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Does not abide by ACL and refusing to repair or fully refund a faulty couch still in warranty

Purchased a couch with an 10yr warranty its 7 years old and was repaired last year because the padding was falling out and the springs pushing through, now its doing the same thing called up they're refusing to repair it this time and offered me a $300 credit. I stated if my invoice says it has 10yrs I want it replaced or fully refunded but apparently its not their policy. They going against ACL and even their own website:

is a Major Defect which is identified after the first 12 months of the Guarantee Period, we will at our option, replace the Product, repair the Product or provide you with a full refund

Have lodged a complaint with ACCC I also recommend everyone else having issues to do so too.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeYes
Product Appearance As advertised

Bag a Bargain - When you are instore look at the 'Damaged Stock Sale Items'

I visited the Amart Furniture Maroochydore Superstore to look for furniture for my upcoming move to a small unit. I had my mind set on buying a 'leather' lounge, but they were COMPLETELY out of my price range. My daughter stumbled across the store's 'Damaged Stock Sale Items' and I found a brand new leather lounge and ottoman reduced from over $3000 to just $999. I could not find any major faults or damage, however I would caution that when you do buy something marked as damaged that you need to carefully look over the item as it is sold 'As Is'. I have a 12 month warranty which also makes me happy. There were still a number of other sale items which in my view were also amazing value. Please do check for 'Damaged Sale Item's' as you too might save yourself some money and bag a bargain at the same time.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Do not buy from Amart.

Word of warning: Do not order from Amart. I am not one to write reviews on services and products but I feel like I have to to save people from the poor customer service and chaos that Amart would have caused. The delivery is extremely inefficient and they do not follow company procedures - basically doing what they feel like what is right. Anyone considering Amart should opt for other furniture stores that have guaranteed and reliable quality of customer service and delivery.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Excellent service well above normal expectations

A glass topped table we bought turned out to be faulty from the manufacturer. Although we had the table over the normal warranty period. there was no problem having it changed. Shop staff always very pleasant and polite. Can't thank these guys enough for solving the problem with a new glass topped table.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance As advertised

Over priced, lowest quality!

We bought a Fontana leather sofa and paid a good money. We also bought care pack and we were very careful with it. It however started peeling off after almost a year. We lodged a warranty claim and went through a very slow process.
After more than a month they offered to either have it repaired or get a $500 store credit. I agreed with repair nothing has happened yet.
I actually think I deserve a full refund as the sofa doesn’t have the quality it was said to have at store.
Same happened with a Molten rug I bought from this store. The threads have started falling off but they said it is normal. Every day hundreds of threads are going around my house and the staff recommended me to buy a better vacuum cleaner !!!!!!!
The staff try to help but once you buy something from them the policy doesn’t let them to help you.
Stay away!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeYes
Product Appearance Not as advertised

Happy with the service

We bought a 3 seater lounge with chaise and seperate ottoman. Also purchased additional warranty cover for a little extra.
All up it was around $1600.

About a year into ownership we noticed a broken zip on one of the back rest cushions. Inside that same cushion somehow the covering had torn and the pillow was shredding. Basically the cushion was falling apart.
Amart sent a rep to assess the damages and we were surprised to be given not a new cushion but a whole new couch as a replacement!
Now fast forward another 18 months and include some new damages on the replacement lounge including a tear to the fabric on the back rest and also the latch mechanism which links the couch to the chaise had also snapped loose.
Amart offered a deal to buy out our existing warranty and gave us $850 store credit. We were both happy with the offer and thought it to be fair.

Would also mention we’ve always had good experiences in store with Amart. The staff are friendly and willing to help.

Product Quality
Warranty Claim MadeYes
Product Appearance As advertised

Wonderful, attentive staff at Coffs Harbour Store...

