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NRMA Roadside Assistance

NRMA Roadside Assistance

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Excellent Service

Yesterday am 7th June my car would not start rang NRMA the girl was very polite! When the driver arrived ahead of time quoted tested my car and said I needed a new battery! He did not have the special European brand for my Hyundai. He said he would get my car started and follow me home then go to get the battery! He did this only waiting about 15 mins! Colin you were my Angel! We had a laugh felt saved! Dianne Morgan Matraville

NRMA don't care!

NRMA don't care!
I recently had a very bad experience with NRMA Roadside Assistance. I have been a member for many years and was very disappointed following my recent request for assistance.
I was heading north on the Hume Highway back to Sydney and my car broke down, the NRMA representative attended about an hour and a half later and advised he couldn’t fix the broken radiator hose and that my car needed to be towed. He advised I would have to be towed 47km south to Goulburn (away from my destination) but if I wanted to go 40km north to the nearest town of Moss Vale I would need to pay for this myself. I should point out that if I was towed to Goulburn this would have added nearly 100km to my trip.
The NRMA representative then quoted me $450 for their tow service to take my car to Moss Vale which seemed pretty expensive. I declined his offer and rang a private towing company who did the job for $275.
I was very disappointed that NRMA would not tow my car the shorter distance as part of my membership but what concerns me even more is that the NRMA did not provide competitive market rates for towing.
When I rang their customer care they advised me of their policy and suggested that if I was not happy with what had happened then I should take the matter to the Department of Fair Trading.
This is clearly not the type of organisation that has its Members interest at heart!

Hi Matt, I am not sure if there is anything further we can comment on this platform that has not been discussed already. We pride ourselves on helping our Members and in most cases, we’ll be able to get 9/10 vehicles back up and running. I am afraid that on this occasion, our representative in the area had suggested that a repair to the top radiator hose on the side of the road could cause further damage by overheating and recommended a workshop repair. We understand that you preferred an alternate destination instead of back to the attending town, and whilst we acknowledge the distance was less kms, the entitlement of towing as per your coverage type could only be offered. The coverage you had taken out, offers a free tow back to the attending service centre in regional areas and 20kms free in metropolitan areas. The towing distance by way of returning back to the attending town often exceeds 20kms, but is in place to ensure a broken down vehicle can be returned to a place of repair. I am afraid that the cost quoted for a tow to another area, is not set by us nor, profited by us and is arranged with the contractor outside of the Membership as a commercial service. I apologise, the pricing was not competitive on this occasion. It is suggested that coverage is taken out on driving habits and vehicle types, and whilst a higher level of Membership coverage would have better suited the towing with up to 50kms free in this instance, we cannot offer the same benefit if a Member has chosen a different product for coverage. As a mutual, we are here to help our Members by offering 24/7 assistance and a range of benefits that will not leave our Members stranded, but also offer value by way of offers, discounts and services. We also need to remain fair, especially for those Members who continually renew on a higher level of cover that may not use the service. Our benefits and coverage are provided upon each renewal and our team can certainly suggested the best level of coverage, if unsure. I apologise that this is not the outcome you had hoped for Matthew. Whilst our aim is to always listen to our Members and look to resolve their issues, we, also respect the right for our Members to escalate to an external body for assessment, which we will comply with. Cheers, PaulI’m not sure what else you can comment on this platform either, it was not words that I needed when I broke down. I discovered the hard way that the NRMA do not provide the service that I had expected (yep I should have read the fine print) and that the pricing offered by your organisation is quite simply not competitive. There is no excuse for that! The fact that ever there has been no attempt by NRMA to either investigate or resolve the matter since I reported it is an abomination, you clearly have a primary focus on profit and are happy to put this ahead of your members. Shame on you!Hi Matt, I am sorry that you are not happy with the outcome. I can assure you that the matter has been investigated by our Member Relations Dept, who you have already spoken with. The team have confirmed that the correct entitlement was offered based on your coverage, but as you had requested an alternate location, this was not covered. We do not set the pricing for commercial tows of this nature and instead offer the benefits our Members have subscribed to. We also do not profit from any excess towing costs as they are paid straight to a contractor outside of the Membership entitlement. We are always here to help, but also need to ensure we are fair for all Members, when providing benefits and services. Cheers, Paul

Absolutely appalling.

