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Mint Telecom
Latest review: I have to say that I am blown away by the customer service from this company and the modem came within 24 hours! Service was set up in 2 hours from when I called (but I had to wait for the lovely

Aussie Broadband
Latest review: I Just had my Aussie Broadband NBN connected today. We had a few issues with the first bunch of Technicians that came out but after a call to their support they sent out a Very qualified Technician

Latest review: Quick and easy with no hiccups. Amazing customer service and actually receive the speeds you pay for. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend launtel to anybody looking for a new

MATE Communicate
Latest review: After receiving very poor service from my previous telecommunication company (of which I'd been a customer for 15 years!) I began to search for another one that was actually interested in giving the

Barefoot Telecom
Latest review: My internet is basically unusable at night, slowing down to <1mbps (speed test) and then sometimes gets stuck on this speed during the day too. Customer service is only available until 7pm which is

Australia On Line
Latest review: Moved into a new place and needed NBN up and going quickly for work. I signed up with Australia On Line on their no lock-in plan and was up and going with my BYO modem the same day. I was just blown

Latest review: Stuart at bordernet needs a pay increase. He is excellent. Even though Bordernet stee having a few teething issues at the moment he was very patient on the phone as I quizzed him about a few

Tangerine Telecom
Latest review: I would just like to warn again the people who's still looking for new ISP to not pick this one. Do not pick this ISP specially in Cloverdale, WA area. Dropouts everyday lasting 5-10 minutes.

Harbour ISP
Latest review: I had a problem with NAT types for gaming users and I'm very impressed with how quick the problem was dealt and the follow up customer care is excellent, shout out to Dennis your customer service

Latest review: Great staff, they know their stuff. Never had a problem since being connected. I recommend them to anyone looking trouble free

Latest review: After getting set up to connect to the NBN , which was made easy with a Lizzy Preprogramed Modem, you would think it would be smooth sailing and surfing , wrong! There is a condition called "Drop

More Telecom
Latest review: Great help and customer service especially from one of the customer service helpers Hannah who helped us resolve and fixed our

Click Broadband
Latest review: I just got connected to click broadband and the service has been outstanding from start to finish. The speed I’m an getting now is unbelievable compared to my previous i

Uniti Wireless
Latest review: Switched to Uniti 4 months ago after struggling with my previous providor............very impressed with speed and connection....their communication with customers is outstanding......was emailed to

Latest review: For the last ten years I have been with skymesh, and although there were glitches, it was nothing out og the ordinary. Part of the package included a web page snf so I created a webpage for My

Latest review: "Fantastic customer service. Received a call within 15mins of making the payment. Received the sms as soon as I hung up the call. Wish all service providers were that good and efficient. Well

Latest review: After being with telecom for 3 years. I'm trying to move house. They initially said yes. But then last minute said no carn't do it. With no reason why. Despite also wanting an upgrade in tiers.

Future Broadband
Latest review: After years of using budgets provided to get the most bang for my buck, My patience was tested with another budget provider not listening when i was explaining my issues. I spoke to the team at

Infinity Telco
Latest review: Cant even get signed up and have been trying for nearly 2 weeks now. This is not great service at all and if it reflects what you do get when you get signed up

Prime Broadband
Latest review: Prime Broadband has the best customer service I was speaking to the customer service team this is the sort of service I like I recommend prime Broadband

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