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Allianz Roadside Assistance

Allianz Roadside Assistance

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Not happy at all

I got stranded with my dog on the side of a highway and called Allianz for assistance. I told them the insurance was still in my previous car but that I was told when I signed up that I could change over the car at any time with no fee. I was told that before they could send anyone they would need to change the car over to my new car and that because it was within a 48 hour period I would be charged, even though I had already spend over $400 with the company in that year. I regrettably paid the $100 and told the representative to made a note in the system that I had simply overfilled the oil and can’t drive my car until someone drains the excess oil from the car. She ignored my request 3 times and just kept saying that she would send someone to look at the car and if they couldn’t fix it on the spot they could then arrange for a tow which would be at my EXPENSE and I would then have to pay a mechanic on top of that. What is the point of roadside assist which is supposed to give you peace of mind when the service leaves you feeling defeated and broke. I’m really not happy with the service I received from Allianz and will be switching to another provider.
Allianz, you need to change the way you do things, all of the reviews I have read about your company are rubbish and I should have read them before signing up.

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Hi, I'll be in touch. Regards, Anthony.

Breakdowns not covered

Alliance you need to listen to customers.
Take time to listen to them.
I will be calling to discuss. I was furious with you guys on thursday 18.04
My wife needed help and you guys were happy for her to be stuck on the m2 until i attened site.

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Hi Rob, I'll be in touch with more details. Regards, Anthony.

Battery Rip off

I have no issue with the mechanic that serviced my car he was great. My car decided not to start. It is a 4 year old ix35 and the mechanic told me the battery needed to be replaced. Fair enough, he quoted me $365 and as I had no idea what the going price would be I accepted. I did ask the mechanic if the price was competitive and his words were "we have to be as people won't come back to us" so I took his word for it. I have since had a quote from Hyundai and they quoted me $181. While I was willing to pay a little extra for the convenience I was not happy to pay DOUBLE the price. They are a total rip off. And guess what? The mechanic was right, I won't be coming back & I won't be renewing my membership next time round.

Hello Kim - can you let me know if you've been contacted by our contact centre? Regards, AnthonyNo not as yet. There was a missed call on my mobile but no return number. Email is the best form of contact for me.Hi Anthony, Still waiting to contacted????

how about the competition

I had Allianz roadside added to a novated car lease
when the car was 6months old it broke down on a sunday
the card that came in the mail was on the dining table at home
make the call , go thru the usual confirm who are you
gave name , address , dob and car rego but because I didn't the Allianz member no.
insufficient proof of identity
it must have bugged them they rang back 4 times before agreeing to send a road side guy
the clincher might have been " I said I when and got an old bomb car and I've made up fake panels for it to look like a new Ford Escape , I also make fake rego plates to match the 6mth old Ford Escape so I can scam a visit from a road side guy , how about you send one , say you are very suspicious , you have make model colour year of build , vin & engine no.s and insist he sees my drivers license and my work pass as proof of my id" " if he taps panels looks at rego plates and feels I faked a car and rego tell him to drive away:
The guy came , he was brilliant , diagnosed a fuel pump failure , the two guy was good , could I use Allianz roadside ever again ?

Hi Neil, I'm sorry to hear you weren't happy with our service. I'll pass this on to our team for feedback. Regards, Anthony.maybe a review of the identity process is in order, especially when you are in possession of all the cars details and the roadside technician will be looking for a make model colour and rego combination , in my case I got the road side assist as part of a package , needless to say after that incident I didn't cancel my NRMA one

Endless waiting to get the phone call through and get the help sent

It's my first time using Allianz roadside assistance and it's a terrible experience. I called their number on Monday morning as I had a flat battery. It took 15 minutes after being put on hold listening to holding music over and over, before someone actually answered my phone call. I was told the provider was sent and should arrive within 60 minutes. It took them 90 minutes to arrive. This is not a stranded place in the middle of nowhere. My place is just off the Pacific Highway in a busy coastal town where thousands of cars pass by every hour. I don't understand why it had to take that long. I would worry very much how much longer it's going to take if I call out in a remote or rural area, maybe a whole day? Just for comparison, when I was previously with NRMA, it took them around 15minutes to send me help, and that was when I was living in a rural town! I am definitely going back to NRMA because Allianz just doesn't feel reliable, taking so long to answer the phone call and send out their service team. Lesson learned.