Absolutely appalling.
I paid for windscreen chip cover as part of my membership. When I got a chip, I contacted NRMA & was put through to their supplier National Windscreens and told that my Sydney Suburb of Mt Colah was outside their coverage range and that I had to pay them a travel fee or drive the car myself outside Sydney to Gosford.
What an absolute joke. How could Sydney be outside their coverage?
When I phoned NRMA to complain, I got nowhere. When I emailed a complaint to NRMA, I got nowhere.
I then lodged a complaint with the Department of Fair Trading.
Then I received an email from "[name removed]" at "Member Relations" with a reference number of "0252740" stating that as I'd contacted Fair Trading, they were going to wait to be contacted by Fair Trading rather than talk to me.
So it took NRMA two weeks to simply say that they can't be bothered resolving the matter and were just going to leave it to Fair Trading.
Meanwhile, we've been unable to use the car for weeks now due to the defective windscreen and have been forced to organise and pay for the repair ourselves even though we had already paid for windscreen coverage with NRMA.

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Hi Phil, I am really sorry to hear that the service you received from us was not to standard at all. We are here to help, and as a Member organisation our focus on helping our Members has not changed. I can see that our Member Relations Representative and Manager have both been in touch with you separately to confirm steps taken to improve the communication, between us and our windscreen supplier which added to your frustration in resolving this issue. We acknowledge your issue was not handled well at all, and again apologise for the delay in resolving the issue. Please be assured, we are committed to helping our Members, and we're sorry if this did seem the case when you reached out to us. This is certainly outside of the high standards of service and customer satisfaction that our Members have come to expect from us. Should you have any further concerns with this particular issue, please reach out to our Member Relations Dept so they can help you further. Cheers, Paul I can see that the issue has been reviewed by our Member Relations Dept, who have also since been in touch with you to resolve the issue to your satisfaf

Don’t you care about long term customers?

I’ve been a NRMA roadside member for 19 years. 2 years and 1 month ago I called for a new car battery. They replaced it and told me it has a 2 year warranty. Today I had battery issues so I called roadside. The man told me my battery is faulty and unfortunately you are 1 month out of warranty. You wouldn’t replace my faulty battery without a charge and look after me today just because I’m one month out of warranty. I’m horrified that I have supported you for 19 years and you didn’t give back just this once. Even as a good will gesture. Is this how you treat your clients? 19 years with NRMA and all I got from the duty manager was ‘we don’t care you are one month out of warranty.’
I now know NRMA don’t care about there clients, it’s all about their back pocket.
I am canceling my membership and advise everyone to stay away!

Hi Pete, Excuse the short delay here. We appreciate that you have been an NRMA Member for such a great deal of time, but I am afraid that our warranty periods for any of the products or services we offer can only be claimed during the warranty period. I can understand the concern you've raised with your battery only failing a short time outside of warranty. I would be happy to raise the issue further with our Member Relations Dept to investigate. When you have a moment can you please send us a private message with your Membership # and contact phone number? If you are not sure of how to do this here, simply click on our logo in the reply to send us a message. We hope to hear from you. Cheers, PaulHi Paul I sent you my details and you mentioned someone will call to discuss. It's now been 2 weeks and we are yet to hear from anyone. This again simply states my point above NRMA Roadside Assitance. They don't care about their clients. Very Disappointing!I do apologise for the delay in reply to your feedback. I can certainly assure you that we care about all of our Members, and want to hear from them, whether it be a positive experience or negative one. Your case is still with our Member Relations Dept and can see that they have sent a text message to apologise for their delay in reply. You can however be assured that someone will be in touch with you to discuss the matter further. Cheers, Paul

I have held NRMA Roadside for 30 years

Always amazing service. The people they send out to help me have always been fantastic in particular those most recent emergency I had.
My brakes failed while driving on a main road with my daughter in the car, luckily I had the chance to go uphill and slow the vehicle down before sliding into the left lane and pulling over with the handbrake!!!
Anyway I called NRMA, Friday afternoon, 40degree heat, right on 5pm on a main road.
WoW! They go there quick with the tow truck, offered to drive us home on the way to the service station, and helped us stay cool, and took care of everything else for us.

Thank you NRMA Roadside Assistance!

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Hi Samantha. Goodness. I can just imagine how you would have been feeling after your brakes had failed.. that would have been stressful! Pleased to hear that the roadside team got their quick and saved the day and have always been amazing. That's great to hear, and nice to know your experiences have always been positive. We are grateful for the review and are here again if you need us. Best wishes, Paul

No more club care & price jump of 71% to blue care.

