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Amart Furniture QLD, Capalaba

Amart Furniture QLD, Capalaba

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Bad Customer service

We bought a king size mattress and we a very dispointed the mattress is terrible to sleep on and no support from store to resolve our problem the have just for me of to the manufacturer .

Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCapalaba

Seemless from store to home

We brought an Atticus lounge recently and couldn’t be more happier with the whole process. The staff at the Capalaba store were super helpful and friendly, with the purchase taking less than five minutes after testing the lounge itself. The dark grey lounge looks amazing in our home - will definitely be coming back again!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance As advertised
Store LocationCapalaba Amart Furniture

Very poor quality - my coffee table is in hopeless condition after only 3 yrs.

I purchased the full Majesty furniture package 3 and half years ago. The laminate on my coffee table started peeling back on the sides after 2 years. I have now tried 5 times using heavy quality glue to repair it with no avail. I am disgusted with the quality of this furniture and will be take this further.

Shop LocationQLD, Capalaba

Slow delivery

Bought some tub chairs and a sofa which only had to come from their main store to the Capalaba store for us to pick up. Paid on Friday, was told they would be there by Wednesday the following week. Phone on Tuesday - "not sure when they are coming" Phoned again on Wednesday - "not sure when they are coming." was again the reply from a very vague receptionist.

Shop LocationQLD, Capalaba

Poor service

I have visited this store twice in the last month and both times there has been at least six staff for three customers apparently talking about themselves is more important than serving customers. At least harvey norman acknowledge you.

Shop LocationQLD, Capalaba

Absolutely terrible delivery, would never use it ever again

I went into the store and purchased a bed frame, mattress and 2 bed side tables. It was an absolute debacle to deal with the idiotically incompetent team right from the person we dealt with on the floor, through to the manager and customer service. each person couldn’t be more useless and delivery of each item took far longer than it should have. Get help A-mart, get help!

Shop LocationQLD, Capalaba

Excellent service at Capalaba

We recent purchased two recliners and matching sofa bed through the Capalaba store (Qld), as well as a timber buffet unit. We took the recliners "sight unseen" as there was a new model coming out and there weren't any on the floor. However, when they arrived, they were Ezy-Lift chairs and the fold-out mechanism didn't suit us and consequently they didn't fit into the available space in our lounge.

We were very hesitant about asking to return them, but they weren't usable for us.
To my surprise, without any need to persuade or negotiate, they said we could return them, and come and have a look if there was anything else we might like instead. We spent another two hours in the shop that week sitting on every available chair, with attentive but not overwhelming service. It turned out there really wasn't anything that suited us (seems as houses get smaller, furniture gets bigger!)

So I rang again and asked if we could return all 3 pieces and get a refund instead of a credit - to which they agreed. And each time the lady who I was dealing with - Maria - was very pleasant and didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all. We are paying the delivery fee to take it back again and I don't see $88 as unreasonable - it costs a lot to run a truck and 2 guys. Only negative is the delivery guys we've had so far are a bit slap happy.

Thank you Maria and the Capalaba store manager and staff for great service. I can't comment on all the negatives below - but this store has served us well. Given your attitude we will certainly take a look next time we want furniture.

Shop LocationQLD, Capalaba

Never again

I will never shop at super Amart ever again I purchased a lounge to be told they have never seen it on special then a week and a half later it was $400 cheaper appalling customer service never wanted to give me a credit just said nothing we can do because you have your item. Your service and customer service has a lot to answer for!!!

Shop LocationQLD, Capalaba

100% Leather Lounge lasted 1 year

We purchased 2 x 3 seater leather lounges from Super Amart Capalaba with the extended warranty just over 12 months ago.
The leather started to peel and we put in a complaint to the warranty department who sent out the Leather Doctor to assess.

Following that visit, we were advised that because we didn’t use the Leather Doctor cleaner on the couch the leather is lifting and it would cost $000's to rectify. We have purchased other leather couches in the past and they have not worn like this in 10 years and they were considerably cheaper. The Leather Doctor also stated that the quality of the adhesive that was used on the couch was not as of high a standard as used in the past and that is why is has lifted so quickly. We would not have expected this to happen on a expensive leather couch within a year of purchasing.

