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Amart Furniture QLD, Lawnton

Amart Furniture QLD, Lawnton

2.0 from 18 reviews

Failed to deliver kept me waiting all day promising delivery only to be let down again do not value

Lawnton store do not value the customers take your money then fail to deliver, feed you with lies? And broken promises do not understand the company policies.

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Not Happy

I bought 2 x Conan lounge suites. After 2x warranty claims on one suite due to the the trigger for the recliner snapping, I was told to come in to store and select another suite as they were having a lot of issues with this particular model. Now onto my second warranty claim on the second suite, for the same issue, have basically been told that I will just have to keep getting it repaired as it’s not a major fault. Not good enough.

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San Marco $4000 lounge not with know of goat crap

Brought. An expensive leather lounge from smart. After 1/ months one recliner saged leather doctor called and stuck a piece of inch foam under leather all he could do. Last month they called to fix again pulled lounge apart and found small foam pieces around edge adrift the main foam at base is made up of all off cuts glued together and when u sit on it they open up and sage. To pint where u get a pain on lower back if u sit in it. Have. Wen told by amart that it is not warranty issue so looks like u don't pay $4000 for a San Marco lounge from a company who don't care or from a manufacturer who doesn't back up their product. Sign of times gen y. Why should we care never ever buy from them again.

June 28th 2018 Update: Amart don't care

Good to see that after a bad review amart still don't give a hoot about customers. No reply or contact if anyone operated their business that way they would be broke in no time. They must work on the principal that there are plenty of other people out there to sell to.

October 6th 2018 Update: Lack of customer service

After waiting nearly six weeks for pillows to arrive went to store and got refund . While there I mentioned to sales lady about the lack of care on my faulty $3000 lounge . She sent email to get manager to call me about it , that was three months ago and guess what still no call from them. Just another example of amart customer service bloody none

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Very comfy black leather look lounge

This lounge we bought is great
We tried so many places and amart have the best range and comfort for everyday use
Relaxing in lounge after a long day
Best lounge and great service at amart lawnton

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Happy Customer

We have bought furniture from AMart for many years. Susan, on the floor, is a really great sales person. Very helpful, nothing is too much trouble.The girls at front counter are always polite and friendly. We like the quality of the furniture and it's comfortable. We've only ever had one problem and it was dealt with very promptly. Communication is great. You're asked when you want it delivered and they can give you an approximate window of 2hrs. Phoned when 15 mins from delivery.
On a negative note.... you pay a lot for delivery $90 if I remember correctly...for that you get your furniture all wrapped up in boxes and you have to deal with it.... the assembly and removal of packing material.
I have had things delivered from other stores before and it has been unpacked and rubbish taken away...for a lot less $'s.

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Lied about delivery time

We ordered a mattress a few weeks ago and was told it wasn't in Stock but that they had stock in their warehouse and that it would arrive in 1-2 weeks. It has not arrived yet and has not even left the warehouse. It is expected to arrive next week. That will be 4 weeks since it was ordered!

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Don't trust their crap warranty's they won't honor them

We bought a lounge about 6 years back spent the extra $150 for the leather warranty.

The Lounge had to have a main support beam fixed a few years ago and the leather has turned to brown from black, The Leather doctor "expert" they sent fixed the beam and told us that the leather was supposed to do that to give us that "vintage look".

A few more years on (current date) the lounge has multiple parts where the stitching is coming apart and the beam is broken or loose again. The "expert" came out again, the same guy as the first time, took some photos and said it's general wear and tear even in parts like under the armrest on the side where there would obviously be no wear caused by anything.

Argued the point with the Amart warranty people and they just kept saying the "expert" said its wear and tear so that's what it is.

He has no idea how our lounge has been treated the rest of the lounge is in great condition as we look after it.

No surprise to see that their 10 year structual warranty against manufacturing faults isn't worth the paper it's written on.

