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North Geelong Centre - Castle cubby review

Wow! We were blown away by the service we received from the crew at Aaron's Outdoor Living in North Geelong! As soon as we met Bryan he honestly talked us through everything and showed us the workshop and quality of the workmanship. He gave us a great deal without any fuss, and even gave our son a gift.
The actual installation was done by Tim, a proper good guy! He didn't stop till it was done and the quality of the cubby and installation is absolutely top notch! It's obvious that this cubby will last long after our kids have outgrown it.

Basically if you want a cubby that's going to stand up to the weather, rough kids and even adults playing on it for as long as they need, look no further. It's a proper mini house for kids. Thanks so much everyone at the North Geelong store, we'll have years of fun with this.

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Wow! Thanks for such an amazing review! We are so happy you are rapt with the product and the service. The team will be very happy to hear the good news. Thanks, Aarons :-)

North Geelong Store

Thank you so much to the great, helpful & very funny boys at the north Geelong store, bunch of dags, but what a brilliant final product they produced with my castle cubby. Bryan showed me where they make them, always taking the Mickey out of the other two men. Peter & Mark I think? You could see they were enthusiastic about what they were building, but always having fun trying to out do each other with their funny comments. The final product was unreal. Paul the installer and peter, were troopers. Worked through the rain and didn’t stop as it was my sons birthday the next day. My son hasn’t come off it!! I honestly recommend Aaron’s Nth Geelong store if you want a great quality cubby!! I think a Bali hut is next on the cards. Thanks again guys!

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Thanks Maddison. Great to hear the boys have fun at work and that it is rubbing off on the customers too. Thanks so much for taking the time to review our Geelong store - they will be very happy with your kind words. And here's hoping you one day get the Bali Hut you want! Thanks, Aarons :)

Love my African Thatch

I would highly recommend Aaron’s outdoors as my African Thatch looks amazing, They kept in contact every stage, The materials look like high quality and I got a great price

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Thank you Laura for taking the time to review us - it is greatly appreciated. I agree the African Thatches look very smart. Which store did you purchase from so I can give them the good news? Thanks, Aarons :)I purchased it from the Geelong store. I organised it through Mark and he was very helpful and accomodating.Thanks again Laura :)

Wonderful Team and Amazing Cubbies!

The amazing team at Aarons Outdoor have helped the Starlight Children's Foundation on our mission to brighten the lives of seriously ill children, teenagers and their families by turning pain, fear and stress into fun, joy and laughter. The team have understood the unique nature of Wishgranting and have been able to build some truly amazing cubbies for some very deserving kids. We are so grateful for their support and look forward to granting many more once-in-a-lifetime Starlight Wishes in the future.

Customer Service
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Rates and Fees
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Thanks so much Natasha. We have absolutely LOVED helping grant the wishes of Jackson, Mia, Tom and all the kids we have built cubbies and play equipment for over the years on behalf of Starlight. And we cant wait to help your amazing foundation grant more and more wishes. Bring it on!! XX :)

Wonderful Experience and even better product!!

The playground, shed and rubber softfall at our community centre looks wonderful! Such a great experience dealing with Aarons, they were very patient and supportive with our development and for that we are greatful!

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Thanks Melissa. We are super happy you love your upgraded play area. We hope the many kids enjoy years of memorable play time in it. Thanks so much for taking the time to review us, we greatly appreciate it :)

Fantastic Outdoor Room !! Just what I needed

Recently purchased an Outdoor Studio Room for my daughter, so she has the space to design, create and make costumes, accessory and weaponry as part of her interest in Cosplaying. The team at Windsor Gardens were just fantastic, from initial purchase to final installation. The customer service was above and beyond any I have experience in a very long time, and they are very competitive in their prices. My daughter and I are looking forward to decking out the inside, and giving the outside our personalised touch of colours.
Thanks Pete, Jason and Mike......great service, great product, great job, great price !!

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Thanks Joanne. Your new Studio looks great and we are super happy that yourself and your daughter are happy with the end result. Thank you so much for taking the time to review us - we really appreciate it. And we would love to see the end result after you have decked it out. Thanks again, Aarons :)

The best

We’ve grabbed a couple of things from Aaron’s in Geelong and I can’t speak highly enough of them. They have competitive pricing but the service is next level!

