any problems with it.

Best Family Van on the Market

The build quality of my Avan Aspire 617 is perfect. It is fantastic having a seperate shower and toilet with a triple bunk in a 19ft van that has an ATM of under 2.5t. The WA dealer (Premier Avan) are fantastic, they are friendly, always willing to help and gave a through handover of the van on collection.

Best caravan we've had to date.

Floor PlanTriple Bunk, L shaped lounge

Poor workmanship

Bought this van as we thought it was value for money. Comfortable and easy to tow. TV antenna was incorrectly fitted to the booster, no reception, electrician found three different wires joined and replaced with one. Water pressure poor. Blew the hot water cylinder, what a job to remove and replace, van was built around it. Water coming up in shower was fixed by replacing outlet with a bigger pipe. Toilet pipe also came off and flooded the van. Fly screens hard to clean and now windows take a bit to keep open. Removed awning as was too flimsy to carry the weight of an annexe, but apart from no help from the manufacturers, we still love our van.

Floor PlanCafe style seating

Nothing but problems.

We have been very disappointed with our Owen Limited. The light well over the bed has leaked badly twice. Had to be temporarily patched in the middle of the night both times. Had a gas leak near stove and campers could smell when walking past. As previously stated by others, after sales service is terrible. Shower door has fallen down a couple of times. We also had the trapping holding up our water tank and my hubby had to make another set of straps using stronger metal and 4 bolts instead of 2. We rely on lots of longer screws with glue added to strengthen. Most of the trimmings have had to reglued. The camp kitchen has never fitted with gaps on sides and bottom. The lining of the camp kitchen is now flaking off. We are stuck with it as cannot afford to replace. The table and seating is very uncomfortable. The one plus is that it looks lovely inside. Altogether, a bad experience.

Great value for money, modern & well equipped.

Purchased from Avan Penrith Oct 2016. Great van. Mediocre customer service.
The 19' Nathan is extremely well appointed with modern high gloss interior trim & finish that looks superb.
Adventure pack allows dirt touring & off grid free camping. Just completed 5,000km trip to Longreach and van performed perfectly. I completed some minor repairs along the way and when back home which were mainly loose screws and fasteners resulting from poor workmanship & quality control. If you overlook these minor issues which were easier for me to fix myself rather than returning the van for warranty then the Nathan is hard to fault.
The Nathan is extremely comfortable and everything is easy to use and functions perfectly.
It is easy to tow with the Triton 4x4 dual cab but sits high at the front on the tow bar so a drop down hitch is needed. Has a lowish tow ball Weight of about 160kg but needs a higher ATM/GTM rating on the compliance plate as it only allows me 180kg of extra payload ie difference between tare & ATM/GTM.
This van is excellent value for money, $55k drive away compared to anything else on the market in it's class.
We really like our Avan so far and are looking forward to doing the lap in it soon. So far so good.

Floor PlanNathan 19' H/T Adventure Pack

Two years on

I have posted two review's since we purchased a new HT560 just over two years ago. The reason for the third is to inform owners or buyers of how it has performed. The loosening of screws etc internally continues however we have had a major disaster when the straps holding the front 95 litre water tank failed and the tank dropped taking out the connections. The tank was destroyed and a fair amount of hoses also. The water level sender was also damaged .Looking at why the straps failed it became apparent that the tank is basically held up by 4 half inch bolt heads.No washers were under the heads and so approximately 110 kilograms was basing held by only the diameter of the bolt heads. The straps cracked around the bolt head and let the tank drop.To replace the damaged parts will be about $400 plus Labour. I isolated the rear tank so we can at least finish our trip and will do the repairs when I get home. I will have a local engineering shop make heavier brackets and also add a stone guard No point in talking to AVAN about problem as they have never showed any after sales interest previously
So owners slide under your van and check the straps on the two tanks and the waste tank to ensure they are not fatigued.
Would I still buy one knowing what I now know ?
Yes,but I would be more careful and inspect the van more thoroughly prior to taking delivery as the warranty is only as far as their front gate

Good caravan but customer service is poor.

Purchased in 2014. A wonderful caravan to tow and to live in for 3 months, as we did whilst touring WA. Took off the ensuite door, too heavy and replaced it with a light curtain - does the job wonderfully. The Frances shows no inclination to sway whilst towing. One problem has been the waste plumbing - because the shower drain is so low, the kitchen sink empties into the shower, not good for hygiene. Told Avan about it and they put a one-way valve into the shower waste pipe, but it still lets the kitchen sink waste water into the shower. The dinette seating leaves much to be desired, especially if you want to watch TV and perhaps an L-shaped diner might be better. The Avan has been reliable and we love the comfortable bed and storage capacity. Unfortunately, the water heater went bust after only 2 and a half years. We have also had problems with the inside window surrounds not being screwed in properly, and the sliding flyscreen door is difficult to use - WD40 does not seem to help.

