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AAMI Travel Insurance

AAMI Travel Insurance

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Not Surprised..Not lucky with AAMI

I am looking for travel insurance, checking out the reviews with AAMI as I have home Insurance with them. This may not go to the reviews..but I'm not going to Insure with AAMI. Their Home Insurance has gone on a steep downhill.I'm going to change Insurance Companies..looks like same with travel. Thank you for all the reviews...sooo appreciated

Customer Service
Claim MadeNo

Unlucky your with Aami

Left items in my bag on the beach that were not waterproof - drone camera watch and they were stolen. Insurance paid but No insurance offered. Lost thousands of dollars worth of stuff. Apparantley items left "unattended" not covered. Seriously!!!!
Crap product, crap insurance! Dont waste your money your not insured!!!! Wont be purchasing ever again. CROOKS!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance Cover For:Adult and Child
DestinationSouth-East Asia (e.g. Bali, Vietnam, Thailand)
Insurance TypeSingle Trip
Claim MadeYes
Type of ClaimLost/Stolen Property
Claim Resolution Time1-2 weeks
Claim DateMarch 2019
Claim ApprovedNo

Unlucky if you're with AAMI

Have always purchased AAMI travel insurance, about 10 times over the past six years, and fortunate to have never needed to make a claim. Was caught up in the recent volcanic eruption in Bali and when I emailed to ask about cover for flight delays received a gleeful reply that 'as stated on their website Mt Agung volcanic eruptions are not covered as from September 2017'. Well it may be somewhere on their website but i can't find it.?.. You never know how good or bad a policy is until you need it. You live and learn and I've learned, like most other reviewers here, that it's easy to give AAMI your cash but you've Buckleys of making a claim. I feel lucky that i found out how useless an AAMI policy is before something major happened. Will do a lot more research before buying my next travel insurance policy, and AAMI won't be on the list for consideration.

Insurance claim madeNo

Don't even bother!

What is the point of getting travel insurance if they can't cover you for 1 Medial Consultation? Due to their excess policy of $200 (where you cannot reduce it), they do not cover any expenses under $200. Phoning up and lodging a complaint, I was advised that OTHER companies do not commonly have this excess fee. When I was overseas and confirming that everything would be covered, I was told that it would be.
Thankfully, nothing major happened because seeing all these other reviews, I'm thinking that even if something happened over $200 I wouldn't have been covered anyway.
Now I need to review my car insurance, I'm not sure AAMI is the best way to go.

Insurance claim madeYes

Hard to give a star rating when they didn't do anything.

What is the point of having travel insurance when they can't cover 1 appointment? Absolutely ridiculous! Their policy documents do not clearly state that you need to spend over $200 to be covered. Instead they give you irrelevant words to cover their dodgy tracks. When asking the claims department whether other companies have this 'excess,' I was told that NO, there are other companies that do not have this 'excess' policy. I feel lucky that nothing major happened, according to all these negative reviews I wouldn't have been covered by anything, $200 under or over.

Insurance claim madeYes

Procrastinating liars.

We missed our flights home from America due to weather. 'Thank goodness you have travel insurance', everyone said. It was an open and shut case, covered clearly in the insurance policy.

The first AAMI consultant was lovely, but lied to me about the documentation they required (deliberate or incompetent, not sure). They ignored all of my emails. The 'we process claims in 10 days' is a lie. They offered to pay a quarter of what they had to in an attempt to make me go away. This involved more lies about what they thought they should pay and I called them out on it by quoting their own policy back to them. The only way I could get them to respond to emails was to contact the social media team via Facebook. I sent 15 documents, made 4 phone calls (3 hours in total), and sent at least 10 emails and in the end it took 2 months and 2 days to get the money in the bank.

Their baggage insurance is self defeating due to the $200 excess, that is on top of the $200 excess for the rest of the travel claim. If the initial consultant had mentioned the $200 baggage excess in the first conversation, it would have saved me a lot of time taking and uploading photos and finding proof of purchase and providing a baggage report.

They are experts in procrastination and only acted when I told them I was going to the ombudsman. It would not have been worth the effort if it wasn't such a large amount I was chasing (business class airfares). I think they play a game of trying to drive people away with their carefully calculated delay tactics. They don't want to pay out big money, pure and simple. I have written apologies from them on at least 10 occasions apologising for their poor customer service, yet they continued to provide nothing but. Is it a lie to apologise for something they have no intention of improving?

Insurance claim madeYes

Never ever again. Don't use AAMI INSURANCE. They don't care.

We recently had to cancel our 28 day cruise to the Mediterranean. My father in law had been placed in Paliative Care and would not live passed the 2 weeks prior to our cruise. I got in touch with AAMI and advised then that he was dying and we couldn't go on our trip of a lifetime. They told me to go on the cruise and if he got worse and we needed to come home they would fly us home. NOT an option at all. Who would leave a dying member of the family. I submitted my claim, waited 10 business days and called them only to be told my claim has been declined. He wasn't going on the holiday, his health was private and we never thought that he would die before we went away. He died of prostate cancer which we had only found out that he had it. $15k lost. I am going to fight them and if no luck I will contact A Current Affair or maybe turn up at their office and demand an answer.
Everyone has a pre existing condition. We are all going to die. Come on AAMI show compassion.