Bryan and Peter are the best. They have popped by a couple of times after installing our cubbies with extra bits and pieces (steering wheels etc) for the children. They haven’t charged anything extra, just doing it because they are nice and want our kids to be happy.

Love them!

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Thanks Kieran for taking the time to review us - we greatly appreciate it. We hope the kids are loving their new cubby house :-)

Love the new cubby!

We bought our cubby from Aarons at Marsden Park. They were great in helping us to choose the right cubby for our needs, as well as suggesting they deliver in in pieces so that we could paint it on the ground, before they came back to put it together. Everything was on time and exactly as promised. Most importantly, our 4yr old daughter loves her new cubby!

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Thanks Alison. We love your Cubby as well. You have done the best job with the painting and styling. We are super happy your daughter loves it too. Thanks so much for taking the time to review us, we really do appreciate it :)

OMG What a difference A new backyard

I was thinking about a pergola for my Outdoor area for years. I was googling websites and came across Aaron’s Outdoor Living Geelong by chance. How lucky was I that they had a sale on. I then emailed them my enquiry. Brian contacted me and gave me a ballpark figure for what I wanted. Brian organised for Mark to come out to measure up the area next to the house where I was wanting the pergola to go. I ended up with a 5mx3m pergola. Mark was fantastic. He organised the permit and even gave me an upgrade of cypress posts instead of the round posts thatbcame with it Once the permit was approved the pergola was installed within 4 days. The men that put it up were great. I asked if there was any chance they could make my pergola roof go into my house guttering and they did it for me. Nothing was a problem. Thanks so much. I highly recommend Aaron’s Outdoor Living Geelong for all your Outdoor needs

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Thanks Terri. We are super happy to read about your experience with our Geelong store. Thank you for taking the time to review us and we hope you enjoy many years relaxing under your new pergola. Thanks, Aarons :)

falling to bits

Bali hut done just after xmas and its falling to pieces already ,i have been calling every week since April to get repairs done , ".Sure as soon as we have a job down that way well come and repair it" ".we'll be there some time this week" . and never turn up , lies , lies lies nothing done still and its now Late June.

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Hi Brett. We are sorry to hear you had not been happy with your Aarons purchase to date. I have called the store involved and they advised that the issue was actually fixed on Saturday, although you did have to wait too long for the fix to occur. So we do hope you are now finally satisfied with the product and workmanship. Regards, Aarons

Great service, workmanship and great installers

Went to Geelong store looking for a Bali structure for next to my pool. Spoke to Brian, I think and he was so helpful with his ideas and knowledge with what I could do in that area. Mark the manager come out for a free inspection of the area and measured the area I had available for the Bali hut to see what size would fit in. I had to get a special size made or a pole would have been almost in my pool. I paid a deposit on the Tuesday, and Brian and Peter had my 4m x 2.5m Bali hut up and finished by the next Wednesday. Very nice guys and kept working through the rain. So happy with a 7 day turnaround. Can't recommend these guys enough. Thanks.

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Thanks for taking the time to review us, we greatly appreciate it. Look out next summer when you will be able to enjoy many days by the pool without getting burnt :)

Really happy with my extra garden room

I recently purchased a small studio from Aaron’s so I could have some extra space be creative. It’s so quiet and relaxing that I find myself spending a lot of time in my happy space, painting away for hours. The best thing I’ve bought in years....

