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Albatross Swimming Pools

Albatross Swimming Pools

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Excellent service and value for money

After conversations with many pool retailers at the Pool and Spa Show, we choose Albatross as they came across as honest and trustworthy.

Our pool project was done in conjunction with a new home build. The later ran well behind schedule yet Albatross were understanding and didn't complain at any stage.

We're thrilled with the result - ideal size pool for our backyard and looks great. The end-to-end service couldn't be faulted.

Special thanks to Justin (Sales & Operations) and Geoff (Technical) who have offered excellent support throughout the process - particularly post-handover. As we are first time pool owners we had lots of questions regarding maintaining and nothing was too much trouble.

Albatross Pools represent excellent value for money. I would happily recommend them.

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Thank you Clinton for sharing the experience you have had with our team, I will be sure to share it everyone involved. We are often part of a bigger project, be it an extension or new home build, being in construction we understand things sometimes happen outside of your control and we simply need to adapt to accommodate the change in schedule. We got there in the end and we are very pleased to hear you are thrilled with the result! There is a lot of information to absorb when you become a pool owner and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have along the pool ownership journey – please remember our Pool Stores are open seven days and are here to help :) Thank you once again for sharing your experience Clinton, we truly appreciate it! Happy Swimming (once the weather warms up), Peita – Albatross Pools

So slow, ruined summer and christmas

The process of installing the pool was so slow despite advertising that it’s an easy process. It’s terrible! It sucks.

The best customer service

Albatross recommended the perfect pool for the area we designated for it. I couldn't fault the construction, we are really happy with it, and the service we have received since has been excellent. Their knowledge of pool construction and ongoing maintenance is also remarkable, any problems we have (which are always our fault) they provide the perfect remedy. Our pool requires very little maintenance due to the equipment they suggested, and they are always happy to test the water for me, any time. The staff are very friendly and welcoming, and I highly recommend them. Anyone who is in business knows that sometimes things don't go to plan, and the unexpected hiccups can be frustrating, as well as outside your control, but the best service is that which recognises this and endeavours to provide the best outcome, with a smile. Well done Albatross.

Very poor customer service

The pool was not finished yet. After the first-day excavation, my lawn in the front yard was damaged and a tree trunk was cut 90% (I did not know until the next day when the tree was on the ground. Their contractor did not tell me and just installed a short steel pole to hold the trunk upright with tapes!). And a bluestone was broken too which I also found out later. When complaining over the phone to them, I was told to read the contract which said they were not responsible for damages". I did raise my concern when I read that clause during contract signing, and the sales said contractor was covered by insurance and any damages would be covered by insurance, which sounded reasonable.
But no, now I am told, I am responsible for any damages caused by their contractors. Is it unfair to the owner? The contractor could do anything he wanted and his only goal is to finish the job asap without the need to take care of the possessions of the owner!
Complete silent when I wrote to Albatross pools. And it has been weeks already. The only thing they did was to invoice me in time, and requested me to pay before they'd move to the next step. And another bill from the excavation contractor today to charge me extra $880 who claimed extra work which I could not quantify and no notice or quote prior to the job.
I am very disappointed with Albatross pools' customer service and no service provider would treat the customers like this!