I am a NRMA member, Club Care (member benefits, NO roadside assistance.) I joined Club Care about 11 years ago on a special promotion - no joining fee, and have used roadside assistance when I upgraded to a higher membership level. I now use another roadside assistance that is far more value for money - c$60 vs $110 for Classic Care. Sure the competitor does not have its own fleet of company vehicles manned by its own employees, but their sub-contractors seem to be able to do the job (mainly jump starts, locked keys and towing that I have used.)

A little while after I renewed in 2018, I learned my $35 for 12 months Club Care membership has been replaced by a $60 for 12 months Blue Care. There are extra benefits, but I currently use only 1 - the quarterly magazine. My 11 year relationship with NRMA does offer discounted insurance with NRMA, but other insurance companies offer better for value.

Blue Care also requires the use of an app. It is bad enough that Goggle, GeeMail, Fakebook, ePray, etc. track me; I would have to give NRMA my personal data and that app eats into my precious mobile data allowance too.

This forced change from my "cheap" $35 Club Care to the "more expensive" $60 Blue Care is now giving me the blues. I am going to evaluate my membership as renewal is in about 5 weeks time. I do not like the 71% price jump; it seems like an insidious rort by NRMA management to take advantage of its loyal members. Also paying $60 for 4 magazines a year seems a waste of money.

Make no mistake, NRMA is not a mere motoring club providing its members assistance; it is a profit driven organisation with well paid directors and senior managers with their hands in the members' pockets. If I could get the Blue Care for $35, I'd probably renew. As it is, I am doubting on renewing to get Blue Care; when in doubt, don't do it.

We are sorry that you’ve not been happy with the changes to our Membership coverage with the move to NRMA Blue. For starters, the NRMA group of businesses has grown, and this will benefit Members with enhanced offers such as a free upgrade on top of the 15% discount at Thrifty, to free night offers at our Holiday Parks and Resorts, TFE Hotels including our very own Travelodge Hotels and Hotel Kurrajong, right around the nation. Then there's our new partnership with Caltex, giving you up to 5c litre off the pump price of fuel at participating locations and new dining benefits. In addition, new partners are also being rolled out more frequently then ever before with discounts on windscreen repairs, scratch and panel repairs, car-washing as well as the new dining benefit which sees over 3,500 locations included. At $5 per month, the availability of benefits and discounts on offer can more than recoup the annual Membership payment. As you’ve mentioned there are a number of benefits that can only be accessed through the my nrma app, such as dining and fuel, however all other discounts can be redeemed by scanning your Membership Card or entering your details online. The app can also be used to look up fuel pricing ahead of time to find the best deal and even access roadside assistance if this was included in your coverage. As a Member organisation, we do want to know the benefits and services our Members use and we look at insights, testimonials as well as redemption to understand where our Members are getting benefit the most so we can continue to tailor more services they enjoy. I am afraid that we do not offer Club Care for $35 any longer, but still continue to provide the bi-monthly Open Road magazine. Your NRMA Membership, also goes a long way in helping to advocate for safer roads, better infrastructure as well as prepare for the future. When comparing roadside providers, many will offer cheaper pricing, however a lot of benefits or services are not included which can cost more in the long run. We do have a large fleet, so we can offer a faster response time, however the biggest difference is that we are a Member organisation, so our focus around service, and benefits always has our Members front of mind. Cheers, PaulSorry 6 magazines a year, not 4. The Caltex fuel deal is up to 5c discount, but the fuel is more expensive than some of its competitors. Even if I go for the more expensive 98 (my car can use E10) and after that 5c discount, other petrol stations are still cheaper. There is also no convenient Caltex near me, so travelling around to look for one can be a waste of petrol and time. Meal deals: seem good but not something I can really take advantage of, unfortunately. Quite a few good offerings and benefits and not many I will use. It is what it is.Thanks for your reply. We certainly recommend our Members shop around for fuel pricing, by looking up pricing in the my nrma app ahead of time. The Caltex discount, which is available daily, should also be used if it helps to bring the pricing down. I am sorry that although there are lots of new benefits, you will not be using these. If there is a specific partner or offer you'd like to see included, please let us know.