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Thank you for spending the time to review us. We are super happy you love your new Studio. We especially love that it's now your 'happy space'. Enjoy :-)

Disgusting and disgraceful

Contracted aarons outdoor living geelong to supply and erect a workshop. Fully approved with building and planning permits.
Promised a 7 day build has been 4 months and still going.
Poor quality workmanship from unqualified tradesman has resulted in building surveyor having building taken down and rebuilt.(26 defects noted and counting)
After contacting consumer affairs and lodging complaint with vba the following breaches of law apart from building works have been noted.
1 no building contract suppled
2 deposit greater than 5%
Progress payments greater than set out in legislation
3 job to start within 21 days of permit but took aproximately 65 days
4 Using unqualified labor
5 rectification works deadline breached twice already
List goes on and on.
Caught owner of aarons outdoors removing material without permission that belongs to kit purchased (this equates to theft)
I have photos and evidence to substantiate all information l have listed.
Do not use or support this company

Hi John From the Marketing Department's perspective, this is a very disappointing review to receive and read. Yes, the timeline seems unacceptable and there are certainly administrative processes that coincide with a Building Permit that should have been followed that clearly weren’t, which we will discuss with Mark. For one, I am very surprised a Building Permit was even issued without a Building Contract, so that is something else we will follow up on with the issuer. So on behalf of Aarons, I do apologise for the frustrations caused to date. I have contacted Mark to discuss your points and will now advise his comments in response to some of your concerns: 1) Building legislation states that a maximum of 5% deposit can be taken on works valued over $20,000.00. Mark’s bank receipts show that no deposit was taken, only the $3000 to cover the permit costs. The first payments received for the build from you were on January 4th, once the Building Permit was issued, which was approx. 65% of the works value. Our sales contract outlined the payment schedule, which was signed by you. Aarons don’t follow a ‘standard’ payment schedule as we don’t follow the standard building stages due to our products being in kit form, and this acceptable under the legislation. 2) Mark said that a Building Contract was filled out, however it was never signed, which was an administrative error on the store’s behalf. 3) Mark contracted a surveying company to ‘sign off’ stages of the build (which is a requirement) in order for us to continue with the next stage of works. These independent inspectors are used to ensure the client (you) are protected and that We (Aarons) are fulfilling our obligations under the Building regulations, and build as per the engineered drawings. Unfortunately, this surveying company (who Mark does not want to mention publicly) used a sub-contractor. This sub-contractor, as you know, signed off on the stumps, the subfloor and the frame, with the frame approval inspection completed 18/3/19 and emailed to you on March 22nd. However, it wasn’t until the next stage was to be signed off that the Surveying company (who this time did not use a sub-contractor) said that the stumps, sub floor and frame were not acceptable, and that these works would need to be re-done. Yes, this was originally due to not having great labourers (which have since been replaced with a Registered Builder), but has been and will be rectified by Mark, at Mark’s expense, which is his obligation and right. But had this been mentioned at the time of inspection, much of this unusual ‘mess’ would have been avoided. 4) When Mark questioned the Surveying company about use of the sub-contractor and what recourse he had about gaining the incorrect approvals, the Surveying company agreed that the sub-contractor was incorrect and advised Mark that his only recourse would be to claim the expense of the rebuild under insurance (a conversation you were privy to as it occurred in your backyard). 5) Mark did remove some timber from your yard, not because he was stealing it, but because our process is to remove debris from site. The timber Mark removed was the timber that was demolished (and which was replaced by new timber for the re-build, so was not going to be used in your build), so the Builder requested it be taken away. It was not ‘spare’ timber. Mark totally agrees that the build time has taken much longer than is usual for our Workshop builds and he apologies deeply for that. However, he is disappointed in your claims when you are aware of the circumstances that have led to the long hold ups. Mark is determined to complete the build to your satisfaction, which will be at a considerable expense to him. He wants you to be happy with the end product, although understands the process has been unacceptable. He said he even offered to send someone out there to paint your workshop as a way of alleviating your frustration, but this offer was declined. Lastly, Mark has made changes to his business model to ensure the experience you have encountered will never be repeated again Again, on behalf of Aarons, I am sorry you have experienced such a substandard level of service to date. I do hope that you are happy with the final product once complete. Please keep corresponding with Mark so that your build can be completed in a timely manner and you can move on from this debacle. Regards, AaronsI thank you for your response. I would appreciate a call to talk with someone in your firm as l can tell you that marks responces are not truthful. It is now 14 may and still the work is incomplete. Was told at easter it was a 3 dsy turn around. Very very poorHi John. Mark has advised that the Workshop is complete, the final inspection took place yesterday (18/6/19) and was signed off as complete, with final approval to be issued by Surveyors. Please contact Mark if you have any further concerns, as being a franchise business, any issues are to be dealt with at store level. Although the process you have endured has been not been ideal, we do hope you enjoy your Workshop moving forward. Regards, Aarons

The best outdoor cubbies!!!