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Never again

Bought a Tully bedroom suit to find most of it damaged when delivered, had to wait a Cpl of wks to have it replaced to find more damage and only offered $30 store credit, then again had to wait a few wks for replacements yet again to find damaged goods, then waiting for the 5th delivery of the same furniture I'm told they can't deliver due the fact that the product was not any good. Got some of my money back but will never buy another thing from there.

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Faulty products

We brought $5000 worth of furniture in July. Nearly every piece had issues. The entertainment unit, the doors were crooked and there was a chip in the top plus the CD DVD draws wouldn't close. Nail marks were highly visible on the hall table and the draws are slightly crooked. One of the lounge pieces had loose stitching. Now we have internal stitching coming loose on the chase, we have come home from holidays to see that the top layer of foam is bulging, probably dodgy glue. We have someone coming to look at it tomorrow so we will see what happens. Generally speaking the customer service has been good however the quality assurance is in dyer need of an overview.

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Hi Mel, We are sorry to hear you've had some issues with your furniture and apologise for any inconvenience. If you are needing us to look further into this for you, could you please send an email to live.chat@superamart.com.au with your sales order number and contact phone number. We hope to hear back from you soon. Kind regards, Tom and the Super Amart Team

cinema lounge recliners mostly plastic rubbish.

Competitive yes but bits missing underneath lounge on arrival and 2 seater recliner plastic arm rest broken. Would never go to super amart ever again. Quality was cheap and product not worth the price I paid. Rang super amart next day and was told to bring it back with only a small car which I couldn't fit in. So I made wooden feet to stop it being not level and put up with the broken plastic which was covered by chocolate coloured fabric. So poor service, poor quality and poor staff help.

Shop LocationQLD, Lawnton
Hi one-tel, We're so sorry to hear you've had a disappointing experience and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Would it be possible to please send through your full name and sales details in an email to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can follow this up with our team at Lawnton? Thank you. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart TeamThats for your reply i can be contacted on 0414747111. Peter

Another Crystal Longe Buyer :(

Looking at the reviews its seems so many of us have had issues with the Crystal bonded leather lounge. I purchased a 3.5 seater sofa lounge and its also peeling and looks terrible. This lounge is hardly ever used. So disappointed in this lounge. I called the Lawnton store last night to be told the manager would call me back. No response so I called again today to be told please email the photo's through.

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HI Karen, Thanks for your feedback. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused with your lounge and can appreciate your frustration and disappointment. Can you please shoot an email through to socialmedia@superamart.com.au with your full name and phone number so I can follow this up for you ASAP? Thank you. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team

Amart bonded leather couches - Great for one thing - Landfill. Don't Waste Money With This Retailer

Amart, why put so much effort into the structure and upholstery of your furniture when the outer material is destroyed in less than three years? The "leather" disintegrated and stuck to our skin, the floor, our clothes, everything but the couch. I am writing this review as I cannot possibly personally warn enough people away from Amart.

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Hi Joseph. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with your feedback. We're very sorry to hear you're having some problems with your lounge and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience. I'd love the opportunity to assist you and reach a suitable resolution. Would it be possible to please send an email through to socialmedia@superamart.com.au detailing your full name, sales order number and phone number so I can follow this up for you asap? Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team

Hot and cold customer service, dodgy parts

When my wife ordered a house full of new furniture, the sales part went really well. But once everything was finalized we saw the other side of the customer service. All up we are putting down around $5,500 to have new furniture at a new house.

There were issues with getting things delivered, and we were told that having the ready items delivered first would incur more delivery fees. When we were told "all your furniture is ready", we took time off work to be home for only half the items. The delivery guy told us the other items were coming from other warehouses, something that wasn't mentioned at any stage earlier. On calling the store, my wife was made to feel it was her fault that there was no communication of the issue. And now we have no idea when the outdoor furniture or the couches are arriving.

But we had the Settler items delivered, so I started putting all the items together. When I got to the desk I noticed that the top wasn't sitting flat. The desk top has 8 little triangle pieces that are supposed to fit in the tower sections on each side. But one of them has bracing across the top of the corner which prevents the insert from fitting in. Now I have a desk that doesn't sit level, and isn't secure.