Dog locked in my car

Wow Just wanted to Say Thankyou!!!!! Such fantastic service by Steve today ,I locked my full coated border collie in my car on a hot day 30° ..N..R.M.A took 5 to 10 mins to arrive !!!!! Thankyou to Steve my Hero we were in Curlcurl

Hi Lou. I can imagine this would have been a stressful situation for you and your beautiful dog, but I am glad to hear Steve could get there quick. When it comes to emergency situations like this, we drop everything to help, even if you are not an NRMA Member. I'm pleased to know the outcome was positive and will be sure to pass on the compliment. Cheers, PaulThanks Paul I accidentally called another response team and they said its $199 for them to come and recue my dog!!! Which I would of paid ,however my credit card keys etc were all locked in my car ,and their response was Sorry we cant help unless you pay now !!!! I was in total shock that they would leave a dog/ child in a car in that situation !!!!! I realised I called the wrong road side team thank god !!!!! N.R.M.A ARE THE BEST !!!!! DO NOT USE ANYONE ELSE!!!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM.Thanks Lou. It's a shame to hear that the urgency of the situation was not taken into account when you called another company. Thanks so much for the compliment again. We are more than happy to help and make sure your doggo was ok. Cheers, Paul

Solved a sliding door problem on sons van

My son is away in the Navy and his Ford transit camper's sliding door was jammed. I spent 2 days trying to open it stripping the door from the inside to no avail. I thought he had it covered for NRMA road service and when i called them the vehicle was not, however because i have been a member for over 25 years and my son is serving in the Navy arrangements were made for me to drop the vehicle into a local NRMA depot and they had it open in two minutes. NO CHARGE. Excellent service and found the staff at the depot very obliging.

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Hey Paul, Thanks so much for being a Gold Member. It's great we could recognise your loyalty to NRMA by helping with the quick fix in our workshop. We are here to help, and really appreciate all Members, especially our loyal Gold Members. If we can help again, please let us know. Cheers, Paul

The wait was worth it

After a two hour wait, I could not be any more complimentary of the nrma technician that attended to Sydney airport, he had been flat out since 8pm and still was most helpful and courteous, just a genuine guy!

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Hi Brett, We are really sorry for the delay you experienced, but really happy to hear that the attending patrol turned the situation around and made this a positive one. We are lucky to have a great team of patrols on the road, who embody all of the characteristic, we're known for. Thanks for being a NRMA Member, we are here if you need us again. Best wishes, Paul

Alternatives to NRMA Roadside Assist?

Lost my car key - one with an electronic transponder - the other day in a city 3.5 hrs away from my home. Luckily there was an option of getting the spare key to me if someone drove to me. But I called NRMA Roadside Assist to see if there was an easier option. First time I've called them in a long, long time. Very disappointed in the way the call was handled. The guy came across like it was the first time he had ever encountered the situation. When pressed for options he offered to get me towed (!!!), or to call an auto electrician but cautioned me on the cost of this. This experience got me thinking - why am I am member? If all they can do is change tyres, fix batteries and tow cars - I can organise these things on a case-by-case basis directly with other suppliers as and when I need them. What's the point of Roadside Assist if you can change your own tyre, call a local battery company, or call a towing service?

Hi Kim, Really sorry to hear that we could not help collect your keys. This is not a service most roadside providers offer, however we do instead offer Keys Plus for $27 a year, which is in place to cover the circumstances of when a Member has lost or damaged their keys with up to $500 towards a mobile locksmith. Without this level of coverage, towing is the only option available, as our patrols cannot provide replacement keys. Rest assured, our patrols can assist with all of the issues you've mentioned (flat battery, tyre ) but can also assist with electrical or unknown mechanical issues that will need expert mechanics. As an NRMA Member towing, battery delivery and 24/7 support is available alongside a huge range of discounts and benefits outside of the lobbying and advocacy work we provide. Being an NRMA Member offers more than roadside, and as a mutual - we're here to help. Sorry this was not something we could offer. Cheers, PaulThanks Paul. Nice response. Understood. Still questioning value but some good things for us to think about. Just a comment on the guy who took my call yesterday - your response is very clear and sounds like this is a well understood, well trodden path for you. You phone colleague needs some training ;-)Thanks for the reply and further insights too Kim. I'm sorry we did not provide the same level of info over the phone. Hopefully, we have helped with the range of benefits and services that are available. We do hope you continue as as Member. Please feel free to get in touch if we can help further. - Paul

Absolutely appalled with service

I am a gold member with NRMA. Over the years I have rarely called them. Yesterday my car broke down. I rang them at 11.35am. I explained my passenger was really sick (Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer receiving heavy doses of chemo every week) and that in this heat it was not good for her. They said they’d put me as a priority and i’d be the next on the list. At 1.58pm nearly 2 1/2 hours later they arrived. By then since my friend looked like she was going to pass out, we called a cab. I was supposedly on the priority list at the top? The man was in Avalon when I originally called. For the next hour when I called every half hour he was in Avalon. When he arrived I find he went from Avalon to Palm Beach to do a job before getting to me. That is why it took 2 1/2 hours to get anyone. So I have to ask, had roadside assistance cut down on staff that they appear to have only one person servicing the whole area? Absolutely appalled by lack of service.

