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ACN Pacific Broadband

ACN Pacific Broadband

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Not even worth a star rating!

Despise the service i’ve received. Very poor connection and trying to get it sorted is nothing short of astounding!
I had to get another contract with another company as my son needs the internet for his study. That one works perfectly fine.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateMay 2018
Standalone or BundledStandalone
Contract Type12-month contract
Data TypeCapped Data
Connection TypeI don't know

Worst Worst Worst

I can not stress this enough about how frustrated I am with the ACN service. Called them several times and every time I call them, same old drama, do that, try the speed test and so on. Slowest internet service in the world. They should stop providing ABN service honestly if they cannot resolve the issue. And then there is 400 dollars penalty for discontinuing the service. I am thinking I would rather pay 400 dollars and get out rather then getting irritated on their cheapest service.

Very horrible internet

horrible internet speed I have ever used in my entire life. I used this acn service since I join as IBO. Embarrassing to sell the product. So I stoped then and there. Now I am still with acn using crap net. Can’t wait for that end term. Only cos I can’t pay that 400 $ for bad service!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Start DateNovember 2018
Adequate Speeds No
Standalone or BundledStandalone
Contract Type24-month contract
Data TypeUnlimited Data
Connection TypeI don't know

Worst company to deal with

Very slow connection, unreliable and least support from technical section. Started web chat as phone is busy to cancel the service and was advised to call the customer service and then instantly stopped the chat without awaiting my reply.

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)

Joke of a company

Signed up with this company 4months ago. Have had nothing but trouble since- internet constantly drops out and the customer service agents consistently change the criteria for getting it fixed. Despite several calls nothing gets done. And to add insult to injury, they are insisting on charging the full cancellation fee! Surely there should be better regulation of these Mickey Mouse companies.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

Worst customer service

It can not be worse than ACN. Its a shame they are allowed to operate. Poor customer service. Pathetic correspondence. No customer care at all.

Connection TypeNBN FTTB (Fibre to the Building)

As bad as a scam

I am a victim of this crap internet. Please don’t get this service. Absolutely terrible speed. Can’t even load facebook contents. The wifi range is so bad that there is no reach within 5 meters. Trust me this is the worst internet service and you will get mad if you are gonna use it

Connection TypeNBN FTTB (Fibre to the Building)

I really wanted to believe and support but boy do i regret it

Absolutely terrible internet as it is always buffering. Literally can’t watch anything in hd. You want to watch a movie on netflix? you’ll be sitting watching the buffering more than the actual movie time. Oh you want to use two devices at the same time? yeah good luck mate. The worst part about it is i got the fastest speed. Also to even try to contact tech support is a nightmare, long ‘hold’ periods, confusing automated sequence to even get to speak to someone (that’s if you even go through the right sequence of the right numbers pressed), with most of the solutions is “you can go on our website.... blah blah blah crap” . and even if you end up talking to a human, they are overseas fobs which is so annoying because they barely understand you. Believe me, you do not want an acn internet service and this is coming from someone who joined acn with high hopes and really really wanted to support and have a positive outlook of it despite all the negative things being told to me, which makes it even more sad but i realised if my OWN internet service is trash i can’t continue “helping” others by getting the service. Do. Not. Get. It.

Poor customer service and terrible internet speed

Stay away from this company.
Poor customer service. I tried to complain that I wasn't told that there is a lock in contract and all they can is I'm sorry to hear that. And in the middle of conversations the person who you're talking to puts you on hold without telling you and transfers you to customer service where you will explain again the problem.

Very money driven and such a pyramid scheme.

Connection TypeNBN FTTB (Fibre to the Building)

Termination Fee after crap NBN delivered

I have had this as an ACN IBO since Jun and each month ring to complain about the buffering, the slowness, the drop outs on devices, etc. Each time I follow their fault finding, resetting routers, restarting devices, hard reset to NBN device, etc but they keep telling me to monitor. I played the game for 10 weeks and then rang again in Aug to be told we needed to do more fault finding to which I said "NO, enough is enough" and now they are saying I must pay $400 to terminate the contract. No way, they offered a service and have not delivered it so why should I pay that fee for something we did not get. Absolutely poor quality and today poor customer service. As an ACN IBO I am embarrassed about this and will never resell this to anyone.

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)
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Service being disconnected and termination fee has not been waved after lodging a complaint with the Ombudsman.

Extremely Poor internet Speed

I would strongly advise to new people that for God sake don’t get NBN service from ACN pacific, they are so so terrible and always mislead you, we are suffering from the first day and no one has permanently fixed the low speed issue, they gave me extremely high speed package but I always have buffering buffering buffering and buffering, my kids are not able to take a steady online tutorial classes. We are in terrible situation as ACN has been unable to provide a promised internet speed and we cannot change the service provider due to bond. So use my lesson learnt and don’t get ACN in any way, GO for Telstra nbn for a real good internet speed, which I had and honestly speaking I never ever had any speed issues.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

ACN internet - the worst ever!!