Attended the store on 26/1/19 greeted by a friendly staff member at the entrance to the store. Explained to him what we were looking for and straight away he said Anthony was the man to help. The man then explained to Anthony what we were looking for. We were then shown our options and left to try them out.
Not pushy staff just happy to leave us to talk amoungst our selves. Offered a tape measure to see if it would fit. We asked if it was ok to re-configure the lounge and staff assured us it was not a problem to do so.
We were still undecided so left the store to the return again on the 27/1/19. Anthony was on again and remembered who we were and what we were looking at. Assistance was given again with no hassles and Anthony was happy to answer the few questions we had. After re-configuring the lounge suite again we FINALLY decided to purchase the lounge. Sale actioned ASAP with ease. Communication clear of estimated delivery time and contact to be made with reference to delivery costs.
Overall a very pleasant shopping experience thanks to very competant, friendly & well presented staff/store.

Shop LocationNSW, Coffs Harbour

Bought outdoor furniture, no issues so far

Bought an outdoor dining set (dining table+8 chairs) and a different outdoor couch set (couch+2 armchairs+coffee table). They had a promotion which reduced the price somewhat if you spent over a certain threshhold, and my purchase was quite pricey as I bought a better quality set. Allowing us to mix the sets was also good. As the couch set was not in stock we had to wait a few weeks until delivery which was communicated from the start and it suited us perfectly as we had to get the outdoor area ready for the furniture anyway.

A small scare - we got an SMS one day about 1 week before delivery saying the items would be delivered that day but it was a mistake and we shortly got a call confirming delivery would come the date that we agreed.
Delivery went ok - no damage or issues. I assembled the furniture easily, also got a cover to protect the table. So far so good, quality is fine, I guess time will tell but I don't foresee big problems.

We were not able to order additional cushions for the dining chairs, this would've helped a bit to get replacements or to add extra cushions if needed.

Shop LocationSA, Gepps Cross

Fantastic sales and after care service

We bought a couch from amart Tweed Heads, unfortunately once we had it a week I was unable to sit on it due to a back condition, I returned and changed it for another, no problems at all. The electric cup holder broke on the new lounge and I sent the details requested and a tech came out within the week and replaced it. Excellent service throughout, would thoroughly recommend our store at Tweed Heads.

Shop LocationNSW, Tweed Heads

Pathetic experience

Terrible experience with Amart furnitures .. we purchased 3seater sofa and 2 recliners from Auburn outlets fully paid on 27/12/18 . Sales assistant was Glen , he told us we have to pay the delivery charge 100$ extra so agreed. We told him we live in a unit on 1st floor he stated no worries your couches will be delivered in your house . Because of Xmas time delivery can be done on 2nd January we agreed that too. On 2nd January received a message from the delivery boys stated between 12-47 to 14-47 they going to deliver our orders. We were excited and waiting for it and another message received time change only between 3-5, so whole day we waited for this delivery..
Here comes the disaster. 2 delivery people came with the recliner pack rolled on the floor up to the stairs. we opened the door and waited at the entrance. one person started saying that we can’t deliver the 3seater sofa because stairs are small. We tried to explain we had 3 seater sofas before which were delivered through this same stairs and same door and also got rid off them through the same place. He started giving us a big lecture “ I have been doing this job for 5years. You don’t tell me what to do “ He came with such an attitude problem and was extremely arrogant and abusive. He also had the audacity to ask us to pick up the sofas from downstairs and take it home. Guess learning manners and courtesy were not a part of his job or his life.
Now as agreed with the sales asst at AMart, the deal was to deliver the couches at our place. They didn’t even off load the 3seater from the truck since they had already decided they can’t deliver it to our place. And they decided this without even taking a look at the stairs or taking measurements of any kind. And they also decided to take the order back.
So i called the Amart customer care. The lady told me “oh you have to speak to transport people.”
I refused and I told her I have nothing to do with them it’s your responsibility to deliver my things at my place. I paid $3697.95 to Amart including delivery charge. Finally she agreed to call them and called me back . She asked “why didn’t you measure your stairs before buying the sofa?Your stairs are narrow so they can’t deliver it..”