We are really concerned to hear about your delay yesterday. I can understand that this would not have been a great situation for your passenger and I apologise that our services could not arrive sooner. Rest assurred, we do have enough patrols across out network to meet the demand for roadside assistsance on most occassions - from a service perspective our average response time is within 45 mins. On occasion, our demands for service can increase in particular areas, which we are not able to forecast - however all of our teams continue to work hard and are also relocated to assist with the demand to reduce the wait time. We do apologise again we let you and your passenger down. We can certainly raise this as a formal complaint and investigate further if you are able to send us a private message with the vehicle details and Membership #. Cheers, Paul - NRMA Community ManagerI have no idea how to write a private message, but yes please I’d like to make a formal complaint plus take it higher to an Ombudsmsn. I was told I would be put as a priority. I was told I would be the next on the list. I was told the serviceman was in Avalon and after he’d finished that job he’d come to me. When he arrived he told me he was in Avalon, then went to Palm Beach to do a job. My friend with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer who was with me, has been SO sick since and today she was too weak to get chemo she was that bad. If the operator at my first call, second call, third call, fourth call could have said he’s gone to Palm Beach abd so he will be awhile then I’d have gotten a cab straight off. I thought I’d sent a formal complaint but I haven’t received any response. Perhaps your complaints department is as useless as your road service. Absolutely appalled. If my friend dies because of this, I’ll be going to ACA to raise a huge stink. You jerked me around for 2 1/2 hours to find I wasn’t priority at all. The serviceman went from Avalon to Palm Beach even though I kept being reassured after Avalon he’d come straight to me.Thanks for your reply. I have just sent you a private message now to request some further information to locate your call out. I am also sorry to hear that your friend has also been sick and can understand you are still upset with the way your call out has been handled and the time taken for assistance to arrive. Rest assured, we will investigate this call out further to understand what occurred and ensure any improvements, importantly we will also ensure you are contacted directly once we've followed up with our Member Relations Dept. If there is anything else we can do to assist, please let us know. Cheers, Paul

I love NRMA! Well worth the price.

I've been a member for about 10 years. I've had to call on NRMA, on average, once a year & they've never let me down. The roadside technicians are friendly, helpful & know their stuff. I've learnt more from them about my car than my regular mechanic.

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Thanks so much for being a loyal Silver Member Rickelle. Nice to hear that we've been there to help annually when you need us at the roadside and also receive some helpful info and advice from our mechanics too. We also hope that you are using some of the benefits and discounts with your NRMA Membership to get even more out of our services. If you need us, we are here :) Best wishes, Paul - NRMA Community Manager

Flat battery

I couldn't start my car so I rang NRMA road assistance. The waiting time was 90mns initially but received the text message within the next 15mns!
Patrol staff, gentleman called John came to assist and could fix the problem very quickly and smoothly! I could learn a lot from his expertise and had a great chat with him which immediately reduce my anxiety level that my car had major problems.

Thanks to NRMA for employing more people like John in their roadside patrols and dealing with us with such a great courtesy, Merci John.

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Thanks for the great review Eric. We are so happy to hear that John was a lifesaver and made you feel at ease too. We're lucky to have patrols like John, who truly the face of NRMA - helping our Members. Thanks so much for being an NRMA Member Eric. If you need us, we're here again. Cheers, Paul - Community Manager

Request for money to put petrol in my car

Called road side assistance as my car wouldn't start. Was low on petrol and when the service guy came he said it was due to the angle that the car was parked and that it would read that it was empty. He then put some petrol in my car to see if it started (which it did) and told me I had to pay him $15.00 cash for this. I didn't have any cash so he told me I had to drive to the petrol station, he would follow me to ensure that I did pay him the money which I did not get a receipt or any other record of this.. I don't believe he filled my car with $15.00 worth of petrol and want to know if this is standard NRMA practice and also did he then declare the money or confirm he received this on behalf of the NRMA or do you have a record of this transaction?