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst decision ever

After taking the time to call and speak to someone to make sure my health issues would be covered. I sent a thank you email asking for written clarification. Turns out they (despite being reassured on the phone that they would) do NOT cover already known allergy and other medical problems that may arise overseas. Lucky I checked for written confirmation first or I would've gone overseas with essentially NO coverage. Only good thing was they cancelled it within minutes of my call to cancel it. Very disappointed in the lies I was told over the phone.

Insurance claim madeNo

Problem after problem

Numerous other complaints but here's my top three from my experience (from the one claim)
-Called the EMERGENCY assist number to have this responce "its a friday night, no body will be able to help you
till monday"
-Hour long Daily calls for 2 weeks sped up the process of having my claim settled- why should a companies ignorance lead to this, when i was clearly entitled to have my claim approved. seriously pay $40more to go with another company, its worth it
-They ended up paying my claim into another persons account TWICE
If they cant even read numbers off a piece of paper you have no hope if really need assistance

Insurance claim madeYes

My travel insurance was a waste of money

On the 2nd Day Of my Bali holiday I broke my foot at the resort I was staying at. I called AAMI insurance emergency phone number and I waited for 40 mins and then It clicked off. I was In quite alot of pain so I took some pain killers and went to sleep. The next morning I called them again this time I waited 32 mins and when I spoke to the lady she was very unhelpful and told me not to go to the hospital until she has issued me a claim number. At this point I didn't know If I had broken my foot or not, and it was all seeming a bit too hard. She didn't get back to me with the claim number that day, so the next day which is day 3 of my Injury, the pain in my foot was much worse so I phoned again, this time spoke to a lovely lady who told me that I should go to the hospital immediately and that I had been misinformed. I had xrays which confirmed a broken foot. The hospital said I would need a moon boot which would take a few days to get here and I was going home in 2 days. They said to keep elevated and to organise with the airline so I could travel with my foot elevated on my flight home. I phoned AMMI again to see If I was covered for an upgrade and again couldn't get through to them, it would click off after 20-30 mins. By the day of my flight home I had a message to say someone has called me back, but again when I called I was waiting for so long I hung up very frustrated. When I got to the airport I was informed it would cost me $590 to upgrade to business or I could have a seat with extra room. After the terrible terrible service of AMMI I chose not to pay to upgrade as it was only a 3 hour flight. Lucky as when I got through to them in Perth, very quickly I might add, they informed me that I potentially wasn't Insured to get upgraded to business class and it would have to go through an assessment to see if I was which would take a few days. I will never never never use AMMI for any type of insurance. I have since been told of so so many horror stories about insurance claims with AMMI. Their insurance is not worth the paper it is written on. Please never give them your money

Insurance claim madeYes

If I could give them Zero I would

The travel insurance policy hardly covers you for anything at all - definitely not for cancelled flights causing missed connections etc - be very wary! Will only cover you for natural disasters/civil unrest, not for the airlines cancelling your flights.

Insurance claim madeYes

Useless customer service!

I had to cancel my travel insurance policy with AAMI after realising it did not cover me for certain things I did not see in the fine print. I was within the grace period so this was fine. I made a phone call to Aami and was advised that, although I paid with credit card, the refund would be made by cheque. I would need to wait up to 10 days for the cancellation to be processed, then another 10 days for the cheque to arrive.

I let 4 weeks go by and no cheque. I emailed AAMI and was advised that the policy had not been cancelled properly, but that it would be done now. I replied that I hoped it would be done immediately as I was already inconvenienced in having to wait so long for the cheque that didn't arrive, now I would have to wait another 10 days. The consultant emailed back saying I could get a refund to my credit card if I prefer, I would just need to call them.

So I that day and spoke to another consultant who said she would cancel the cheque and process my refund to credit card. I waited 2 days and no refund, so emailed back the consultant who originally emailed me asking if my credit card refund had been processed. A different consultant again emailed back, saying yes it had been done. Another day passed and no refund, so I emailed back asking to make sure it had been done. A different consultant, again, emailed to say no sorry the cheque was posted there is no record of a credit card refund being requested. So again, I got on the phone and was told they couldn't locate that consultant for me to speak to. So I had to tell the entire story to the different one on the phone. She eventually told me that credit card refunds could not be made. So I said, have the two other people I spoke to saying it could been lying to me??

I will see now if the cheque is actually coming and has not been cancelled.
5 different people I have spoken to, never the same person and so much of my time wasted all over getting a refund. No idea what they would be like making a claim but if this experience was anything to go by, I will never use AAMI insurance in the future. Ridiculous experience.