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Hello Ming, thanks for the review. I'll pass it on to our team as we're always looking to improve our services. Regards, Anthony.

Refund takes for ever - still waiting after 48 days

I was with Allianz and my battery was replaced. Failed under warranty and by the time i was out of Allianz - so was charged 100$ to check the battery and it was replaced as it was under warranty. Promised that 100$ will be refunded within 10 working days - its now 48 days past and with numerous calls and complains - nothing so far.
The admin team promised emails and promised n friday to complete the refund - so far not even a single email or the refund - worst service provided - standard template reply stating it will take 15 days to process an EFT - how is this true ? if the money can be debited in less than 5 mins - can the EFT not happen in 1 day - absolutely ridiculous reasoning and no one seems accountable to keep the words which they said. Never coming back to Allianz

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Hi Ganu, I'll be in touch with more details. Regards, Anthony.

Lack in Duty of Care! Beware of affiliated brands.

My roadside assistance coverage was provided as a result of the new Volkswagen that I purchased mid last year. Happened to lock my keys in the car and upon my first call at approximately 14:30 on a Sunday, I was advised that I should expect for someone to arrive within the hour. A mechanic was allocated at 15:00 and he arrived at 17:00 (over two hours after initial call). He then checked the car, advised that he would have to call a locksmith, had me sign a paper confirming that he attended and then drove off. I was told that there would be a thirty minute wait for the locksmith to arrive and provide access to my vehicle. I waited till 20:00 (five hours after my initial call, stuck standing in front of my car) then proceeded to give up and went home to retrieve the vehicle spare key myself (which was a 50km round-trip).
In summary, the mechanic provided insufficient service and went well beyond any allocated service levels and in a time of need, there was absolutely no duty of care. I also attempted to call the VW Roadside Assist Hotline at 16:30 by which I was advised that the line had closed. Post this experience, I discovered that the roadside assistance was provided by Allianz Global Assistance.

Awful! Don't waste your time or money!

A few months ago I called Allianz Roadside to get my car started (flat battery).

The technician that came out "tested" the batter and said that it needed to be replaced. After paying > $300 he changed the battery without using the memory saver (which he should have done). As soon as he swapped the battery I got a a"restraint system fault" warning light/message on my dash - he told me not to worry and that it would clear after driving.

After a few weeks/month had passed I called Allianz as the warning lights didn't clear. My issue was "escalated" to a "customer experience officer". On his advice I took the car to BMW for a diagnostic and to get a factory reset (which cost me $264). The factory reset didn't work and the diagnostic revealed an issue with the "rollover module". The cost to repair it was almost $1400.

I spoke to Allianz again and requested that they pay for the cost of the diagnostic and the repair. I got a response today saying that as there was no way to "prove" that they (the technician) caused the issue there was nothing they could do and they didn't have to pay for the repair...The interesting thing is that their technician admits he didn't use the memory saver and that the warning lights only appeared after the battery was changed.

So now I am stuck with the cost of the battery, the diagnostic fee (which Allianz asked me to get done) and the cost of the repair >> total cost of the battery change almost $2,000. GO Allianz!!

Hi John, I'll be in contact with more details. Regards, Anthony.Hi Anthony, Thanks for the note. Everything I’ve said is factual. I’m happy to give you the details of the person I spoke to...I’ll wait to hear from you.

NB. 48 hour waiting period

I recently got car insurance through Allianz. After two weeks of emails with customer service over the fact that their website links to join roadside assistance are broken (still are, I should have read the signs) - I joined up this morning at 9am before a long drive. As luck would have it, I got a flat tire as I arrived back home this evening. I called them up and got “oh your policy comes into effect 48 hours after joining, its in our terms and conditions”. Not a great start. Buyer beware.

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Hello, I'll contact you to discuss further. Regards, Anthony.

Very bad experience

I called the Allainz roadside assistance for my car to get rid of my car over the divider and they said we can't help me and then I asked to discontinue the roadside assistance and they replied they can't refund me as I have paid the roadside assistance for the whole year.
The person said its your wish to call us or not for callout but we wont refund you as well as if you wish you can stop using Allianz Insurance.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hello Swapneel - I'll contact you for more information. Regards, Anthony.