Good Afternoon Kathy, I am sorry to hear you are disappointed with your initial experience with us. We are looking forward to celebrating 50 years next year and are normally known for exceeding expectations and we do apologise if we have fallen short in this instance. When a project presents with extremely tight access such as yours, an additional pre-site inspection by our excavation team is organised. The purpose of this additional site visit is to meet with the client and identify access options and discuss the potential damage that may result (this damage would accompany any project involving the rear of the property due to the very poor access available). Two additional pre-site inspections took place prior to the of the excavation of the swimming pool due to the high difficulty with site access - during both visits it was agreed to gain access over the front lawn and bluestone steppers to avoid potential damage to the exposed aggregate driveway. The potential of the necessary damage to the lawn was raised during both visits and also on the day of excavation. We appreciate it is difficult to see damage to the front lawn, please be rest assured the damage caused couldn’t be avoided to gain access with machinery to the rear of the property. Unfortunately one of the boards laid to protect the paved area kicked out from under a machine and damaged a newly planted small plant alongside the excavation path. At this point, you should have been advised and once again we sincerely apologise for this not happening at the time. As we have throughout your project, please know our team are available to talk to or email at any stage. The invoice received for the $880 was for associated tip fees with your project as agreed to in the contract and also discussed prior to signing the contract, hopefully the copy of the paperwork with the invoice provided clarification on this. Our pool construction team involved in your project are renowned for their exceptional attention to detail and truly take pride with every project. Hopefully the above provides further clarity on your concerns as previously discussed with Osher (who you have been working with since your project began). We hope to turn your disappointment around and exceed your expectations for the remainder of the project. My name is Peita Otterbach and please feel free to contact me on 9870 3011 if you would like to work through any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you KathyPeita, thanks for the call and it was very productive. Appreciate your understanding and effort to resolve the issues. I look forward to the completion of my pool, and my next project with Albatross!

Love my 10 year old Albatross Pool!

In 2008, after a lot of homework & quotes for a swimming pool I signed a contract with Albatross Pools. What attracted me to Albatross Pools were that they were a family owned company that had a great reputation & had been around for a long time. The previous customers that I had spoken to were positive about this company, so my decision was also based on word of mouth. I think this means a lot when you are looking to purchase a pool.
From start to finish Albatross Pools were amazing from the person providing the quote, the people in the office, the pool builders, the people in their stores at Warrandyte & Dandenong. There is not a bad word I could say. They were punctual & stuck to their timelines. The were no hidden costs and their work was amazing & professional.
10 years down the track & they are still professional & friendly. Their knowledge of pools & anything to do with pools is amazing & a clear example of why they have been in business for so long.
I would have to say I LOVE MY ALBATROSS POOL. I love coming home on a hot day & jumping in my pool & just letting life take a step back & relax. There is no better feeling. I also love that it is not a tiled pool to cut your feet. It is lovely & smooth.
A pool is a great investment in family time too. During summer my family spend most of our time together/entertaining. I also find that you don't have to spend all your time cleaning the pool as they are low maintenance.
An Albatross Pool is a work of art in your backyard and does not cost the world. I would highly recommend Albatross Pools

Not a good experience

My experience has been not a good one with Albatros. The original quote blew out by thousands and they suggested a filter which did not suit the pool. I was also advised to get heating which has turned out to be a complete waste of money.
On completion they also added some 'unforeseen costs' so be very clear and careful at contract stage.

Terrible Service

I attempted to get a pool quote from Albatross by visiting their display in warrandyte. There I was advised that someone would need to come to my site to quote so I provided all my details so this could happen. When no one called me I rang them, however no one answered (and no messagebank!). I then messaged on facebook but no one replied to my message. Finally tried again in person at the pool and spa show where the man was very apologetic and assured me someone would follow up (no one did).

Liner of pool covered by disgusting stain

After spending close to $40,000 on an albatross pool only to be extremely disappointed.
The pool is 4 years old and for the last 3 years the pool floor is covered by a massive stained liner which is extremely unsightly. After working extensively with albatross to maintain our water chemistry which was always correct, we were told by staff it is neither ours or there fault it's just unfortunate. It is the focal point of our backyard and is a complete embarrassment as all guests comment on it. We have completely wasted including landscaping over $50,000. Albatross tried to find a solution but in the end just wiped their hands with it. I requested a liner change but was told there is no warranty for a stained liner and it would just most likely come back anyway.
Don't be fooled and install one of these pools friends of ours have fiberglass and look amazing all year round!!!