Insurance claim madeNo

Do Not Book With AAMI - Massive Fail!

We booked our travel insurance through AAMI and unfortunately half way through our European trip my fiance's father passed away whilst we were overseas. Naturally we jumped on the next available flight home to be back with family during this tough time. We made a claim with AAMI, which has been denied 3 times through what they call their so called 'internal dispute centre' all because he had a pre-existing medical condition which we were not aware of. We now have to dispute with the Ombudsman.

Not only are we having to deal with the death of my father-in-law, AAMI have made this an even more awful time for us. Dispute staff are nothing but rude to you.

See, where they try to get you is in their PDS which doesn't make sense if you don't work in the travel insurance industry. They are not up front with their fine print. Other travel insurances ask if any family member have a pre-existing medical condition before you may proceed, it makes you stop and think. They only ask if you or those travelling with you have a pre-existing medical condition, NOT FAMILY.

Before booking travel insurance with AAMI, check if anyone in your family has a pre-existing medical condition and ask if they think they might pass away whilst you're travelling. That's pretty much what AAMI expect you to do.

Not worth it!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

My father died while i was travelling. I came home - AAMI won't cover any costs

I was notified of my late father's death whilst travelling throughout Germany in September 2015 and organised emergency flights home, leaving behind a booked cruise trip, hotel room in Rome, and our pre purchased return flights home.

The death of my late Father was sudden and completely unforseen. He was not under care at all, was in good health, playing live music with this band on that same day as his death and in a well condition. A sudden heart attack in the night took my father away.

At the time when the contract of travel insurance was entered into between myself and AAMI insurance, and up until my fathers sudden death in September 2015, I was not aware of and ANY reasonable person in my circumstances could not have been aware of the sickness which lead to his death (heart attack, my dad didn't disclose anything to anyone about his health and was very private).

AAMI have denied my claim, which is in excess of $9,000, due to Dad dying of a pre existing medical condition. You don't think this can happen to you - even if your mum or dad dies when you are travelling, you are better off staying there because these crooks won't cover you for anything. Disgusting. Don't trust AAMI with anything guys....they won't pay you a cent..

Insurance claim madeYes

Pray that a relative does die while you're away

I was forced to return home after my father fell ill and subsequently past away. the claim was rejected because of a spurious 'pre existing illness' ploy put on by AAMI. I will never use them again.

Insurance claim madeYes

Not Lucky with AAMI

I now know why there travel insurance seemed cheap because it isn't worth anything. Called to advise my travel to Bali was disrupted due to the volcano eruption on a island 150km away and before I new it I was transferred to their claims department to be told that my pre purchased travel insurance would not likely cover any aspect of my trip including if any member of my young family was got sick or injured. Totally disgusted with they way I was being treated I requested to speak with management which never happen. Aami then referred my complaint to their own dispute department and sent me an email some 3 weeks later that my insurance was void and that was final. I have been a customer of Aami for 16 years and always thought they were a reputable organisation. I have since cancelled car and home insurance policies and taken my business else where. If you are reading these I would avoid Aami no matter how good the deals seems.

Insurance claim madeYes

Never buy insurance from dishonest companies

I bought a comprehensive policy for my trip to Europe. Due to technical issues and delayed flight from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi We missed our flight from Abu Dhabi to Sydney. The airline booked us the next flight which was in 24hrs. I contacted the insurance and one of the adviser told me to book a hotel for the 24hrs that you are there and when you come back you can claim. When I came back the insurance company refused to pay any compensation. Also I lost one of my baggage which they didn't do anything for that as well. very disappointed with them. Never going to get anything from them and let all my friends know too.

Insurance claim madeYes

Best claims process

I travelled overseas early this year, while I was on stop over I was robbed. My personal belongings were stolen the claims process was absolutely amazing! No hassles no fake customer service, very quick to pay claim amazing def go with AAMI they also replaced old for new which was even better :)

Insurance claim madeYes

Worked as expected

frequent user of AAMI Tavel insurance but no previous claims.....my daughter had a horrendous experience with World Nomads so would advise anyone making a claim with any travel insurer to record details of every conversation, names, times, what was said.....was not expecting great things but did have a small claim for lost reading glasses with AAMI and the process worked as it should and I got a cheque within 2 weeks.

Insurance claim madeYes

So easy to claim!

We were visiting Malaysia and Thailand and everything was fine until on the last day my Husband got extremely sick with gastro. We called the dr to the hotel who have my Husband a bunch of medicine and said he was unfit to fly. We called AAMI and they put our call onto a dr who described the medication the Thailand Dr had given him. They were really helpful over the numerous phone calls and after coming home I faxed off the documents and receipts straight away. Over two or three weeks AAMI kept in contact with us and refunded the $4000+ that it cost us to stay one extra day in Thailand and flights home. Wonderful experience. Have used them many times since and will continue :)
Excellent customer service and seamless claiming process

Insurance claim madeYes

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