My experience with Aarons outdoor living right from the first enquirers on my behalf, has been amazing! Perfect communication, installation and follow up!
I can’t recommend Aarons enough!
I have 4 high needs children and to see them enjoying their triple cubby and wanting to go outside and play is just fantastic!

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Thanks Roxanne. Your whopping Cubby (x3) is amazing! We had so many people comment when you shared your pic to Facebook,, it must be the envy of your street, friends and family. Thank you so much for sharing and we hope you get many, many more happy years of fun and family memories in your Aarons Cubbies. Thanks, Aarons :-)

Worth every cent!

We bought our 5 children a “Bungalow” cubby with a slide and a separate swing set. The staff at Aaron’s were fantastic.
We spent over an hour with sales staff customising our choices.
We got expert advice, help with dimensions and picking the cubby that would best fit our yard.
The purchase was easy!
Delivery was on time and the two men who arrived to build the cubby were prompt, professional and meticulous with their work.
My husband and I (and the children of course) are so impressed with the end result!
No more TV and iPad quarrels everyone wants to be outside exploring their own play space!
Thank you Aaron’s Outdoors!

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That's awesome Mary - thank you so much for sharing your experience. We love it when our customers are happy and go the extra mile to thank us publicly - we really do appreciate it. We hope to help you again one day soon. Thanks, Aarons :)

Could not be happier

After searching the internet for a suitable cabin to meet my needs, I came across Aarons Outdoor Living from Marsden Park, Sydney. After placing my order, two weeks later it arrived. Over two days it was erected in a very efficient way, the guys doing the job did so in an excellent and tradesman like manner. After completion, I am more than happy with the finished product and would highly recommend this company if you are looking for a cabin finished to a high standard.


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Thank you John for taking the time to review Aarons. We greatly appreciate it and are very glad that you are happy with your Cabin and the service we provided. We hope to look after you again in the future. Thanks, Aarons :)

Would not hesitate to recommend Aarons Outdoor Living

After doing a fair amount of research we decided to build our new outdoor studio with Aarons Outdoor Living at Windsor Gardens.

I must admit that I was a little concerned at first when I read some of the reviews from people in other States around Australia regarding workmanship and lack of follow up from management.

However, upon first impressions, Peter from the South Australian branch put my fears at ease. He was personable, listened and responded to our vision, and provided his own insight and expertise into our project.

Although hesitant, we went with our gut feeling and decided
to take a chance, which may seem foolish to some, but hindsight has confirmed our gut feeling was right.

I am unable to make any comments regarding the reviews in other states, but I can say, with confidence that the work quality and work ethic from all those at Arrons in Adelaide South Australia was first class. Communication was fantastic and any issues or concerns were handled promptly. They went above and beyond. The final product was to a high standard and Jason and Michael (Construction) were always prompt and their onsight manner was very professional.

Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to build in the area. Well done and thank you to the team at Aarons Outdoor living, Windsor Gardens in Adelaide South Australia

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Thank you very much. I have seen the pics of your Studio, and I agree, it looks fantastic. The boys at Adelaide will be very happy to see your comments. We are very glad you went with your gut :-) 99% of our customers are happy with the product and service they receive. We just wish more of them would type it up for the world to see. We so appreciate you taking the time to do this. Enjoy your new Studio and we hope we can help you again in the future. Regards, Aarons

Adelaide store closed down??

We drove an hour to look at cubbies for our girls 2 days ago, website stating they were open, to find pretty much an empty car park/ display area and office closed up. Rang while we were there and have tried ringing several times since with it always going to message bank. If they are shut down so be it but change your Facebook page and website. Very unhappy.