I signed and stayed with ACN to help my son. For a start they give you the cheapest modem in the market, $16 was the online price. It was fine for about a month and after that there was no way we could have a day without dropouts. Back then customer support was only during office hours and weekdays meaning basically while i wasn't using it at home. Filled up multiple online complaints which were never answered (I think now they have more days and extended hours).
Very unreliable, couldn't watch a single video stream without interruptions, let alone forget about watching in HD.

Finally cancelled the service, will gladly pay the early termination fee. Just had another provider installed and trouble free from day 1!! Free at last!!

I've had IINET, IPRIMUS, TELSTRA and ACN is by far the worst ever!!

Connection TypeNBN HFC (Cable)

Pyramid scheme/dodgy/scam company

I would give this 0 stars if I could.

My aunt roped my mum into switching to ACN despite KNOWING it was a scam because to my mum, showing you love your family is more important than money. My aunt even tried to get her adult sons to sign up but they were smart, knew it was a scam and said no to their own mother. Don't sign up. Please. There are much better ways to show your family you love them that don't involve giving them your money to scam companies.

My aunt even tried to get me to become a member and sell ACN services to my friends. She brought 2 ACN representatives to my family's home and sat me down at the dining table, telling me it was "only" $500 to join and that I could make so much money and all I needed to do was recruit 2 other people who would in turn recruit another 2 people, etc. - and so the pyramid begins. They literally had a pyramid scheme diagram laid out on the "fact" sheet provided. Don't do it. Don't join. Don't be polite or listen to the ACN recruiters talk about how much money you can make or save. Don't make things awkward between your friends and family when you scream that they could make/save so much money joining ACN.

My family had to suffer using their NBN for 2 months before my dad was finally fed up with his YouTube videos pausing every 5 seconds. We terminated the contract my aunt locked us in and paid the $400+ cancellation fee because there was no way we were putting up with constant lag, buffering and disconnections for another 22 months.

Don't put yourself through hell. Don't join ACN. Even if you love your family, this will never be worth it.

Connection TypeNBN Wireless

Worst service

Really sorry to say but i have experinced terrible customer service. I was convinced to connect internet with insufficent information.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

I wish I can can give them rating in minus

Worst NBN service. Too much drop downs in evenings and on weekends.
I was with TPG before and was very happy never called them in 2 years but with ACN I think some need to get rid of their job and stays on phone with ACN customer service.

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)

Waste of money and time

Put up this crap for 2 years changed to Telstra and wow what a difference no more buffering ACN don’t do it people worst experience ever.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

Super slow yet super expensive - just what I wasn’t after

We are a company with an ADSL connection. ADSL meaning “A Damn Slow Line”.

If your looking for sub 5mb download speeds and intermittent connectivity, then this provider is what your looking for.

Sprinkle one of the most expensive plans around for this slow, intermittent service, you know your in for a crap show.

I’d recommend the old tin cup and string as being a more reliable and faster method of communication than choosing this provider as your choice to power your business in this, the technology age that we currently live in.

Go with a wireless solution from a top tier provider (read main stream carrier) if your faced with the choice of ADSL from this carrier, poking your eye out with a hot iron poker, or wireless internet at your location.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Save your time stay away from acn

Just book for ACN pacific broadband through an agent well i thought it gonna be better... but you cant believe the speed they delivered to me it was 00.25 kbps even cant use the smartphones... well then we go for customer service so did everything we can so finally they give us appointment with technician after 10 days so today ha came and check everything but he couldn’t even understand what to do he recken may be have to change wires in street ... I'm tired of acn trash.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

I am disappointed with the service of ACN Naked DSL I have been a loyal customer for 3 years to long

I am very disappointed with ACN Very poor customer service. Time to look after customers.
4 years off loyalty to company but Thay just don’t cere
Rang ACN last week to let them know that I would be changein service provider at end off billing cycle. But cut off next day cut off around 10 days before the end off billing cycle
and left family with no internet rang ACN this morning and sed their was nothing Thay could do
Please acn get the care factor and customer service right before you have no customers. It’s ok to pay the bills but not much care from Acn side .

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+


Dog trash internet speeds. Poor connection constantly dropping out. Poor customer service. We have been with them for almost 2 years too long.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

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ADSLNBN 12 (Basic)NBN 50 (Turbo)
Monthly Price $79.95
Packages AvailableBundle and StandaloneBundle and Standalone
ContractSet PeriodSet Period
Data AllowanceCapped/Fixed and UnlimitedUnlimited
NBN Speed Tier 12/150/20
Max Download Speed 12 Mbps50 Mbps
Max Upload Speed 1 Mbps20 Mbps

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