Robotic and inhumane Allianz roadside service

I've had my car for 9 years with Allianz roadside, and only called them the once, to assist me with a flat tyre. Recently I come out of surgery and have been home healing, but ran out of food, on my way to the shops my AC suddenly stopped working, and the heat here in Sydney has been really bad, I didn't feel strong enough to drive in the heat, so I came home and called the next day and explained my situation, that I'm elderly, had some surgery, and had no one with me at the time, I explained how I just needed to get myself a bite to eat, and if they could come check my AC fuse to see if it's an easy solution. They said we don't know how to fix car air conditioner's, I cried and explained my situation again, and asked them desperately to just come check my fuse, and they said no.
That's pretty hard when you know these people have the opportunity to possibly help me, help myself.
I said to him, have you heard of the movement "are you ok", Allianz staff boy replied, that's not us.
Cold insensitive crappy ALLIANZ service, that's what and who they are!!

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hi Ja, I'm sorry to hear about this. I'll be in touch with more information. Regard, Anthony.

Customer Service Awful, dishonest and dodgy

Almost a week ago today I called Allianz as they were my roadside assistance provider when I first purchased my Mazda. They had supplied me with a new battery sometime ago and my car was not starting easily which usually translates to a battery problem. Please note I no longer have roadside assistance with Allianz as it is part of my insurance with a different provider now (thank god for that). I called on a Friday evening as my battery was still under warranty but because I was no longer a member I had to pay a $100 "security deposit" for the call out. Cash was not acceptable. It took forever to find my car in their computer system. Once found and "deposit" paid the guy came quickly and yes my battery was faulty and it was replaced with a new one. I was told to ring back customer service so the "deposit" could be refunded. Easier said than done. I called on Saturday morniing to be told the accounts team was not in on Saturday and it would be processed on Monday. Given that a mere call centre operator debited $100 from my credit card on Friday evening after hours I was at a loss at why the refund has to wait to be processed by accounts. I was told I would get a notification once the refund was processed on Monday. Monday came and went no notification. I called Monday after work to query the status of the refund only to be given the run around, can't find my car in the system AGAIN and was told a supervisor would call me back the next day. The supervisor did NOT call me back on Tuesday. I called Wednesday am and managed to speak to a supervisor by the name of [name removed] who did NOT at any point apologise for the crap customer service, run around and general ineptitude of everyone and told me that it would be processed today and I would get a confirmation email. I received an email saying "We write to you today to confirm that we have processed the refund of $100.00. This will now go to our finance team for the final stage of processing." So basically they faffed around and then sent it to the finance team. So it was NOT actually processed. I replied to the email asking for confirmation of when finance would process it given Peter had said to me it would processed that day - not half processed but processed by which the matter was now at an end. I got no reply to the email on Wednesday. I followed up again by email on Thursday morning. No reply. I call the number given to me to call in the email being 1800 807 405 which I hold for 10 minutes and then get hung up on by the system. I call the 1300 no and at this point I am angry to say the least. The customer service rep just tells me that its been given to the finance team and it says urgent but she can't follow them up because there's some 2 day requirement. I want to speak to the supervisor - I can't because they are apparently with another customer. I am told I will get a call back in the next 2 hours. This is not acceptable to me because everytime Allianz say they will do something they do NOT do it. I do not trust that they will do what they say they will do because they have made 4 promises to me and broke every single one of them. So guess what - they haven't called me back. Looks like I will be making my 5TH call tomorrow am. The absolute worst dishonest lazy incompetent customer service I have ever experienced. I do not understand how this company operates - someone needs to be sacked.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hi Sarah, thanks for your review - I'll message you with more details. Regards, Anthony

Worst service

So I sold my old car and bought another car and wanted to update the details of the new car. According to the customer service rep it takes around 3 to 5 days to update it. C'mon it is just updating the system, why would it take 3 to 5 days? Then I had a issue with the car and they wont dispatch the roadside assistance cause my new car is not in their system. They wanted $100 for dispatch. Seriously I am already a member for so long so why do I have to pay extra? I am not trying to be new member with you all I was doing just updating my new car details. I was so happy with the other roadside assistance provider and they never gave me a headace. Worst service Allainz. If you want more business you will need to change your way of doing things.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hi, I;m sorry to hear about this. I'll message you with more details. Regards, Anthony.


I was charged a hefty rejoining fee of $200 for the privilege of this company to provide roadside assistance.
Dont waste your money with them, the sevice is CRAP. Do your self a favour and find another provider because this group will take your money and run.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hi Andy, I'm sorry that you haven't been happy with us. I'll be in contact with more details. Regards, Anthony.