Floor PlanFrances HT

Unhappy Customer.

After purchasing a new jack in 2010 i haven't had anything but trouble with this very poorly built caravan. Owning an A liner previously and finding it a well built and functional van. Believing that the Jack would be of the same quality. Wrong, on late delivery there were fault after fault ie leaking plumbing breaking plastic table tensioner bolts. Dometic rubbish appliances. Draws so poorly constructed they fall of runners etc. After speaking to the Quality Control Officer i can understand why these substandard vehicles are being produced. In finishing off i wouldn't recommend these caravans to anyone. After purchase service was also very poor. When van could not be towed the seller told me that he didn't do house calls.! Thank you Ken Squire.

Load capacity

Happy with van and layout and all small problems fixed by either dealer or product warranty. Our main problem is weight as atm is well over stated limit.
We purchased van from stock at penrith it has oven air con and awning fitted presumably at factory which I would hope is include in tare.
We have 2 water tanks and coupled with the hot water this gives 200 litres so 200 kg this leaves only 100 kg for every thing else if as stated the air etc is included in tare
Has anyone up dated chassis etc to accomodate greater load capacity .axle rating is 1600 kg

Wonderful van .... a few serious problems

We collected our new Frances Avan from the Penrith Avan franchise in mid Dec. 2015.
It was missing the oven, tv, radio cutout and outdoor table. The plywood under mattress sheets were covered with dirty footprints and the ensuite sliding door was not properly fixed. This is our first caravan so we were assisted with the coupling between car and van which almost came undone, hanging by full extent of chain on way home after turning a corner. The pin holding the tow hitch to the car had not been put in. The wiring polarity for the stability control was reversed and this resulted in stability control failing, the wiring loom in the towing car overheated and shorted .... this took an auto electrician a day and a half to investigate and repair and cost us $450.
We returned van in February 2016 to find oven was not installed. And returned it again for oven and decal, but decal on back of outdoor table is still missing and electric brakes were not working. We took them to another caravan repair place in Penrith before heading home. Now it is December 2016, out of warranty and the shower is leaking, the oven doesn't work and the vinyl wall lining is bubbling.

Floor PlanFrances

Dissapointed in Quality.

The van itself comfortable inside for 2 people tows ok has an annexe which easy to set up however I now have a problem with some delamination on outside wall.Not getting a return Email from Avan Dealer in Adelaide.

Do Not Buy a New A'van!!!

Where do I start??!!! I ordered a new A'van Aspire 617 at the Melbourne Show in March 2016 through the Melbourne Supercentre sales team. As advertised the van came with a good specification and everything I needed and I was told 3 month delivery time hopefully at the end of June. I was really pleased as I wanted to buy a locally made van and support the Australian Caravan Industry
2 weeks after the show and putting my deposit down I was told that it did not come with the same chassis as advertised (adventure/semi offroad) and it would cost me another $3500 for their mistake, even though the list of equipment at the show included the adventure pack. After some back and too (lots of emails and calls)we came to a reasonable agreement where I got some extras thrown in but not the adventure pack as I didn't want to pay the extra $3500.
In June I was told delivery will be July, In July I was told delivery will be August, In August I was told delivery will be September.
End of September I was told the van was coming of the production line, Yeah!! ----but that it had been built with the adventure chassis that I wanted in the first place but not the extras that I had been promised, and at an extra cost to me of $2500!!!!! (I should have walked away then) but I agreed to pay them $500 extra for their mistake (again)after going to his boss and talking to the customer service manager.
Then the van was ready for collection and I went to pick it up at the factory in Pakenham--- it had the wrong interior fitted, interior parts missing, extras missing and scratches all over it as well as other faults!!!!
After they said they would fix all the issues I went back to them to see how it was going and whilst I was there I talked about the annex to be told that there was no annex included (even though it was on the order sheet and I had talked about the annex at least 3 times previously with the salesman!!!!! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!) They said that there was no annex and that it was a mistake (one of many by this stage)

At the end I sent a 3 page email to the customer service manager listing all the issues I had with the service and mistakes that had gone on, I received a one line reply saying did I want to cancel the order!! Of course I did but no apology or explanation - nothing from A'van.

The customer service with this company is disgusting and I am amazed they sell any new vans if my experience is anything to go by, I was lied too, promised things that never appeared and the final product was rubbish. I warn anyone thinking of buying a van from A'Van that it is not worth the stress or hassle that they put you through.

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We have just bought a 2013 Avan Frances and were wondering what tyre pressure people have found is best
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how much did a avan liam cost in 2009
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Just picked our frances caravan wet away for a few days all good at this point of time we had one issues our entry door from the inside was hard to open has anyone had this problem? Regards Marian
1 answer
Yes our door hard to open from inside. Our van is a555 aspire .screws holding door frame are into insulation foam .

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