Hi Damien, When I spoke with Donna on the 26th May 2016 she told me the growth had disappeared and you both were really happy with the result. I am really surprised to hear from you via the forums you have posted on in the last few days – not only do you have all of my contact details, I requested that you reach out straightaway if the growth returned or if you needed help with anything else to do with the pool. To say that we ‘couldn’t care less…’ (as per your review on another website) couldn’t be further from the truth. Since April 2015 I have personally been working with Donna and yourself on your pool. From meetings in the Pool Shop, telephone calls, emails and I have been to your home and organised a consultant to accompany me who had over 35 years of experience with the hope to get to the bottom of what was causing the growth in your pool…as the issue came and went (characteristic of a growth fed by it’s environment), it was a lengthy process of elimination to get to the bottom of the issue. Apart from normal balancing chemicals, the products used to specifically kill the growth (including the product we sourced from overseas at no charge) were either at no charge or heavily discounted, including the replacement cartridge filter which appeared to have fixed the issue back in May of last year. Unfortunately we haven’t seen you in the pool shop for a water test since March of 2016. Based on my experience and understanding of your pool, if your pool water is not balanced and maintained every 6 weeks (just like you would with a concrete and fibreglass pool) and the cartridge filter chemically cleaned on a monthly basis, the growth may return, which it looks as though it has. The industry standard for all pool types is for a warranty to cover items which are under the control of the manufacturer and installer. The marks in your pool are indicative of bacterial or algae growth (as evident by the fact it has previously been removed) and are not covered by any pool builder’s warranty (including concrete and fibreglass). Even though this is the case, we chose not to wash our hands of your issue and have actively sought to assist with finding a solution. My contact details have not changed, my offer to work with you is still available. Thank you, Peita OtterbachHi pieta, Ok for 1 the elimination process you were taking us through was costing a fortune and 2 it went on for 2.5 years with zero results other than a fix when the new filter went in. How it can be an environmental issue has me stunned as 99% of pools are outside and we know 3 houses in our estate with pools but no issues. 2 are fiberglass 1 is concrete. You know how clean and looked after our filter is and our chemical balances were always on time without fail!!!!! We have since gone to another pool shop as even with your discounts you were expensive. You did say to us it wasn't our fault or your fault yes? How you can be in business 50 years and have no clue what is causing this is astonishing.. I would not recommend albatross pools to any one because I doubt this is a 1 of situation

Do Not Buy Through Albatross Pools!

We have bought a house with an Albatross pool installed in 2013. We settled on the house in September 2016 as swam in the pool that Summer. The liner was bulging out due to water behind the liner and the liner had come away in a section near the shallow end.

After calling the Dandenong branch in late 2016 twice, I was told each time, someone would get back to me. They did not. We then were instructed to call the head office in Ringwood... we did & no reply call.

As Summer ended we had not had a call and closed the pool with no help from Albatross.
We have now opened the pool for Summer 2017-2018 and called Albatross pools again Early November. They said 5 weeks to assist us, they have just called and said they can't see us until next year.
Additionally they said the warranty on the pool is not transferable to the new owner (us).

Shocking service from dismissive staff, it's shameful.
Needless to say the next port of call will be consumer affairs and my solicitor.
I hope you enjoy the Summer dealing with the administration I'm sending your way Albatross.

Hi Tim, hopefully you have been able to find someone to remove the water from behind the interior before Christmas. This may actually be something you are able to do yourself and I can walk you through it over the phone if you would like to contact me directly (03 9870 3011 or peita@albatrosspools.com.au). Apologies for the experience you have had with us regarding the service request. Unfortunately our lead-time and follow up during peak season can be considerable and it is an area in the business we most certainly need to improve in. Regarding the warranty, I believe there may be some confusion; getting water out from behind the interior is not a warranty item (we cannot control ground water getting into the shell) however the warranty is most certainly transferable. If however the former owners built your pool as an owner-builder project (which I believe to be the case with your pool), the only area we warrant is the pool components used in the construction and this is also transferable. Before you go to consumer affairs and your solicitor (or even if you have already), I’d invite you to contact me directly to discuss the warranty; I’d hate to waste anymore of your time on a misunderstanding. Peita OtterbachHi Peita, Glad to have someone offer assistance. However, your lead time seems to extend almost one and a half years as we called you guys in November 2016 as per my original post. It’s a shame none of your guys bothered to come out. They would have seen the following, contrary to your comments; * the liner has come away from the track * the gap has caused the water to go behind the liner and gather at the deep end * ground water? What ground water, the house and pool is on a slope down toward the deep end and the pool sits up with a raised deck. It is also surrounded by agi drains and scoria. * your team need to be prepared to listen and see the pools rather then make assumptions My legal advice is that there could be grounds to go to building conciliation / mediation which is likely my next step. Additionally warranties are transferable and statutory warranty should do fine. I will email the photo of the liner if you wish but your team should be prioritising my matter on the basis it is more then one pool season old. Unless you have a back log of last seasons jobs,surely I can’t be the only one. I await you booking in a time to see the pool. I will be home for the remainder of the week ending 24th December - my email is rudugger@gmail.com. Tim.

