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Actizyme Natural Safe Pellet

Actizyme Natural Safe Pellet

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use for manny things

with a teaspoon of Actizyme in a bucket of warm water let it dissolve and water on sick plants. may take a few application and you by surprised .I but the same mixture on my silver beet, some thing I never had before. toll and larger greener than the Irish .

Unfortunately it did not work for my blocked shower drain

I purchased a tub of Actizyme Natural Safe Pellets from Bunnings. When I opened the tub I was concerned that the pellets looked like the pellets I feed to my children’s guinea pigs.

I followed the instructions on the tub and unfortunately these pellets did not work for clearing my shower drain. I have had an ongoing problem with hair buildup and I used a whole tub of Actizyme Natural Safe Pellets from several attempts to unblock my pipes. All attempts did not work for my situation.

Be patient!!!

Im not one to write reviews but I NEED TO in this situation!

I've had a partial blockage for almost 2 weeks in the kids toilet. Unbeknown to me they kept using it, therefore it was super clogged! After many attempts with a cheap plunger (usually always works) I gave in and went to bunnings and they told me (along with a few others) its best to get a plumber, but I've unclogged toilets many a time before and persisted that me, a single mum with no man around, that I can do this.

I put hoses down the I.O, down the toilet and still nothing. Put a couple of scoops of Actizyme down the toilet and I.O yestersay and woke this morning to find it was still blocked. Went and purchased a plumbers auger and came home today to find it's all cleared! Couldn't be happier with my $17 product, pity I'm way too impatient and spent another $80 on specialized tools.

Worth a shot, but be patient! Lucky enough for us, we have another toilet.

Fixed the smell & blockage

I followed the instructions & got the desired results , just make sure you FOLLOW instructions. My toilet was severely blocked , It took 3 days until I got a good flush & now i will treat monthly to stop slow / smelly drains

Awful. Actually BLOCKED my sink!

My partner bought me this to use on a bathroom sink that was draining very slowly. Not only did this product not clear the problem, it CREATED one. Now the sink is totally blocked and refusing to drain at all. Followed instructions to the letter. Terrible. Will probably need to get something else to sort this out.


This stuff wks! I just used it an hr ago. I poured the whole container,flushed, then plunged. It didn't drain right away. Had to flush 4 times & plunge like crazy 4 times...but it works! My toilet is unblocked!

Used for 20 years

Having septic tank leach drain system have used actizyme pellets for 20 years never had to pump out or had any blockages ever having 6 adults 1 child living in house for the past 4 years.

So far, so good

I chose liquid activzyme; followed the instructions to the letter, and the medieval pong in our bathroom is abating. You must follow exactly the product instructions, and be patient. Hair is the perfect trap for bacteria hence the stink. Night seems to be worse, but this is precisely the time to use the treatment. I'll buy another bottle and repeat the process, so thus far I rate it three stars and rising.

Made problem worse

After several times of using the product as directed for speed action (ie soaking pellets in water before pouring down drain) our drain odours not only persisted but increased. We found the product had accumulated in the drain and was not being cleared fully. We had to use a far stronger (and unfortunately caustic) product in the end.

Had to call in a Plumber.

We live on Hindmarsh Island in South Australia, we all have septic tanks ... had a blockage, used the product, purchased from Woolworths - Goolwa. Had the grey water tank pumped out - then the blockage is still there.... called the plumber and found a solid block of the product blocking the waste trap.. Just removed blockage. I have used the product as described. Dissolved in water and poured down the sink plug-hole. Not happy Jan!!! Cheryl Chapman

Saved cost of plumber

Toilet blocked up and would fill up with water then slowly go down. When I showered the toilet would bubble. Tried the plunger on any outlet I could but to no avail. I had a blockage somewhere. I assume I Had an issue with grease oils, hair and other organic matter in my sewer lines. I bought this bottle of pellets and followed the instructions. I was careful to ensure that all outlets received some granules, I also mixed some up with water for the first couple of days. It took about 3-4 days, but the block cleared, and it's working fine now. Saved me 10x the price of the pellet bottle in plumbers charges. This stuff works, but you must be patient, and have another toilet to use while it's unblocking.

Love it!

It's so good! I have so many drains and sinks that smell (new house) so far Actizyme has fixed it, and they are also good if you have septic tanks. Highly recommend!

got rid of the smell

as far as i can tell, this product does exactly as advertised. i have small kids. our laundry drain gets used a lot for smelly stained undies etc. it was starting to pong, bleach didn't work to remove the smell, vinegar didn't work. but this actizyme did, so it gets a big thumbs up from me!
it helps to balance the beneficial microbes in our homes.
it seems strange to add what looks like guinea pig food into my drains.

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Can you use actizyme in self composting toilets
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hi there, I was wanting to know if I can put the actizyme pellets straight into the septic system??
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This suggests that yes you can https://actizyme.com.au/products/ I use it routinely rather than waiting for a blockage and it seems to work well to help keep things clear. I love that it’s a natural solution rather than full of chemicals and harmful. Good luck!

Followed instructions but Actizyme appears to have made the problem in my ensuite sink worse, water won't drain at all now. Has been 3 days, how long do I need to be patient for?
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Do u have a plunger? If so, plunge hard consistently- on and off for about half an hour and it should do its job. Mine worked well on the toilet. Get back to me and let me know how u went.