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4.6 from 47 reviews

Not working

Unable to order my photobook. Got message that the server is not connected. No response to email or phone call. Think that the company may have collapsed. I am very disappointed as I spent hours assembling the photobook.

Can not connect to server

Completed photo book. No server available to upload photos. Was told server had been down for past month, no idea when it will be operating again.

Software was impressive but greatly disappointed.

Professional and prompt after-care service

Easy to use program to create your own book. Quality product. Outstanding customer service - I had written the incorrect street number on my address. I was kept informed by Aust Post that my book was on its way, then was not able to be delivered. I rang Advent and explained the situation. They rang back a few minutes later to say that my book had been returned to them. I offered to pay the freight costs again, due to my error in giving the incorrect street number. I was very impressed when they said they would deliver it to me, free of extra charge, as one of their drivers would be in the area the next day. I would definitely use Advent again.

Easy to Use and Loved the Finished Book

I really liked the Advent program to load photos into the book. It was easy to use and offerered a very good range of options for the layout of each page. The ability to save my work part way through and come back to complete/revise the book at a later time was very useful and I did not need access to the internet until I was ready to place the order. Presentation of the front and rear covers worked really well and I am very pleased with the finished hard cover book. Production and delivery was very prompt and the book was well wrapped for protection while in transit. I am happy to now start looloing at my next book.


After reading all these great reviews i decided to go with Avent. I orded 20 page 20x20 soft book so nothing to big but for 30 dollars I did expect better quality. The photos just look like they have been printed from a normal printer.
Wouldnt say it is totally bad but if you want someyhing nice i wouldnt recommend them.

Decent price and quick turn around. Print quality ok.

I used this service to get a pretty standard photobook done of my travels. I didn't do anything particularly adventurous. Their software gave me trouble once, but mostly worked fine, though it isn't the prettiest. Their prices were pretty reasonable, but between placing the order and getting the book, it was really quick.

That said, the quality of the photos just wasn't quite what I'd been hoping. The colours just didn't quite pop the way I'd wanted. I don't think that's my photography--I'm moderately serious about it, but it's always hard to tell. The colours definitely looked better on the few monitors I looked at the photos on (not just one monitor). Also, you could see just see the individual pixels of the print. Only if you looked really closely, but still, just not quite as sharp as you'd expect.

Great Results all 200 PAGES!

I decided to use Advent after much research into other products to produce a 200 page 12x12 photo book with my high resolution photos from several holiday trips.Not many other companies will do a 200 page book. I like their software which you keep on your computer. Not having to log in every time I worked on the book (over 150 hours) was a bonus. I just received the photo book, after 5 working days from order and I must say I am very impressed with the quality all round. The page layouts,templates, cropping, text boxes etc is exactly as I produced at home prior to uploading! There may be cheaper options out their, but you get what you pay for. It was great value for money and I have an impressive photo book to prove it. I will definitely use Advent again.

June 5th 2017 Update: Not In my case!

I have not one Advent logo in or on any pages of my photobook! I have a small bar code on the last page on my photo book, bottom corner, no problem! I did not need to load program every time I went into Advent on my computer! I have not been paid for any of my comments. I am true Aussie Blue! Live in Brisbane Qld. Photo of myself on reviews? Why would I, I am ugly LOL! Working on another photo book now.!

Good quality, great price

I have purchased about 8 books now - easy to use, great layouts, economical - no problems at all. I do one for my mother in law for her Christmas present for the past three years and she loves showing them off. I have included proof of purchase with my review.

Just some annoying things that turned me away

I downloaded the software. Even though I have locked the item on my dock, the software does a complete install every time I turn off my computer and want to load it up again (which is time consuming and annoying). Plus, there is a very noticeable Advent logo and barcode on the back cover which you cannot get rid of. I was tempted to persist because of the good reviews on this site. But I'm so annoyed by both of these negatives I have mentioned that I am just going to cut my losses and move on to another photobook provider before I get too invested in this book. Their email support is poor (no reply in over 2 days) but they were quick to pick up the phone for phone support and were polite on the phone. Too bad they could not sort out my software issue over the phone though.

Excellent product, exceptional customer service.

After researching many online photobook services, I discovered Advent Photobooks late in the day, leaving a very tight window of time to get my rather ambitious photobook made, uploaded and then produced. I rang the team at Photobook who kindly provided me with an upload deadline that would allow them to get my book produced and mailed. I found the software easy to use, mostly intuitive and importantly - fun! A minor technical concern was quickly resolved by a phonecall [magic - real people, with genuine interest in my issue, to talk to!!]. Don't be alarmed at the time it takes to upload your book to their site; my book took about 30 minutes, but it all went smoothly, with a few automated prompts asking me to confirm some content. My photobook arrived in advance of the expected day and I was delighted with the quality. Everything looked so much better than I had hoped for. The coverboards are strong and glossy, the pages thick and smooth - they made even poor photographs look good - all this at a very reasonable price. I will certainly be using Advent Photobooks again. Other online suppliers could learn a thing or two from Advent's customer service.