Vacuum seal liners ☹️

Had albatross fit a pool 9 yrs ago and still having to call them back to fix the ongoin issue with the liner coming un clipped to be honest and fair they do keep coming to fix it but 9 yrs without a solution is frustrating !!!

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Hi Steve, it is good to hear you’ve been able to have the interior clipped back in and the damage repaired. Interiors can come out from time to time usually due to ground water becoming trapped between the shell and the interior, which I understand to be the case with your pool based on my conversations with Melinda. It may be worth investigating to see if there are any cracked stormwater pipes in the backyard causing this excess ground water around your pool, this was suggested when I spoke with Melinda (excess ground water in your area isn’t something we commonly hear about or come across that’s all). The suggestion of the additional valve by your serviceman may definitely help with this but it may still be worth investigating a potential cracked pipe. If you need any further help with this, please feel free to contact me directly on 9870 3011 or email peita@albatrosspools.com.au

Happy pool owner

In 2013 we started a project to renovate our property, adding a second story to our Californian bungalow and a pool out the back. We started the pool investigation early, reading all sorts of discussions on pools from owners and learnt there were three in-ground options: fibreglass, vinyl and concrete. Fibreglass was easy to discount on the basis that we didn't want a pre-determined shape, we didn't want to have to get the pool shell over some part of the house via crane (meaning it would have to be done before the second story was added), and we also didn't want the experience of the pool floor possibly separating from the ground (an air bubble like feeling) that we'd experienced in some instances in the past. But concrete just seemed to be the predominant option, so we were a little hesitant not to go with the flow. That said, there didn't seem to be informed reasons for going with concrete, except that it was 'the Melbourne way'. So we investigated the two options in parallel, and for vinyl, Albatross was the clear expert in Melbourne, based on a number of internet searches and SPASA awards. There was a lot of material from Albatross on the internet, so I felt well-prepared when I headed out to Warrandyte to check out the pools in person. My memory of my initial meeting with Peita is still extremely positive - we discussed the pros and cons of vinyl versus concrete, the type of design we were contemplating, heating options, and looked at how their displays translated into practice and had been in place for up to 30 years. At this point I found my research bias to vinyl was strengthened, particularly the aspect that ground moves would not be likely to cause leaks (a major concern for me with concrete over the decades we planned to use our pool), the non-reactive nature of vinyl with chemicals and pool equipment and the soft feeling on the floor (rough pool floors are a pet dislike of mine). But I was worried how my wife, kids (and friends) would react to something different from the norm. On initial discussion all three groups were uncertain, with a question on concrete with tiles was a nicer look. But when looking through the display centre, looking at the various colours and how the pools looked and felt from a distance and up close, they were all willing to go with my view. At this point, Peita gave us an indicative quote and we said we'd come back once the rest of the renovations were well progressed (as it happened more than a year later), as we agreed there was sufficient side access that we didn't need to do the pool first and then have construction all around us - indeed this was Peita's strong recommendation as once built the pool would have to be filled and with all the dirt from construction the impact on pipes etc was unnecessarily risky (great advice). However, I did ask about pool and spa heating questions for potentially using the pool year-round, wanting to compare and contrast gas and/or electric reverse cycle and/or solar heating via tubing (and noting we were looking into rooftop solar PV for general power for the house and hence roof space was a premium). Peita didn't claim specialist expertise on the matter, but the investigations she did on this query were above and beyond (hopefully the knowledge gained in this work has been of benefit for future pool owners not just us) and really helped us in the decision to go fully electric. When the time came, in August 2014, to look at the space we had in the backyard, post renovation, Peita came around to our house and was very helpful as we determined where to put the pool, spa, pool lighting and equipment. And then we started working at pace to move/save the bricks from our paved backyard (we wanted to do something ourselves) to make way for the pool.