My first question to her is did any of the delivery boys measure the stairs? I’m sure Australia has some policy on how to build stairs and has regulations that everyone has to follow. So that means that Amart people are challenging the policy and procedures of the authorities and building commissions in Australia who really know what they doing.

2) I don’t think I need advise from Amart customer care what type of sofa I should buy for my house because she should know if people like the things, they buy it. I’m sure she is not doing very well at her job considering consumer behaviour is clearly not her strong suit.

3) if people live on 1st floor can’t they have a sofa that they like ? It is your inability, incompetence, ineffective and unskilled, people who have bad attitudes who couldn’t complete their jobs.

I wish I could tell you this ordeal ended here, but obviously not. Then we asked for our refund and the same lady told we have to wait 3days to get our refund. Asked why we should wait that long since we didn’t receive any delivery. She stated they have to check the warehouse it means neither she trusted us nor she trusted those boys. We told her we waited whole day so we can come take our refund because we are working. After 5days received a call stating you can come and take your refund from the same outlet. So we went there waited for 40 minutes because they couldn’t refund the amount in one go they had to split into 4 entries. I wonder such a big store couldn’t refund the money in one go what a pathetic experience?! They took money in one go from us!! And it took another week for the money to finally be credited in our account.

So after being ill treated and being disrespected and 3 weeks of drama we still have no sofas.
My final question is, isn’t it Amart’s responsibility when they sell furnitures they also look after their customers??

Shop LocationNSW, Auburn

Quality differs immensely between store display and delivered product

I purchased a number of tall boys and side tables from the Campbellfield store. I remember mentioning to the salesperson that their product quality seemed to have improved. Unfortunately the actual product delivered was not of the same quality as what you think you are purchasing in store. The drawer's stick, they slide open after you shut them, the structure flimsy. I had to place thick cardboard to tilt the drawer back to keep them shut and I never had this issue with my old dresser. I don't recommend them and won't shop there again.

Shop LocationVIC, Campbellfield

I think they forgot my order

I ordered a bunk bed at the end of last year and was told a week to be ready to pick up, but now passing 3 weeks and still truck is on the way. Maybe the truck driver is pushing the truck on the road, probably will be delivered by this Christmas..

Shop LocationVIC

Campbelltown store - terrible customer service !! Rude front desk staff !!!

Approached the FRONT DESK as no staff on floor, and the first employee there gave me DIRTY LOOKS without greeting or a SMILE, and told me rudely to speak to the other girl down the end ! I was Shocked and disgusted !!! First and last time going in that store!!

Shop LocationNA

Rude and Abrupt Staff, Poor Customer Service

Did not contact post online order placed as per email sent from Amart stating they would contact within 24 hrs.
When i called 4 days later was informed my online order had been cancelled as i had not contacted the store, however no contact was made by store to myself whatsoever in regards to the online order or cancellation of same regardless of the fact they had my correct contact details. Staff on phone were rude and abrupt when questioned as to why there had been no contact made furthermore stating contact was made 'the day of order' but quoting the following days date (this is impossible as the order was made after hours the day prior). When contacted head office was told "this has happened before to me when i have called and left a message and they have said they never got it". There should always be accommodations made for human error however if this is a recurring issue then perhaps Amart needs to reevaluate their online order process and ensure alternate contact is made to customers to cover such instances. As for the store staff member spoken to via phone, perhaps some extra staff training wouldn't go amiss. Would not recommend online ordering with Amart whilst this issue is a recurring event, and most definately would not recommend the store if staff are freely abrupt and rude to customers via phone, who themselves are having to follow up on orders made only to be disappointed when told the order is cancelled without any communication and without follow up contact from store staff. Store: Campbelltown NSW.