The extended warranty we purchased was not worth the paper it is written on and Amart has refused to repair or replace the lounges.

We will not be purchasing anything form this company ever again.


Shop LocationQLD, Capalaba

Leather Couch

I have purchased majority of my furniture from Super Amart and have never had an issue until i purchased a 7 seater bonded leather sofa with ottoman at the time i was talked into buying the extended warranty which i did for an extra $199.95. 2 Years after purchasing sofa the leather started to peel on 2 of the seats and i had a kitten who had scratched the back of the lounge, so I put a claim in, i hadn't heard anything for 4 months so i contacted them again and they had no record of my initial complaint, so i then put another one in and then they got back to me.. they said that animal cover was not introduced to this warranty until a year after i purchased sofa (which is not what we we were told from the store when we purchased) and that the wear was not accidental and was also not covered.
After paying $1635 for a sofa i was hoping to get a little more than 2 years out of it..

Shop LocationQLD, Capalaba
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Hi Tanika, We are very sorry to hear about your lounge! We would love to look into this for you if you don't mind? If you could please send us an email at live.chat@superamart.com.au with the details of your issues, your sales order number and store of purchase we can have a look at this a bit further for you. Kind regards, Ali and the Super Amart Team.

Completely wrong item Spartacus rocking chair.

I bought the supposedly new version of the Spartacus recliner rocking chairs and the chairs do not rock. I was told that it was a rocking chair, like all the previous versions of the Spartacus have been, but it simply isn't. Either the sales person lied deliberately or they had no idea that the whole purpose of the Spartacus, i.e. the rocking mechanism had been removed from its design. AMart refused to refund or even talk to me about it. Now I'm stuck with these two chairs that I don't want, can't use and no way to speak to AMart about the problem. Disgusting service and totally false advertising.

Shop LocationQLD, Capalaba
Hi Donna, We are very sorry to hear about this. So we can look into this a bit further, I have sent you a PM requesting a couple details. Kind regards, Ali and the Online Service Team.In response to this offer to "look into this a bit further", AMart did absolutely nothing whatsoever. They still wouldn't let me speak to anybody in the store about the problem. This comment above is simply a smokescreen to make people who read this review think they are willing to help. Trust me. They are NOT.

Terrible experience

I have bought the Seattle Lounge from Super Amart Capalaba, what a mistake! It is ridiculously uncomfortable, major sagging after only 18 months, squeaky springs which apparently the manufacturer has upgraded now, but I was told I cannot sit in the same spot every night or this lounge will continue to sag! Why would you buy it?? DONT!! Taking this to Consumer Affairs!

Shop LocationQLD, Capalaba

Time waisters and lied to.....

This is the first time i have ever written a complaint so ill try make it as short as i can.

we brought a house package from the capalaba store and was expected delivery on 28/9/15
was told all different times and eventually 2 different trucks arrived?
anyway the headboard was missing the foot attachable as well as the side rail attachable, i called the store straight away the staff there assured me it couldn't be done the same day which i understood, i didn't get a sorry for or anything just told the new headboard would be delivered on Thursday 1/10/15 between 10-11.30 am
so for 2 days i tried to find somebody that could go to my new house in those hours.

I get a phone call this morning saying i would have delivery today between 2-4?
urgh are you joking? the guy on the phone told me the previous girl (wont say name) was very silly for not
informing anyone on times dates made her seem like she didn't know how to do her job,
so i managed to find someone else! that could be at my house between 2-4 and could meet the first person too hand over the keys as i had just arrived at work,
3.45 comes along and i have no phone call. i called the store and they put me through to a guy in dispatch, he was really rude and said 'well its not 4 clock yet and they should be on schedule.

I called back at 4.20 saying they haven't arrived and he said nah mate they are on schedule and should be on the time i gave you and i said sir its 4.20? he said it should be fine with time, then hung up on me???
So the person i had at my house eventually had to leave at 4.45 and i get a phone call at 5.10 saying they where outside for delivery 1 hour and 10 minutes is still on schedule? i told the guy too late he seemed happy and cool with that,

(eventually i called the store back and spoke to a different guy, he was really helpful and gave me answers direct, so headboard is coming on Saturday now, and another truck with my dining chairs, not sure why they cant come together but looks like ill have to be home whole day as i don't trust there times anymore,

I work for a furniture company where i delivery furniture myself, and the way this is being handled is really strange, the drivers are on point but the staff just give me different info and it gets confusing.