The building and construction phase when Justin took over with the team was stunning in its speed in late October/November 2014, so much so that we only just remembered to ask for some help moving some favourite fruit trees and tree ferns before the hole was dug, the water pipes installed, the stainless steel sides constructed and the concrete floor poured in what was only a matter of days. But the team was suddenly operating to a timeframe of wanting to help us have the pool operational before Christmas. And they also helped us find a pool fencer (Big John gave us great advice on the fully frameless 'in channel' glass pool fence with nano tech protection, fence safety requirements and managed installation just in time for Christmas, the busiest time for pools) and also the surveyors to identify any initial concerns and then do the final inspection. The construction and tiling of the spa then took over in November and was beautifully done, followed by installation of the pool fence and travetine pavers (fantastic job by Brent at Phipps Parsons) and suddenly with 5 days to Christmas we were to the point of the liner being fitted and the pool being filled, as promised by the team. It was exciting paddling in the pool as the liner sat loosely around the edges and slowly flattened to the shape of the floor and sides as the pressure of the water took hold - and it was somewhat surreal watching the vacuum cleaner just such the air from between the vinyl liner and the walls. But it was such a joy to see the finished product ready for Christmas and all the excited family and friends itching for a first dip. So it was then a tutorial from Geoff on how to operate and we were off. As first time pool owners we won't claim to remember all the intricacies of what we had to do when, despite copious notes, but the support we were given over the phone and in a couple of return trips when we weren't quite sure of what should be done was really great.

So are we happy with the end result? Yes, beyond our already high expectations. Lit up at night the pool just looks exquisite. The 2x2 metre spa is perfect all year round and has been well-used in the 18 months to now. During the day the pool looks hugely inviting (again the colour schemes Peita helped us choose for the liner and the spa tiles are perfect). Our family and friends all love the feel of the vinyl, particularly on the feet, the bespoke design of the spa and steps we designed with Peita works a treat. I also like knowing that if there ever is an issue with the liner (and nothing to date) the repair costs will be a fraction of what would happen if we had cracks emerge in a concrete pool. And in terms of after sales, not only were their responses friendly and fast, but also when we allowed algae to build up, Peita was great with a plan of attack that was highly effective (and taught us a little more about pool maintenance).

So would we recommend a vinyl pool? Absolutely. And would we recommend Albatross for the design and construction? No question that the answer here is yes.

So a little late as a review, but a huge thanks to Peita, Justin, Geoff and the team.

Great company to work with - just what we had hoped for

We found the entire process seamless. We had heard horror stories of hidden and unexpected costs involved in having a pool constructed. We experienced none of these with Albatross. We found the staff extremely helpful throughout the entire process, taking the time and effort to tailor equipment to suit our needs and specific logistical requirements enabling us to be extremely satisfied with our pool (and ancillary equipment)

Great company, great product

The construction of our pool went off without a hitch. The entire process was great and we found all the staff fantastic to deal with. Brian was great during the sales process and once we got underway, Justin and his team were very professional and delivered exactly what they promised and on time. We could not be happier with the end result and after hearing some of the horror stories involved with construction of pools from other companies, I highly recommend Albatross pools.

A Perfect Fit

After a visit to the Albatross display centre in Dandenong we were sold. The staff where extremely helpful & made our choice of a pool builder very easy. Albatross deliver exactly what they promise, minimal disruption, wonderful building crew & all the help & advice you could ask for. Our pool was finished "in the gound" inside 3 & half days, not what I'd call a disruption! [name removed] & his team where avaliable whenever we needed them beit by phone or a site visit, the builders where extrememly professional & punctual & our hand over team couldn't do enough for us, ensuring we knew exactly what do with our pool. Start date was 14/1/15, first swim was 21/3/15, we are thrilled with what Albatross have done for us.