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Hi Carolyn, Rest assured that it is a standard procedure for our Members to pay $15.00 for fuel at the time of service if they have run out of fuel, by generally paying cash at the time of service, so the patrol can then replace the fuel at the next service station. If a Member is not able to pay with cash, the patrol can either drive or follow the Member to to get cash to allow the patrol to refill their fuel container or alternatively we can also arrange a tow to the nearest service station. All breakdown information, including the diagnosis are listed on the job details to confirm that fuel was supplied. There certainly nothing underhanded about what you have described and we can arrange to provide you with a receipt to confirm that payment was made for fuel recently. If you would like a copy of this, please feel free to send us a private message on this page (by clicking on our logo in the comments section) along with your Membership details. Cheers, Paul

Still waiting...

Been waiting for roadside assist for 3 hours 20 minutes now. Was told I’d have a 50minute wait initially. Wondering how much longer (coming to you live from metropolitan Sydney)...

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hi Steph, I am sorry for the delay yesterday. I am afraid that this page is not monitored more regularly, however our roadside team can always help with a real-time update on 13 11 11 24/7. In terms of the experience, we generally maintain a response time well within 60 mins, however delays with service can also occur. We can certainly investigate your concerns further to get to the bottom of this Feel free to send us all of the details via PM so we can get in touch. Cheers, Paul

Outstanding customer service

6 years ago my car broke down on the side of the road and Jess gave me exceptional customer service over the phone. She whispered sweet nothings into my ear and made me calm and relaxed until roadside assistance was there to help. It’s a day I’ll never forget and makes me proud to still be part of the NRMA. Many thanks xx

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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This is so great to hear! Thanks for taking the time to share it, Rooth. We're so proud to have you as a Member and look forward to serving you again in the future. We're doing a lot of work to give all our Members even more benefits, like fuel, accommodation and entertainment discounts and more through the mynr.ma/app. So even if you don't need roadside for a little while, you'll get heaps of value from your Membership every day. Thanks! Dan

Excellent Service

Car towing Caravan started losing all power 100 Km west of Adelaide. Rang NRMA who responded quickly and offered to tow car and van back to Nissan dealer in Adelaide. We opted to first try to get back to Adelaide on our own(successful). NRMA then organised and paid in advance for accommodation for us and our dog until car was ready (before we arrived in Adelaide). They also provided taxi to take us to our accommodation. We did have Premium Cover. Member for 30yrs plus. Good one NRMA

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hi Wal, we're delighted to hear that you could use all the benefits of our Premium Care cover. As a Member of 30 years, it means so much to get this feedback from you. Thanks for taking the time to share it. I'll share it back with the team. We're here when you need us, Dan

A disappointing experience

I got bogged on Mount Hay Road in Leura, although the road was unsealed but it was still accessible by 2WD. I only got bogged because of an error of judgement on my part - I reversed onto the wrong spot. I accept full responsibility

I rang NRMA and spoke to the operator. I told her my location and where I was. I mentioned I left the bitumen and she got back to me saying all the patrol cars are only 2WD and I explained to her that the road was accessible by 2WD and I was only 1km into the unsealed part of the road. (I would have expected patrol cars based in the Blue Mountains or similarly mountainous areas would be equipped with 4WD).

She spoke to dispatch who flat out refused to take the job. I understand their concern, though locals would have no issue taking their 2WD much, much further into this road. The end of this road is a carpark which is 7km away.

I asked the operator if NRMA could organise a tow truck, she again refused but gave me two numbers to ring so that I could organise the tow myself. (By then I was getting panicky as it was a hot afternoon in the Blue Mountains and sunset was only 2 hours away).

I rang one of the numbers and the company hasn't done towing 'for years' according to the staff who answered my phone. Thankfully they referred me to a local tow company who came and rescued me in an hour. All he did was to pull my vehicle back on the road and I was on my way. The whole operation took about 15 minutes.

