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Alltech Phone Repairs

Alltech Phone Repairs

2.0 from 34 reviews

Appalling service

Information on website was incorrect so received a remote control that was not compatible. Sent it back for a refund over a month ago and still have not received it. Customer satisfaction guaranteed? I think not!

Very Speedy Service

I ordered a Samsung TV remote replacement. Amazing delivery time - it arrived within 2 days. Very happy with their consistent service as I have ordered other replacement parts previously.

Good price and easy to deal with.

Purchased an av to hdmi converter from alltech. It was a fair price and the item was sent promptly. Thank you very much. It was a pleasure to have dealings with you.

Day time running lights Ebay

The lights were great. Well packaged and very easy to install. Would recomend alltech to frends and family. Overall the transactions was very easy and hassle free. Will buy from you again.

Worst customer service I have ever received. No product sent

Ordered a Samsung tv remote on 11.07.18. Received confirmation emails from Alltech on 12.07.18 but no tracking number arrived as promised. Started chasing them via their website contact page and 1300 number a couple of weeks ago. Messages sent via the website did not seem to go through and some were ignored with no response. Tried the 1300 number multiple times with no one answering until I started hanging up and repeatedly recalling straight away. Takes two or three goes to get a person to answer.

Was initially told they would check the tracking number and call me back. 10 minutes later I was sent a text linking to Aus Post stating the item was delivered to a location interstate from me. I call back (multiple times to connect) and was almost immediately told there had been an issue with the parcel, they were now out of stock and can't get anymore stock and an email and refund was sent "at least 3 days ago" which was untrue as I have been monitoring my email for a response to my website messaging. When I questioned the change in story and said I'd had no email I was told rudely that I wasn't listening to him because he already sent an email (that never arrived!!). I never even got so much as an apology from him. After I hung up I double checked email, PayPal and bank account with nil found from Alltech. I followed up with a reply email from the last contact received on the 12.07.18 hoping to get a different staff member.

A couple of hours later I got notification from PayPal that there was a refund from Alltech coming through. The first question the guy asked me when we spoke was how I had paid and when. I firmly believe the only reason I got my money back was because I paid via PayPal and could have raised a claim.

Do not buy from this company. They are untrustworthy and have terrible customer service while claiming to have the best which is a total lie. They have wasted my time. The staff member I spoke with today sounded drug affected (slow, confused, vague and monotone in voice). Stay away from them!!!

Sent wrong product.

Ordered a Panasonic remote and sent a Samsung which is incompatible with my DVD. Have rung and left messages numerous times, have sent numerous emails plus a letter with a photo of the wrong product. Contacted Consumer Affairs and Alltech refused to contact them Costs more to take them to court than the product. Cannot believe this company is allowed to operate.

2 day postage, quality parts, tracking

nothing wrong with the several orders i have made from this website, my go to for iPhone parts, as i have my own repair business. very good company and great to deal with.

Beware Of This Company!!! Scam!!! Scam!!! Scam!!!

Beware of this company!!! Scam!!! Scam!!! Scam!!!

Ordered OBDII sensor, did not receive it, unable to track the parcel through their website

This company trades under several names and have multiple websites

www.alltech.com.au - ABN 44 834 410 345
www.zealande.com - ABN 44 834 410 345

According to ABN lookup entity name is [name removed] who runs the businesses.

Repair was fine - but cannot guarantee the time frame that they promise. Most hopeless customer serv

I phoned them on the Thursday to say i would be sending in my Samsung S8 screen for repair tomorrow (being Friday). They said to me over the phone that they would have the glass into the store by the following Tuesday and it would be repaired on the Tuesday and ready for collection late Tuesday night. I then had the phone delivered that Friday. I was going overseas the following weekend so i HAD to have the phone back before then.

The following week I rang them on the Tuesday to find out where they were at - they could give me no idea as to when it would be ready. I rang them on the Wednesday - they could give me no idea when it would be ready. I rang them on the Thursday - they could give me no idea when it would be ready. I rang them on the Friday and finally they said it would be ready at the end of the day, so i could pick it up late that night or tomorrow. Luckily i got it just before i went overseas.

Never once did they return my calls to give me a time frame - my job was to follow them up. If you want something done and they guarantee a day or time that it will be ready - do not believe them. There was nothing wrong with the repair, but if i hadn't got it back before i went overseas, i would have been buggered. They aren't any cheaper than anyone else and if they can't carry out what they promise i am sure there are companies out there that can. Most hopeless customer service, why promise something if you cannot deliver on it and further more if you don't care that you can't deliver on that promise?

The worst business and customer service ever received in Australia.

I am waiting for this thieves to refund my money.

It has been two weeks since I sent back the wrong remote control that I bought from them, they didn't replied when I requested a change of product, instead they asked me to send it back which I did and so far have not heard anything back from them by email or by phone. I have called on 1300 662 219 and never answer it.

I am just collecting evidence of this scam business which it seems has ripped off a lot of people already, not in
vain they have all those bad reviews and they can count on with another one from me.

Beware. Do not use this Company.