Simply the Best

I used Advent Photobooks last year to create a beautiful record of my daughter's Christening. From the beginning, it was such an enjoyable experience. The software is very easy to use and I could design every page just the way I wanted effortlessly. I must make a special mention of the fantastic customer service. Even though I put in my order just 5 days before leaving on vacation, the wonderful people at Advent were so accommodating and made sure I received it in time to take it with me to show my relatives overseas. And the end product could not have been better. I was very proud to show it off to everyone! I will always be grateful for the wonderful service I received at that time. I don't need to look anywhere else for all future photobooks. I have very happily recommended Advent Photobooks to my friends and am very happy to continue doing so.


I just received the photobook I made for our wedding pictures... And it looks absolutely amazing. The software was so easy to use, and the ordering process so simple. I highly recommend Advent Photobooks. the pricing was very good, and the communication even better. I honestly could not be happier. I can't wait until I have another occasion I can make one for!

Perfect....absolutely perfect

Easy to use software with absolute freedom to create. Perfect for gifts and for our own collection. I highly recommend Advent Photobooks.

A great discovery!

I was using another product and not finding it at all intuitive. Once I started Advent I appreciated the responsive Help Line, and also found the product quite easy to use. The quality is excellent and I have discovered a new creative outlet - making books for our grand-daughters using my text and my husband's photos.
The help desk, the electronic link to my book and the book quality.
Not much! Maybe a few more backgrounds would be great.

The best tool to treasure your memories...

We developed two photobooks - one was capturing our beautiful wedding day and the other one capturing the building development of our house. The software was very easy to use. The end products look amazing and the quality was very professional! We thoroughly enjoyed putting the books together. We will definitely be recommending Advent Photobooks to my friends and family globally!
Affordable, Easy, Fun, Prompt

Fantastic Product

I have just received the 3 albums that I put together & they are fantastic - the quality is great. The books were easy to put together ( after I had sorted our photos ). The family members they are for will love them. The programme was simple to use & I cant speak highly enough of the quality I would definitely recommend them to others
Very easy to use

Success at first attempt!

I had a great experience & result with my first photobook using Advent. Daniel gave personal & prompt support when I was unsure what to do initially. The program is so easy to use & the email documentation of the stages comforting. I can’t wait to show the book to my family & friends & have a chance to do a second!
Easy & efficient to use.


I wanted to give my Nana something Special for her 90th Birthday. The photos weren't great quality as they dated as far back as the 1920s. The book turned our Brilliant and everyone raves about it. I will definitely be using them again, great idea to record those special events and memories
easy to use

Beautiful memories will last forever!

I used Advent Photobooks to create a memoire for my daughter's 21st Birthday and the result was sensational. The photos were reproduced very clearly, even though many of the photos were scanned as they were taken over 20 years ago. The program was simple to use and allowed for may variations in size, shape, colour and font. The level of customer service provided was excellent. All my questions were answered promptly and i was given personal support to complete my project. My photobook of 95pages was delivered in less than 10 days and everyone who has looked through my photobook has commented on its very professional and high quality finish. I would highly recommend Advent for the excellent quality of their product but more importantly for their excellent assistance and customer service.


I recently completed my first 60 page hardback photobook and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was! The software was simple to download and I created a folder of my favourite photos which made it easy to download into the software. I watched the tutorial which had good tips, used the enhance photo feature on all of my photos and it was easy to rearrange pages to get the photos in order. I received notification when Advent had received my download and when the book was going to be sent - which was done in a very short timeframe. The finished product is very professional, excellent quality and we love it. It is a fantastic keepsake and I'm looking forward to receiving my next book this week!
I highly recommend Advent and their hardback photobooks.

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Questions & Answers

What gsm paper do you use? Do you print in lustre, matt, gloss or what? Please could you send me paper samples so I can check what is used? Do you provide a dust jacket? Please reply on my email [email address removed] Look forward to hearing form you, CIl Grace
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What materials are used to print and bind the book. Is this all delivered to you?
2 answers
The cover is a 'shiny' hard book cover with black background, that you can place your own photo on either front cover only, or can cover both front and back (this would be good for landscapes or seascapes). Binding is similar to most hardcover books in bookshops, and yes, delivered to your nominated address.Excellent quality. Just like a hardback book you would buy.

Can you use your own photo as a background? Can you have text boxes on the pages as well as photos?
2 answers
Yes to the Text Boxes and yes to making a photo as a back ground for whole page, I make front and back cover from one photo which looked amazing. If you mean can you then overlay other photos on this back ground I'm sorry I don't know as I never tried..... you could however resize and bringphotos forward or backward so I would think it should be possible but not 100%Hi Margery, I can confirm that you can use your own photo as a background. Either by the way that Cathy has described above, or by actually importing your own backgrounds into the software. If you send an email to service@adventphotobooks.com.au I will send you instructions on how to do this.