I'm not sure what else I'm going to find wrong. I may have to expand on this review later.

Shop LocationQLD, Lawnton
Hi Shane, We're very sorry to hear about the delay and complications you've experienced regarding your order, and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. I'd like to investigate the progress of your order if I may? Are you able to please send an email to socialmedia@superamart.com.au with your full name, sales order number and the store you've been dealing with so I can follow this up for you? Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super Amart TeamHi Hannah. Thank you for responding. Please add to the complaints that the outdoor setting is also faulty. There are 2 single seat chairs and a double. The single seats have 10 bolts each, and the double has 12. The box only contained 2x 12 bolt packs. The double also doesn't fit one of the arms, so I have only been able to assemble one of the singles and the coffee table so far. The 6 seater outdoor set with table was fine, and the other couches were not an issue to assemble. But the items we had issues with are a definite problem, as was the staggered delivery. We will collect the details requested and email you on the next couple of days. After the issues with the third and final delivery, I have now sent an email to Hannah as requested above. Hopefully the feedback will fix the endemic problem with attitude, but I will not be holding my breath.

Absolutely disgusted with after service and communication

Two weeks ago we purchased a number of items from super amart at lawnton. The salesman mark was lovely and helpful and the lady cheryl who processed our finance payment was amazing. However, one of the items we ourchased we were told would be a 2 week wait and should have arrived in store today. I have called on 3 seperate occasions this week to ensure this is the case and have been told everytime, yes it will arrive friday. I have even asked the staff to confirm this with head office but have been told thats what it says in the computer so it will be here. I called this morning to yet again be told, yep it will arrive today, and i asked yet again for them to call there warehouse and confirm as i was worried and did not want to get caught out without a promised item on its due date that is needed today. I was then told that they would give me the number to call myself and upon doing so, lone behold, it is still a week or two away! Had the staff done this at the start of the week as requested we would not be in this position now. Poor service. And then when i spoke with the manager i got a well we werent to know and would have called you after today, but its ok, your finance wont be processed until you receive it. That doesnt help me for an item i needed and was promised at time of order and 3-4 times since for today!!!!! Highly recommend shopping elsewhere if you need something in a particular time frame. Absolutely disgusted

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Hi Sarah, We're so sorry to hear of your experience and apologise for any inconvenience caused. So I can get to the bottom of what has happened with your order, are you able to please send through your full name and sales order number to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can follow this up with the team at Lawnton? Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super A-Mart Team

excellent customer service

we went to lawnton super amart store today and was served my a very friendly highly professional sales lady named aimee shes was wonderful in her job and personality was great to.. she deserves a bonus also we spoke to the manager ben he also was fantastic in helping us very lovely man doing his job well and keeps a smile on his face while he works.. very very happy and the cashier Cheryl was great as well. a really great shopping experience at lawnton super amart well done

Shop LocationQLD, Lawnton
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Hi Anita, Thanks so much for sharing your experience. We're so pleased to hear that our team at Lawnton were able to help you out and that you enjoyed your visit in-store. I will be passing your feedback onto the team and management. Thank you, and have a wonderful new year! Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super A-Mart Team

Sneaky tactics by staff at Super A-Mart Lawnton- I would never shop there ever

My partner and I went bed shopping and found a bed and mattress we liked ($3499 on sale for $2500 mattress, $1000 for $899 on sale bed, and $160 mattress protector) at Superamart Lawnton. The salesman said he would give us free delivery and he would speak to his manager about a discount as we were paying cash. We said we were going to check other retailers incase there was anything we wanted more, and he said to call him to check the price if we didn't.