A great team & a wonderful company to do business with.

Nice result, looks terrific, used just as we had hoped for

We only looked at Albatross as their display centre is at the top of the street. We had a number of visits and finally had enough information to make a decision on the specifications. Staff were helpful and knowledgeable and were patient with our many questions. We wanted the pool to be 3 metres from our living areas, full north-facing, have fresh water and a black liner and retro-fitted into a deck. All catered for. Unfortunately not as big as we wanted, as there was some hidden concrete which added time and cost to the job, most unfortunate. Still, the pool gets heaps of use, is warm and fits beautifully with our home. Next time we will have a bigger one thanks. Albatross also came back to clear dried excess concrete left by the concreter they used. This was appreciated, but leaving the concrete in the first place was not. Make sure you keep calling until they come back to collect it. We are still finding concrete pieces in the garden, which is less than ideal. Calls can take a fair while to be returned, so don't expect an immediate call back. Overall, happy to use them, patient, knowledgeable, a good product, just keep pushing for the clean up to be done.

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Update. The pool cover roller is currently out of action. The pin holding the wheel to the roller mechanism has come away from the wheel. Apparently no replacement pin is available. Some months after it happened, we wait for a solution. Ensure you get a good quality pool cover roller.

Loving our new Albatross Pool

We spent a good 6 months researching online and with friends to decide what type of pool to have installed. Do we go tiled or fibeglass? We'd never heard of a stainless steel constructed pool, but so many people recommended Albatross. And the great thing for us was that we were able to construct the exact size and shape poolm we wanted. The construction phase was easy, on time and on budget. There was no hard sell, and always easy to catch them on the phone if I had a question. The guys who came to our property were all lovely. Not often that you receive service like this these days.

Just What We Ordered

Our pool is just what we ordered and delivered exactly as discussed and planned.
We had many people recommend Albatross who have nearly 50 years in business. They are a most professional company and when they said, "it will happen today", it actually did!!
We were kept up to date during every phase of the construction and handover.
To Justin and his staff who were most polite and accommodating, our sincere thanks for what you have achieved for us and we will enjoy many happy family times around this pool. We are delighted!!!

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A big thank you David and Gerardine, we are very pleased to hear you are delighted with your new swimming pool! We believe communication is key with any project, especially one involving construction of any kind. It is great to hear we have successfully kept you up to date throughout your project and have delivered on our promises. Enjoy your new pool, we look forward to seeing you in the pool shop throughout the summer! Bring on the summer heat :) Peita

My Summer Retreat in my own backyard!

Prior to investing in a swimming pool I spent a few years doing my homework. This was to be a large investment so I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing. I would attend at pool and spa shows, ring the different pool companies and when signs were up outside homes having pools installed I would make enquiries with the owners to ascertain how happy they were with the company they had chosen. I never heard a bad word spoken about Albatross Pools.

When I first contacted Albatross Pools I found them helpful and friendly and this gave me a compfortable and relaxed feeling straight away. A time was organised with a consultant and he attended at my home for the site inspection. The salesman answered all my questions and provided me with further ideas. Nothing was an issue and they were not in a hurry to sign you up and leave.

I attended at both of Albatross Pools centres and inspected their pools. I found the staff at the centres to be very helpful and friendly. They knew their product well and I was impressed!

Albatross Pools were easy to work with all the way through. They turned up when they said they would and were on time. There was no stress.

From working with the head office during the planning, construction and handover phase was exemplirary. Nothing was an issue, there were no surprises and everything went soomthly. Every person I dealt with was helpful and kept me up to date. They would ring me to see how I was going and if there was anything more they could do. I could not believe the level of customer service. It was unheard of.

I have now had my pool for almost 8 years it is awesome! Other than my home it is my next best investment. I have teenage children and during the summer they have their friends over. It is a great way to meet and know who your children are friends with. I find the pool relaxing. It is not high maintenance with makes it more enjoyable and I can spend more time swimming.