I had a bad experience with this company. Buyer beware! Purchased camera bag online for $34.95. Was sent bag advertised for $13.95. After many emails and phonecalls, finally got a response and was told to return item for refund of purchase and postage.
Six weeks later, still no refund. No response to emails. Does not answer the 1300 number.

No service - cant even return a query

I have attempted to contact Alltech, through there website (the phone number is not answered), i have sent 2 Customer Service Requests, not a single respone. THESE GUYS be aware may not be legit, they couldn't be.

Bad customer service on faulty goods

Ordered two screens, they turned up but one was not there all that was written on order form was no! So I had to follow this up! Any way before I done any transfers I plugged the screen in and all I get is a black screen nothing it won't work! Contacted the company which told me I could not ring to sort it out I had to contact through their website?? Mind you this is coming from a guaranteed customer satisfaction business lol anyway done as asked heard nothing so emailed again on an update to be told I will have to send screen back before they can replace or refund at my own cost?? What a joke me the paying customer being punished for something out of my control? I'll just buy direct from China at least they have better customer support

Dishonest! Dodgy! Don't Go There

Do not use Alltech. This company is one of the most horrid companies i have ever dealt with. They will lie to your face to get a sale but when you paid the postage for the product to be returned they will leave your emails & phone calls unanswered and when they finally answer the phone on the 30Th day, 2 days after your 28 day warranty has expired, so they say they don't have to pay me a refund or exchange for a faulty product. DISHONEST! DODGY! Save yourself some stress and stay away, warn your family and friends too.

Warranty repair of Samsung TAB A 10.1"

Friendly service, nice modern place and warranty repair was done right on time as promised and Samsung Sydney rang me as well. Very impressed with Digimob agency for Samsung repairs. 2nd time in 5 years I used Alltech/Digimob and both times received good professional service. Very happy and so is my grandson :-)

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Please note that this company no longer does Samsung under warranty repairs. Since April 2018 you take your Samsung mobile gear to the Samsung Hub in Tea Tree Plaza or the City itself or Marion shopping Centre. - Wolf. Horn I have written about service from the Samsung Hub Tea Tree Plaza Shopping Centre, in a review to be published soon, for our Samsung S7 Edge smart phone that needed warranty repairs April 2018.

Crap Service

Terrible service. We took our phone in to be repaired as the screen is lifting. The refused to fix it as they said the damage was caused by it being dropped (which it wasn't). Taking this issue further with Samsung themselves.

Void warranty claim.

Sent my Samsung galaxy note in from a Samsung service centre. Digimob got back to me stateing the device would not be fixed under warranty because a third party had repaired it and all the screws were missing.. all lies this device has never been out of my sight since it broke down. And if I was going to have it repaired it would from a Samsung agent who would have recorded any work done...

March 3rd 2017 Update: Rooted

Well a follow up on my Galaxy note.. After complaining to Samsung they sent me back to see Alltech / Digimob. Now i get told that they would have repaired my note under warranty if it was just the screws missing, but now it all of a sudden appears my device has been ROOTED. Hell i didn't even know what this meant .. All of this is not possible..It has never left my sight and i am a complete technophobe .. nice one Alltech /Samsung never will i buy another device from this company..

Dodgy company and a pain to deal with. Worst ever online experience

Prompt delivery, but returning good because they are faulty is a whole new story.
Got faulty goods, Tried returning back for exchange and it took them more than 2 weeks just to reply to emails. After 2 weeks of patiently waiting i bought the goods from another seller and notified Alltech that I will be needing a refund now and not an exchange as it took them over 2 weeks and i hadn't heard from them. Asked for return address.

Another week passed and still didn't get a return address. Finally got an email after 3 weeks with the return address and returned the goods. After sending the goods back, they said that they couldn't find the returned items. Gave them tracking number and asked for confirmation, and communications completely stopped.

Another 4 weeks passed of constant follow ups and no reply from Alltech. Seeing that I am going nowhere with them, logged a dispute with my credit card company and got refunded. Never doing business with such an unprofessional company again.


Is 1 star is the lowest i can go? Really would like to go lower..
i HAVE to deal with this company through work BUT if i could go somewhere else i would be there in a heartbeat.
i ran this morning for an update and waited 15mins on hold. thought i would leave it and try later. so by mid afternoon i rang again and now have been on hold again for 30mins.
thats 45mins of my life im not getting back.

Iphone 6 plus glass replacement

These guys have no return policy, I accidently ordered the wrong glass for my Iphone 6 plus and sent it back with instructions to send a 6 plus digitizer and I will pay the extra. They said we haven't received it which is crap it was sent registered post and I lost the tracking number. Don't buy from this company they are absolutely useless.

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Questions & Answers

Is this www.alltech.com.au I just brought an VGA Adapter for my PC and they have ripped me right off. Is this the same place you are talking about as their Logo seems to have changed? Thanks in advance for your time.
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Yes it is 100 per cent.... These are the guys I got my stuff from..It is located on Stepney Rd https://digimob.com.au/ I have used them several times and always got good service. They trade as Digimob and Alltech and do mobile devices repairs. Last job they did for a warranty job on a Samsung tablet was done on time and perfectly. I can only state what I have experienced with them on several occasions.

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