I'm a long customer but I'm leaving.

Have been a long term customer but I'm leaving now. They used to send mechanics. Had a call out 6 weeks ago. All he could do was change a tyre, add petrol, or do a jump start. I told him the battery was fine as it was turning over but not catching. He insisted on checking the battery - he sent sparks flying by mistake. Then he gave up and said "Its an 'engine fault' you need a tow". Hopeless - no ability to even analyse. 20 Mins later a passing motorist stopped, spotted a loose wire, tightened it up and I was away.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
Hello Dave, I'm sorry to hear about your experience here - I'll pass it on to our team as we're always looking to improve our product and services. Regards, Anthony.Anthony - quick tip - it's a motor vehicle roadside service - I would suggest you go back to hiring mechanics.

Just want your money and give poor excuses

I renewed my roadside assistance a month ago and last week I brought a new car which came with free roadside assistance. When I called Allianz Roadside Assistance and explained to them why I wanted to cancel my policy they gave me an excuse it was outside the 14 day grace period and would not give me back a refund. I even got put through to a Manager who said the same thing. Very poor customer service!!!! They have kept the money for 11 months of assistance I have paid for. When I read their terms it mentions nothing about a 14 day cooling period!!!
I definitely would not be recommending Allianz roadside assistance to anyone!!

Roadside Assistance RequestedNo
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Hi there, I'm sorry to hear you were disappointed with your experience. I'll get in touch with you via private message. Regards, Tegan

Couldn't be happier...

Have only joined Allianz recently. Few days after joining, I called them regarding an issue with my car, I was impressed with the warmth and professionalism of the call centre agents, within an hour from logging a case, a Allianz mechanic arrived to assess the car, he concluded within 5 - 10 minutes that it can't be fixed on the spot and needs to be towed to a garage. 5 minutes He left I received a call from their call centre advising me that truck will be around within the hour to tow my car to my preferred car service / mechanic.
I simply couldn't have been happier!!! excellent service and customer service...

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hi Haith, glad to hear you've been happy with our service! Regards, Anthony.

Dodgy and Misleading!!!!

Beware!!! Do not take out roadside with Allianz they are misleading and very unhelpful. Read the fine print as there towing distances vary from Metro/regional. It took almost a week to speak to a team leader and they didn’t care about me being misled at all. If I could put zero stars I would.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hello Mick, I'm sorry to hear you've been unhappy with the service - I'll get in contact with more details. Regards, Anthony.


Really disappointed in Alliance, a technician was called to get our van to start and in the process left the temperature gauge unplugged. He told us that everything would be fine but as we were heading to a mechanic to double check everything was ok the van critically overheated unbeknownst to us and caused the head gasket to blow. We asked Alliance to consider helping us with the cost of the repair but they have declined to help at all. I made it clear that I understood it wasn’t the direct cause of the damage but if the temperature gauge was working we would have prevented it from happening. To leave us with no help whatsoever came as a shock! We really believed that Alliance would go out of their way to make up for their mistake however they did the opposite. This is not the reliable service that they promote, I would strongly suggest finding another company that you can really trust. Case ref. 16673896

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hello Scott and Josie, I'm sorry to hear about this - I'll pass this on to our team to review. Regards, Anthony.

Horrible experience

Car breaks in m1out of city. Freezing day 4,5hours waiting. Trucks 100km passing us a meters away from our car. Phone signal not good. Car battery died. Flickers on. We called alianz and the drivers many numerous times. Alianz exausted our phones our breath and money and nerves and a six month appointment. Lucky my young kids were not with us. We were mistreated mislead and lied over and over..a pizza guy or a taxi could find us easy. We deserve better.

Roadside Assistance RequestedNo
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Hello, I'm sorry to hear about this. I'll contact you with more details. Regards, Anthony.

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we have two cars insured with allianz do we have road side assistance tbx 557 xnz202
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Hello can i add RSA with my third party indurance? I already have third party insurance with allianz
1 answer
Hi Keyuri, this can be an additional purchase, however we're experiencing technical difficulties with our website at the moment but check back later. Regards, Anthony.

Am I covered when driving my 2nd car? Have had roadside in the past where I am the member not the car, so even covered when a passenger in somebody else’s car. Never seen that in Australia though.
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