The pool is better than what I ever expected. It is great for my family and we spend a lot of time together which brings us closer together. Summer has become more enjoyable. Who cares if it is hot. I have a pool. From looking at the pools at the centres and to having it in my backyard it is better than I ever thought.

I am extremly happy with my Albatross Pool. I cannot fault the company in anyway. From the start to the finish they have been great. I have never dealt with a company that has turned up on time, completed the job on time with no issues and the after sales and follow up were fantastic. I would recommend Albatross Pools to everyone! There is nothing better than floating around in your own pool, looking at your home and feeling so proud and relaxed. Thanks Albatross!
Can't fault it!

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Thank you Trusler for taking the time to share such a detailed review of your experience with Albatross Pools. You are 100% correct, a pool is a sizeable dollar investment and it is definitely worth doing your homework on. It is also an investment in your family's lifestyle and by the sound of it, your investment has and continues to pay dividends! Enjoy floating around in your pool this summer, there is nothing more relaxing! Peita

Albatross Pool.....Just Perfect

We always dreamed of having a pool in our back garden and now we can sit back and enjoy the finished product its just perfect.
During the planning, construction and handover phase of our pool project, all of our questions were answered. Throughout the construction the installers were to easy to deal with.
We find dealing with the pool shop in Warrandyte for our water testing and chemicals efficient and always helpful.

Thank you Albatross for a wonderful pool.

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Thank you for choosing Albatross to create your dream pool in your backyard Anita! Glad to hear all of your questions were answered throughout the project and that you are now working with the team at the Warrandyte Pool Shop to maintain your new pool. Enjoy your wonderful pool this season - fingers crossed the summer heat is just around the corner! Peita

One of the best investments we made in our comfort at home

We have had our pool for around ten years now, through the years of drought and fire, and our ability to cool off each night has been a lifesaver for the family. Maintaining the pool has been very easy throughout this time - something I really appreciated. A side-benefit for me has been the ability, on days of severe or extreme fire danger, to place a fire pump beside the pool and use this water as a reserve should the need arise.
Extremely easy to maintain
The original filter (cartridge) that was required by Council was not as efficient as the sand filter I subsequently installed when the cartridge filter failed.

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Thank you Pete, it is great to hear your family enjoys the swimming pool and you find it easy to maintain! We also often hear of clients using their pool water as a resource during fire season - to know you can drain the water from your pool to protect your home and no damage is caused to the pool shell, as you have said, is a side-benefit of our pool system. Thank you again Pete! Happy Swimming, Peita

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I need someone to come out to check my pool. The clips have broken on the side for nearly 2 meters. I need someone to come assess it ASAP. Any help? In Taylors Lakes Thank you Janice
1 answer
Hi Janice, thank you for reaching out, no problem at all. The only McBride we have on record is in Eltham, with this in mind I am going to need some more information from you to organise the repair. Due to privacy, please don't send your details via this website. Could you please send through your information via a secure form at https://support.albatrosspools.com.au/submit-a-support-request/ alternatively, you can call us on 03 9870 3011. Thank you, Peita - Albatross Pools

I'm looking to buy or get a quote from your company. I read all the reviews and there is about 25% of unhappy customers. Is there any way I could call and or see some pools in your customers back yards before i go ahead or also why don't you contact some of your older pool customers and get them to put up a review? Regards Quinton
1 answer
Hi Quinton, thank you for reaching out, that is no problem at all. We can put you in touch with long standing Albatross pool owners and you are also more than welcome to visit our Display Centres located in Dandenong and Warrandyte if you would like to see our product in person (some of our display pools will be 50 years old next year). To protect your privacy, could you please send your contact details through to my email which is peita@albatrosspools.com.au. Thank you too for your recommendation regarding reviews, many of our customers usually choose to share their reviews via Facebook and Google instead of ProductReview. Looking forward to speaking with you, Peita Otterbach, Albatross Pools

Hello. Are you able to replace onground pool liners? For we would like a quote. Thank you Jason
1 answer
Hi, Yes the liners are replaceable. You'll need to contact Albatross who can provide you with a quotation as there is the basic range of liners & then there's a premium range.

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