Shop LocationQLD, Capalaba
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Hi Josh, We're very sorry to hear there's been some complications with your deliveries and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. I'd like to investigate this further, if I may? Can you please send through your full name, sales order and preferred contact number in an email to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can follow this up? Thank you. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team

Okay service let down by shoddy product.

We have bought a number of items Super Apart over the years and have always found their service to be satisfactory. Staff are generally quick to approach when you arrive and delivery times are not too bad (depending on what you're getting).
We bought a Cremona package and a Nixon PUL corner suite with chaise in October 2012.
The dining chairs have their issues (but still look okay and are usable), but the couch is peeling horribly.
The warranty on bonded leather is 2 years, and sure enough, it was fine until just after this timeframe had passed.
I give 3 stars is because the service is acceptable, however they are selling a terribly inferior product. You can have the best service in the world, but if you are selling rubbish (and know it) you won't be getting any more business from me.

Shop LocationQLD, Capalaba
Hi Talia, We're very sorry to hear you're unhappy with your lounge and thank you for getting in touch with your feedback. I'd like to look into this further and see if there is anything we can do to further assist you. Are you able to please send through your full name, sales order number and the store you purchased from in an email to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can follow this up? We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super Amart TeamWell done Super Amart Within a couple of days of providing my transaction details, I was contacted by my local store. We were offered store credit to the value of what we paid, for a replacement couch. We purchased a fabric sofa this time, and invested in the 5 year fabric warranty (as we have a baby on the way). There were a couple of hiccups, but Super Amart handled them beautifully. I was quite impressed by their follow up service.


We purchased our Le Franschhoek Dining Suite as well as several other matching items for our new house. Before we moved we were so excited we set up the dining table and used it for barely a week before noticing the lacquer chipping off along the grooves in the top and it was extremely noticeable. We called the service department/ warehouse who were very helpful but asked if we had put anything hot or moist onto it- um yes, its a DINING TABLE! They did however arrange to have a new one dropped off and the old one taken away. Made us happy. We sold and moved to a rental while our new house is being finished and since the replacement (which was supposedly checked by management) was still boxed we have used our old table for the past 6 months. Now the new place is coming along we got rid of the old table and opened the replacement Le Franschhoek and within a week or two have had the lacquer start chipping off again. So annoyed it appears to be a very cheap thin lacquer/ varnish they use and made in Vietnam I'm thinking of again calling and seeing if we can get a replacement. Im sure we cant be the only ones experiencing this- the whole range would be the same. The matching items we have also bought have all scratched very easily (a cat walked across the side table and claw marks appeared!). The buffet is yet to be used although I have no confidence in its future at all. My partner wants to sand and restain ourselves but why should we? For what they cost we should be able to take them out into the yard, hose them and dance on them! Our old table never marked with normal use in 4 years. A solid wooden dining table should last years- not a week. This is just very cheaply made imported rubbish.

Shop LocationQLD, Capalaba
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Hi PoppyQLD, We’re sorry to hear about your experience, and appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback. Your comments are valuable to us when it comes to improving on the quality of our products, and I have forwarded your feedback on to our Product Manager and Quality Manager for review. If there’s anything else we can do to assist you, please let me know. Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super A-Mart Team

Couldn't be happier

Ordered products from A Mart Capalaba in Dec. 2012 for delivery in Jan 2013 (my choice, as I was having building work done, which needed to be completed first). They delivered them on time to the half hour and phoned me prior to delivery to make sure all was organized from my end. Yesterday, I had a query for the manager [name removed]- when I telephoned I was put through to him immediately, he was very professional and friendly to deal with and answered my question to the best of his ability, with the information he had available to him, at the time, but promised me he would make some enquiries and get back to me before the end of the day.

As promised, he contacted me and the outcome was better than I could have hoped for. Because of the service I received, when I next need anything, I will be going to A-Mart first.

Shop LocationQLD, Capalaba
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Thanks for positive feedback. This will be passed on to our Capalaba team. Enjoy your new furniture.

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