Shop LocationN/A

Steer clear

Don't ever buy furniture from Amart. Our leather couch started peeling just before the leather warranty ran out. We have cleaned and conditioned the leather every six months since we purchased the couch. Amart repaired the leather through their agent, the Leather Doctor. Twelve months after repair, the same section of leather is peeling again. Amart are refusing to offer a second repair, stating that the initial repair was not completed under warranty (despite us believing it was) but rather as a gesture of "good will". They claim the initial damage was the result of inadequate care/maintenance, not a product fault. I can tell you that is a complete lie, having diligently cleaned and conditioned the leather every six months. In any case, you can reasonably expect a repair to last longer than 12 months (which it has not). I've now progressed the matter to the ACCC. Don't trust Amart - their product quality is rubbish and they'll use weasel words to avoid proper customer service. Do yourself a favour - spend a bit more somewhere else!

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood

Warranty claims hard to do

Bought a 3 seater electric sofa. After 30 mins the electrics die. Submitted a warranty claim where you have to enter date of purchase, model number, store, upload a receipt and 4 photos. All this is compulsory. Got all that then had a tech attend. Part was swapped and it’s not fixed. In the meantime was advised warranty 46133 closed. advised I can’t reopen and have to redo the full new warranty again. Really?? What a pain.

Shop LocationVIC, Nunawading

Terrible customer servicing.

Order not delivered as agreed and then told me I had to wait over the weekend - for my superking mattress. Meanwhile we had cleared our bedroom and had nothing to sleep on. Manager offered a single mattress which made no sense at all!!! Unimpressed as it took three calls before the manager would even talk to me and only did as I was ready to return all goods. I also purchased a dining suite however as I was so unhappy with my service I returned it - at my own cost as I didn’t want to have any other furniture from this company.

Shop LocationWA, Midland

cheap nasty imports

Firstly the customer service is great,friendly staff who greet you straight away new technology which means you can pay via efpos with the sales assistant who is helping you with your furniture shop,now the not so great,I am pretty sure this company have a great merchandise team the furniture looks great instore with the eye but go close and open that draw,sit on that chair it is flimsy,cheap,and actually some things are dangerous I’m surprised they are up to Australian standard,now instructions wow this is a big one they are Chinese makes no sense,the drill holes they drilled don’t match up to where the wood goes,missing screws and bolts,and wood comes damaged on a lot of panels in saying that it’s not bad but if your fussy with scratches on new purchases then pls save up abit more and shop somewhere with quality and durability,I’ve had couch,beds,coffee tables and dining,only piece I can say i haven’t had issues with is the coffee table.Hopefully amart reads this and maybe look into your supply company.

Shop LocationVIC, Braybrook

Poor quality

Bought 1 timber outdoor setting in which the seats started to rot out after only 2.5 years and by 4 years 2 are now fully rotten out even when fully covered 95 percent of the time! We rang the store and they advised us of the 2 year Structual warranty has expired which it had. The only solution the rude staff offered was to charge us full price for 2 more replacement chairs required. An outdoor setting should not rot out after only few years when coved most of the time ,...our outdoor setting is not fit for purpose, not happy.

Shop LocationVIC, Braybrook


Walter from the Bankstown store was so helpful with assembling my chair

Shop LocationNSW, Bankstown

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hi i’m looking to buy curtains from amart and i’m having a look online but it doesn’t clarify if one curtain comes in a packet or 2?? can someone help me please
No answers

If my lounge was bought about 2 years ago n the stitching has come undone n now split will it be replaced or fixed? I think it was called the Montana chase
3 answers
you need to contact Amart furniture this is not their web site. this is a review forum ie reviewing products & servicesWhy ask a review site rather than ask Amart directly?Oh sorry

Ice furniture...when you shut a drawer it reopens a little bit. Any solutions?
2 answers
Put some packers under front part of of the metal legs, as it needs backward fall, especially if against a wall with carpet as the back part of the legs will be sitting on the carpet spikes which will make the unit higher at the backI went to A Mart and the salesman showed me how to remove the drawer... only then I could remove the paper which had slipped behind and was stopping the door from closing properly. There are 2 catches( almost invisible) on each side of the drawer, one of which needs to be lifted, while the other needs to be pushed down ...simultaneously. Only then can the drawer be pulled out.

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