We stopped at a bedding store in another suburb and next door was another Superamart. We popped inside to see if there were any other beds and saw that the mattress was cheaper in the second store than the original. The lady gave us a great deal (the original store hadn't given us a quote yet) so we called to ask what their quote was. We told them that the second store gave a better quote, and that we were going with them instead. The first store then beat their quote- and we thought wow this is great! We then told the second store "sorry- this was our quote so we will drive back there" to which the saleslady beat there quote again. We figured our luck would soon run out, and agreed to the second stores quote- also it was great as we were already there.

We left the store to go home and make sure we had the cash in the right account, and decided it would be curteous to call the first store, thank them for their help and let them know we were done. The salesman said "may I ask who you spoke to at the second store?". I figured he wanted to verify the quote so I told him. He said "if we can match their quote will you buy through us?". I figured that since we had originally gone there we may as well- and let him know we would. He advised me he would call back to say if he could or not.

He then called back very cockily and advised me that he was unable to match their quote, however said "I will be very surprised if the other store will actually agree to the price they said- and if they don't I am sure I will hear from you for our agreed price. Good luck getting the second store to stick to their quote".

I thought that was weird- why would he say good luck? We made sure we had the $3500 cash in the right account and called the second store to tell them we were on our way back to pay - to which we were told "sorry, we can't agree to the quote we gave you" and were told that the first store had contacted the second?

We don't know what was said - however purely out of principle we went with the second store for the more expensive price, as there is no way I would ever go back and give the $3500 cash to that rat at Lawnton Super A-Mart.

Those sort of sneaky snake in the grass tactics are the exact reason why we will never shop again with that superamart store- and perhaps ANY superamart if that is the tacts they apply.
Nothing at the Lawnton store- the salesman was a rat
The first store salesman was an absolute rude man who used sneaky tactics to try and get the sale

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Bad Customer Servicer

Being new to Brisbane, The first time I went to a Super Amart was at Lawnton, The sales person was very pushy when all we wanted to do was just look first, kept trying to persuade us to buy when all we wanted as just to look. Of atleast the many occassions visiting numerous other Amart stores in Brisbane, I have found that the customer service is very very very poor overall. I went to the Virginia store and it took them 15mins for them to serve us, and it wasn't even busy. A couple of days later, I went to the same store and I was ready to buy a coffee table, One of the female workers looked at me and I was smiling but then she decided to turn the other way and to serve another couple who were looking at lounges instead. I went to go to another person but he too decided to look the other way. If the coffee table wasn't so cheap (on special), I would never have purchased from there. I actually had to go to a another worker and tell them that I am going to buy this coffee table and that is when I got served. After this purchase, I will NEVER buy from this store ever again, even if it's cheap.
Cheap Coffee Table
Worst customer service ever, they only serve people who are looking to buy more expensive products.

Shop LocationQLD, Lawnton

Great service and very happy with goods.

I shop at Lawnton Super Amart, because it is close by. I pop in from time to time to see what is new in store.
I always find the staff is friendly there. There is usually a greeter at the door and staff acknowledge you as you make your way through the different sections of the store.
I have never found anyone hassling me, or giving me too much attention. Just right and they leave you to browse and check out the furniture yourself but also keep an eye on you and ask if you need help or have questions. We bought a 2 piece lounge suite in November 2010 for our family room. There was a suite that was marked down $100 from others the same. When I asked why, the man said it was because it was a floor demo model and had a piece cut out from the fabric underneath one of the lounges. I asked could I have one without the cut out for the same price and they gave it to me.
The lounges were delivered (together with a square matching foot pouffe and cushions) the same day.
family an friends love our family room furniture and it's now March 2012, and it still looks like new and as comfortable as the day we bought it. No complaints at all.

I am now looking at buying a bedroom suite and a leather lounge with recliners and am a little concerned about all the negative comments here.
everything...Great service and products.

Shop LocationQLD, Lawnton
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Since writing that review, we have bought a lounge suite for our lounge room which we are very happy with. We also purchased a matching TV cabinet, coffee table and lamp table at the time this was in 2013 and all items are still in great condition. This pay week we bought some pieces from their clearance corner at very good prices. This is mainly floor stock that had to make way for new seasons stock. Still very happy.

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