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We are very sorry Lindsay. We did go through a period a few months ago where we updated our display yard, so there was a week or so where the yard was very empty, but I am very surprised we were closed, as we are a 7 day business. I understand the frustration it must have caused, so as we offer no obligation site inspections, we would be happy to come directly to you to discuss your needs if required. If so, please email your contact details to marketing@aaronsoutdoor.com.au or contact the Windsor Gardens store directly to arrange an inspection time (08 8369 0951). Alternatively, if you are in the area again, the yard is full of product now which will give you the chance to see, touch and feel the quality. Regards, Aarons

No Show

Made an appointment to have my someone quote repairs on my Bali Hut.
They did not even arrive neither did they call or text as to why.
I find that very unreliable . I will not use them in the future.

Very sorry Anna. Can you please tell me which store you made the appointment with? Your avatar states you are from Victoria, but I have asked around, and so far, none of the Vic stores can recall having made an appointment for a Bali repair for an 'Anna'. You can email marketing@aaronsoutdoor.com.au if you have any further comments about your interaction with the store.I made an appointment with Aaron outdoors in Canterbury road , Kilsyth

Surprised? Somewhat...

I came to this site to give the Kilsyth store a nice review after my deck was installed and am quite surprised with the many negative reviews they have here. Although I can understand how some companies, especially service based ones, could get more bad than good comments - as the squeakiest wheel gets the most oil. It's a pity that more happy customers don't give compliments, as I am sure Aarons overall would have many more happy customers than upset ones. Well anyway, I am one of the happy ones. My deck looks amazing and Ian and Andrew were lovely to deal with - so thank you gentleman. James

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Thanks James. We are happy you are loving your new deck. And you are correct. We complete in excess of 50 installations a week and at Christmas it can be as many as 100 per week. So no, unfortunately we do not receive the positive feedback we would like, or deserve. So yes, the bad reviews are the not the norm. If only more were like you, we would look a lot better on this review platform :) Thanks again, and please make sure you send some pics of your deck to the store so we can share them online.

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Questions & Answers

Why do customers pay up front before delivery and installation? I’m a bit worried about some of these reviews. Can aaron’s Guarantee that my cubbie will be properly installed next week and that product is good and I will have No problems? I’m feeling a bit vulnerable...
1 answer
Hi Bronwyn. Good question. There isn't a specific requirement for you to pay prior, it would just depend on the individual stores process. Generally, we call to confirm the date and time of install with the customer, and at the same time, collect any remaining monies. This avoids having to chase monies after the fact, and assists us to not forget to collect monies. If you are feeling worried, then the best course of action is to contact the store you purchased from and ask whether they would be happy for you to pay for the installation on the day, once completed. I'm sure they would be happy with that. And to respond to your other comments, I agree that reviews in this forum are terrible. Unfortunately, our stores have not been active in asking for reviews from the many happy customers we do have. As I have responded to other reviews, Aarons have 10 installation teams around Australia (more at Christmas), who install in 50-100 backyards every week - and nearly everyone is happy with the end product. Only a very small minority are not, and use these sites to vent their frustrations, sometimes without even discussing it with our stores prior. Our stores are 100% behind ensuring our customers are 100% happy. Yes, sometimes things don't go perfectly to plan for whatever reason, but we will fix any issues to your satisfaction. I hope this has alleviated some of your concerns, but more importantly, I hope you are happy with your Cubby install next week - Im sure you will be. And if so, we would greatly appreciate a review here :-) Thanks, Aarons

How come a 2-3 week build of a backyard studio has taken over 4 1/2 months? Still no where near completed. With faulty workmanship and delays galore. Permits were approved by council on 23 Dec 2018. Very unhappy. Organised through Geelong store. Live in Hoppers Crossing.
1 answer
Hi Susie. Apologies for the frustration the wait must be causing. I have spoken to Mark and he has advised me that the main issue was that the engineered plans had the incorrect timber species listed, which was picked at audit stage, so yes, changes needed to made. And yes, this should have been checked more thoroughly prior to install, but this is not something that has occurred before, so it was not looked at. Mark also agrees that his installers at the time did not complete the works to our general standard, hence why he has now hired some new carpenters that are completing some good work. Mark has advised us today that final inspection is this Friday, which should mean your Workshop will be finalised tomorrow. I do hope you are happy with the final product. Thanks, Aarons

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