I get NRMA's reservation to come out to a 2WD accessible-unsealed road but I am disappointed that they couldn't organise a tow or at least give me the right information. Getting stuck in a seemingly remote area on a very hot afternoon on my own without any support is not a good experience. During my wait for the tow truck (60 minutes), not a single car came past me. I've been members for 9 years and this is only my 2nd time requiring roadside assist and NRMA could have been more helpful instead of saying 'all the best', not our problem. My renewal is coming up and this incident will most certainly make me reconsider membership. Perhaps also consider acquiring 4WD patrol cars - surely my problem is quite common.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
Hi Mike, I can understand the stress of a breakdown in a remote location and I am sorry that our team could not help further. Generally, our patrols will not attend breakdowns that require salvaging on an unsealed road due to the risk these vehicles also become bogged. We do cover this in our Membership guide, however I understood your concerns were also around the options given and incorrect phone details for a towing company. I'd like to ensure your concerns are raised with our roadside team and can also arrange a callback to discuss this further. Can you please send us a private message here with your rego, date of service and a contact number so we can reach you? We do hope to hear from you. Cheers, PaulThank you for responding to my comment. As I said, I do take responsibility for my error of judgement. However, I am still surprised that patrol cars in the Blue Mountains aren't equipped with 4WD. The road that I got bogged on wasn't very remote and certainly isn't a 4WD track. Secondly I also understand your concern that the patrol vehicle would become bogged - but I am also disappointed that NRMA couldn't organise a tow truck for me at my own expense. Many drivers pay the membership for a peace of mind and this is the time when NRMA could really shine and convince me that all the money I've paid in the past is well worth it. I can't seem to send you a PM, can you message me and I can respond from there?

Get your act together NRMA!

I have been an NRMA Road Assist member for 16 years.
My flight arrived in Sydney after I had been away spending time my family and I realised I had left my car keys at my family‘s home, but had a spare set in my car.
I rang NRMA and explained my situation. I was told it was a 3 hour wait.
it was an extremely hot day, I explained to the operator that I was going through the breast-cancer journey and I was in serious pain with anxiety, for which I am undergoing treatment, and I have a letter from my doctor to to explain this, which was supplied for my travelling.
The operator had no empathy whatsoever and again repeated the options, wait for 3 hours or find an air-conditioned coffee shop or cancel and arranged to rebook to meet them at my car the following day.
My question was, do you not triage customers with health conditions? she replied unless you have a child or dog in your car you will have to wait 3 hours! No priority for disability customers.
I explained to her with my health problems none of these options were going to work for me so I had to call a locksmith he was there in 20 minutes he charged double time, an exorbitant fee as it was just after 5 pm at that stage, and my Uber driver allowed me to stay in his air-conditioned car until the locksmith arrived which again cost extra out of pocket expenses.
I told the operator I wanted to make an official complaint and they sent me a text message to say someone will get back to me, which was one month to the day after my plea for assistance!
The staff member who called regarding my complaint was originally non-apologetic, saying how busy they were, and they have a multitude of members, to assist, or words to that effect.
My response was they are clearly understaffed otherwise why would there be a 3 hour wait.
it wasn’t a rainy day and the traffic was fine.
I will not be renewing my membership as it cost me far more than the membership fee to get out of the stressful situation I was in.
My membership was renewed in October 2018 and this incident occurred in December 2018, I asked for a membership cancellation and a pro-rate rebate which was refused.
Get your act together NRMA!
CC: [name removed] @ 2GB

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
Hi Lynn, We apologise again that we were not able to meet your expectations on this occasion with arranging service sooner. Whilst our services are known to arrive well within 60 minutes, I am afraid that extended delays can occur from time to time, especially as a result of weather conditions or general demand for help in a specific area, which can ultimately increase calls for help. Rest assured, our patrols and call centre team continue to work hard and also offer alternate options or services and move our fleet to different areas to cover the unexpected spike. We certainly prioritise life threatening situations, involving persons or animals locked inside a vehicle over anything as an emergency and also try our best to prioritise any further calls received from Members that have concerns with safety or medical concerns, however we cannot always ensure these calls are immediately assisted and still quote within the timeframe allocated. A patrol may often arrive well within the timeframe after being quoted over the standard 60 minute response time. I can understand that after time away, compounded with undergoing medical treatment would be very stressful and apologise again that we let you down. Generally speaking, refunds for change of mind are not provided as we are a Member mutual, with every one of our Members contributing towards the operating cost of a 24/7 and additional benefits and services in return when renewing. We do appreciate you responding to our private message with your details. This information has been forwarded onto our Member Relations Dept so they can assist you further. Cheers, PaulBelow our other correspondence for publication Your last message on 7 January was that........... a senior Member Relations Manager, who will contact you directly. I do hope we can resolve this for you. 

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to resolve. Cheers, Paul Now 8 days later and no contact. Poor roadside assist and disgraceful customer service! Other correspondence below:  NRMA Roadside Assistance Official Jan 04 - 14:51 AEDT Hi Lyn, I am really sorry to hear that we let you down recently. Whilst our services are known to arrive well within 60 minutes, I am afraid that extended delays can occur from time to time, especially as a result of weather conditions, which can ultimately increase calls for help in a single area. Rest assured, our patrols and call centre team continue to work hard and also offer alternate options or services and move our fleet to different areas to cover the unexpected spike.

We certainly prioritise life threatening situations, involving persons or animals locked inside a vehicle over anything as an emergency and also try our best to prioritise any further calls received from Members that have concerns with safety or medical concerns, however we cannot always ensure these calls are immediately assisted and still quote within the timeframe allocated. A patrol may often arrive well within the timeframe after being quoted over the standard 60 minute response time. 

I can understand that after time away, compounded with undergoing medical treatment would be very stressful and apologise again that we let you down. 

Generally speaking, refunds for change of mind are not provided as we are a Member mutual, with every one of our Members contributing towards the operating cost of a 24/7 and additional benefits and services in return when renewing. 
We cannot change what has happened in this instance, however we can relay your concerns onto our Member Relations Dept for further review. If you can please confirm either your Membership # or vehicle details, we can raise a further case on your behalf. Please feel free to get back in touch with those details or let me know if we can help further. Cheers, Paul  Lyn Pearce Jan 05 - 10:26 AEDT Hi Paul
 Thank you for your prompt reply and your apology.
Firstly there were no adverse weather conditions on Monday 3 December, as per my complaint, this can be confirmed with BOM - Sydney airport.
I take exception to "refunds for change of mind are not provided" 
I requested a refund as the quality of service was unacceptable.
When I was posting my review, I was given the option for NRMA to read my review prior to going public, which I did, as I had no satisfaction with the telephone staff.
Kind regards
Lyn Pearce  NRMA Roadside Assistance Official Jan 07 - 16:41 AEDT Thanks so much for your reply and further details Lyn. I can see you have been an NRMA Member for a while with us now, and also understand the reason for your disappointment recently, given the delay time quoted and circumstances of arriving after a flight. I have shared the review and details with a senior Member Relations Manager, who will contact you directly. I do hope we can resolve this for you. 

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to resolve. Cheers, PaulHi Lyn, We do acknowledge the delay in response and can assure you that you will be contacted further as mentioned above. I am sorry again for the delay. Cheers, Paul

Helpful quick and honest service

We broke down in Queensland RACQ are unhelpful and difficult and was eventually put on to Keith at NRMA. He was excellent, explained all the services and called back with accurate response times and how NRMA could help. He missed nothing out and was courteous and very pleasant ensuring we were quickly and appropriately rescued. He made me feel special and I instantly felt looked after. Well done and thank you.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hey Mikey, Thanks for the fantastic review. I am really glad to hear our legend Keith was able to lend a hand with your breakdown and made you feel that you were in good hands. Thanks for taking the time. Cheers, Paul

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Questions & Answers

Does everything nrma provide during road side assist cost the member? ie: fuses, fuel, bulbs or oils or fluids etc? And what if you don't have the funds till your payday??? I have premium care. Thank you.
3 answers
Hi Shaun, Thanks for your message. We can arrange towing to assist if funds were not available to pay for a part such as a battery or starter motor, however I am afraid that Roadside Assistance does not include the cost or supply of materials, emergency fuel or spare parts, which must be paid for at the time of service.OK thank you. So if this is the case and towing is done due to no funds does that activate the accommodation benefits etc? Like all the benefits available for premium care??Thanks for the reply Shaun. The additional benefits such as accommodation and car hire are available when the vehicle has suffered a major mechanical issue and is off the road for more than 24 hours and 100kms from home. No funds would not activate these benefits, however our call centre may need to review each issue on a case by case basis if a Member does not have any funds to see if there is anything that can be done to help. We can also offer to call a family Member or friend, to take payment over the phone if needed also. Cheers, Paul

I have to get my car towed to garage and how many klm before I have to pay? [email removed]
1 answer
Hi Juliean. Thanks for your question. Your towing benefit will depend on the level of coverage and if you have already received a tow for the same problem. Under Classic Care, you are eligible for 20kms free towing in Metropolitan Areas and a free tow back to the attending town in regional areas. If you hold Premium Care, you are eligible for 50kms free towing in both metro and regional areas. If you would like a quote on towing, please call us on 13 11 11. Cheers, Paul

what are the best tires on the market
1 answer
Hi Adam, Thanks for your question. The best tyres are the ones with plenty of tread and are not worn. We do not recommend one specific brand, but instead offer a range of different brands to suit each vehicle. If you are after a quote on tyres, our car servicing centres can help. Alternatively if you are an NRMA Member, we can offer motoring advice over the phone on 13 11 22. Cheers, Paul